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Around the NFL Conference Championship Reaction Show
Прагляды 5 тыс.Дзень таму
Top Plays from the Conference Championships | NFL 2019 Playoffs
Прагляды 4,2 тыс.Дзень таму
Every Jimmy G Pass Attempt vs. Packers | NFL 2019 Highlights
Прагляды 2,3 тыс.Дзень таму
49ers Defense Shuts Down Aaron Rodgers | NFL 2019 Highlights
Прагляды 2,6 тыс.Дзень таму
Packers vs. 49ers NFC Championship Highlights | NFL 2019 Playoffs
Прагляды 92 тыс.Дзень таму
Aaron Rodgers Keeps Fighting w/ 65-Yd Deep Ball to Davante Adams
Прагляды 11 тыс.Дзень таму
Jimmy G Leads 49ers 89-Yd Scoring Drive
Прагляды 261 тыс.Дзень таму
Derrick Henry Full Season Highlights | NFL 2019
Прагляды 20 тыс.Дзень таму
Titans vs. Chiefs AFC Championship Highlights | NFL 2019 Playoffs
Прагляды 816 тыс.Дзень таму
Tony Romo "Bad Lip Reading" Referees Discussing Missed 12 Men Call
Прагляды 43 тыс.Дзень таму
Anthony Firkser Goes UP for TD Catch
Прагляды 17 тыс.Дзень таму
Patrick Says This is MA-HOMES!
Прагляды 138 тыс.Дзень таму
Dennis Kelly Becomes Biggest Player to Catch Postseason TD!
Прагляды 157 тыс.Дзень таму
Titans Convert on 4th to Set Up Derrick Henry TD
Прагляды 144 тыс.Дзень таму
Conference Championships Game Picks | NFL 2019
Прагляды 116 тыс.3 дні таму
FULL Conference Championships Preview
Прагляды 118 тыс.3 дні таму
Best True View Plays of the Divisional Playoff Round
Прагляды 83 тыс.3 дні таму
Every Team's Best TD Celebration of the 2019 Season!
Прагляды 133 тыс.5 дзён таму
Power Rankings Reaction Show: Conference Championships
Прагляды 100 тыс.6 дзён таму
Tennessee Titans vs Kansas City Chiefs AFC Championship Preview
Прагляды 704 тыс.6 дзён таму
Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco 49ers NFC Championship Preview
Прагляды 969 тыс.6 дзён таму
Lamar Jackson Full Season Highlights | NFL 2019
Прагляды 162 тыс.8 дзён таму
Around the NFL Divisional Reaction Show
Прагляды 121 тыс.8 дзён таму
Top Plays from the Divisional Round | NFL 2019 Playoffs
Прагляды 114 тыс.8 дзён таму
Russell Wilson Full Season Highlights | NFL 2019
Прагляды 100 тыс.8 дзён таму
Davante Adams Puts on a Clinic vs. Seahawks | NFL 2019 Highlights
Прагляды 48 тыс.8 дзён таму
Russell Wilson Keeps the Dream Alive
Прагляды 93 тыс.8 дзён таму
Deshaun Watson Full Season Highlights | NFL 2019
Прагляды 67 тыс.8 дзён таму
Packers Take It All the Way on Opening Drive!
Прагляды 303 тыс.8 дзён таму
Mahomes & Watson's EPIC QB Duel | NFL 2019 Highlights
Прагляды 108 тыс.8 дзён таму
Travis Kelce's MONSTER Day vs. Texans | NFL 2019 Highlights
Прагляды 29 тыс.8 дзён таму
Chiefs WILD Forced Fumble Leads to Kelce TD!
Прагляды 271 тыс.8 дзён таму
Chiefs Respond w/ 2 TDs in Under 2 Minutes!
Прагляды 227 тыс.8 дзён таму
Texans Put Up 2 TDs in First 5 Minutes!
Прагляды 264 тыс.8 дзён таму
Lamar Jackson on Divisional Loss, "I had a lot of mistakes."
Прагляды 961 тыс.9 дзён таму
HUGE 66-Yd Derrick Henry Run Sets Up Trick TD Pass!
Прагляды 136 тыс.9 дзён таму
