Something About MHW Iceborne ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) ❄️🐟

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  • After escaping the Bird Dimension and farming Kulve Taroth for months the Sapphire Stars, hunters Bill and Bogues, are back and ready to take on their most bone chilling quest yet!
    © TerminalMontage 2020
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    Jeremey Chinshue - Art, Animation, Backgrounds, SFX - Voice of Bill, Bogues and The Commander.
    Twitter: TerminalMontage
    Facebook: TerminalMontage/
    Instagram: jeremeyyyyyy
    The scream at 3:55 by Zach Hadel psychicpebble
    Vanessa Chinshue - Production Assistance
    Chelsea Livingstone - Voice of The Handler & The Tracker
    Tuna (one of the MH Math Guys) as Field Team Leader & The Seeker
    (Check them out to learn about the Mathematically Best MH Weapons, I learned a ton from them, now I'm META)
    Tracy on AcapelaBox - Voice of Serious Handler
    Bulby - Monster Hunter 16 Bit (SNES Star Fox Remix)відэа.html
    Bulby - Frappe Snowland 8 Bit Remix - Mario Kart 64відэа.html
    TheLegendOfRenegade - Marvel vs Capcom 2 - Cave Stage (Sega Genesis Remix)відэа.html
    TheLegendOfRenegade - Rent A Hero - Town Music 2 (SNES Remix)відэа.html
    TheLegendOfRenegade - Terminator 2 Judgment Day [GEN] - BGM 1 (SNES Remix)відэа.html
    Jay Varton - World War Five
    Xavy Rusan - Ga$ Money (Clean)
    EpidemicSound license provided by Frederator.
    For business inquiries and questions email us at:
    Credits theme; Garden Stage by Jattelloвідэа.html
    #SomethingSeries #Iceborne #MonsterHunterWorld #MonsterHunter #MHW #Capcom

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  • Joseph Hanicak
    Joseph Hanicak 20 дзён таму +1072

    What made you choose that song in particular? It fits way too well then it ever should, but why this? And did you ask permission from the actual rapper?

    • Inari
      Inari 2 години таму

      @Alec Ingulsrud mods aren't steam supported, just look it up on nexus mods or "mhw mods" on google, the installation process is VERY simple, i have like 30 gbs of mods

    • Xabier
      Xabier 12 годин таму

      @TerminalMontage You did It good job but when I was fighting that Monster the first time I tought: What tha f*** is this? The original one is so weird so If didnt expect this in the anination. Im fan.

    • Christopher Wilson
      Christopher Wilson Дзень таму

      For once, copyright laws improved something.

    • 아르곤ARGONE
      아르곤ARGONE 3 дні таму +2

      @Erik Haugan Xavy Rusan - Ga$ Money

    • Mysterion [kenny]
      Mysterion [kenny] 4 дні таму


  • Lillian Aggrey
    Lillian Aggrey 10 секунд таму

    What about mhu4

  • awesomeboy 27
    awesomeboy 27 49 хвілін таму

    So this means you used the bird up without getting copystriked?

  • Trevor carter
    Trevor carter Годину таму


  • Lylacor
    Lylacor 2 години таму

    4:01 even if its attacks matched the rythm of the rap I don't think it would make the fight easier if it did truly fight like this...

  • DXMario
    DXMario 5 годин таму

    'why didn't any of you help us?'
    Most real question of this video

  • Kelly Williams
    Kelly Williams 5 годин таму

    Where’d you get that song

  • Junky228
    Junky228 6 годин таму

    there's a lot of awesome and funny in the video, but for some reason what really broke me was 3:16 knocking over the water

  • some guy that is alive and might be dead

    I saw Kirby tattooed on the monster

    And he had his cross

  • ScorchCore
    ScorchCore 7 годин таму +1

    Hunters, you’ve saved the world. Now shara ishvalda will never make another mixtape again
    *why did none of you help us*
    fucking handler

  • Jayden N.L.
    Jayden N.L. 10 годин таму

    NO MORE BIRD UP!!! * exhaustion from laughing.*

  • John Brooks
    John Brooks 11 годин таму

    I love how they freaked out when they saw Bird Up (*Bird Up flashbacks intensifies*).

