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Game Theory: The Kindergarten Family Secret (Kindergarten 2)
Прагляды 2,2млн6 дзён таму
Game Theory: FNAF Just Got A Reboot... (FNAF VR Help Wanted)
Прагляды 3,9млн15 дзён таму
Game Theory: The Lost History of Minecraft's Wither
Прагляды 4,1млн29 дзён таму
Game Theory: Do Video Games Cause Violence? It's Complicated.
Прагляды 1,9млнМесяц таму
Game Theory: No More Games
Прагляды 1,8млнМесяц таму
Game Theory: Was Ninja Worth It? (The Ninja Mixer Deal)
Прагляды 3,4млнМесяц таму
Game Theory: We've Been Hiding Something From You...
Прагляды 2,8млнМесяц таму
Game Theory: The Mystery of Minecraft's Haunted Discs (Minecraft)
Прагляды 6млн2 месяцы таму
Game Theory: FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! (FNAF VR Help Wanted)
Прагляды 6млн2 месяцы таму
Game Theory: Dear Nintendo, I FIXED Your Timeline! (Zelda)
Прагляды 3млн2 месяцы таму
Game Theory: The LOST History of Minecraft's Enderman
Прагляды 8млн2 месяцы таму
Why Starters Are DISAPPEARING! | The SCIENCE of... Pokemon
Прагляды 2,2млн3 месяцы таму
Game Theory: Peach's Castle of LIES! (Super Mario Maker 2)
Прагляды 2,8млн3 месяцы таму
We Built A Computer in Mario Maker! | Game Theory (Super Mario Maker)
Прагляды 2,9млн3 месяцы таму
Game Theory: YouTube is Ruining Gaming!
Прагляды 3,2млн3 месяцы таму
Game Theory: Are Humans Obsolete? (Ghost Recon Breakpoint)
Прагляды 1,7млн4 месяцы таму
Game Theory: FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose (FNAF VR Help Wanted)
Прагляды 8млн4 месяцы таму
The Tragic Mystery of Pokemon's Ghost Girl (Pokemon) | Game Theory
Прагляды 3,1млн4 месяцы таму
Game Theory: Could A Banana Save Your Life? (Fortnite Season 9)
Прагляды 2,7млн4 месяцы таму
Game Theory: Trapped in the Machine (Petscop)
Прагляды 2,6млн5 месяцаў таму
How To SURVIVE Life On Mars! | The SCIENCE of... Surviving Mars
Прагляды 1,1млн5 месяцаў таму
Game Theory: Is This Video Game HAUNTED? (Petscop)
Прагляды 3,1млн5 месяцаў таму
Game Theory: Hard Mode is a LIE! (Sekiro Easy Mode Controversy)
Прагляды 2,3млн5 месяцаў таму
Game Theory: How to WIN the Mr Beast $100,000 Challenge!
Прагляды 2,7млн6 месяцаў таму
Game Theory: How Does Kirby Fly?
Прагляды 2млн6 месяцаў таму
Game Theory: The FNAF 7 Oopsie! Scott's Problem With Fanart
Прагляды 6млн6 месяцаў таму
Addressing Game Theory's Biggest Problem
Прагляды 2,3млн6 месяцаў таму
Game Theory: FNAF 7, The Untold Story of Sister Location
Прагляды 8млн6 месяцаў таму
Game Theory: The Frozen Level You Will NEVER Play! (Kingdom Hearts 3)
Прагляды 2,3млн7 месяцаў таму
Game Theory: Kirby...Dream Land's Biggest THREAT! pt 1
Прагляды 2,6млн7 месяцаў таму
What They WON'T TELL YOU About Your Favorite Channels
Прагляды 2,9млн7 месяцаў таму
Game Theory: Mario Odyssey's Big LIE.. Power Moons have NO POWER!
Прагляды 3млн8 месяцаў таму
The $1.7 Million Lie
Прагляды 3,4млн8 месяцаў таму
Game Theory: Could Tails Really Fly? (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Прагляды 3,4млн8 месяцаў таму
They stole $1.7 million
Прагляды 6млн8 месяцаў таму
Game Theory: Petscop - The Music and The Madman
Прагляды 3,1млн9 месяцаў таму
Game Theory: Is the Lost Level of Accounting+ Real? (Zoo Level Mystery)
Прагляды 2,4млн9 месяцаў таму
Mario's CRAZY Strength SOLVED! | The SCIENCE... Of Mario
Прагляды 1,8млн9 месяцаў таму
Game Theory: The Undertale / Deltarune Connection FOUND!
Прагляды 2,8млн10 месяцаў таму
Game Theory: Gaster FInally UNMASKED! (Deltarune / Undertale Connection)
Прагляды 2,2млн10 месяцаў таму
Game Theory: We Are Playing Kris' Game (Deltarune / Undertale Connection)
Прагляды 1,8млн10 месяцаў таму
Diagnosing Deltarune! Kris is NOT Evil! | The SCIENCE... of Deltarune
Прагляды 2млн10 месяцаў таму
Game Theory: This is NOT Your Story! | The Deltarune Undertale Connection
Прагляды 3,9млн10 месяцаў таму
Game Theory: Why Eevee is the MISSING LINK to Pokemon Evolution!
Прагляды 3,7млн10 месяцаў таму
The Pokemon Move That Will END The World! | The SCIENCE... of Pokemon
Прагляды 1,9млн11 месяцаў таму
Game Theory: The Tragedy of Deltarune (Undertale)
Прагляды 4,5млн11 месяцаў таму
Game Theory: You ARE Your Character! (Super Smash Bros Ultimate)
Прагляды 3,8млн11 месяцаў таму
How Fortnite TRICKS Your Brain! | The SCIENCE... of Fortnite Battle Royale
Прагляды 1,8млн11 месяцаў таму
Game Theory: Spiderman is a CRIMINAL! (Spider Man PS4)
Прагляды 4,6млн11 месяцаў таму
Game Theory: How To WIN A War (Assassin's Creed Odyssey)
Прагляды 2,6млнГод таму
Game Theory: How PewDiePie LOST YouTube to T Series
Прагляды 4,1млнГод таму
Game Theory: What is MatPat HIDING?
Прагляды 2,4млнГод таму
Game Theory: How to BREAK Mario! (Mario Tennis Aces)
Прагляды 4,2млнГод таму
Game Theory: The Secret Life of Markiplier
Прагляды 4,3млнГод таму
Game Theory: Super Mario's BIGGEST Secret.....Literally
Прагляды 5млнГод таму
Losing the Battle
Прагляды 13млнГод таму
Game Theory: Ash's Age FINALLY Solved! (Pokemon)
Прагляды 7млнГод таму
Game Theory: What is Ash Ketchum's REAL Age? (Pokemon)
Прагляды 6млнГод таму


