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Steve Minecraft but ... 😂

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  • Апублікавана 14 Врс 2022

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      Anh VinhMC TV nè 🌹🌹🌹💐💐💐😱😱😱😱

    • Mai Ngoc
      Mai Ngoc 7 дзён таму


    • humansub
      humansub 7 дзён таму

      Steve = new Minecraft demon boss

    • Bert Valerio
      Bert Valerio 7 дзён таму


    • anor ALOO
      anor ALOO 7 дзён таму


  • Stormo Stormo
    Stormo Stormo 14 дзён таму +625

    I think that the progression as well as the obvious increase of power that the character gets at least visually definitely helps this video be both weird and cool at the same time

    • Valentino Pani
      Valentino Pani 12 дзён таму

      Man this comment was written by a true Chad look I can feel an amount of sigma energy just by reading it

    • Rajesh Choudhary
      Rajesh Choudhary 12 дзён таму


    • Universal_Super_Saiyan
      Universal_Super_Saiyan 12 дзён таму

      This is the new end boss XD atleast it should be

  • Jaygie Rose
    Jaygie Rose 3 дні таму +46

    "the horse tail"
    "Its just perfect✨😩"

  • AceNxt
    AceNxt Дзень таму

    Legends says hes still transforming till this day

  • 소율 이
    소율 이 Дзень таму +2

    "How to make Steve become the Lord of the Minecraft."

  • AlphaPopGaming
    AlphaPopGaming 2 дні таму +1

    Imagine casually playing minecraft and seeing that thing come towards you

  • Долбаса Кокторская
    Долбаса Кокторская 15 дзён таму +531

    Imagine THIS being final boss.

  • RoblaxionOfGamer
    RoblaxionOfGamer 10 годин таму +1

    "I present you my biggest creation!"
    "The Mob Tails!"

  • Mr. Krabs
    Mr. Krabs 3 дні таму

    Advancement unlocked: Become an eldritch being of unimaginable horrors

  • HorizonKid
    HorizonKid 9 годин таму

    I wouldnt be surprised if Mojang makes this a new boss fight

  • Un tipo cualquiera
    Un tipo cualquiera 22 години таму

    Por mi experiencia en rpgs concluyó que ese Steve es nivel máximo

  • clone
    clone 14 дзён таму +1868

    This is what my sleep paralysis demon looks like...
    Edited: so much likes thank you all

    • Silvia Seoane
      Silvia Seoane Дзень таму

      Mapa de Quindío

    • serendipia
      serendipia 4 дні таму

      Pero te voy a mostrar a mi

    • clone
      clone 5 дзён таму

      making fun of somebody for using autocorrect you guys think are so hilarious but you're really not

    • clone
      clone 5 дзён таму

      @jelly you got a problem?

    • Gregor Armando Candia
      Gregor Armando Candia 5 дзён таму

      😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎Utiliza el ícono de edición para fijar, agregar o borrar cips:Utiliza el ícono de edición para fijar, agregar o borrar cips:Utiliza el ícono de edición para fijar, agregar o borrar cips:Utiliza el ícono de edición para fijar, agregar o borrar cips:Utiliza el ícono de edición para fijar, agregar o borrar cips:Utiliza el ícono de edición para fijar, agregar o borrar cips:Utiliza el ícono de edición para fijar, agregar o borrar cips:Utiliza el ícono de edición para fijar, agregar o borrar cips:😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Froppy😎
    Froppy😎 Дзень таму

    how terrifying would it be to see this IRL?

  • 𝕾𝖎𝖗 𝕴𝖛𝖆𝖓
    𝕾𝖎𝖗 𝕴𝖛𝖆𝖓 Дзень таму

    That moment when you go on a walk and come home as an Eldrich god

  • BB gogeta Cris
    BB gogeta Cris 3 дні таму +31

    Cuando juntan todos los trabajos en la escuela:

  • ThatOneGuy
    ThatOneGuy 5 дзён таму +41

    Bro props to the camera man who avoided all the monsters and kept watching Steve, even after he became a horrifying monster.

    • EIVYDAS gr
      EIVYDAS gr 3 дні таму +1

      @I hate loud noobs! ✓ yes agreed

    • I hate loud noobs! ✓
      I hate loud noobs! ✓ 3 дні таму +2

      He is quite literally the fastest human life form to exist

  • Lindiwe mtanti Mtanti
    Lindiwe mtanti Mtanti Дзень таму

    He looked like a lion before he came across the creeper.It's cool too!

