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Dave East Cited For Battery After Threesome Goes Awry
Прагляды 77 тыс.Дзень таму
What Is The Breakfast Club?
Прагляды 41 тыс.2 дні таму
Former NFL Player Arrested And Accused Of Staging Hate Crime
Прагляды 95 тыс.2 дні таму
Kevin Hart Faces $60 Million Lawsuit Over 2017 Hotel Room Scandal
Прагляды 258 тыс.2 дні таму
Charlamagne Squashes Beef with Lyfe Jennings and New Song 'Slave'
Прагляды 161 тыс.3 дні таму
Kim Kardashian Credits CBD For Saving Her Life
Прагляды 116 тыс.3 дні таму
James Corden Reacts to Bill Maher's Fat Shaming Comments
Прагляды 129 тыс.3 дні таму
Fantasia On Happiness, Love And Balance, New Music + More
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NYPD Sergeant Busted After Shoplifting Spree In The Bronx
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Hitmaka Talks New Music, Earning Respect, Maino Beef + More
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Florida Man’s Beef Over Cold Food Leads To Gunplay At McDonald's
Прагляды 130 тыс.7 дзён таму
Kevin Hart Released From Hospital Into Rehab Facility
Прагляды 147 тыс.7 дзён таму
Tekashi 6ix9ine Family Fears For Their Life, Won't Attend Trial
Прагляды 507 тыс.7 дзён таму
Antonio Brown Releases Statement Following Rape Allegations
Прагляды 233 тыс.8 дзён таму
Travis Scott And Kylie Jenner Pose For Playboy
Прагляды 159 тыс.8 дзён таму
Connecticut Woman Arrested For Drunk Driving Twice In One Day
Прагляды 125 тыс.9 дзён таму
American Airlines Mechanic Charged With Tampering With Plane
Прагляды 131 тыс.10 дзён таму
Teen Defends White 'Savior' Who Cut Off His Dreadlocks
Прагляды 174 тыс.10 дзён таму
Nicki Minaj Retires To Focus On Family
Прагляды 311 тыс.13 дзён таму
Arkansas Woman Drowns In Floodwaters After 911 Dispatcher Scolds Her
Прагляды 320 тыс.13 дзён таму
RZA, Erika Alexander & Ashton Sanders Talks Wu-Tang Series + More
Прагляды 323 тыс.15 дзён таму
Mac Miller Drug Dealer Arrested For Supplying Him With Pills
Прагляды 165 тыс.14 дзён таму
Updates Circulate After Kevin Hart Surgery Following Car Crash
Прагляды 433 тыс.15 дзён таму
Erica Ford And Khepera Kearse Speak On LIFE Camp And More
Прагляды 58 тыс.23 дні таму
Memphis Mother-Daughter Crab Leg Criminals Busted
Прагляды 263 тыс.21 дзень таму
Kobe Bryant Says He Would Have Won 12 Rings If Shaq Wasn't So Lazy
Прагляды 208 тыс.22 дні таму
Bobby Brown Sister Fabricates Story Claiming He Was Hit By A Car
Прагляды 160 тыс.23 дні таму
Dave Chappelle Takes Direct Aim At Our Society In Netflix Special
Прагляды 676 тыс.23 дні таму
Joe Budden Loudly Voices His Opinion On Swae Lee's New Music
Прагляды 433 тыс.24 дні таму
Lil Uzi Vert Promises Fan He Will Pay His College Tuition
Прагляды 99 тыс.27 дзён таму
Kodak Black Pleads Guilty In Gun Case, Faces 8 Years In Prison
Прагляды 282 тыс.27 дзён таму
Dame Dash Speaks On Jay-Z Betrayal And NFL Partnership
Прагляды 648 тыс.28 дзён таму
Tee Grizzley's Car Shot At In Detroit, His Manager Killed
Прагляды 387 тыс.28 дзён таму
YFN Lucci Claims He Slept With Young Thug's Girl
Прагляды 188 тыс.29 дзён таму
Florida Man Arrested For Botched Castration Inside His Own Home
Прагляды 115 тыс.29 дзён таму
Tekashi 6ix9ine Fears For His Life As Kidnapping Trial Approaches
Прагляды 518 тыс.29 дзён таму
Remy Ma Vocalizes Stance On Nicki Minaj Beef With Joe Budden
Прагляды 534 тыс.Месяц таму
Jidenna Talks New Music, African History, Polyamory + More
Прагляды 798 тыс.Месяц таму
Barack Obama High School Jersey Auctioned For $120K
Прагляды 87 тыс.Месяц таму
Iggy Azalea Admits She Hates Some Of Her Old Music
Прагляды 150 тыс.Месяц таму
Young Thug And YFN Lucci Feud Heats Up
Прагляды 410 тыс.Месяц таму
Nicki Minaj Calls Out Charlamagne And The Breakfast Club
Прагляды 839 тыс.Месяц таму