  • Aiham Azim
    Aiham Azim 4 години таму

    Stephs voicing is on point

  • coline
    coline 4 години таму

    I have to admit this is a very intelligent and yet a very manipulative marketing scheme. So basically, everything before FNAF World is garbage. Gee thanks Scott for wasting my time on games and theories that are absolutely useless. I guess now everything just so happened to be fake so that you can keep your series alive. Great.

  • ButterButter Gamez
    ButterButter Gamez 4 години таму

    Robotic dick

  • Arlo Stocker
    Arlo Stocker 4 години таму

    no offense but I can see how that hints to the word search

  • Godly Boi
    Godly Boi 4 години таму

    Theres also barrier blocks

  • Kakhi
    Kakhi 4 години таму

    A 70-75 year old getting it on sounds a bit far fetched to me.

  • BatWing Z
    BatWing Z 4 години таму

    Matpat are you coming to Abu Dhabi

  • Loréy
    Loréy 4 години таму

    Can we talk about how "White Mage" and Rosalina look almost the same? I used to play Mario Hoops 3 on 3 so often and always thought that they were related.

  • TinT LosT
    TinT LosT 4 години таму

    go on scott games below is a message of the HTML "Stay the course." I will. "Focus on my voice." I will. "Don't let anyone lead you astray." I won't. "Have you selected one?" I have.

