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Prosecutors subpoena eight years of Trump tax returns
Прагляды 29 тыс.Дзень таму
Why Jackie Robinson once said he could not salute the flag
Прагляды 23 тыс.Дзень таму
Holder cautions against prosecuting Trump post presidency
Прагляды 217 тыс.2 дні таму
Progressive host slams Rush Limbaugh for 'slut shaming' her
Прагляды 116 тыс.2 дні таму
Pete Buttigieg: Biden gave 'bad answer' on legacy of slavery
Прагляды 265 тыс.2 дні таму
Fareed Zakaria: Trump's foreign policy is in shambles
Прагляды 202 тыс.2 дні таму
SE Cupp: If you're here to beat Trump, don't do this ...
Прагляды 199 тыс.3 дні таму
Writer: Shame lingers for loved ones after a suicide
Прагляды 37 тыс.3 дні таму
Companies reap the benefits from 'Friends' anniversary
Прагляды 31 тыс.3 дні таму
Trump appears to back off tough stance he took on vaping
Прагляды 78 тыс.3 дні таму
Erin Burnett debunks Trump Jr.: That answer is ridiculous
Прагляды 542 тыс.4 дні таму
How Trump may bulldoze 'America's Amazon'
Прагляды 88 тыс.4 дні таму
Felicity Huffman sentenced in college admissions scandal
Прагляды 174 тыс.4 дні таму
This Democrat voted for Trump. Hear what he'd say to Trump now
Прагляды 258 тыс.4 дні таму
Cory Booker on gun reform: I won't let the demagogues win
Прагляды 15 тыс.4 дні таму
Beto O'Rourke: We should stop selling weapons of war
Прагляды 32 тыс.4 дні таму
Kamala Harris explains why she chuckled at Andrew Yang
Прагляды 205 тыс.4 дні таму
Amy Klobuchar: Failure is not an option in this election
Прагляды 66 тыс.4 дні таму
Watch Elizabeth Warren's post debate interview with Chris Cuomo
Прагляды 257 тыс.5 дзён таму
Cuomo to Julian Castro: Do you regret attack on Joe Biden?
Прагляды 117 тыс.5 дзён таму
Cuomo presses Yang on policy: Why doesn't that offend capitalism?
Прагляды 377 тыс.5 дзён таму
Pelosi faces tough questions from reporters on impeachment
Прагляды 167 тыс.5 дзён таму
How Roberts killed Trump's citizenship question
Прагляды 154 тыс.5 дзён таму
DOJ rejects Andrew McCabe's appeal to avoid prosecution
Прагляды 163 тыс.5 дзён таму
What the @#*! are politicians talking about?
Прагляды 43 тыс.5 дзён таму
Which 2020 candidate is leading in electability?
Прагляды 56 тыс.5 дзён таму
Syrian camp could be the birthplace of ISIS' revenge
Прагляды 41 тыс.5 дзён таму
Lemon to Democrat: Are you going to impeach Trump or not?
Прагляды 96 тыс.5 дзён таму
UK government releases no-deal Brexit document
Прагляды 192 тыс.6 дзён таму
Sources: Trump administration mulling Mike Pompeo for NSA
Прагляды 26 тыс.6 дзён таму
Trump administration moves to ban flavored e-cigarettes
Прагляды 68 тыс.6 дзён таму
Prosecutors interview Michael Cohen for Trump Org probe
Прагляды 249 тыс.6 дзён таму
President Trump honors 9/11 victims and heroes at Pentagon
Прагляды 117 тыс.6 дзён таму
Chelsea star Tammy Abraham faced racist abuse after match
Прагляды 29 тыс.7 дзён таму
Susan Rice calls out Trump's approach to intel: Crazy
Прагляды 231 тыс.7 дзён таму
Mnuchin to Jim Acosta: That's the most ridiculous question
Прагляды 467 тыс.7 дзён таму
Trump fires national security adviser John Bolton
Прагляды 459 тыс.7 дзён таму
Why the GOP is canceling primaries
Прагляды 200 тыс.7 дзён таму
The man that shouts 'Order!' when UK Parliament gets chaotic
Прагляды 75 тыс.7 дзён таму
UK leaders battle it out after bid for early election fails
Прагляды 53 тыс.7 дзён таму
