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  • Smarika Aryal
    Smarika Aryal 2 години таму

    And Now we have Jamaica 😍

  • nikka nikka
    nikka nikka 2 години таму

    -it sucks-

  • Faith Thomas
    Faith Thomas 2 години таму

    5 ( Jamaica just won miss world )

  • biz ads
    biz ads 2 години таму

    Ugly gay

  • ROSMIN è
    ROSMIN è 2 години таму

    Rosé should be the leader

  • nitya pandya
    nitya pandya 2 години таму

    She is soooo beautiful 😍😍😍😍

  • Mister Man
    Mister Man 2 години таму

    The burger is salty Get it ? Cuz of the seasoning I'll leave

  • Tina Salda
    Tina Salda 2 години таму

    so beautiful♥♥♥♥

  • Son NeverSets
    Son NeverSets 2 години таму

    How sad for her & countless like her. This world is totally in the toilet. Jesus will be coming to spank it hard, in the not too distant future, for flipping God & His Word the finger & making a mockery of the life He gave us. And destroying the once perfect world we were to be good stewards of. Get your acts together, folks. It’s almost Sucker Punch Time. If you’re here for it....Get upright ASAP & cry out to Jesus to save you. B/C He’s the Only One who can. Man obviously isn’t going to save himself from himself, let alone save the planet. Tick-Tock .... ⌛️

  • GS.514
    GS.514 2 години таму

    Great! Now pregnant women will start flooding their unborn children with THC.. time to crank up those autism numbers! Ladies, please wait until you've had the baby to smoke thank you!

  • Sam Ranoa
    Sam Ranoa 2 години таму

    People don't care if weather your black white brown dark brown choco,pinkish as long as you are smart,we'll prepared and you have a vision in life, platform what name a few lol

  • Skyforce 213
    Skyforce 213 2 години таму

    He forgot to season his hands

  • Jassius Clay
    Jassius Clay 2 години таму

    She is 33 but looks like 50

    ICONIC JLO 2 години таму

    Her mother is the best,and she oen the moust beautyful girl in the world...I love this inspiration family for life...

  • Dream Kitten
    Dream Kitten 2 години таму

    Dang...those gifts tho

  • Michael Mie
    Michael Mie 2 години таму

    Miss fake universe

  • Ponyboyisaac
    Ponyboyisaac 2 години таму

    I love how real, humble and grounded he always is on interviews. Good guy sandler!

  • Von Croon
    Von Croon 2 години таму

    Zolani Mahola, Zanele Muholi, Winnie Mandela, Sibongile Sambo, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Letta Mbulu, Brenda Fassi, Lebo Mathosa, Thuli Madonsela, Casta Sememya, Thulile Mthethwa, Zipho Khumalo, The Twins, Unathi, Bonang, Ami Faku, Dr Mamphele Ramphela and Miriam Makeba are the reasons why Miss Universe is a little liar.

  • Summer Daisy
    Summer Daisy 2 години таму

    Lauren Patten holy shit I love you

  • Bonnie Mhlanga
    Bonnie Mhlanga 2 години таму

    Love your voice it's unique

  • meya may
    meya may 2 години таму

    And miss world 2019!!!

  • eddie batang
    eddie batang 2 години таму

    the way she talk and smile..ilove it

  • Krystle Aguirre
    Krystle Aguirre 2 години таму

    Does any one know who the woman that signs is? I recognize her but I don’t remember where feom

  • Angelika Carolino
    Angelika Carolino 2 години таму

    And why ms. Nigeria push ms. Catriona ? 🤔🤔🤔

  • inerit
    inerit 2 години таму

    Time to dump the wigs sisters!

  • Ossie R
    Ossie R 2 години таму

    They’re also very intelligent and beautiful.

  • Joseph Tarlue
    Joseph Tarlue 2 години таму

    And these stupid bastards have the nerve to show a little biracial girl asking a question instead of a black girl are you fucking stupid?

  • Joseph Tarlue
    Joseph Tarlue 2 години таму

    3 biracial women surrounding Miss universe who's actually black how stupid is America?

  • Gilitao Arzobispo
    Gilitao Arzobispo 2 години таму

    0:25 what my microwave sees at 3am

  • Michaela Logue
    Michaela Logue 2 години таму

    I got emotional watching this! I’m so proud of her and all young women from all races who are courageous enough to embrace their unique beauty! God bless!

    CHINI BUANA 2 години таму

    She’s beautiful inside and out.❤️

  • Rosannasfriend
    Rosannasfriend 2 години таму

    what an incredible arrangement of one of my fave songs! Alanis is enough motivation to care for this, but Diablo Cody? I wonder what made her decide to write a musical?