  • TheVirus0101
    TheVirus0101 2 дні таму

    Steve when Minecraft is almost all forgotten:

  • Hiro-nishimura
    Hiro-nishimura 18 годин таму

    la parte que mas me gusto fue cuando se convirtio en furro :v

  • Tanish Kumar
    Tanish Kumar 2 дні таму

    Legends say he is stronger than warden 🤣🤣

  • TheLazyOne
    TheLazyOne 6 дзён таму +6

    "Alright class, write down a three words sentence to describe Steve from Minecraft."

    • luxir dlin
      luxir dlin 3 дні таму

      The fun fact is that how much powerful did he become

  • Johnathan Brown
    Johnathan Brown Дзень таму

    If I saw this I would be running the other way it’s probably so op 😂

  • golden freddy fnaf
    golden freddy fnaf Дзень таму

    that should be a mob that stays around portals in all dimensions

  • DJT787
    DJT787 3 дні таму

    Who ever made this is an animation "god" 😆

  • 빈드
    빈드 Дзень таму

    저게 정말로 마인크래프트에 출시가 된다면 제일 강하고 최강 생물일 것이에요

  • Your Future Overlord
    Your Future Overlord 11 дзён таму +30

    I like how all the mobs are looking at him as he walks by like: "You're seeing this too, right?"

  • GhostywolfX
    GhostywolfX  Дзень таму

    That looks so cool! I wish this was a Minecraft skin

  • MadisonxxRabbit
    MadisonxxRabbit 2 дні таму +2

    Pov: Notch makes the most dangerous monster:

  • Aizeah Basa
    Aizeah Basa 14 годин таму

    "Bro, this furry looks crazy. This one might be a challenge to us brother."

  • ArtsyChoco
    ArtsyChoco Дзень таму

    Imagine having this monstrosity appear in your dreams

  • OwlsoftheNight_Yt
    OwlsoftheNight_Yt 14 дзён таму +56

    That honestly looks scarier than anything I've seen in Minecraft. I wish that was a mob so people can use it to scare their friends

  • michael barkell
    michael barkell 2 дні таму

    Me when I'm about to die in Minecraft 😂

  • Cloud Rovel Official
    Cloud Rovel Official 3 дні таму


  • BlessaAudrisdebrisdeeta
    BlessaAudrisdebrisdeeta 12 годин таму

    me getting every weapon in the game

  • Алексей Валькович

    Интересно ,а вдруг его добавят как сбежавший эксперимент пиледжерев в Майнкрафт

  • Epicman99
    Epicman99 10 дзён таму +117

    "So.. what exactly are you?"
    Steve: "Yes."

  • •WaterMelon•
    •WaterMelon• 10 годин таму

    well he just turned into a goddess 👍

  • What
    What 2 дні таму

    He actually looks good😅

  • GamerPadi
    GamerPadi Дзень таму

    This should be a new Boss in MC i swear this looks creepy and great

  • Lk Rick
    Lk Rick Дзень таму

    Imagina se existisse um novo personagem feminino ia ser top o mob filho da Alex é do steve

  • The Randomizer
    The Randomizer 11 дзён таму +16

    I'd love to see someone draw this to the best of their ability, I can't cause I can't draw yet but I love this idea

  • Chrissy
    Chrissy Дзень таму +2

    "What kind of dog is he?"

  • Catz50
    Catz50 10 годин таму

    When Steve uses every chaos emerald:

  • ramos santa
    ramos santa 5 годин таму

    Steve malísimo, poder : telepatía, fatiga minera etc.

  • DON'T
    DON'T 3 дні таму

    Steve could just one kill all the mobs now cause he's OP

  • Gregory7363
    Gregory7363 11 дзён таму +597

    “Ok son what do you wanna be when you grow up?”