  • damarcuswilson1
    damarcuswilson1 2 години таму

    The only violent rappers are Chicago rappers. If Joe was with the shits like he said he was, he would've shot up, dead, or just getting out jail now

  • Adonnis Williams
    Adonnis Williams 2 години таму

    1. Baby girl put me in check with a lot of this wisdom. 2. Yo lawyer is your mentor?

  • Parker's Place
    Parker's Place 2 години таму

    5:27 someone farted lol

  • The Quiet Revolution
    The Quiet Revolution 2 години таму

    Can't believe there are Black people on youtube (you know who you are) actually promoting this "sandwich" as food.

  • Causing Havoc
    Causing Havoc 2 години таму

    I don’t walk around why ? Cuz I let my nuts hang 😂

  • sonia woods
    sonia woods 2 години таму

    You guy or girl who every you are need to seek Jesus, not sure who you are trying to convince. Seems you are not happy with yourselves, no matter how much makeup or breast, dress or earrings you wear you will never be a women. Facts

  • The Watchers
    The Watchers 2 години таму

    Perfect products of Christianity. #wakeupJacob

  • Victoria London
    Victoria London 2 години таму

    That's why knowing your history is really important and what tribe. Everything been White wash history. Time for the truth to come out. We teach our kids thier history so they can know who thier are

  • Burner Account No.5
    Burner Account No.5 2 години таму

    that hebephilies goin down now eh

  • Bob Rolander
    Bob Rolander 2 години таму

    *Lizzy goes to Washington!* *Warren/Sanders 2020*

  • Alisha Archuleta
    Alisha Archuleta 2 години таму

    Aren't we tired of this fake shit yet? We put this girl on a pedestal for literally no fucking reason. It's crazy ... the booty's not even real! Wake up.

  • Louis IIX
    Louis IIX 2 години таму

    If the schools make a profit of them then cut the players a percentage

  • Eryxx Phillips
    Eryxx Phillips 2 години таму

    you know what!?!?!?!

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 години таму

    My dog always hits nail on the head

  • high5compliments
    high5compliments 2 години таму

    Fak69 👉👌

  • Madd Dogg Reviews
    Madd Dogg Reviews 2 години таму

    those chains fire dawg

  • Black Zona
    Black Zona 2 години таму

    You need 99 more niggas 😂😂😂😂☠️

  • Nick Harris
    Nick Harris 2 години таму

    I like Charlemagne more as the years go on

  • Jeff Botelho
    Jeff Botelho 2 години таму

    Deeee Jaaaaay Khalid! I mean Envy lol

  • DMCEagles05
    DMCEagles05 2 години таму

    HOLD UP...... HAS LIZZO been on the breakfast club. She is out here killing it and they never mention her really....

  • Louis IIX
    Louis IIX 2 години таму

    Well then he should tell them universitys the same thing and they should stop making money

  • Orlando Neufville
    Orlando Neufville 2 години таму

    Fat Joe stories be wild 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • high5compliments
    high5compliments 2 години таму

    Oh hell naawh... Let him stay in jail!!!

  • Detroit Red
    Detroit Red 2 години таму

    This isn't the first donut sandwich.

  • Mark Easty
    Mark Easty 2 години таму

    They feed us the problem and sell us the cure it’s all a program to make tons of money and keep people controlled at the same time.thats why America has not done anything to get us to eat better instead they have upped that amount of advertising of unhealthy products

  • Eric Schmidt
    Eric Schmidt 2 години таму

    Kid sounds punch drunk already , leave loma alone young buck he will make u go back to TJ

  • Pineapple Sunkist
    Pineapple Sunkist 2 години таму

    She dnt fight, thts ME ALL DAY...

  • Jordan Christie
    Jordan Christie 2 години таму

    5:31 somebody farted? lol

  • DreadHead_DMG
    DreadHead_DMG 2 години таму

    Smh lol

  • musix2009
    musix2009 2 години таму

    This is an undeserved DOTD....who said fast food is healthy?...just don’t eat it/it’ll go away...

