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Millennial Farmer STOLE Welker's Case Combine (Optimus Bine!!)
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Millennial Farmer Stole a Case Combine! (KIDDING) The Johnson family was headed to Glacial National Park for a family vacation, along the way we decided to stop and pay Welker Farms a visit. Zach had the opportunity to harvest wheat for the first tim..
U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Sits Down with the Millennial Farmer | Farmer2Farmer
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It's not every day that the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture meets with a "viral" farmer (the MN Millennial Farmer) to talk about real issues affecting farms today. Watch what happens when they meet for the first time and discuss topical issues like tra..
I 'Tweaked' My Back and Stuff.
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I Broke my Back and some other stuff.... The dryer is clean, The machinery is clean and put away, and I took the MAIN STAGE AT A BOWLING ALLEY. Don't forget to order your Millennial Farmer Merchandise for Christmas! ►Order Millennial Farmer Mercha..
Millennials Trying To Farm
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Millennials Trying to Farm That's an AVACA-NO For Me Video Collaboration with You Betcha: Special Thank You to Our Video Sponsor Farmers Business Network ►Join FBN with a $100 savings usi..
Millennial Farmer Gets Schooled By Case
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Millennial Farmer heads to the land of Hockey Pucks and Maple Syrup to cover Canada's Farm Progress Show. Lots of interviews, a quick speaking engagement and a 22,000 farm tour! Special Thank You to Our Video Sponsors Farmers Business Network ►Jo..
The Funniest Moments So Far!!
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The funniest moments so far! Here are a few of the funny clips from my first 2 years of video! Enjoy! My Website: My Amazon Store: I am a 5th generation fami..
A Long Day of Farming in the Snow
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A Long Day of Farming in the Snow! We are racing to beat the freeze and get our field tillage done. The Challenger and the John Deere are both moving! ► Subscribe to our channel ► Follow MN Millennial ..
CORN HARVEST with MN Millennial Farmer
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Video of my recent visit to see MN Millennial Farmer while they where harvesting corn. I got to visit with Zach while he ran the combine and meet his father and two guys that work at the farm. It was a short visit but in this video I got some great f..
Equipment Envy!!!
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Equipment Envy! Master Pipe Layer Randy give us a machinery tour at Clinton Ag. MN Millennial Farmer, Zach Johnson, is a 5th generation family farmer from West-Central Minnesota. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experien..
Harvesting our Soybean Test Plot
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As corn harvest winds down, I take the 9650 south and combine our Channel Xtend soybean plot with our DSM. Rain is coming so we fill everything as much as we can before quitting for the night. ► Subscribe to our channel
Millennial Farmer Visits Pelosi's Office
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Millennial Farmer visits Pelosi's Office... Just kidding! It was a busy day attending our County Corn and Soybean Growers Association meeting, Scouting Crops, sending off some soil samples, traveling cross country to attend a FBN informational meetin..
Working Hard or Hardly Working?
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Working Hard or Hardly Working- The fields are muddy but the weather is turning cold quickly and we need to get our tillage done fast. Thanks to auto-steer for helping me make sure I don't strain myself too much during long work hours! ► Subscribe..
Tractor Stuck in the MUD
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We had to fire Jim (Joking) after he got the 9560RT John Deere and 2230 cultivator stuck in the mud. #forpetessakejim #holybuckets Special Thank You to Our Video Sponsor Farmers Business Network ►Join FBN with a $100 savings using MF100 discount ..
An Aerial View of Our Farm Before Harvest
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Here's an aerial view of our farm just before harvest. Drone UAV used is a DJI Inspire 2. This was taken and edited by White Cloud Media Group located in San Antonio, Texas. We are having another rainy day here on the farm so we decided to fill in..
Isn't it Pretty?!
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Isn't it Pretty?! Red Horizon Equipment out of Glenwood, MN brought us a BRAND NEW 2018 Versatile 610 HP Delta Track! It's a beautiful machine that rides smooth. New Look same Quality ► ►www.vers..
Farm Communities Come Together
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Farm Community Comes Together to help out one of our own. 60 years ago our neighbor Norm was there to help finish our harvest when my grandpa fell ill with cancer. 60 years later our community was able to return the favor. Highlight of my career, it'..
Our Fun Family Christmas tree hunt!
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Happy Holidays!!! We packed the family up and brought the kids to a local Christmas tree farm for an old fashioned Christmas Tree HUNT! Wayne-N-Jeans Evergreeens in located in Morris, MN. Check them out! MN Millennial Farmer Zach Johnson is a 5th ge..
Corn Field Beach Bums
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We got too much rain yesterday and decided to take the afternoon off to relax in a unique way. We don't always float around on giant swam tubes in corn fields, but when we do, we drink beer. Song- Scuzz Twittly- Anita Beer Order Merchandise here: ..