Netanyahu claims Iran had secret nuclear weapons site
Прагляды 35 тыс.7 дзён таму
Trump calls out GOP challenger's past affair. See his response.
Прагляды 324 тыс.8 дзён таму
Retired Lt. Colonel: Trump's own government can't trust him
Прагляды 135 тыс.8 дзён таму
Cooper: What scrapped Taliban meeting tells us about Trump
Прагляды 177 тыс.8 дзён таму
Trump says Taliban meetings are 'dead'
Прагляды 48 тыс.8 дзён таму
Why Scaramucci now calls Trump 'horrific' and 'despicable'
Прагляды 398 тыс.8 дзён таму
Booker: Taught all my life to take on people like Trump
Прагляды 60 тыс.8 дзён таму
How Brexit could make milk way more complicated
Прагляды 34 тыс.8 дзён таму
US secretly extracted top Russian government spy in 2017
Прагляды 270 тыс.8 дзён таму
Hurricane Dorian survivor describes making heartbreaking discovery
Прагляды 72 тыс.8 дзён таму
Andrew Yang is riding a wave of support. Literally.
Прагляды 181 тыс.9 дзён таму
4 missing on capsized cargo ship
Прагляды 119 тыс.9 дзён таму
Brian Stelter rips Trump for 'celebrating his own ignorance'
Прагляды 385 тыс.9 дзён таму
What it's like to be targeted by a troll army
Прагляды 121 тыс.9 дзён таму
Lifelong resident: "Grand Bahama, right now ... is dead"
Прагляды 157 тыс.9 дзён таму
Trump says secret meeting with Taliban was canceled
Прагляды 143 тыс.10 дзён таму
Fox hosts' takes on Trump claim will give you whiplash
Прагляды 524 тыс.10 дзён таму
Smerconish: All we get from lawmakers are 'thoughts and prayers'
Прагляды 34 тыс.10 дзён таму
Cuomo: Echoes of Orwell in Trump's push to make falsehoods true
Прагляды 206 тыс.11 дзён таму
Anderson Cooper: Trump has a new insult for you. Your name.
Прагляды 356 тыс.11 дзён таму
Why two of Trump's top advisers are rarely speaking
Прагляды 207 тыс.11 дзён таму
Internet mocks Trump's doctored weather map
Прагляды 455 тыс.11 дзён таму
New charges in case of missing Connecticut mom Jennifer Dulos
Прагляды 63 тыс.11 дзён таму
NFL veteran opens up after coming out: I'll be a better teammate
Прагляды 42 тыс.11 дзён таму
Hurricane Dorian survivor: Bahamas relatives are alive, but not OK
Прагляды 98 тыс.11 дзён таму
Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's longtime strong man, dead at 95
Прагляды 91 тыс.12 дзён таму
Anderson Cooper: We can't know how much time Trump's wasted on this
Прагляды 460 тыс.12 дзён таму
Trump is relentlessly defending the use of altered Dorian map
Прагляды 164 тыс.12 дзён таму
Trump moves $3.6 billion from Pentagon to fund border wall
Прагляды 187 тыс.12 дзён таму
He worried his wife was dead. See the moment he found her.
Прагляды 219 тыс.12 дзён таму
Why Pete Buttigieg feels sorry for President Trump
Прагляды 156 тыс.12 дзён таму
Abaco Islands of Bahamas ravaged by Hurricane Dorian
Прагляды 195 тыс.12 дзён таму
Trump's White House vs. freedom of the press
Прагляды 89 тыс.12 дзён таму
Elizabeth Warren: Where Trump is right now is a nightmare
Прагляды 251 тыс.12 дзён таму
Joe Biden: We can take millions of vehicles off the road
Прагляды 160 тыс.12 дзён таму
Andrew Yang: You know what's expensive? Poisoning our kids
Прагляды 375 тыс.13 дзён таму
Watch Pence defend controversial stay at Trump's resort
Прагляды 320 тыс.13 дзён таму
CNN reaches critical airport. See what reporter found.
Прагляды 82 тыс.13 дзён таму
Trump appears to show altered Hurricane Dorian map
Прагляды 226 тыс.13 дзён таму
Fisherman watched helplessly as wife drowned in hurricane
Прагляды 165 тыс.14 дзён таму