  • Vestkd 35
    Vestkd 35 2 години таму

    He finna die💯

  • KingKoopa01
    KingKoopa01 2 години таму

    The opening credit music to The Wu-Tang American Saga is🔥fire🔥

  • Ix GRUB xI M
    Ix GRUB xI M 2 години таму

    You fucking morons. Street CRED and bullshit is all you motherfuckers crave. Get your lives together. Fucking morons

  • Lanier LyMotions Grady
    Lanier LyMotions Grady 2 години таму

    Bow Wow on probation

  • Adnersoil AMERICA
    Adnersoil AMERICA 2 години таму

    He said test my gangster and the interviewer said "oh God"😂

  • Womens Whork
    Womens Whork 2 години таму

    Test my gangstaaa

  • Jon Mac
    Jon Mac 2 години таму

    Talk into the mic

  • #Conditioner
    #Conditioner 2 години таму

    Ain’t no real gangstas anymore since PAC & Biggie killers. Ain’t no one gonna touch 69. The game has changed.

  • MawiyahJ
    MawiyahJ 2 години таму

    She out here preaching in these streets! Love it ❤️ we’ve been taught some wack stuff about being so independent and manly. I’m here for this. Queen up!

  • mistadreadman
    mistadreadman 2 години таму

    Ye not a fan of 3somes. 3somes are ok people.

  • shardai McRae
    shardai McRae 2 години таму

    So he can’t just say I’m gay and I still don’t know what language to use🤷🏽‍♀️

  • EastCoast Paper
    EastCoast Paper 2 години таму

    Envy talkin like 69 snitched on one of his peeps

  • U wanna Feel this
    U wanna Feel this 2 години таму

    Wonder if Angela ah have a three some

  • Monvixelaaz
    Monvixelaaz 2 години таму

    This idiot is actually dead. Snitches don't tend to last very long.

  • S T
    S T 2 години таму

    Sounds like Dave Ea#t should be pressing charges. One count of battery One count of blue balls

  • Detroit Red
    Detroit Red 2 години таму

    Sold out in 2 hrs. Trump bought 10

  • zenki gizmo
    zenki gizmo 2 години таму

    Damnnn he's SNITICHIN SNITICHIN!! 😂😂

  • Kisha V
    Kisha V 2 години таму

    Fat Joe gives the best interviews

  • Chris 2000
    Chris 2000 2 години таму

    I think he is the best democratic canidate. I think most of the canidates are well intended but have not put in the work or time to study the #s

  • UrbanSipfly
    UrbanSipfly 2 години таму

    KFC's breast chicken sandwich between 2 glazed donuts only become unhealthy when the chicken sandwich becomes squeezed between 2 jelly glazed or powdered sugar donuts for one to enjoy. Imagine all that finger licking all that oooey gooey mess.

  • zaydayz watkins
    zaydayz watkins 2 години таму

    Both fake bloods

  • Jackson Five
    Jackson Five 2 години таму

    Why wasn't Chris Brown another round and pride and joy featuring Kanye on an album.. I would love to ask him that because I've had to go to eBay and Amazon to find those songs

  • Dannysmokes
    Dannysmokes 2 години таму

    Everyone callin him a snitch would snitch in 2 seconds if people did what they did to him to you so stop talking tough ... and yes ppl kidnap me threaten my mom rob me im snitchin too! Fuk dat get my cheese call me splinter get the rat emoji all that im straight SNITCHING!! Im givin them names addresses blood types age height hair color nationality favorite football team .. im snitchin!!!! 🤷‍♂️

  • MrJuggernoob
    MrJuggernoob 2 години таму

    So boom

  • Living in China
    Living in China 2 години таму

    I ain’t going to jail for nobody I would also snitch hard🗣🗣 😂

  • Tha Giff
    Tha Giff 2 години таму

    Chicken and Waffles 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️Umm Dinner and dessert combined....Time saver maybe🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Carrell Mitchell
    Carrell Mitchell 2 години таму

    A good Percentage of ya snitches yourself stop it and listen half of ya ain't even trustworthy on here either

  • Liberty
    Liberty 2 години таму

    (0:24) I nominate Charlamagne & DJ Envy as the Donkey of the Day. * Today Charlamagne quotes from the Bible *1 Corinthians **13:11**.* And DJ Envy wears his *“MY GOD vs. MY ENEMIES”* hoodie. But my question to you gentlemen is when do you use GOD’s Word to speak against sinful lifestyles. * Where was your Boldness of GOD when you had Malek and the other *THREE MEN* last week. SOME DRESSED LIKE WOMAN AND ALL LOVED OTHER MEN AS THOUGH THEY WERE WOMEN. Gentlemen let me help you with the scriptures from the HOLY BIBLE. * *A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this. (Deuteronomy 22:5)* * *Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error. (Romans **1:26**)* * peace

  • airhype 505
    airhype 505 2 години таму

    Joe keep saying sauce 😔😔👊 tsf started that lingo now i see why walka be coming at everybody 😂😂😂everybody got sauce and dripping be u not someone else soon as i 👂 somebody say that i dont listen rapper or not 💯 if u from nyc stop trying to sound like the south or midwest please it's corny NYC need its own sound

  • NTgiftedTV
    NTgiftedTV 2 години таму

    People need to eat these food so that KFC can stay in business. That way I can have my KFC twice a year.