  • Doggie Ghost
    Doggie Ghost 4 години таму

    So smart yet does Game Theorists XD

  • Thy CloK
    Thy CloK 5 годин таму

    This gives me an idea to think about... Thanks past mat!

  • Lhen Manalo Paraiso
    Lhen Manalo Paraiso 5 годин таму

    Sans is Steven in Steven universe

  • grndragon7777777
    grndragon7777777 5 годин таму

    You know this show is strange when muted

  • Dr Shahela Hossain
    Dr Shahela Hossain 5 годин таму


  • Jason Whiteley
    Jason Whiteley 5 годин таму

    I was dying because of the pun at the start.

  • The Random Animal Kid
    The Random Animal Kid 5 годин таму

    " oo you should try some But you can't because your dead" cracked me up

  • M1CH34L_ 88
    M1CH34L_ 88 5 годин таму

    Am I the only one who didn't looked at my fingers ?????!?!?!?!

  • Eliáš Šťastný
    Eliáš Šťastný 5 годин таму

    Well lets catch some darkrais :)

  • DianaFrost
    DianaFrost 5 годин таму

    Madpat and Warfpat everyone *standing ovation from alter ego fanfictioners*

  • Ahmed Jalali
    Ahmed Jalali 5 годин таму

    It’s simple noob players in Dota are actually pro players in LOL

  • the dark dragon
    the dark dragon 5 годин таму

    So why is specialist guesses logic Bulbasaur would actually be the best Pokemon cuz he's Pokemon number one of the Pokemon entry

  • just a person walking by
    just a person walking by 5 годин таму

    matpat the only dude that can turn a innocent game lore into a lore that's deeper than the strongholds

  • FRM YT
    FRM YT 5 годин таму

    It’s just a game Why you gotta be mad?

  • Arlo Stocker
    Arlo Stocker 5 годин таму

    Henry probably made the puppet ti \\o protevt his daughter from the murderer

  • Patton Hoshaw
    Patton Hoshaw 5 годин таму

    What about the forgotten

  • AutumnSprinkle
    AutumnSprinkle 5 годин таму

    Blaine looks like Dr. Eggman. Lol

  • aleks r
    aleks r 5 годин таму

    Everyone but matpat in this vid has a dead channel lol

  • Zwinkey
    Zwinkey 5 годин таму

    "you can accrue 377,325,000 emeralds in your career" raid farms: allow us to introduce ourselves

  • Dae Aquino
    Dae Aquino 5 годин таму

    Anyone in 2019 and watching this because it was... A. It's an OG Game Theory episode B. It has Philippines in the title

  • Jason Whiteley
    Jason Whiteley 5 годин таму

    This is such a cool vid

  • Tin Cheng
    Tin Cheng 6 годин таму

    Umm then fortnite showed up just a picture for a black hole.

  • Arlo Stocker
    Arlo Stocker 6 годин таму

    he may have veen the one who crossed out mike in the logbook though?

  • Jared Higdon
    Jared Higdon 6 годин таму

    Matpat reminds me of Saul Goodman

    EACOM 6 годин таму

    add Bowser's BROKEN HOME in Super Mario and Mario kills him?

  • Arlo Stocker
    Arlo Stocker 6 годин таму

    JR'S We had a spare in the back, a yellow one, someone used it. Glitchtrap is the spare. he lures Mike (possibly broke his window for him?) and is Will had the suit on for the worst thing he did that night he kills Charlotte

    • Arlo Stocker
      Arlo Stocker 6 годин таму

      thats why hes been moved hes out and about right now during that conversation not far from there

  • Arlo Stocker
    Arlo Stocker 6 годин таму

    Do you remember your name? Your last name? Emily--> Afton. that's Midnight Motorist he's Henrys son, but was later raised by William who called for his help in heck maybe Henry sent him and his brother may be away wanting him to be safe and didn't know William was the killer or didn't expect him to end up with him does this help?

  • Phantomfoxy 55
    Phantomfoxy 55 6 годин таму

    Poor Scot

  • DragonsGaming
    DragonsGaming 6 годин таму

    Do a game theory about aggression by other media

  • Kermit Animates
    Kermit Animates 6 годин таму

    14-17 minutes Matpat was copying Coryxkenshin!!

