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  • Michael Moretti
    Michael Moretti 47 секунд таму

    A beautiful teenage girl offering sex to celebrities and very wealthy men? Join the queue ... there are countless millions of beautiful girls who throw themselves at this lifestyle. I have limited sympathy for partygirls who eagerly enjoy the luxury lifestyle and fabulous parties while they're young and hot, and then wake-up to their stupidity when they're no-longer being invited to those parties as their beauty fades. It's like the hot girl in school fucking all the school's football players, and subsequently claiming she was "used and exploited" when she loses her looks and is left a frumpy solo-mom the guys tell rude stories about. #Karma

  • AReallyBadYoutuber
    AReallyBadYoutuber 4 хвіліны таму

    Prince Andrew's the chancellor for my uni (University of Huddersfield) and the Student Union just voted him to be removed.

  • Jase_LV
    Jase_LV 6 хвілін таму

    Yes, sure because you obviously don't sweat when you need it and then fix the sweating problem when we could test for it now to make your claims substantial. Not to mention that people simply don't remember a single normal day in their lives that is barely different from the normal and just happens to be the same day that he is accused in. The princess defence was so weak that just saying the picture was photoshopped would have been better.

  • Sandro
    Sandro 8 хвілін таму

    Unbecoming always ment the same as saying someone Is trash to me, maybe I'm wrong but unbecoming wasnt a bad use of the word.

  • Daphne Varekamp
    Daphne Varekamp 15 хвілін таму

    Phil, please discuss Onision being covered by Chris Hansen. Another situation where the mainstream media is finding its way to BY-clips!

  • Ellis Merrick
    Ellis Merrick 17 хвілін таму

    I'm English and its been quite obvious for years that Prince Andrew is a slimy little prick, there's plenty of pictures of him online around women clearly being a perv, fuck the monarchy as a whole tbh. And it wouldn't be hard for Prince Andrew to order a SAS operative to assasinate Epstein.

  • Gray
    Gray 18 хвілін таму


  • poppaDehorn
    poppaDehorn 19 хвілін таму

    2 of the guards that were supposed to be watching epstein have been arrested.

  • Selomon Kebede
    Selomon Kebede 24 хвіліны таму

    Prince Andrew shills in comments, he got the royal family working overtime lmao.

  • Mendokusai99
    Mendokusai99 29 хвілін таму

    Yeah. My sister works for COTY. Dinner is on her.

  • Alex Santana
    Alex Santana 30 хвілін таму

    Is this a Gossip channel like tmz

  • Noura 01
    Noura 01 30 хвілін таму


  • Timothy Buffington
    Timothy Buffington 31 хвіліна таму

    I'm convinced that a very large part of those in power are sex offenders and pedophiles. Horrifies me.

  • Lumibear
    Lumibear 32 хвіліны таму

    Why did you stay with a sex offender - I’m too honourable and polite What’s your alibi for the night in question - I was being a good father for my daughter What evidence might you have against her testimony- I took a bullet in the falklands *What’s your worst fault - I’m too honest and hard working* Yeah, it reads like a handwritten Q&A job interview doesn’t it?

  • Egbuttkind
    Egbuttkind 32 хвіліны таму

    I want to help protest so bad

  • James dd
    James dd 35 хвілін таму

    Ah ah ah ah ah ah, dude you can't even speak clearly.. You're lying so hard haha.

  • Egbuttkind
    Egbuttkind 39 хвілін таму


  • giantWario
    giantWario 40 хвілін таму

    When it comes to rape accusations, as a rule of thumb I think that we need to wait for due process and never assume that anyone is guilty without proof...and I'm gonna break that rule right now, Prince Andrew is 100% guilty. I have never seen a worse liar in my entire life and its like he doesn't even see what him or Epstein did wrong. What a frigging spoiled sociopath. I know the royal family is pretty much untouchable but I really hope the Queen and Prince Charles will cut ties with him and just let him get arrested.

  • Dad’s Always Hurt
    Dad’s Always Hurt 41 хвіліна таму

    Snyder ain’t better than Whedon.

  • daniel kondratyev
    daniel kondratyev 43 хвіліны таму

    Lol ahahhaah he 100% did it. What bad cover story. Ahahahhah he still doesn't regret partying with a pedo. Lmaooo I don't sweat, ahaha lolol

  • Max NG
    Max NG 47 хвілін таму

    "I don't sweat" ... wait they can prove that "I mean I didn't use to sweat" they can't prove that right?

  • 71ttam
    71ttam 48 хвілін таму

    Rodney Reed is a serial rapist and murderer and you need to quit defending him and omitting the evidence in the case.