  • Acp Trucking
    Acp Trucking 2 години таму

    Only problem with this interview it was too short

  • high5compliments
    high5compliments 2 години таму

    Hahahahah look what kinda fool he made of himself..😆😁😂😃😃 This guy a gangster????? His real name is clarence

  • RetroAcrobat937
    RetroAcrobat937 2 години таму

    This is gold

  • Aleshia Haynes
    Aleshia Haynes 2 години таму

    His hand going hurt from so much point 👉🏾😂🤣that snitching get killed or hurt 💯he should never try to play that life and he’s not Ab that life fighting guns whatever he a kid use to work in the deli come now like he set his self up for failure 💯😂😂treyway knew what he was doing

  • Sam Malone
    Sam Malone 2 години таму

    69 and Vlad signing up for the next police academy

  • hardee county savage
    hardee county savage 2 години таму

    Waiting for 69 to get out and drop some fuegooooo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Rep N
    Rep N 2 години таму

    Bobble head ass

  • Happy Thoughts
    Happy Thoughts 2 години таму

    Charlagmane makes the breakfast club. Let’s debate

  • Jaydamanwitthaplan
    Jaydamanwitthaplan 2 години таму

    Boondocks is coming back!!!👏🏿🤯

  • Big Ferg
    Big Ferg 2 години таму

    This the Player haters ball hate hate hate hate

  • Michelle Payne
    Michelle Payne 2 години таму

    NCAA are the biggest pimps. Money rules everything around them... Amazing the ignorance of Tebow, but typical white privilege. NCAA are so gangsta, it needs to change seriously...

  • Dont Talk To Me
    Dont Talk To Me 2 години таму

    Fat Joe is the opposite of Tekashi 69, that nigga can't & won't confirm anything. 😅

  • King Khari
    King Khari 2 години таму

    So should Hennessy or patron get donkey of the day next because they release more aged cognac or different flavor of tequila. Charlamagne, bro u gotta take an L on this

  • Bahiya
    Bahiya 2 години таму

    If you wanted to dislike this interview twice tap here ⬇️

  • Jay E-z
    Jay E-z 2 години таму

    LOL 69 gonna die when he gets out.

  • henry serra
    henry serra 2 години таму

    Dam!! I landed on a Liberal Infected Page!!! Good thing the Idiocy virus these uh these uh these uh fools have contracted is not catchy! The smart blacks whites gay straight skinny fat short ones tall ones transgender etc etc etc that have had the Epiphany that made them #WALK AWAY FROM THE ORIGINATORS THE CULPRITS OF BRINGING SLAVERY TO AMERICA.THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY! HOW IRONIC THAT IT WAS THEIR AFRICAN BROTHERS THAT SOLD THEM TO THE WHITE MAN TO BEGIN WITH... GEE WHIZ WILLIKERS DR. KINGS NEPHEW ISAAC NEWTON FARRIS JR AND ALVEDA KING DR. KINGS NIECE SUPPORT DONALD J. TRUMP😳 OH YOU DIDNT KNOW? SURE YOU DO BUT I AM SURE THAT YOU ALL HAVE SOME DUMB LAME EXCUSE OF WHY THEY SUPPORT TRUMP! OH NO!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ( DANG AINT THAT A JAMES BROWN SONG? BABY PLEASE DONT GO!!! MY LORD WHEN I WAS 13 years old my parents took us out of Cuba! Thank you Jesus for giving The Wisdom to my Father to get us out of Cuba!🙏✝️ Man when we got to Miami and I for the first time turned on that radio the very first song I heard was Jackie Wilson singing a song called Night. It wasn’t the song that hit me like a ton of bricks it was Jackie’s Voice! That was it! I was hooked on RnB and Black Artists! Like Bobby Blue Band Curtis Mayfield And The Impressions Ottis Redding Garnett Mims And The Enchanter Cry Cry Baby I loved that song!) James Brown sang Say it loud! I am Black n Iam Proud, You see I am Brown and I am proud, but I am the proudest of my Black Brothers and Sisters that of all people God used the gay man that started the Walk away Movement... As the Bible says “ God chose the foolish things of the world to confound the Wise!!! No it wasn’t anybody’s vote that put Trump in Power! IT WAS GOD WHO PUT TRUMP UP AND ONLY GOD CAN TAKE HIM DOWN! OF COURSE IT WILL BE 4 more years of misery for The Wise! I’ll stay with the FOOLISH POWERS THAT BE!! Like Curtis Mayfield sang “ KEEP ON PUSHING! PUSH ALL YOU WANT CAUSE GOD IS STANDING IN YOUR WAY!!! LORD I PRAY TAKE THE SCALES FROM EYES OF THESE BROTHERS AND SISTA THAT THE TRUTH WILL SET THEM FREE! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!🙏✝️💯💯💯♥️