  • David Bush
    David Bush 6 годин таму

    I bet no one has thought about Mario timeline

  • A Puffin
    A Puffin 6 годин таму

    JAR Meteor

  • Paragon Matthew
    Paragon Matthew 6 годин таму

    What about the new lunch lady???? margret

  • the dark dragon
    the dark dragon 6 годин таму

    Hey matpat did you see the OverWatch with realistic the Team Fortress 2 well then why does every hero in OverWatch have infinite ammo humm hummm

  • Prabu Ramadhan
    Prabu Ramadhan 6 годин таму

    No is not walking he is breakin block in creative i recreate it betwen walking or breaking it is 100% breaking it

  • Arlo Stocker
    Arlo Stocker 6 годин таму

    6 tally marks for the 6 main games at that point?

  • the dark dragon
    the dark dragon 6 годин таму

    Yeah cuz you're always never alone in a team fight because they'll never leave you alone Lil never leave you alone by yourself it a team fight never

  • DragonsGaming
    DragonsGaming 6 годин таму

    Question: Is the baby going to be too much for your channel?

  • the dark dragon
    the dark dragon 6 годин таму

    Oh yeah and that matpat no one likes in OverWatch anymore until you bro but no one really cares switch to someone helpful they usually just play the class they started out on and usually don't switch and a lot of the player base is toxic

  • GGMadness
    GGMadness 6 годин таму

    Me rewatching this: did you just call Kris a boy and then call Kris a girl? lol

  • loving life
    loving life 6 годин таму


  • Chris Carleton
    Chris Carleton 6 годин таму


  • the dark dragon
    the dark dragon 6 годин таму

    Matpat OverWatch is a team-based game cuts to Black show the clip of everyone on the team that I actually played well and just being a jerk whatever you say matpat whatever you say

  • Scorpion
    Scorpion 6 годин таму

    Bruhh its been confirmed that t-series buys views and if havent noticed the youtube that exposed the t-series says that he can buy 1000 views and subs for approx $1.44. So... yeah any1 with a brain can notice that there isnt anyone other than indian subbing to that account becuz they arent Indians😑🙄

  • Den Geigur
    Den Geigur 6 годин таму

    Matpat, why don’t you go to C418s channel and see the cut Minecraft music and the implemented Minecraft music titles. They say or mean something. Like one of the normal nether theme is called “Concrete Walls”. Have no idea what it means, but maybe that’ll help on anything or make a new theory.

  • Andy Chen-Yu Low
    Andy Chen-Yu Low 6 годин таму

    This needs to be in the Minecraft movie as a reference

  • the police wif
    the police wif 6 годин таму

    What is the blue liquid in the bottle in fortnite??????

  • Salim Mahamed 2
    Salim Mahamed 2 6 годин таму


  • TheGodly Flicks
    TheGodly Flicks 6 годин таму

    First the batmobile is for taking out tanks that are controlled by computer and half of the things you said have plot holes mostly because it’s a game

  • LoneCommando 777
    LoneCommando 777 6 годин таму

    What scares me is the fact that matpat has access to possibly hidden technology capable of restarting a computer THAT fast.

  • Mystics zoarwark
    Mystics zoarwark 6 годин таму

    Charmarder champions

  • Arlo Stocker
    Arlo Stocker 6 годин таму

    the car could be a busness thing or are Henry and William related

  • Shawn Planty
    Shawn Planty 6 годин таму

    Still glued to these videos. And still after years I find myself rewatching this over and over again. Great job MattPat this is amazing. And Great job theorist team.

  • Arlo Stocker
    Arlo Stocker 6 годин таму

    If Mike's an Afton did Henry lure him to the restaurant as revenge or other reasons I think the Glitchtrap suit maybe that spare one Phone Guy mentioned had been moved in FNAF3

  • Mfam_bushee
    Mfam_bushee 6 годин таму


  • Arlo Stocker
    Arlo Stocker 7 годин таму

    why would Scott show us Suzie? because she was first? is there more to it? did William kill Mangle?