  • iLessThan3i
    iLessThan3i 2 години таму

    You tell them Yang, you tell them!

  • Amaze World
    Amaze World 2 години таму

    Well done

  • k4polo
    k4polo 2 години таму

    I personally think Trump is already caught but he is using his position to prevent the inevitable.

  • Reactor 4
    Reactor 4 2 години таму

    It’s time to send the green berets...

  • alobo2000
    alobo2000 2 години таму


  • john patton
    john patton 2 години таму


  • Tom Dockery
    Tom Dockery 2 години таму

    When will Hawaii release the birth certificate?There is a requirement for that information.McCain and Trump showed theirs.

  • Flash Man
    Flash Man 2 години таму

    They should also subpoena Obama's and Killary's tax records!

  • Armando De Los Santos
    Armando De Los Santos 2 години таму

    Typical scum of the Earth CNN

  • Filipe Castro
    Filipe Castro 2 години таму

    Fuck you Holder. There is no justice because democrats are wimps.

  • Steve Perkins
    Steve Perkins 2 години таму

    There were enslaved Japanese that built you hear them crying about what happened 200 years ago? Nope!

  • Domestic Tranquility
    Domestic Tranquility 2 години таму

    I want to see what this Crony Capitalist has in his junk drawer. But Dems need the same to happen. What's good for the goose... F'ing politicians!

  • Lornext
    Lornext 2 години таму

    Clown News Network! You guys are irrelevant!

  • 600force
    600force 2 години таму

    dont they ever get tired of doing this.... its so played out man

  • dems r Traitors
    dems r Traitors 2 години таму

    They would have to change the laws in order for Trump to show his taxes. we're talking many years in the future before that ever happens

  • I wanna Fuck Ivanka
    I wanna Fuck Ivanka 2 години таму

    Im tired of seing all this shit and nothing becomes of it..... Dont say shit til this mf is impeached, dead, or in jail.

  • kleeamd82
    kleeamd82 2 години таму

    Hey, AC, I don't see you overzealously delving into the myriad of sexual abuse claims lodged against Bill Clinton, the way you do with President Trump *cough* bias *cough*

  • Jake MacHine
    Jake MacHine 2 години таму

    Dems lost the war on Russia, Kavanagh, fake allegations against Trump by a number of whores. Trump is nothing what the msm said he would be. Trump didn't destroy the world like we were warned. The economy didn't crash. When will fake news cnn apologize?

  • Christopher TheCarpenter
    Christopher TheCarpenter 2 години таму

    CNN sucks watch RT

  • chucknchar T
    chucknchar T 2 години таму

    This guy believed Trump, that the problem wouldn't be fixed unless he became President? He believed that?

  • Denita Wright
    Denita Wright 2 години таму

    Melina is from a shithole country.

  • John Sayas
    John Sayas 2 години таму

    CNN is the new Enquirer...all garbage reporting!

  • Terry Tater
    Terry Tater 2 години таму

    Half of their oil production destroyed. Is there oil production in southern Saudi Arabia? Lol. Seems relative...

  • Ninja Steven ッ
    Ninja Steven ッ 2 години таму

    Yea we see in 4 days

  • Johnny Dominguez
    Johnny Dominguez 2 години таму


  • Truther Bama
    Truther Bama 2 години таму

    This was a false flag attack to kill Americans, take away our FREEDOMS, and to bring about WARS all over the world for the Military Industrial Complex that runs our Government.

  • Tom Dockery
    Tom Dockery 2 години таму

    He'll release them on the first show of the Trump TV Network in Jan.2025.

  • iceman5815
    iceman5815 2 години таму

    What a waste of tax payers money!!

  • Jon Ratchford
    Jon Ratchford 2 години таму

    If we learn anything from Trump let it be that anyone running for public office is required to release their tax returns for the ten years prior to running for office. That would solve a lot of problems for everyone. 📝

  • keep it clean
    keep it clean 2 години таму

    Why did the officer kick his phone, was that a lawful order or instigating the almost out control moment

  • Michael Browne
    Michael Browne 2 години таму

    The only thing they are going to get is 8 years of Donald Trump as president. High stock market, low unemployment, high employment, border being secured, military funded, police respected. Oh the horror. It must be terrible living in these times. Republican Super majority in 2020.