  • Freya plays Roblox
    Freya plays Roblox 2 години таму

    I swear one of them was on the TV show what would u do

  • Nista Sunuwar
    Nista Sunuwar 2 години таму

    Miss world for black 2019. Respect for that 18 year old girl from Jamaica. 2019 ends with black women success 😍😍😍

  • Joey Henson
    Joey Henson 2 години таму

    Saw him in 1994 for the For The Love Of Strange Medicine tour. Glad I went and enjoyed it!

  • Leftenan Zana Sayang
    Leftenan Zana Sayang 2 години таму

    And Miss World 2019 is Jamaica. Black

  • galina.ivanovva
    galina.ivanovva 2 години таму

    She is so gorgeous, so unique!🌹

  • Geria Wright
    Geria Wright 2 години таму

    History or's the latter. When a people seek value and acclamation from their fellow man they tell the world who's their master. Sad. Shackles by Tiffany & Co.

  • blessing lucy
    blessing lucy 2 години таму

    She really inspires me... Am going to work on myself.. Congratulations miss Universe 2019

  • g vslv013
    g vslv013 2 години таму

    And noww miss world too... Miss JAMAICA.. MW 2019.. shes also blackwoman made her country proud..

  • Harshit Madan
    Harshit Madan 2 години таму

    Poor kid

  • Hit Apostol
    Hit Apostol 2 години таму

    She is smart and intelligent like Ms Universe 2018 Catriona Gray 🏆

    JD LIMBU 2 години таму

    You can add Another black girl miss Jamaica .

  • Ali Haidari
    Ali Haidari 2 години таму

    Any father would do that and maybe worse

  • m ned
    m ned 2 години таму


  • Julius Micua Aquino
    Julius Micua Aquino 2 години таму

    and now, Miss Jamaica is Miss World 2019

  • sumit more
    sumit more 2 години таму

    U forget miss word is black winner jemeca

  • Ivan Galić
    Ivan Galić 2 години таму

    Wow. Insightfull.

  • Ale VeHrz
    Ale VeHrz 2 години таму

    In Dr Phil, the wife said that she expresed her concern to the girl's mother, and that the mother dismissed her. I feel the girl's mother knew exactly what was going on.

  • T-rex gamer
    T-rex gamer 2 години таму


  • Lucia Valladares
    Lucia Valladares 3 години таму

    South Africa accent ❤️ damn she sound soooooo amazing. Why a lot of people in the US hate people with accents? I’ll never understand that 🙄

  • John DeAnnuntis
    John DeAnnuntis 3 години таму

    And steroids helped him too you forgot to mention that

  • Glen Bard
    Glen Bard 3 години таму

    The movie is great. Go see it.

  • TheSmiler Enthusiast
    TheSmiler Enthusiast 3 години таму

    How many times did he say "how many times" 🤔

  • Walter Lloren
    Walter Lloren 3 години таму

    She’s so inspiring and beautiful and not cuz she’s dark skin. But her inner and outer beauty! Sounds and looks like her win was worth the wait for the results!

  • Sa_k
    Sa_k 3 години таму

    i dont season the burger i season the grill

  • ozim
    ozim 3 години таму

    Jaki rudy

  • Joseph Tarlue
    Joseph Tarlue 3 години таму

    This is so fucking stupid these are two fucking biracial women with two women that are actually black

  • The BAT
    The BAT 3 години таму

    This guy is an angel. Brought tears to my eyes. Saving a life. God bless you.

  • Piotr mordoklep
    Piotr mordoklep 3 години таму

    Normal reaction

  • Soldier
    Soldier 3 години таму

    Really Kool little guy👍👍

  • edenpereira4
    edenpereira4 3 години таму

    love love love loveeeeeeee! she has an amazing personality. shes beautiful n very smart. very well spoken

  • Jason Jordan
    Jason Jordan 3 години таму

    She's beautiful!

  • G S
    G S 3 години таму

    Gotta love how he claps about himself with the rest ✊🏼

  • Ian Casey
    Ian Casey 3 години таму

    not a beauty pageant anymore

    • Créole Lady
      Créole Lady 2 години таму

      Nope It is now officially a beauty pageant.

  • divine other
    divine other 3 години таму

    The hate and criticism in the comments is unbelievable. Maybe we dont need to pray for this baby he hasnt been tainted yet, but we do need to pray for some of these grown folks in the comments.

  • N Brock
    N Brock 3 години таму

    She is beautiful

  • Fleurs Sv
    Fleurs Sv 3 години таму

    She's a victim

  • It’s a me Mario
    It’s a me Mario 3 години таму

    Legend says when Gordon swims in a lake, he seasons it before he leaves..