  • GoProJoe
    GoProJoe 50 хвілін таму

    I'm surprised the Prince Andrew interview was allowed to go forward. The same White Jews who operated the island own the media. Though he's not one of them, so maybe he doesn't matter.

  • WarlordRising
    WarlordRising 51 хвіліна таму

    Patrick Bateman: I need to return some videotapes. Prince Andrew: That's OK, because I need to order some pizza. Patrick Bateman: That's a terrible excuse. Prince Andrew: Yours is worse. Nobody uses videotapes anymore. Patrick Bateman (inner monologue): Oh my god. He's right. He's a better liar than me. Look at him. Smug, arrogant, sociopath with insanely rich parents. If he wasn't so out of shape, I'd be smitten with jealousy.

  • Mrgunsngear Channel
    Mrgunsngear Channel 56 хвілін таму

    Police have already used live rounds HK

  • Kasia Wajda
    Kasia Wajda 58 хвілін таму

    I love starting my mornings with quickies from Phil.

  • King T Animations
    King T Animations Годину таму

    15:50 *Far From Home* vibes

  • Cory Burns
    Cory Burns Годину таму

    Can we please have any evidence for the whole “I couldn’t sweat thing.” I’m sure there is SOME medical records for that pretty substantial claim.

  • Spencer Dulaney
    Spencer Dulaney Годину таму

    My thoughts. Let @corridordigital finish the Justice League! They can deepfake the actors as needed. Lol.

  • Sarah Albright
    Sarah Albright Годину таму

    Prince Andrew is obviously lying, he is a horrible liar. That interview alone proves that. As for the Hong Kong protesters, my heart is with them and I am with them. Fuck the CCP!

  • Cory Burns
    Cory Burns Годину таму

    HBO max??? Wtf is this shit? I’m done. The only subscription I’m having now is to Pirate Bay

  • Koarina
    Koarina Годину таму

    god, that video with the dog shook me, so glad she’s gone, she needs to be charged, fuck that

  • pep inyostep
    pep inyostep Годину таму

    Palms are sweaty knees weak...

  • Genesis Stewart
    Genesis Stewart Годину таму

    I don't care about the pedo ring. Get to real news like china

  • Eric Knapp
    Eric Knapp Годину таму

    This is my favorite version of Rachel Maddow.

  • Wat ching u
    Wat ching u Годину таму

    Criticize him by all means, but someone said they are now cutting his Ties?? That's a bit petty I think.

  • Mollypop713
    Mollypop713 Годину таму

    Hong Kong is getting darker. Protestors are being killed. It's become common for a protestor getting arrested to scream out their full name along with "I will never kill myself!" because of the wave of people ending up dead by alleged suicide in Chinese prisons. The Chinese government has been known to murder prisoners and rule their deaths as suicide. The UN needs to get involved. People are being murdered

  • peachy proncess
    peachy proncess Годину таму

    Of course he's lying lmao the Royal family is disgusting and full of dirty little secrets and scandals.

  • MadLane
    MadLane Годину таму

    that interview was interesting, at first i thought Prince Andrew might have done it but after watching him talk yeah no, no way a guy that talks and behaves like that could go and rape girls left and right, i don't see that in his eyes and words, just no way, unless he is a really great actor there's no way he could have done it and be that calm and rational about all of it, people that do sex crimes are emotional and can't handle themselves with calm, my opinion tho i'm no expert.

  • Melissa Pack
    Melissa Pack Годину таму

    Wow! Proof that Queen Elizabeth II definitely no longer has control over the royal family! How on earth was Prince Andrew allowed to do that interview?!

  • frazzels
    frazzels Годину таму

    yeah so im scared theres going to be some real shit at hong kong during my time and i really dunno what thats gunna feel like, I just hope nothing too bad happens over there. thoughts going out to everyones over there

  • martixa
    martixa Годину таму

    Hey Phil, been watching your show for years and I really appreciate your work however I must leave a comment here about your lack of warning for the VERY graphic video of the dog being thrown. I'd have much rather prefered not having seen it and now I just feel sick. Please be more careful and considering next time. Thank you

  • Myr
    Myr Годину таму

    [For instagram] In Canada, since no likes are showing, I'm less on my phone, less obsess with numbers. It's much better like this.

  • Beginners!
    Beginners! Годину таму

    Most important thing in this video: HK update Comments: Full of bad Andrew jokes

  • Karen Bishop
    Karen Bishop Годину таму

    The Chinese people riot for democracy, the Americans sit quiet while the republicans destroy democracy....interesting.

  • tot
    tot Годину таму

    Thought I should add that there are now pictures of prisoners being loaded onto trains going to China by police and police have been hiding in ambulances to arrest protesters

  • DragonHeart 12
    DragonHeart 12 Годину таму

    I support the whole independence movement, buuuuut It's getting really hard to support the protesters....