  • tyler ziemer
    tyler ziemer 2 години таму

    if u look online and talk to people no1 cares about any of these candidates besides YANG yet hes only 5% in the polls? lololololol this is why america is fucked

  • Billy Hue
    Billy Hue 2 години таму

    Ever since, and before President Trump was elected, the media and opposition have been going after him. Every time they go after him, they come up empty. I don't understand why people can't see the clear obvious trend. He's innocent, and they are guilty. They are doing all of this to him, and conservatives, just to cover up their own wrongdoings. Which I might add are plentiful.

  • Hymedude Silva
    Hymedude Silva 2 години таму

    the individual states should vet their own senators and reps.and everyone should be involved in vetting the potential presidents

  • Michael O'Rourke
    Michael O'Rourke 2 години таму

    PUT THE SAFETY ON: Every Infantry Soldier is trained that after one LOCKS & LOADS one puts the safety on before one moves out in order to insure against an unintentional shot from ones weapon. Trump would have known that if he had served when he was called. USA ABN RANGER VET

  • Truther Bama
    Truther Bama 2 години таму

    Here is the video of LARRY SILVERSTIEN (the owner of the towers) saying they decided to "PULL IT and the building collapsed".відэа.html

  • Martha Guerrero
    Martha Guerrero 2 години таму

    Lol so surprised a black is sticking up for trump damn brown noser wants a job in the wh or plain stupid like trump !! Wait till he gets lynched !!!!

  • michelangelo Dabao
    michelangelo Dabao 2 години таму

    HITLERY lost and still she can't get over it and sometimes pretend to be a president and were the Trump derangement syndrome was created. SAD,SAD,SAD BOOOOHOO!!!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer Kirkland
    Jennifer Kirkland 2 години таму


  • barry Powell
    barry Powell 2 години таму

    The military is 100% ready for a coup d'etat against democrats. I would feel very sorry for them if they won. Not really I wish they all would just croak.

  • Ty Nation
    Ty Nation 2 години таму

    CNN is fake news

  • Stephen Kershaw
    Stephen Kershaw 2 години таму

    glenn beck is such a fucking fake a typical conservative, he's fat, short, wimpy and non athletic.... no wonder they're racist no one pays attention to Beck nor takes him seriously... no different than fat ass trump

  • Christ Diver
    Christ Diver 2 години таму

    CNN is Full of Shit these Audio Recordings have been available since the Beginning. Click Bait !!!

  • Loaph Meat
    Loaph Meat 2 години таму

    I watched this interview when it originally released. But when I heard it was trending on BY-clips, I had to come back and show my support

  • SUSAN Parrish
    SUSAN Parrish 2 години таму

    LOL!!!! What a power hungry clown!!!!!with coppers (morons) like him around, no one is safe!!!!!!SMH😳😳😵😶😳

  • Angelo 23
    Angelo 23 2 години таму

    Why does he have to release his taxes? The IRS has seen them every year for 50+ years.

  • Kevin Pelletier
    Kevin Pelletier 2 години таму

    Woe unto you lawyers. 14 times in the scriptures.

  • Ben Hoagland
    Ben Hoagland 2 години таму

    I hate that orange motherfucker

  • astrodaise1
    astrodaise1 2 години таму

    what risk - that we might believe in the rule of law again?

  • Jake MacHine
    Jake MacHine 2 години таму

    Why does nobody ask Holder about giving the mexican cartels weapons in which were later used to kill Americans ? Why has Holder and the Obama administration refuse to cooperate with congress on this matter ? Subpoena's completely ignored.

  • Beverly Vinson
    Beverly Vinson 2 години таму

    But how the heck does he propose to do that!? And dont elect this man just cause he says he going to give away money . We have had enough promises that were all lies . Yang doesnt have enough experience to deal with anything . ..especially being a president candidate that just wants to give away money . Whats his healthcare plan? What about a living wage? What about immigration? What about Experience with foreign leaders? Or countries? He doesnt have a plan . And tooo young!! .

  • Denise Nelson
    Denise Nelson 2 години таму

    I had a crush on him as a kid like every one else did, so sorry he's gone, Such a wonderful actor, you should still be here David, RIP!!! We will all miss you!

