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Happy children's day from Babieztv
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Best videos of may 2019
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Bersey Luxury Baby Stroller Review
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Baby Harry Potter and other wizards
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  • Gacha Wes
    Gacha Wes 4 години таму

    0:51 when your friend trips over.

  • Juanfelipe Flores
    Juanfelipe Flores 5 годин таму

    Soooo cute

    DRAGONRIDERxx7 yt 8 годин таму

    The first girl was just vibin

  • reservoirpo
    reservoirpo 8 годин таму

    Who burns the presents dude wtf I gota go watch puppy xmas gifts now ,to restore the balance

  • Hemanta Pokharel
    Hemanta Pokharel 9 годин таму

    My goat also said 'may' . LOL🤦‍♂️😂

  • Stephen Maniloff
    Stephen Maniloff 12 годин таму

    Nice stitching horse I see in the background 🐄🐂🐖👜💼👌

  • Terry Blanton
    Terry Blanton 13 годин таму

    Baby's first words my old wrinkly bottom. If those were words, then animals, cars and even unlatched swinging doors can speak as well.

  • Marija Bulatovic
    Marija Bulatovic 15 годин таму

    4:00 mom!(or dad idk) 4:03THAT WOMAN WAS A HORRIBLE DRIVER! Me: ... Sure kid

  • Adrian D'Costa
    Adrian D'Costa 17 годин таму

    When I was a kid my grandma had a pet dog. I can't forget that dog. He would always follow us behind us walking for two miles from my grandma's home till we get in the car. A dog or a cat is sometimes more faithful than a human being. A human can betray you but a faithful dog or a cat will never do that. And somehow that dog was able to understand my pain and my joy. It was really hard to say goodbye forever to that dog. As I was a loner in elementary and high school and everybody bullied me, the only buddy I could remember at that time is my grandma's dog.

  • GaladrielsGems
    GaladrielsGems 18 годин таму

    Hope when these kids grow up they sure the abusing idiots who filmed them for every last penny or cent they own and render them bankrupt and homeless. This is utter outright abuse.

  • jon burbridge
    jon burbridge 18 годин таму

    Thor at the end clips has such a sweet soul. God bless her sweetness.

  • Ananya Hazarika
    Ananya Hazarika 19 годин таму

    "He was just like one big wrinkle" 😂😂

  • Shane Leigh
    Shane Leigh 19 годин таму

    the 4th one was fake

  • ellie
    ellie 19 годин таму

    When I was a little girl, my little sister and I would hide whenever my dad would come home and then we would jump out and surprise him

  • John Gaylor
    John Gaylor 19 годин таму

    who tf lets their child drink milk off their floor

  • Piksel Oyuncu
    Piksel Oyuncu 20 годин таму

    "Who is Jeffrey?" "mY oRaNgUtAnG" 😆

  • Chi-Pie's here
    Chi-Pie's here 21 годину таму

    That baby is so blessed that its first word was God.

  • hoda Ahmed
    hoda Ahmed 22 години таму

    HAHAHA 🤣😂😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂 OH MY OH MY GGOOD

  • Victoria Pierre
    Victoria Pierre Дзень таму

    7:51 Soo funny

  • Victoria Pierre
    Victoria Pierre Дзень таму

    7:41 7:42

  • Karla Ramos
    Karla Ramos Дзень таму

    4:39 i love it

  • Kiwi & Ari The two parakeets
    Kiwi & Ari The two parakeets Дзень таму

    6:43 this reminds me of the time when my little cousin was like, 3 and we said red rum and she repeated it saying “red bum” 😂

  • nuny c
    nuny c Дзень таму

    11:00 Awwww Ralphie 🤓

  • Lucifer 13
    Lucifer 13 Дзень таму

    0:55 Heath ledger in childhood xD

  • cocacola31173
    cocacola31173 Дзень таму

    Wish there was camera phones when mine was little! I can still see my oldest laughing her head off at deddy when he pretended to take a shower outside in the rain with his clothes on. But only in my mind. 😔

  • Jehian Maegawa
    Jehian Maegawa Дзень таму


  • meshaal alsharrah
    meshaal alsharrah Дзень таму


  • meshaal alsharrah
    meshaal alsharrah Дзень таму


  • hacker master
    hacker master Дзень таму

    I miss my dad

  • 「Cxld Latte」
    「Cxld Latte」 Дзень таму

    0:02 she is a born catholic

  • Awkward Ukulele
    Awkward Ukulele Дзень таму

    When the guy who makes those “satanic messages in rock music” videos has a kid, this is what they post.