  • Ozkan E
    Ozkan E 3 години таму

    Golden young man, pure angel

  • Be- Atka
    Be- Atka 3 години таму

    Another restorative diet and promoting stupidity.

  • Whiz Marketer
    Whiz Marketer 3 години таму

    What year was she living in when she said women my race or color didnt have an opportunity?! 1960? There are a lot of african women that have oscars or have won novel price or are billionaires.... so stop with that old tag line PLEASE!!!

    • Whiz Marketer
      Whiz Marketer 3 години таму

      South Africa won in 2011 have you asked yourself how many times countries from Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay, China, Chile, El Salvador have won miss universe?!?! NONE

  • GabbyChicago
    GabbyChicago 3 години таму

    Josh seems sweet...Michelle might be just joke in general

  • Mary Ravenscroft
    Mary Ravenscroft 3 години таму

    Cue Blue Ivy’s voice: “… Brown skin girl, ya skin just like pearls. Your back against the world. I never trade you for anybody else, say.”

  • Shane nope
    Shane nope 3 години таму

    That dudes tall hes almost as tall as strahan

  • Shane nope
    Shane nope 3 години таму

    Doeee waaaaay shes wikes da awfice tew

  • hot stuff
    hot stuff 3 години таму

    The beauty of black people is unique!

  • Shane nope
    Shane nope 3 години таму

    This dude seems like if u say one thing he doesnt like , hes stabbing everybody

  • Cookie Catz
    Cookie Catz 3 години таму

    Wow. So actual kids with talent (I know many), don’t get any attention, but a toddler who scribbles around is the new Picasso?Something ain’t right

    STEPPBROTHA SETTLES 3 години таму

    WHY AM I CRYING!?!?!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • George Khidasheli
    George Khidasheli 3 години таму

    He forgot to season the pepper.

  • Raphael Fuentes
    Raphael Fuentes 3 години таму

    (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

  • Madro
    Madro 3 години таму


  • Angeliquelovely
    Angeliquelovely 3 години таму

    MS. KENYA MOORE WON MISS USA IN 1993, even though she was the 2nd woman of color to win that title, she was the 1st brown skin woman of color to win in history

  • B-rocka 4life
    B-rocka 4life 3 години таму

    Too bad when the hip hop artist wrote all black everything he was not talking about black women. I hope black men come around and learn to celebrate their counterparts

  • Brian Bolton
    Brian Bolton 3 години таму

    They should have promoted Naomi Harris or put in Halle Berry, either are fine for “wokeness,” and the role, but as the new 007, Lashana Lynch (who has a British accent at least, but that’s all) is the equivalent of having Sarah Huckabee Sanders in for a Jennifer Lawrence role. Craig’s body language here is telling, he doesn’t want to be there, the progressive message is not why moviegoers go to see in a Bond movie.

  • raymond menendez
    raymond menendez 3 години таму

    I'm 66,and workout with weights 3× week, the weights don't know how old you are, unless you tell them--

  • Bluet Jose
    Bluet Jose 3 години таму

    This is like this is a praze (:3 ●)

  • amigogon
    amigogon 3 години таму

    Dont they have to have a nice set of hair to become a beauty queen ?

  • brooklyn micah91
    brooklyn micah91 3 години таму

    she dont deserve the crown.philippines is my vote

  • Angeliquelovely
    Angeliquelovely 3 години таму

    MS. KENYA MOORE WON MISS USA IN 1993, even though she was the 2nd woman of color to win that title, she was the 1st brown skin woman of color to win in history

  • Jony Smith
    Jony Smith 3 години таму

    I liked her better when she was starring in her own porn movies

  • The Official Andy Saenz
    The Official Andy Saenz 3 години таму

    It’s like 50 Shades of Black. I love it, they’re all so beautiful. 😍❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • Cassi
    Cassi 4 години таму

    Hannah Baker at 7:40

  • Gisselle
    Gisselle 4 години таму

    I didn’t even notice that little ass font crediting her. Hope she gets a raise! She deserves it :)

  • Rosannasfriend
    Rosannasfriend 4 години таму

    She's beautiful.

  • Lea Aisha
    Lea Aisha 4 години таму

    Black is beauty💞💞

  • Diego Miranda
    Diego Miranda 4 години таму

    Lol what barrier did she break?? She is not the first black miss universe.. Obvioulsy they have her the crown to be politically correct, because she basically made everyone fell sorry (White shame), I get it, They needed a back miss universe this year, but why not Ireland? Why not Island? It is also racist that the European union is never on the top 5, we are part of the universe too!! So unfair

  • Saftiges Gnu
    Saftiges Gnu 4 години таму

    👩🏻👩🏻 👚👚 👖👖

  • nmm uy
    nmm uy 4 години таму

    She just calm . That why I like her