  • spanish rampage
    spanish rampage 2 години таму

    I thought the Russians brainwashed democrates into voting for Trump.

  • Coach Chris
    Coach Chris 2 години таму

    We Stand with the President. Trumppppppppppp 2020

  • Arturas1244
    Arturas1244 2 години таму

    Humble opinion all in video. Dude is runing away from cops, finds roadblock. Almost killed officer with car, if you dont know cops must shoot you after what ,as car is same as using gun, drive toward cop and you are dead. When you see him with hands up, when he start to reach in pants gets shot dead. He got killed by ar15 and ar10 not pistol. Dude on left probably had taser logic

  • Don Trump
    Don Trump 2 години таму

    Yeah good luck, chances are he burned or destroyed the documents already. TRUMP 2020!

  • Dogporch Dogporch
    Dogporch Dogporch 2 години таму

    CNN is going down faster than Anderson Cooper in a mens room!

  • Stinkmeaner
    Stinkmeaner 2 години таму

    damn meme roth is fine as hell. I would fuck the living daylights out of that woman

  • Man sua
    Man sua 2 години таму

    Every Congressmen & Senator should have their taxes subpoenaed.

  • MrMnmn911
    MrMnmn911 2 години таму

    Bwaha ha ha ha! *_SUCK IT YOU LOSER DEMS!_*

  • patriot time
    patriot time 2 години таму

    The fake media, demo rats and their supporters are complete non American pieces of garbage

  • L uis Cruz
    L uis Cruz 2 години таму

    Money is the American dream for most but the real change is equality the real keys to making America a great nation is give the American citizens equality money will get spent. Equality will endure

  • rupulstilskin
    rupulstilskin 2 години таму

    This is what happens when a dick is used indiscriminately.

  • joe
    joe 2 години таму

    Says “CNN news” yet we’re kicking ass economically. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Nick Vlademir
    Nick Vlademir 2 години таму

    He sounds really Nasal wow I had to turn it down, The tonality needs a lot of bass,

  • Jonelle85
    Jonelle85 2 години таму

    I never realized how much he looks like Oprah’s partner, Stedman Graham.

  • Jason C.
    Jason C. 2 години таму

    State of New York most likely wont get them. Trump will just outright NOT comply with any subpoena that is issued and then fight any enforcing of that in court. Then appeal any decision that is NOT in his favor. Naturally of course the Trump team will lose any appeal they makes of any decision that is NOT in Trump's favor. The Law is squarely on the side of New York. That's NOT the point though. The Trump team wants to string this out as long as they can. Delay and stall is the same as NOT having comply with legally. In the end they will eventually try and get all this to the U.S. Supreme Court. Which of course has been biased in Trump's favor.

  • God
    God 2 години таму

    $1000 a month? Sounds like commie bs to me

  • Po0r_Qual1ty
    Po0r_Qual1ty 2 години таму

    Ricer fails 101! Look at those damn rims and also, never try to copy tuners on highways

  • MrArchangel73521
    MrArchangel73521 2 години таму

    Not only Trump and the Trump organization....Trump's sister to !!! (Ret) Judge Maryann Trump-Barry...3 Circuit ...get her tax records too...anyone that even spoke with them...!!! Trump is going to jail...this goes back to the fair housing lawsuits from the mid 1970's ...Trump is over due !!!

  • Martha Guerrero
    Martha Guerrero 2 години таму

    Trump lost by cheating u gay 😠

  • Miguel Salazar
    Miguel Salazar 2 години таму

    He'll most likely past before anything gets done.

  • joe
    joe 2 години таму

    This bald head dude is a moron.🙄🙄🙄

  • Frances Williams
    Frances Williams 2 години таму

    Deciet will die when the good defend

  • Will G
    Will G 2 години таму

    Demonkkkrats are a cancer

  • LZMoDz
    LZMoDz 2 години таму

    What’s a state attorney ?

  • 8-Bit Fit
    8-Bit Fit 2 години таму

    You guys are still on air

  • Huy Nguyen
    Huy Nguyen 2 години таму

    We cant afford anothet war. China would be so happy if US is stuck in another long war. Trump wouod be in a weakened position dealing w China if distracted by Iran war.