  • The Watchers
    The Watchers 2 години таму

    Being "Black" has nothing to do with sexual preference but they use it like bait for dummies.

  • King Slayer
    King Slayer 2 години таму

    @1:27 Charlemagne has to be the most annoying person to work with...and your that irritable at work your just as irritable at home...I’m to the point where they should turn his mic off when Ye does the Rumor can you get irritated because no one agrees with you and then say @2:11 “on to the next story”?? If he’s ever replaced on the show I won’t miss him one second

  • water waiver
    water waiver 2 години таму

    Wasn't the double down worse?

  • Ribal Elday
    Ribal Elday 2 години таму

    Boring as hell

  • BlackJustice 28
    BlackJustice 28 2 години таму

    Ask him about that Comcast deal where he denied our bother Byron Allen his rights

  • K Bryant
    K Bryant 2 години таму

    Malik has some serious issues and I am truly ashamed of The Breakfast Club. Of course the alphabet people shouldn’t be hurt or abused in any way but stop pushing this agenda on our children. Charlemagne, Envy, clap back, no serious questioning of some ridiculous notions but Amara La Negra, Lakeith Stanfield and Little Mama get your fire?!?! I call BS🤦🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️

  • Megilacutty Jones
    Megilacutty Jones 2 години таму

    I fuckin new he said trippie redd at the end but everyone kept saying nah it was that other dudes name.

  • Charlieace1
    Charlieace1 2 години таму

    In Australia I never got word of the Boondocks. This brother is wondering is the show that good?

  • Sneaker head 509
    Sneaker head 509 2 години таму

    Yo that flash back to tekashi got me dead 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀

  • Icekilla3hunna
    Icekilla3hunna 2 години таму

    I wanna eat

  • Dan Wruck
    Dan Wruck 2 години таму

    Pride is a sin Also, look at all the down votes!!! 😯

  • Ricardo Leonardo
    Ricardo Leonardo 2 години таму

    I agree with Tebow..

  • Nelson Nyoro
    Nelson Nyoro 2 години таму

    You could literally say the opposite of everything she said in the video before she introduces her lawyer it's more accurate. "I am an extortionist, I am a stripper, I am neither a recording artist nor an actress and I have broken every law and I have everything to do with these recordings." "...and I hired Lisa bloom to abuse my rights."

  • Maurice Lopez
    Maurice Lopez 2 години таму

    Text book down low n

  • Nyhna Law
    Nyhna Law 2 години таму


  • Valerie Moss
    Valerie Moss 2 години таму


  • Willie Purdom
    Willie Purdom 2 години таму

    If you wanted to know why so many Americans are so fat...this is it. A doughnut chicken sammich...really! the stupidest she-it I ever heard...I will never eat that poison. That is a heart attack waiting to happen.

  • mellman89
    mellman89 2 години таму

    They serve these at the fair down here in Columbia SC

  • VL Veteran
    VL Veteran 2 години таму

    This nigga puttin that cream on his finger like he was bout to check Envys oil.

  • f94 M
    f94 M 2 години таму

    Don’t buy the sandwich lol

  • Sunrise
    Sunrise 2 години таму

    Envy always cuting off answers, interrupting and shit, glad Yee follows up

  • Dwayne Davis
    Dwayne Davis 2 години таму

    Fat Joe best storyteller in HipHop imo

  • MalTheCPA
    MalTheCPA 2 години таму

    The more I watch this interview... Man I’m appreciative of Kanye. This straight wisdom right here

  • Keanuu
    Keanuu 2 години таму

    That’s amazing, from CDs to on the breakfast club!