  • Yeet Meat
    Yeet Meat 11 годин таму

    Can someone confirm if this is the actual plot?

  • Jay Kim
    Jay Kim 13 годин таму +1

    3:49 *AY*

  • Adrian Perez
    Adrian Perez 13 годин таму

    This video is so temporarily

  • Baqir Karim
    Baqir Karim 14 годин таму

    Me turns on captions:
    Captions: calls 911. Fires floof

  • aspol15
    aspol15 16 годин таму

    Wait, the annoying handler actually dies in the dlc? XD

  • joshua frazier
    joshua frazier 17 годин таму

    Shara Ishvalda with bars hotter than its breath

  • Sawyer
    Sawyer 17 годин таму +1

    I think it's clear we need a full music video style rendition of Ga$ money staring Shara Ishvaldas. Give the people what they want terminal 👀

  • Kel Rek
    Kel Rek 22 години таму


  • Ivan UNCLE
    Ivan UNCLE 23 години таму

    Oh, my... That Terminator 2 (genesis) soundtrack on 1:45

  • Alan Postigo
    Alan Postigo Дзень таму

    3:50 name the music?plis

  • Bridyboo :3
    Bridyboo :3 Дзень таму

    what monster was at 2:15 ??

  • Kyrptin dude
    Kyrptin dude Дзень таму

    I'm stuck on vaal on ice borne

  • br000ly
    br000ly Дзень таму

    Dat mvc2 music tho

  • Just Tappy
    Just Tappy Дзень таму

    4:30 Mhw in a sentence

  • Angelos Ritter
    Angelos Ritter Дзень таму

    Arent we gonna talk about the narga smacking the dude and running away taking the Accessoire?

  • Claude Olson
    Claude Olson Дзень таму

    I still reference this video constantly with my friends. You and Scott have become the absolute paragons of video game animations, I swear.
    Literally every joke hits, every frame of animation is charming and hilarious. Y'all are legends.

  • Caleb Best
    Caleb Best Дзень таму

    2:35 (pause)

  • FonkyChongus
    FonkyChongus Дзень таму

    "Yo who cares, let's fight some monsters" - literally me the entire time I played world

  • Kyoya Murasaki
    Kyoya Murasaki Дзень таму

    5:45 yep, that's how Safi'jiva looks for me

  • Parker Sandahl
    Parker Sandahl Дзень таму +1

    Every now and then I have heard and seen growing trees but that’s sort of a ridiculous 2:30

  • Michael
    Michael Дзень таму +1

    Can't wait to see what he does for -Alatreon.-

  • Zilla Gamer
    Zilla Gamer Дзень таму +3

    2:19 me when someone take my Pringles

  • Blazin Hazin
    Blazin Hazin Дзень таму

    Everybody busta till the elder dragon start spitting bars

  • Slisp
    Slisp Дзень таму

    *Bird UP*

  • Henry Kamradt
    Henry Kamradt Дзень таму

    grandmas powerful tippy taps

  • Miguel Molisani
    Miguel Molisani Дзень таму +1

    1:42 - 1:45 that was kinda cute

  • Starmario
    Starmario Дзень таму +1

    3:49 lol

  • Zmexi gaming
    Zmexi gaming Дзень таму +1

    B I R D U P

  • Wojtek Sójka
    Wojtek Sójka Дзень таму +2

    1:04 poppy bros jr

    • Wojtek Sójka
      Wojtek Sójka Дзень таму


  • Arctic Moon
    Arctic Moon Дзень таму +1

    3:52 you have to pause and probably put it on half speed but on his upper arm you can see kirbo holding a cross while riding a star.

  • Jonopants
    Jonopants Дзень таму +1

    Grandma cat is so niiice and wholesome

  • Maurycy Osęka
    Maurycy Osęka Дзень таму +1

    Monsters - Sea Kings

  • ChipsAhoy 322
    ChipsAhoy 322 Дзень таму +1

    The outro song is what I want to know the most

  • MrBrokenTrucker
    MrBrokenTrucker Дзень таму +1

    The rap song had me in tears.
    Everything you make is like it's custom crafted to reavh into my head, pry out my funny center, and smack it around.