Jonnu Smith Makes INCREDIBLE 1-Handed TD Catch
Прагляды 177 тыс.9 дзён таму
Lamar Jackson Makes the Tackle on His Own INT
Прагляды 379 тыс.9 дзён таму
49ers Defense DOMINATES Vikings w/ 6 Sacks! | NFL 2019 Highlights
Прагляды 133 тыс.9 дзён таму
Massive Muffed Punt Leads to 49ers FG!
Прагляды 58 тыс.9 дзён таму
Jimmy G PANCAKES Anthony Barr on Reverse Run!
Прагляды 241 тыс.9 дзён таму
Jimmy G & 49ers March Downfield for a Quick TD
Прагляды 158 тыс.9 дзён таму
Divisional Round Game Picks | NFL 2019
Прагляды 133 тыс.10 дзён таму
FULL Divisional Round Preview
Прагляды 324 тыс.10 дзён таму
Best True View Plays of Wild Card Weekend
Прагляды 44 тыс.10 дзён таму
Top 25 Rookies of 2019
Прагляды 523 тыс.11 дзён таму
Breaking Down the MVP Race
Прагляды 141 тыс.12 дзён таму
Seattle Seahawks vs Green Bay Packers Divisional Round Game Preview
Прагляды 475 тыс.13 дзён таму
Power Rankings Reaction Show: Divisional Round
Прагляды 183 тыс.13 дзён таму
Tennessee Titans vs Baltimore Ravens Divisional Round Game Preview
Прагляды 454 тыс.13 дзён таму
Houston Texans vs Kansas City Chiefs Divisional Round Game Preview
Прагляды 358 тыс.13 дзён таму
Giants Name Patriots Assistant as New Head Coach!
Прагляды 84 тыс.13 дзён таму
Predicting the Rest of the Playoffs: Who is Winning Super Bowl LIV?
Прагляды 408 тыс.13 дзён таму
Cowboys Name Mike McCarthy Head Coach!
Прагляды 211 тыс.14 дзён таму
Around the NFL Wild Card Reaction Show
Прагляды 207 тыс.15 дзён таму
Top Plays from Wild Card Weekend | NFL 2019 Playoffs
Прагляды 260 тыс.15 дзён таму
Breaking Down the End of a Dynasty? | Baldy Breakdowns
Прагляды 66 тыс.15 дзён таму
Jason Garrett OFFICIALLY Fired As Cowboys Head Coach
Прагляды 224 тыс.15 дзён таму
Seattle Goes BEAST MODE on 2 Minute Drill TD
Прагляды 243 тыс.15 дзён таму
Dalvin Cook Scores Twice vs. Saints | NFL 2019 Highlights
Прагляды 25 тыс.15 дзён таму
Adam Thielen Comes Up CLUTCH vs. Saints | NFL 2019 Highlights
Прагляды 33 тыс.15 дзён таму
Kirk Cousins LIKES That | NFL 2019 Highlights
Прагляды 40 тыс.15 дзён таму
Vikings vs. Saints Wild Card Round Highlights | NFL 2019 Playoffs
Прагляды 3,4млн15 дзён таму
Breaking Down the Texans Wild Card Comeback | Baldy Breakdowns
Прагляды 66 тыс.15 дзён таму
Taysom Hill's Deep Ball Leads to Saints TD!
Прагляды 200 тыс.15 дзён таму
Tom Brady on Wild Card Loss, "Weren't able to get the job done."
Прагляды 436 тыс.16 дзён таму
Bill Belichick on Wild Card Loss, "Thirteen wasn't enough."
Прагляды 258 тыс.16 дзён таму
Derrick Henry Escorts Titans Downfield for Tannehill TD
Прагляды 226 тыс.16 дзён таму
Bills vs. Texans Wild Card Round Highlights | NFL 2019 Playoffs
Прагляды 2,6млн16 дзён таму
Deshaun Watson Brings the OT Magic! | NFL 2019 Highlights
Прагляды 108 тыс.16 дзён таму
Texans Defense Comes Up BIG on 3rd & 4th Down
Прагляды 55 тыс.16 дзён таму
J.J. Watt's Huge 3rd Down Sack in 1st Game Back!
Прагляды 139 тыс.16 дзён таму
Прагляды 254 тыс.16 дзён таму
Wild Card Weekend Game Picks | NFL 2019
Прагляды 145 тыс.17 дзён таму