  • Rob Wood
    Rob Wood Годину таму

    Prince Andrew says he'll consider speaking to the FBI if his legal team advises. If this was anybody else they'd be hauled off without question - no options. Case closed.

  • Karen Bishop
    Karen Bishop Годину таму

    Sounds rather like drugs were involved, which isn’t surprising. Which is no excuse, but Andrew has always been one with poor judgement.

  • Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande Годину таму

    I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Prince Andrew: Standard Chartered bank cuts ties with duke's scheme -

  • Thomas Fish
    Thomas Fish Годину таму

    Fr y'all hate animal abusers but eat meat 💀💀💀

  • sad potato
    sad potato Годину таму

    She isn't self made.. people gave her money just because she's famous and she was born into the luck.

  • Random Strategy
    Random Strategy Годину таму

    Lmao that interviewer was great. The Hong Kong situation is scary

  • Alythia's Playlist
    Alythia's Playlist 2 години таму

    Okay, I've been watching PDS for a while and keeping up with it almost everyday, but even though I've watching him speak about the Hong Kong protests so many times, I've lost track about what happened. Can someone explain to me why there are still protests? I thought the extradition bill was retracted? I'm confused

  • Johnathan Roan
    Johnathan Roan 2 години таму

    It sounds like they don’t need police to best the protesters. They just need firemen. Or just give each officer a gas and oil fire extinguisher

  • Alex Barajas
    Alex Barajas 2 години таму

    🔊🔊🔊The Royal Family has been using Meghan Markle as a scapegoat to distract from Andrew/Will's wrongdoings🔊🔊🔊

  • Johnathan Roan
    Johnathan Roan 2 години таму

    News. “This man stayed friends with his friend after finding out they were a criminal” I would just assume he’s a loyal friend to have. Just because society decided they want to cancle someone doesn’t mean anybody who doesn’t fall in line is a bad person. They just don’t have hive mind like the majority of people that let large strong willed groups tell them what to do.

  • Nola Girl
    Nola Girl 2 години таму

    What is a Molotov cocktail? Is it some kind of bomb??

    • Biddo
      Biddo Годину таму

      a bottle filled with alcohol and stuffed with a rag. They light the rag on fire then throw it, causing the alcohol to ignite when it hits the ground

  • Diogenes
    Diogenes 2 години таму

    Cool. So can we start deploying destroyers towards Hong Kong.

  • angelbabies7
    angelbabies7 2 години таму

    Admission: "I didn't sweat. Yes, I didn't sweat at the time." I'm done. That's all I need.

  • Isabelle Burgos
    Isabelle Burgos 2 години таму

    "he's a sex offender." "I'm being polite." What kinda statement is that

  • Danny Soto
    Danny Soto 2 години таму

    All I can say get ready Hong Kong for to face the worse out come because this shit is escalating REAL quick.

  • 182atenasb
    182atenasb 2 години таму

    Its nonsense giving Kim Kardashian credit for the work of people that have been doing this for a long time also people signatures helped a lot. She came last minute and jump into it which is great (more ppl,more attention) but she’s doing shows and became the face of it. Freaking ridiculous.

  • Bigchocolatedonut
    Bigchocolatedonut 2 години таму

    Thank the Lord that probably doesn't exist that Rodney was spared. Reading his story is actually terrifying. Civilization has brought some crazy shit outta humans. If civilization isn't over in the coming years were going to look back on this time as crazy as it is.

  • seePyou
    seePyou 2 години таму

    Hong Kong police want to capture the University as the entirety of the Internet flows though that University's Internet Exchange! This is not simply "geographical", if the HK Police control the University exchange, they control the internet!

  • Nola Girl
    Nola Girl 2 години таму


  • moonchild
    moonchild 2 години таму

    "unbecoming. I was being polite" how goddamn separated from reality and privileged do you have to be to describe the sexual assault of minors--no, the rape of CHILDREN as "unbecoming" because you want to be "polite"? my god.

  • nadimFIN
    nadimFIN 2 години таму

    #Iranprotests Where is the coverage? People ARE being shot in the streets and 80 million Iranians are cut off from the Internet.

  • B Av
    B Av 2 години таму

    The worrying thing is that the BBC put more coverage on Prince Andrew than the fire at the University.

  • Victoria
    Victoria 2 години таму

    Can i ask. When this protests turn to became civil war? Because, for me, it seems to going that direction at the light speed

  • Coral l
    Coral l 2 години таму

    Please report on the fact the South Dakota is on meth. It's a big deal here right now and its stupidly funny

  • Hayley Guay
    Hayley Guay 2 години таму

    Hey Phil & Team, I want to share the news about Hong Kong protests & effects, but you’re unfortunately one of the only shows giving deep dives into the story. Could you do a deep dive or spliced together coverage of the event so I can share it with people who have no idea what’s going on?