  • Mr. Spaps
    Mr. Spaps Дзень таму +1

    It’s raw

  • Zooch
    Zooch Дзень таму +2

    Was there a very small and quiet Gordon Ramsay clip saying that the aptonoth was raw?

  • Avalos Altair Miraos
    Avalos Altair Miraos Дзень таму +4

    3:28 - "They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts."
    Yup. Definitely something Grandma Babushkat would have on her wall. So wholesome.

  • Leon Trotsky
    Leon Trotsky Дзень таму +1

    The Winter War Colorized

  • Amani games
    Amani games Дзень таму +1

    2:00 MEGA goodra!

  • NPC
    NPC Дзень таму +2

    finally, a weapon to surpass Cardi B

  • brebeaa
    brebeaa Дзень таму +1

    I love how crazy the Monster Hunter ones are! 😂

  • João Gabriel
    João Gabriel Дзень таму +1

    3:50 the name of the song please
    ;-; I m Braziliam

  • Jayden Miller
    Jayden Miller Дзень таму +1

    I have so many questions 1.Why 2. WHY 3.i love your memes and artwork

  • Marley L
    Marley L Дзень таму +1

    3:24 we don’t talk about this move on

  • HyenaDog
    HyenaDog Дзень таму +1

    I can't stop watching this hahah

  • Fer Alejandrez
    Fer Alejandrez Дзень таму

    4:19 look we cab trow something to that pike and fall in the dragon, a "rock" in the floor!!!

  • Eric Gao
    Eric Gao Дзень таму +1

    What is that grandma scream from at 3:30

  • Juan Daniel De La Cruz Santos
    Juan Daniel De La Cruz Santos Дзень таму

    where is the rajang?

  • trickyagent127
    trickyagent127 Дзень таму

    Found your channel recently, would love to see a hollow knight one

  • Chris Hill
    Chris Hill Дзень таму

    3:30 GRANDMA!

  • Mister Brent
    Mister Brent Дзень таму

    But can we appreciate that hot ass 808 please

  • Titus Waugh
    Titus Waugh Дзень таму

    bird up needs to SHADDUP, just ples don't hurt me. ;-;
    also, I got a question, if you were in your universe, what would you do in it, since you are the creator of it

  • Aneoohh disio
    Aneoohh disio Дзень таму +1

    Bro this is just gameplay cutscenes from the game. Nothing original just scenes from the game

  • Marisa B.
    Marisa B. 2 дні таму

    Kylo Ren: I will not be seduced. Rey: Murderous Snake! Kylo Ren: 1:03

  • Ulises Garcia
    Ulises Garcia 2 дні таму +1

    Can they make something about doom eternal

  • Brush
    Brush 2 дні таму

    That rapping creature in the end isn't a Wyvern nor Elder Dragon.
    That thing is something else.

  • Nameless King
    Nameless King 2 дні таму

    Glavenous is Gordon Ramsey confirmed

  • Plusserninja 471
    Plusserninja 471 2 дні таму


    BUNNY ML 2 дні таму

    that chicken have ram

  • Mbc23 FR
    Mbc23 FR 2 дні таму


  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez 2 дні таму

    I didn’t expect the roblox death sound

  • Basically Someone
    Basically Someone 2 дні таму

    If Shara Ishvalda Looks like this im gonna spend a lot of money for Monster Hunter World Iceborn

  • Just A Tall Mexican
    Just A Tall Mexican 2 дні таму

    What were the songs played for Valkhana and Shara?

  • Arnout de Jong
    Arnout de Jong 2 дні таму

    Spotted that squirrel from ice age on timestamp 2:38

  • sXady
    sXady 2 дні таму

    0:08 can't go right second without the worst character popping up, no matter the monster world video.

  • Venuz ψ
    Venuz ψ 2 дні таму

    This masterpiece was enough to single handedly revamp my interest in MH
    Thank You

  • sopel Bum1ayu
    sopel Bum1ayu 2 дні таму

    3.50 LOL😂😂😂😂