  • Sweet Summer
    Sweet Summer Дзень таму


  • Robert Lara
    Robert Lara Дзень таму

    No one Absolutely No one Not even a soul I AM THOR Like if u think that's funny

  • Nia Griffin
    Nia Griffin Дзень таму

    Girl with black hair: "is Jeffrey ok?" Her mom: "who is Jeffrey" girl with black hair:"MY ARANGATANG 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Areli Mendoza
    Areli Mendoza Дзень таму

    it's Like mostly slide fails idk why.

  • •Cash •
    •Cash • Дзень таму

    Dang it my Dada Has'nt came from the store with the milk

  • Shaun Swan
    Shaun Swan Дзень таму

    Baby: whduhrjidbsbjtinrbtj Subs: May I please get some milk?

  • Kåtśûmí-kúñ Øñlíñê
    Kåtśûmí-kúñ Øñlíñê Дзень таму

    4:28 OMG I was laughing

  • Carol Line
    Carol Line Дзень таму

    I am allergic to anesthesia I just had knee surgery and all I talked about was how much I loved Friday and hated the idea I of not being able to swim in a tub of jello

  • Paul McMuffin'
    Paul McMuffin' Дзень таму

    5:11 *HER BRAIN* That worked?

  • BlueMidnightWolfie & MoonlightCaleb

    I was dying when he was like “Jodie!” And she was like “what’s wrong” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Christi Sessom
    Christi Sessom Дзень таму

    Hi I'm KK and all I'm thinking right now is M.E.H

  • Christi Sessom
    Christi Sessom Дзень таму

    on the first one the baby is literally my sister and my sister is so weird that was my sister's video that I put on here and oh my gosh cuz she's so freaking weird my sister's name is KK and she is so cute but she's a little jerk and weird...

  • D B
    D B Дзень таму

    That is how they are everyday. Dont blame anesthesia

  • Joao Sousa Nascimento
    Joao Sousa Nascimento Дзень таму

    Fathets, never walk out on your family!

  • YoBoyKev
    YoBoyKev Дзень таму

    Dallo genedoll

  • Meagan Moore
    Meagan Moore Дзень таму

    Its like there Drunk when they have Aneshesia in them cause it messes with there Brain like Alcohol does

  • MC I T
    MC I T 2 дні таму

    This is so cute

  • Dray Martinez
    Dray Martinez 2 дні таму

    *Say Baby* *No Mom I Want Cheese*

  • IamAGalaxyGamerGirl!
    IamAGalaxyGamerGirl! 2 дні таму

    4:57 that girl :THERES A BUG ON MY BABY! I better run! me: eww let me just flick that ugly creature of my baby.

  • XeneruS
    XeneruS 2 дні таму

    I don't think it's funny seeing children cry. It's just not funny. Kicking the asses of thos parents, now that's hella funny.

  • Anna
    Anna 2 дні таму

    Baby : I didn’t I didn’t!! I didn’t!!!.......I DID

    ANISHA CHOUDHARY 2 дні таму


  • usrr
    usrr 2 дні таму

    Bruh the one with her being thor is so priceless

  • Dev Tuteja
    Dev Tuteja 2 дні таму

    2:15 rocooo is waiting for ya!

  • Gustavo Hernando Arevalo Macas

    THOR !!!!

    BEEJ INCREDIBLE 2 дні таму

    The cutest babies God created...tears over hear...omg...

  • Leslie Taylor
    Leslie Taylor 2 дні таму


  • Littlebit31
    Littlebit31 2 дні таму

    The little one who waved and clapped her feet ❤️then there was more waving clips ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Tyia Kemp
    Tyia Kemp 2 дні таму

    “Hey those are not elves tHiR kIDs

  • K D
    K D 2 дні таму

    4:17, he is the cutest freaking baby I have ever seen. 😌

  • Tablet Gamer
    Tablet Gamer 2 дні таму

    The beginning of the video is the same baby as 1:52

  • Okaylah
    Okaylah 2 дні таму

    I DID!!!!