  • tm1994
    tm1994 2 години таму

    pls update on taylor swifts situation

  • Alexa D
    Alexa D 2 години таму

    He suffered an overdose of adrenaline and can’t sweat.... sick lie dude

  • Øystein A.
    Øystein A. 2 години таму

    Wait. Hold on. The N in the what now? Is that an actual racist saying and if it is what does it even attempt to mean?

  • DingleBungus
    DingleBungus 2 години таму

    Anyone actually believes Epstein killed himself? Come on man. lol

  • kitty b.
    kitty b. 2 години таму

    imagine not regretting hanging out with a serial pedophile? perhaps it’s guilt

    MUNDO DE BOB 2 години таму

    the problem with seatgeek is that i tryed to get some seats yesterday and they do not let me buy the seats if im not from canada, mexico or u.s.a

  • Trickbaby
    Trickbaby 2 години таму

    What does everybody think the United States should do about Hong-Kong? I'm really curious about this. Come on guys, pony up and sound off.

  • kyinthesky
    kyinthesky 2 години таму

    "I-I-I Don't sweat".... "I didn't sweat at the time". "I don't know where any bars are there".... yeah. SOLID evidence there, buddy. Might as well have said "I.... I didn't have hands at the time.. It w-was a medical condition. I couldn't have had my hands on any woman.... at the time". What a dumbass.

  • aaron 0289
    aaron 0289 2 години таму

    Epstien didnt kill him self!!!

  • UC Love
    UC Love 2 години таму

    No standards for the rich. Justice is a myth u tell the poor.

  • The Mongstradamous
    The Mongstradamous 2 години таму

    VFX takes a looooot of work to be done right. It would be easier to get the actors for reshoots than do another 6-7 months of VFX work. I don't think there'll be a Snyder Cut release.

  • Agent J
    Agent J 2 години таму

    No shit!

  • N. Aalders
    N. Aalders 2 години таму

    lol Epstein was the go-to-pimp for a lot of people in the rich/elite class and when he got caught it was over for him. he was literally dealing with people that can get away with murder. it made him very wealthy though.

  • infamous4141
    infamous4141 2 години таму

    You won alot of rewards i see trophies behind you or they participating awards

  • Luke Henderson
    Luke Henderson 3 години таму

    I find these income stories about celebrities boring. The Kardashians already fill the pages of all the gossip magazines, I care very little about how much money you can make if you convince your daughter to release a porn film.

  • Kandys Torres
    Kandys Torres 3 години таму

    don't do crimes that hurt people, eventually it all comes out

  • Amanda Charles
    Amanda Charles 3 години таму

    These aren’t protesters anymore they are criminals now

  • Taylor Lynn
    Taylor Lynn 3 години таму

    Prince Andrew: It couldn't have been me because... reasons

  • Joysticknerd
    Joysticknerd 3 години таму

    I am now mesmerized by the bouncing of your shoulders and I have no idea why.

  • Pretentiousorbrilliant
    Pretentiousorbrilliant 3 години таму

    I'm just trying to figure out where the phrase "n word in the wood pile" came from because I've literally never heard it.

  • Not C9 Shnoopy
    Not C9 Shnoopy 3 години таму

    Prince Andrew stutters way too much to be telling the truth, he also looks around and doesn’t look at the interview in the eyes a lot, suggesting that he is lying. Just complete bullshit.

  • FutureMartian97
    FutureMartian97 3 години таму

    Phil nothing happened in 1989. Its western propaganda. Notice how theres no images of this "massacre"?

  • Rogue Gamer
    Rogue Gamer 3 години таму

    14:30 I was a adventurer like you once until I took an arrow to the knee

  • Asfandyar Khan
    Asfandyar Khan 3 години таму

    HOng kong is Antifa of China

  • Stingy
    Stingy 3 години таму

    Children shouldn't be on BY-clips in the first place and parents should monitor them more. Also doing this is like closing down Porn sites other non-child friendly websites because a child might click on it. They shouldn't be there in the first place! By the way, do the fines still count if you live outside of the USA?

  • pablo just pablo
    pablo just pablo 3 години таму

    I had sympathy for Hong Kong but that was a month ago its gone way too far. The more violence they cause the more likely China is to come in and fuck them up

  • John P
    John P 3 години таму

    It's amazing that Phil just told us that Hong Kong is likely about to experience a Tiananmen Square like event, but virtually the entire comments section is talking about Epstein and a Prince diddling young girls. Then I remember the trash that makes up Phil's audience. There's a reason this video started off with Kardashian bullshit. Stay stupid (and shallow), Americans! You wear it well!