  • Christian Dal Steffensen
    Christian Dal Steffensen 7 годин таму

    its not steve holding the chests its the pc

  • Alline Palupi
    Alline Palupi 7 годин таму

    So... No one is gonna ask, why endermen hates water?

  • Renée
    Renée 7 годин таму


  • Sachin Unka
    Sachin Unka 7 годин таму

    Open sans

  • Taylor Simmons
    Taylor Simmons 7 годин таму

    If you ask me Scott should just decide to quote f#@$ it and just f$#@ing tell us what the hell is up with the god dang story

  • lil_ Red_Panda
    lil_ Red_Panda 7 годин таму

    This intro 💕😍

  • Ethan Velasco
    Ethan Velasco 7 годин таму

    no if you dream nightmare we wake up becuse its scary . it is not a dream

  • Dima Alkurdi
    Dima Alkurdi 7 годин таму

    What is pacman

  • Creative_Darling15
    Creative_Darling15 7 годин таму

    I still cannot believe Nathan Dunlap is still alive on death row. He committed this heinous crime in 1993. He’s 45 years old now. He’s still on death row because of many lawyers trying to play the race card. Not even the lawyers, but the NAACP!!! And they are trying to get rid of the Death Penalty in Colorado! I just hope justice can be served and Nathan can finally get his place on the electric chair. 😢

  • Ryan Magness
    Ryan Magness 7 годин таму

    Yay New Zealand

  • werner bold
    werner bold 7 годин таму

    briefs) don't worry it is not true ;)

  • aesthetic bean
    aesthetic bean 7 годин таму

    April 21 is my birthday... and i oop-

  • Oscar Dilinskas
    Oscar Dilinskas 7 годин таму

    Wait.. how does Baby get deactivated?

  • Michael Haflich
    Michael Haflich 7 годин таму

    Okay see guys this is why I’m thankful Pokémon don’t exists

  • Thomas The angry
    Thomas The angry 7 годин таму

    4:57 I’m confused. That’s a 1v1 but somehow there is peacekeeper there

  • Patrick Patrick
    Patrick Patrick 7 годин таму

    This is fake, he did not dig straight up.

  • Flaming_ Prod
    Flaming_ Prod 7 годин таму

    Well, this does explain a lot. Henry's daughter's robot killing William afton's daughter for revenge theory???? It does have her memories.

    EACOM 7 годин таму

    make a fasion channel

  • Flaming_ Prod
    Flaming_ Prod 7 годин таму

    Well, this does explain a lot. Henry's daughter's robot killing William afton's daughter for revenge theory???? It does have her memories.

  • Raffael T
    Raffael T 7 годин таму

    Comic SANS ms

  • lazy mich
    lazy mich 7 годин таму

    Wait wait wait... YOU ARE SAYING LINK IS POPLAUR IN THE NETHERLANDS hahahhahahahaahha i can go ask my friends if they know who link is and 1 ONLY 1 will know

  • skueakymouse
    skueakymouse 7 годин таму

    The voice of the demon under my bed (15:09)

  • MyloTheGuyOfTheCall 217
    MyloTheGuyOfTheCall 217 7 годин таму

    What if he... Had no bones?...

  • zack molly
    zack molly 7 годин таму

    Fav food:nuggets

  • oliver byrd
    oliver byrd 8 годин таму

    Handplates much

  • Hannah Fielding
    Hannah Fielding 8 годин таму

    Sorry to comment now but isn’t it impossible to see a phone in your dream and also seeing yourself die in ur dream?

  • Panda blade69
    Panda blade69 8 годин таму

    I googled and kris can be a girls name and chara is a girls name

  • Alexander Robinson
    Alexander Robinson 8 годин таму

    this is why i fake my tells, sometimes

  • Panda blade69
    Panda blade69 8 годин таму

    Kris is chara

  • faiz abbas
    faiz abbas 8 годин таму

    Nobody forces you to play those games. Play at your own risk

  • Omega Guardian
    Omega Guardian 8 годин таму

    Maybe darkrai protect itself because the girl was disturbing/about to hurt darkrai

    MISSMACDOMO 8 годин таму

    I’ve been binging these from the beginning for the past 24 hours but I think this is the one he finally lost his mind in