  • BeastyTiger12
    BeastyTiger12 2 дні таму

    So CUTE

  • Evelyn's Fun Channel
    Evelyn's Fun Channel 2 дні таму

    My other favorite part is where he goes A taco geez

  • Bagyo Policarpio
    Bagyo Policarpio 2 дні таму

    what timecode is the thumbnail

  • Han's Car
    Han's Car 2 дні таму

    1 Like Equals 1 Smack For These Moms. (Now Dont Say BeGgAr In The Replys Because Im Not A Beggar

  • Gachax V
    Gachax V 2 дні таму


  • Spirit Dimension
    Spirit Dimension 2 дні таму

    I’m watching this to calm myself down because I’m eating food I ordered of amazon and I’m scared of people putting drugs into it

  • Noha Altorki
    Noha Altorki 3 дні таму

    I didn’t do it I didn’t!... *I DID!!*

  • 緊急地震TheNatureLover and BurgundyBelly

    1:09 SO Cute that I just cried

  • Angelina_EXE
    Angelina_EXE 3 дні таму

    Cute pizza 🤣🤣

  • telemermaid
    telemermaid 3 дні таму

    Ugh, little egotistic bratty fakers...

  • *Itz_.Dylan*
    *Itz_.Dylan* 3 дні таму

    5:48 legend says he’s still there

    SOYOUNG KIM 3 дні таму

    Oh the most shocking and saddest moment for siblings actually

  • Naseem akhter
    Naseem akhter 3 дні таму

    Cute babies!

  • Student
    Student 3 дні таму

    I'd rather bear the pain or have local anesthesia than letting my parents know my dark secrets.

  • Zielle
    Zielle 3 дні таму

    1:05 How in the world?

  • Gelina Sanchez
    Gelina Sanchez 3 дні таму

    Ima cat person :me Well I love dogs BETTER CATS ARE THE WORST

  • S U N N Y
    S U N N Y 3 дні таму

    Mine was NO

  • Kian Naylor
    Kian Naylor 3 дні таму

    This ain’t funny, literally kids getting hurt and being laughed at, like to see you fall and be laughed at.

  • Orioles Fan
    Orioles Fan 3 дні таму

    Ridiculously hilarious.

  • Aman Girma
    Aman Girma 3 дні таму

    Were all of these videos recorded in 2018?

  • Kash Boss
    Kash Boss 3 дні таму


  • BMGOGamer AiDeN
    BMGOGamer AiDeN 3 дні таму

    Baby:I Didn't I Do It I" "I Didnt I I" (In Mind...What Else Words She Will Believe Me Damn It Ill Confess) "I DID"

  • WorryingSine
    WorryingSine 3 дні таму

    Baby: I didn’t do it I..didn’t..I I DIIIID

  • Wolf Brothers101
    Wolf Brothers101 3 дні таму

    This is basically me when I first wake up in the morning

  • Esther Gommer
    Esther Gommer 3 дні таму

    Observed from the clip of 3:06 Can I slap this mother? Please? She's laughing and being an absolute bitch by saying "merry Christmas" while her kids are TERRIFIED The girl seemed genuinely scared or at least shocked, while the boy seemed to do it about 40% for attention This father is clearly one of those parents favouring the youngest child Correct me if I'm wrong, feel free to share your own opinions, I do not intend this to start any arguments :)

    • Esther Gommer
      Esther Gommer 3 дні таму

      Okay nvm just re-watched the clip and remembered she tried to hit her mom. I mean, I would do the same, but what the parents do and the kids (which they raised) did says enough about their way of parenting :(

  • TRS IcEy
    TRS IcEy 3 дні таму

    5:20 someone playin call of duty’s zombies wit a ray Gun

  • طاهر الكعبي
    طاهر الكعبي 3 дні таму

    حٌلَوِوِوِ هِهِهِهِ

  • Max Plakushko
    Max Plakushko 3 дні таму

    4:09 she's pronouncement like wRInKLy pUPpiEs ArE sO cUtE

  • Micayla Bush
    Micayla Bush 4 дні таму

    Baby: (crying) Mom: do you want my phone? Baby: yep!

  • Samantha Powell
    Samantha Powell 4 дні таму

    This is so cute. Though I've noticed the triplets have a tendency to copy their sibling's actions.

  • camilly Couto
    camilly Couto 4 дні таму

    Eu tenho um cachorrinho

  • moblacker
    moblacker 4 дні таму

    Messed up at end with kid falling, i seen it the second he stood up. Good job Dad.

  • Emerald Kirby
    Emerald Kirby 4 дні таму

    Honey Bee 🍯🐝🍯🐝

  • Emerald Kirby
    Emerald Kirby 4 дні таму

    XD 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Billie Eyelash fan
    Billie Eyelash fan 4 дні таму

    My friend got anaesthesia and she was crying because she said she saw Shawn Mendes killing Camilla cabella outside of the car window oof

  • NTomlin575
    NTomlin575 4 дні таму

    Rest in Peace Grayson

  • J. kolio
    J. kolio 4 дні таму

    Thor is my favorite