  • Ben Fong
    Ben Fong 6 годин таму

    What happened to Lefleurs "Redemption " speech? They played worst then the previous matchup. Packers nothing but a bunch of marshmallow s

  • Mike Lopez
    Mike Lopez 6 годин таму

    Nick Bosa is a monster. Amazing how fast the 49ers turned it around.

  • Yo Gr
    Yo Gr 6 годин таму

    Why didnt they blast mahomes in the 3rd TD? It seemed they could have tackled him easily.

  • Markus Pedersen
    Markus Pedersen 6 годин таму

    Kom on titans wtf titans this is not acceptabel

  • Guytano
    Guytano 6 годин таму

    Always a good day when the packers lose.

  • 49ers F8ful
    49ers F8ful 6 годин таму

    Congrats to KC. Now it’s time to play a real D. Go Niners!!!

  • Chris Klein
    Chris Klein 6 годин таму

    RIP Vegas

    TRAP TREES 6 годин таму

    Who else is ready for this super bowl matchup?!?

  • Michael Tester
    Michael Tester 6 годин таму

    Hand it to The Titans Happy for Tannerhill Finding a home they will bring him back, Titans next season will be even more OP..Same for Texans AFC South is going to be tight Chiefs are the hardest to stop..49rs have a chance to keep up but can there Defense,? GOING to be a high scoring Superbowl .. Congratulations to all teams involved

  • Messiah !
    Messiah ! 6 годин таму

    did y’all see that stiff arm ????

  • Madd Rooster
    Madd Rooster 6 годин таму

    LOL Totally Wrong

  • Joe Rogaine
    Joe Rogaine 6 годин таму

    How did the vikings fail so hard to run like this all season

  • Edgehead10075
    Edgehead10075 6 годин таму

    He scored four touchdowns, just like Al Bundy.

  • Christopher Fair
    Christopher Fair 6 годин таму


  • Hoang Le
    Hoang Le 6 годин таму

    6:49 big hit

  • Cedric Romero
    Cedric Romero 6 годин таму

    And Aaron Rodgers' season ends with a former Seahawks ending it. The irony

  • Justin
    Justin 6 годин таму

    Fun fact: Aaron Rogers let the 49ers win because they were his favorite NFL team growing up

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis 6 годин таму

    Got a whole bunch a respecttttt. For Jimmy Goroppolerr. And this kiiiid...Mosstart was it??

  • Mike Rojas
    Mike Rojas 6 годин таму

    Very interesting to see how Patrick will deal with Bosa can't freaken wait

  • GoodNight Robicheaux
    GoodNight Robicheaux 6 годин таму

    Yooo Mo carrying that skin 💪🏿💯

    ERNESTO MERA 6 годин таму

    Vamos San Francisco! Otro campeonato más! Yes!

  • Leaders Of The Old School
    Leaders Of The Old School 6 годин таму

    Yo seriously I haven't seen San Francisco play like this since Jerry Rice Roger Craig and Montana days.

  • Thedullahan
    Thedullahan 6 годин таму

    Moseley 41 if that even spelled correct is stepping up for you guys

  • Alex
    Alex 6 годин таму

    How does this 49ers team have so much energy.

  • esteve72
    esteve72 6 годин таму

    I love how Mostert always gives the football to an offensive lineman to spike it after a rushing says a lot about Mostert and the team!

  • ON_yyX
    ON_yyX 6 годин таму

    Dominated again

  • dylan schrock
    dylan schrock 6 годин таму

    17:18 should have been called back because it was a forward handoff but duck Dallas right

  • mintri ngo
    mintri ngo 6 годин таму

    Yo! We got trubisky

  • Nyquill Jornan
    Nyquill Jornan 6 годин таму

    Nobody: Geronimo Allison at 9:54 : GG Bro

  • TheStapleGunKid
    TheStapleGunKid 6 годин таму

    Keep in mind Henry caught 2 passes for -8 yards in the second half. That means overall, Henry had negative yardage for the entire second half. To hold someone like Henry to negative yardage for two quarters is just unreal.

  • davian cooper
    davian cooper 6 годин таму

    Suwhooper bowl nxt

  • Anthony Hunter
    Anthony Hunter 6 годин таму

    No! That packer defense!! How is this happening?

  • Chicano Powers
    Chicano Powers 6 годин таму

    Mayhem happens. Rodgers: I got State Farm...... 49ers: Here's pandemonium!

  • Total Annihilation Replays
    Total Annihilation Replays 6 годин таму

    He carries his team's offense by carrying the other team's defense.