A Long Day of Planting Corn
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A long day of planting corn before the rain! Planting is in full swing here in Minnesota, so I wanted to share a full daily vlog from the farm. Order Merchandise here: My Amazon Store:
Farm Kid Takes out The Trash
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Scouting Fields- Overall the crop looks good other than the plants are a little yellow yet due to the extra moisture and low temps we've had. While I was out and about it was the perfect time to replace some broken drain tile covers with some new cov..
9520RX John Deere-2660VT Vertical Tillage Demo
Прагляды 535 тыс.6 месяцаў таму
Midwest Machinery sent us a 9520RX John Deere and 2660VT Disc to demo and try our hand at some vertical tillage. I was really hoping this would be our opportunity to try out some no-till. Unfortunately it's just too muddy. Special Thank You to Our ..
Installing G4 Stalk Stompers on a John Deere 600/700 Series Corn Head at MN Millennial Farmer
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Installing May Wes G4 Stalk Stompers at the Minnesota Millennial Farmer. In this video, we will show you how to install G4 Stalk Stompers on a John Deere 600/700 Series Corn head. Order your May Wes G4 Stalk Stompers at
How much MN Millenial Farmer makes on Youtube
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In this video, I will show you the estimate of how much money does MN Millenial Farmer make on BY-clips. Subscribe to Bbstar BY-clips channel to get videos on how much your favorite BY-clipsrs earn ..
Harvest just got a lot BRIGHTER!
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Harvest just got a lot Brighter! We added some sweet LED lights to the combine. I also share some more thoughts on the Challenger compared to our John Deere. #harvest18 #ad #sponsored Special Thanks to Thomas LED for sponsoring this video ► Elimin..
Farmer gets Bean Boozled
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Millennial Farmer gets Bean Boozled. It's been a long harvest. Aurora came to visit me in the tractor and challenged me to a game of Bean Boozled. ► Subscribe to our channel ► Follow MN Millennial Farme..
Teaching Her to Drive the Challenger
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Teaching her to Drive the Challenger- Becky drives tractor for the first time learning how to do tillage in the Challenger MT743 with the John Deere 2730 ripper. #forpetesakesbeck ► Subscribe to our channel
Machinery Tour - By Popular Demand!
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Here is a quick tour of our machinery and equipment. I have had a ton of requests for this so here you go! Order Merchandise here: Get my sunglasses (and other cool stuff) here:
We Toured a Hog Farm!
Прагляды 294 тыс.4 месяцы таму
Onyx and I headed a few hours south to tour a hog farm. We learned about the pigs diets and how well they are cared for. Onyx wanted to know how many slices of bacon come from one pig.. He was excited to hear that over 400 slices come from one pig. ..
Zero Days Without A Lost Time Farm Accident 9-27-18
Прагляды 547 тыс.Год таму
Zero Days Without A Lost Time Farm Accident Finishing up last minute harvest preparations. Unfortunately we had an accident on the farm. Isla fell off the tractor and suffered a concussion. Thankfully it wasn't any worse. Please remember to slow dow..
Farm Tour
Прагляды 312 тыс.3 месяцы таму
My Field Work Podcast Co Host Mitchell visited to take a tour of our farm and check out the soybeans we planted green. We also had an opportunity to discuss our farm's no till practices and what we would like to try in the future. Field Work Podcas..
How Not to Change an Oil Filter
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Here's a brief tutorial on how not to change and oil filter on your John Deere 4830 Sprayer #doublerubber ►Join FBN with a $100 discount: ►Order Millennial Farmer Merchandise: www.mnmillennialfarme..
Farmer and social media influencer on struggles and opportunities in farming industry
Прагляды 132 тыс.4 месяцы таму
Fifth generation Minnesota farmer Zach Johnson, known on BY-clips as the MN Millennial Farmer, discusses some of the biggest issues facing farmers like him, the challenge of climate change, and the opportunities that still exist in the farming industr..
We Millennialized the John Deere Ripper
Прагляды 349 тыс.2 месяцы таму
Our Regional Tillage Specialist, Sam, from John Deere stopped by to help me install TruSet on our 2730 ripper. TruSet helps you increase your productivity by making on-the-go depth and down-pressure adjustments from the cab. Special Thank You to Our..
Spring Corn Planting 2019
Прагляды 375 тыс.7 месяцаў таму
We're back at it-Spring Corn Planting 2019 resumes. Loving the new J&M LC290 Seed Tender . Still getting the hang of the Yetter Row Cleaners. Onyx gets a hair cut! Special Thank You to Our Video Sponsors Farmers Business Network ►Join FBN: https..