  • dems r Traitors
    dems r Traitors 2 години таму

    Democrats use foreign spies to spy on Trump.

  • Captain Win
    Captain Win 2 години таму

    Tax is how they brought Capone down.

    • Andrew Nix
      Andrew Nix 2 години таму

      Captain Win syphlis acually

  • Gordon DUNN
    Gordon DUNN 2 години таму

    They still speak as though the mentality of a person that was growing when the law was not passed all about the money get more clones out quick money Coming in as his mate said put it all in contacts they’re still selling it legally across the border!!!

  • M. Garrette
    M. Garrette 2 години таму

    it should be 15 years of tax returns

  • Yabba Dabba
    Yabba Dabba 2 години таму

    Orange man bad! CNN is complete shit.

  • Pickles
    Pickles 2 години таму

    18 god it’s been so long

  • Danny Meeks
    Danny Meeks 2 години таму

    Lol, oh my goodness, what a joke.

  • TheSwimpsu99
    TheSwimpsu99 2 години таму

    Man this comment section is a bunch of betas

  • Madeline Schultz
    Madeline Schultz 2 години таму

    I would be able to sleep at night better if we had a real President with real advisors in the White House...

  • Frances Williams
    Frances Williams 2 години таму

    Hit euro deep state installations=issue solved

  • Donovan
    Donovan 2 години таму

    *This has to stop!!!* Trump never did anything as serious, Un-American or treasonous like wearing a beige suit or put Grey Poupon on a burger. The Horror!!!!

  • Martha Guerrero
    Martha Guerrero 2 години таму

    This guy is so stupid 😠

  • Boss Hog Zoomer
    Boss Hog Zoomer 2 години таму

    Great job making sure America is a, "Banana Republic." The Republicans will make damn sure they will return the favor and investigate the next Democrat Potus for any and everything. And then,the Democrats will investigate the Republican Potus,for any and everything.The Republicans will investigate the Democrat Potus and the Republicans will investigate the Democratic Potus. On and on,until you do have anything left.😆😆😆😆 Great job America. You dont have to worry about any outside threats,all of America's enemies are being entertained by watching you fist fuck yourself. It's like the old Chinese proverb says, "Two guys fight the third guy wins." You dumb motherfuckers 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

    • mauricio medina
      mauricio medina 2 години таму

      Have to fix what's inside before something can work.

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob 2 години таму

    Oh CNN. You just can't let it go. 90% of your breaking news always has the word Trump in the title.

  • Vue Lee
    Vue Lee 2 години таму

    CNN should be deported... For spreading roomers about our great leader... Why not just talk about the other great leader Andrew Yang?

    • Alberto Cuevas
      Alberto Cuevas 2 години таму

      I hope your great leader can teach you how to spell. Rumors*

  • Daniel Saenz
    Daniel Saenz 2 години таму

    People don't care about this.They want to know what's happening with all the invading leeches coming across the border illegally everyday.The dems don't want to talk about a real problem.

  • hiphug1ger
    hiphug1ger 2 години таму

    I don't want your 1000 bucks a month. And if every American got it, inflation would take it away.

  • evry1loveronica
    evry1loveronica 2 години таму

    How are experts saying automation fear is overblown? If the “experts” ever work in IT, they should know we are trying to automate anything possible. I personally worked on call center and insurance processor process automation, and the goal is to eliminate staff... automation and unemployment should never be underestimated

  • Pipe Tunes
    Pipe Tunes 2 години таму

    The number of trumpturds that commit suicide next year is gonna be staggering.

    • Steve Mausehardt
      Steve Mausehardt 2 години таму

      Only if DEMOCRATS won in 2020 and its not call suc

    • Erik Torbjørn Bjørnsson
      Erik Torbjørn Bjørnsson 2 години таму

      Don't tease me, I would absolutely love if they all offed themselves.. but there's only a few hundred of them anyway

    • Clifton Fameree
      Clifton Fameree 2 години таму

      0 is a staggering number.

  • Captain Win
    Captain Win 2 години тамувідэа.html

  • Frances Williams
    Frances Williams 2 години таму

    Deep state must be erased now!

  • Michael Reyes
    Michael Reyes 2 години таму

    What a waste of time! So political do your job worry about us