  • Antonio Arriaga
    Antonio Arriaga 6 годин таму

    Bang bang niner gang!

    WHERE YOU AT 7 годин таму


  • Klēfer
    Klēfer 7 годин таму

    Who's REDy for the Super Bowl?

  • GOAT Status
    GOAT Status 7 годин таму

    I feel like this superbowl matchup between the chiefs and 49ers is gone be that crazy back and forth scoring game we seen last year between the rams vs the chiefs but there will be key moments and great plays by both defense

  • aaronmatagi
    aaronmatagi 7 годин таму

    When you pay for minimal liability insurance instead of full coverage

  • eddie v
    eddie v 7 годин таму

    look at the turrf at 1:46:30. It looks like they were playing on hay on top of a trampoline.

  • MashieGamie
    MashieGamie 7 годин таму

    All of this happened because of Miami’s W over Patriots in week 17. If not, maybe we would have seen the pats in another super bowl o.O

  • Justin
    Justin 7 годин таму

    Fun fact: Aaron Rogers let the 49ers win because they were his favorite NFL team growing up

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 7 годин таму

    Who the hell is mostert and why isn't he in the hall of fame?

  • Ryan Lee
    Ryan Lee 7 годин таму

    Brock Sr would’ve easily tackled Mahomes if he wasn’t holding back

  • Juggie Bonebrain
    Juggie Bonebrain 7 годин таму

    Well, if that's not the best "I don't want to hurt the loser's feeling" title for a video, I don't know what is.

  • Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia 7 годин таму

    The 49ers only made it this far because they've played a bunch of scrubs.

  • Chris Klein
    Chris Klein 7 годин таму

    4:41 if the two refs standing right there were paying attention that's a big fat penalty for holding instead of a 23 yard gain.

  • Mike Green
    Mike Green 7 годин таму

    Nobody gonna comment on the delay of game/false start Bellichecking punt that Shanahan did? 😂😂😂😁😁😁 I laughed my ass off

  • iriah crockett
    iriah crockett 7 годин таму

    Why isn’t Jimmy G touchdown showing up in the stat line

  • Jesus Flores
    Jesus Flores 7 годин таму

    KC needs to play like that again in the super bowl

  • Cesar Canete
    Cesar Canete 7 годин таму

    Sucks. I really wanted the Titans to win & the Packers to win. I'm a Raider fan & I absolutely don't want to see a Niner - Chiefs SB because I hate both teams & can't stomach seeing either team win a SB. Oh well, I'll be watching the Puppy bowl with my lady instead.

  • jacques mesrine
    jacques mesrine 7 годин таму

    I thought for sure the Chiefs would choke! Now just need to see them choke in the SB.

  • Luke
    Luke 7 годин таму

    This mf took down the Packers by himself pretty much

  • Randy Boisa
    Randy Boisa 7 годин таму

    No men on the Minnesota Packers.

  • Words 2 live by
    Words 2 live by 7 годин таму


  • Joel Williams
    Joel Williams 7 годин таму

    6:07 "You can cancel the post game show!" -Bears Fan

  • Carl Wallin
    Carl Wallin 7 годин таму

    49ers will win this super bowl comming up

  • MashieGamie
    MashieGamie 7 годин таму

    congrats 49ers for not letting history repeat itself

  • Michael Chapman
    Michael Chapman 7 годин таму

    I’m a Seahawks fan and I can’t even deny the huge jump from last year. Great job Niners, but I can’t wait to see Mahomes and Big Red smoke you guys in the Super Bowl.

  • Anthony Hunter
    Anthony Hunter 7 годин таму


  • Wavn
    Wavn 7 годин таму


  • frank woodspack
    frank woodspack 7 годин таму

    They got it in 18’ were gonna have to take the win this season. Quest for 6 is now!

  • Tom Shepherd
    Tom Shepherd 7 годин таму

    Good luck to the Forty Whiners! But the Chiefs are hungry to win it all!

  • Darren Krehoff
    Darren Krehoff 7 годин таму

    Where are the bozos who have been dismissing the bully all season? Those clowns should be unemployed right now.

  • Brooks Robbins
    Brooks Robbins 7 годин таму

    That Jimmy Graham touchdown won me $600!...Wait...fml

  • Riggs Murtah
    Riggs Murtah 7 годин таму

    Coach Bobby Tuner is a legend!!! NFC CHAMPIONS!