Grain Leg Trick Shot-Fun On The Farm
Прагляды 240 тыс.4 месяцы таму
Having a little fun on the Farm with The Gould Brothers before Harvest Ramps up. Grain Leg and Combine Trick Shot Fun On The Farm. We even got the old Moline out! ENTER TO WIN ►The MN Millennial Farmer/GBX Custom Winchester SX4 www.goul..
Shop Talk, Smack Talk, and No-Till Disasters
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“I am taking you to my worst field, and I am bringing the internet with me,” Field Work’s Zach Johnson tells co-host Mitchell Hora on Mitchell’s first visit to the Johnson farm. Since the podcast is about what works and what doesn't in cons..
Tour of our farm shop!
Прагляды 284 тыс.2 гады таму
It's been requested several times, so here's a quick tour through our Morton Buildings farm shop that we had built in 2013. Sorry about the sound on this one, I had a case on my GoPro and for some reason it messed with the sound. MN Millennial Farm..
Harvesting Corn With a New Claas Combine
Прагляды 561 тыс.26 дзён таму
Harvesting Corn With a New Claas Combine. Ziegler CAT brought out a new Claas 760 combine for us to try out over the weekend for our corn harvest. My buddy Jon and I spent some time setting it up and then the next day we went wide open with it. So..
Прагляды 33 тыс.Месяц таму
Role playing as my favorite YT farmer. Come join as we set in the shoes as Zach the Millennial Farmer! You can find the Grain Cart mod off a post in Farming Simulator Anarchy facebook Group Map:
FarmFLiX - Episode 116 - The MAN behind the MILLENNIAL FARMER
Прагляды 110 тыс.Год таму
Find out more about Zach and his alter-ego the Millennial Farmer who is on a one-man mission to correct any mis-perceptions of farming with the city dwellers - watch more at
Last Day of Harvest 2019
Прагляды 374 тыс.20 дзён таму
Last Day of Harvest 2019! What a year.. Harvesting the last 80 acres, 50 of them being our county test plot. Then we play a game of tetris finding a spot for every last bushel of grain in the bins. Tillage Continues.. Demoing the 2660 Vertical Tillag..
Our MASSIVE American Grain Cart is here!
Прагляды 514 тыс.2 месяцы таму
J&M Manufacturing brought out a brand new grain cart with special American flag decals! Dakota Micro installed some of their new InnoPro cameras, and we ran over one with a John Deere tractor. Randy the Master Pipe Layer makes his BY-clips debut at ..
Field Work in Iowa
Прагляды 220 тыс.4 месяцы таму
Meeting up with my Field Work Co-Host Mitchell Hora with Continuum Ag. THE PROBLEM Quantifiable soil health data and standards are lacking. This gap creates uncertainty in how to achieve soil improvements and perpetuates lack of upside for growers...
MN Millennial Farmer Visits Welker Farms? - Harvest Episode 12
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MN Millennial Farmer & Welker Farms Collide. Good times, hopefully it happens again! Check out MN Millennial Farmer here: Check out the new Unverferth 1620 Grain Cart: -..
Just in CASE
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Top secret Meeting at an undisclosed location that I can't talk about just in Case things don't work out. Special Thank You to Our Video Sponsors WD40 ►New Dirt and Dust Resistant Dry Lube Available at Tractor Supply Company www.tractor..
Farm Girls Visit Their Dad in the Tractor!
Прагляды 143 тыс.Год таму
Farm Girls Visit Their Dad in the Tractor! My little girls brought lunch to the John Deere tractor during corn planting and we tried to beat the rain! My Website: My Amazon Store:
Laying Pipe with Master Pipe Layer Randy
Прагляды 403 тыс.4 месяцы таму
Laying Pipe with the Master Pipe Layer Randy. Randy and his team at Big Stone Ag are working on a Pattern Tile Job with their new Inter Drain til plow! Special Thank You to Our Video Sponsors Farmers Business Network ►Join FBN with a $100 savin..
Bonus Harvest Video
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Thanks to the National Pork Board for sponsoring a portion of this video! #HamsAcrossAmerica Bonus Harvest Video Special Thank You to Our Channel Sponsor Farmers Business Network ►Join FBN with a $100 savings ..
"Is this heaven? No, it's Iowa."
Прагляды 2,9 тыс.4 месяцы таму
A field day on Mitchell Hora’s farm is the occasion for Zach Johnson to visit his co-host in Iowa and to tease Mitchell about his Case tractor. Check out Zach’s great video, done in his signature “MN Millennial Farmer” style. A huge thanks..
Moving Snow as Slowly as Possible
Прагляды 791 тыс.11 месяцаў таму
Moving and blowing snow as slowly as I could! Things don't always go right and sometimes the job takes longer than it should! MN Millennial Farmer, Zach Johnson, is a 5th generation family farmer from West-Central Minnesota. Zach actively promote..