  • Chris Ludwig
    Chris Ludwig 7 годин таму

    Alright, let's go 9ers! Hope Jimmy G is ready because I don't know if we can rely on the run alone to beat the Chiefs.

  • Wilmerf1987
    Wilmerf1987 7 годин таму

    04:47 WWE? lol

  • guy sumpthin
    guy sumpthin 7 годин таму

    Rodgers never handled pressure, his o-line got away with gross holding since his 3rd year

  • Henk van der Gaast
    Henk van der Gaast 7 годин таму

    Oi.. I am over sixty.. I still wear boardies all summer and trackies all winter

  • Agostino Matteucci
    Agostino Matteucci 7 годин таму

    The Titans lost their composure.. The 49ers will not...

  • limitbreak84
    limitbreak84 7 годин таму


  • Dan Deeg
    Dan Deeg 7 годин таму

    Welp... Go Bucks Go!

  • Jason Bowens
    Jason Bowens 7 годин таму

    Stephen A: Aaron Rodgers is a baaaaaaad man! BY-clips Highlights: Nah...he's just bad.

  • Daniel Sanchez
    Daniel Sanchez 7 годин таму

    49ers IN SUPER BOWL YUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fernando Diaz
    Fernando Diaz 7 годин таму

    Miami get ready to meet the 49ers! 🌴🌊🌴

  • Marco Napolitano
    Marco Napolitano 7 годин таму

    Yes enjoy little Kansas City fans because maybe you will go to the SB after others 50 years....

  • Ab Cd
    Ab Cd 7 годин таму

    Tebows problem wasnt his ability. His problem was that he had a personal fan base that transcended the teams market, and thats a problem in the NFL.

  • Marquis Robertson
    Marquis Robertson 7 годин таму

    I really wanted to see the Green Bay Packers Vs the Kansas City Cheifs this year

  • Jonas Hopson
    Jonas Hopson 7 годин таму

    Can I watch anything without race involved

  • fate nite
    fate nite 7 годин таму

    If The Chief wanted to win the SB, they can't start slow like they been in all these games.

  • ty bur
    ty bur 7 годин таму

    Trade Rodgers

  • A Leo
    A Leo 7 годин таму

    6:50 sneaky deeky

  • Itz Leg Day
    Itz Leg Day 7 годин таму

    As a Cleveland fan the 49ers play really hard football. Im impressed everytime i whatch them by effort alone.

  • Jason Sibayan
    Jason Sibayan 7 годин таму

    Now thses two teams are playing against eachother in Superbowl 54

  • Navy47
    Navy47 7 годин таму

    niners !

  • Jesus Flores
    Jesus Flores 7 годин таму

    Packers started offense late not good

  • loc power
    loc power 7 годин таму

    Rogers looks like he smoked some cali kush before the game

  • Chris Pagan
    Chris Pagan 7 годин таму

    The cheese has been grated!

  • Brooke S
    Brooke S 7 годин таму

    I also like how they added Merrill Reese’s voice in! Wish I could listen to it with his voice only always and not cris collinsworth ugh.. lol

  • shook
    shook 7 годин таму

    Titans really thought they're going to the SB pfftt

  • X1area51 II
    X1area51 II 7 годин таму

    Congrats to 49ers. As Seahawks fan this GB Packers was a mistake W to even coming here at Levi's. Hawks would've been better match up and put fans on cardiac. This game lame af.. lol

  • YourDaddy
    YourDaddy 7 годин таму

    Trash ass packers hahahaha

  • Luis Sandoval
    Luis Sandoval 7 годин таму

    Bang bang Niner gang

  • Angel Leon
    Angel Leon 7 годин таму

    I think I could do better then dalton

  • Beer Me
    Beer Me 7 годин таму

    umm why does this watch titans winning

  • George Dawson
    George Dawson 7 годин таму

    30-27???? 🤔 lmao

  • Mykel Rogers
    Mykel Rogers 7 годин таму

    Another rookie from Georgia and his team headed to the superbowl for a consecutive year.

  • Kevin McClintock
    Kevin McClintock 7 годин таму

    The 49ners will shut out the Chiefs. KC has NOT faced a defense like SF has. 40-0 SF Super Bowl.

  • Chris Klein
    Chris Klein 7 годин таму

    Legend has it Raheem the jack rabbit Mostert is still scoring TD's