  • ShmeerBurger
    ShmeerBurger 3 дні таму +1

    you can't even tell that it was Steve before

  • Boxbliss
    Boxbliss 3 дні таму

    That’s not Steve, that’s Sebastian 😳

  • Siphosenkosi Mbambo
    Siphosenkosi Mbambo 9 годин таму

    Steve is now the God of Minecraft

  • Ferns world
    Ferns world 2 дні таму

    This looks like a Mojang studios made this for the last boss battle after you fight the ender dragon

  • Voidbacon
    Voidbacon 10 дзён таму +99

    “Alcohol won’t affect my child 😂”
    The Child:

    • Voidbacon
      Voidbacon 9 дзён таму

      @Zeenat Shaikh Yes because that word is 🤬

    • Voidbacon
      Voidbacon 9 дзён таму

      @Lenka Sotak Benedekova Hi

    • Lenka Sotak Benedekova
      Lenka Sotak Benedekova 9 дзён таму


    • a bdledi
      a bdledi 9 дзён таму

      @Zeenat Shaikh هههههههههههههههه 😄😝😆🤣🤪😗😞🙏✌🙌💪🦻💑👨‍👩‍👦

    • Zeenat Shaikh
      Zeenat Shaikh 9 дзён таму +1

      "Holy shi*t who swapped the dr*gs with alchohol again?"

  • Romansci
    Romansci Дзень таму

    Man that thing looks absolutely horrifying.

  • jccpk
    jccpk 3 дні таму

    Strongest version of Steve be like

  • Sanzein Eishi
    Sanzein Eishi 3 дні таму

    Cool, imagine if it was really added

  • mrmrssilva
    mrmrssilva 3 дні таму

    Wow I love it I'm gonna try to find it as a resource pack in minecraft🤔😀

  • Zazycat 1000
    Zazycat 1000 10 дзён таму +369

    “All dreams have meanings.”

  • Violeta Lande
    Violeta Lande Дзень таму

    Nova inscrita ☺

  • DizzyFrog 🇺🇦
    DizzyFrog 🇺🇦 Дзень таму

    The one guy that sings in the forest be like:

  • Spykie
    Spykie 3 дні таму

    How about the Warden fights Steve when he's mixed into mobs?

  • 𝒜𝓀𝒾𝓇𝒶07
    𝒜𝓀𝒾𝓇𝒶07 3 дні таму

    imagine becoming the new boss

  • XOD_SilentWraith
    XOD_SilentWraith 10 дзён таму +39

    I wanna see that as a boss.
    Each stage of it, honestly.

  • Demanz
    Demanz 2 дні таму

    he actually looks dopetho

  • it me @:-)(+_+)
    it me @:-)(+_+) 17 годин таму

    Oh my god funny 🤣🤣🤣 I just laugh very hard .

  • Kev games
    Kev games  Дзень таму

    they should make this a minecraft boss lol

  • BG
    BG 2 дні таму +1

    Amagine if this is final boss of Minecraft ,playes be 🥴

  • Collided Universes
    Collided Universes 13 дзён таму +172

    everyone gangsta till the player changes his name to Jacob half human / half wolf / half demon / half dragon / half zombie / half which / gets angry / has magical dragon powers / has teleportation powers / magical king

    • Void animations
      Void animations 12 дзён таму

      That's basically a kid finding out your a furry

    • Void animations
      Void animations 12 дзён таму


    • Hakata
      Hakata 12 дзён таму

      @v1nce They were only correcting the person

    • Wolfie (no one)
      Wolfie (no one) 13 дзён таму

      @coolfredboy123 basically everyone I don't get rping it's just weird the worst game was brought to Roblox gacha now there is gacha online in Roblox and it's as bad as you think

    • coolfredboy123
      coolfredboy123 13 дзён таму

      @Alphine 🌈 nahh thats brookhaven roleplayers

  • Achmad Kurnia Mulyadharma
    Achmad Kurnia Mulyadharma 2 дні таму

    that one kid in the squad that use the goofy but good skin:

  • [/+Oreo+\]
    [/+Oreo+\] 3 дні таму

    That one mob before their original design:

  • axolotl jack
    axolotl jack 18 годин таму

    Someone please make this into a mod

  • Юрий Ивахов
    Юрий Ивахов 3 дні таму

    Его теперь в хорроры можно запускать

  • Rengoku
    Rengoku 9 дзён таму +25

    What an absolute godly figure he has made

  • Khin Ye
    Khin Ye 4 години таму

    He’s even more powerful then herobrine

  • luz mary tenorio ceron
    luz mary tenorio ceron 3 дні таму

    Al inicio parecía un furro xDDDD

  • jisha
    jisha Дзень таму

    This thing should be added minecraft as a 4 boss battle it would be epic :)

  • 🌺 Nezuko 🌺
    🌺 Nezuko 🌺 3 дні таму


  • Jen Reid
    Jen Reid 21 годину таму

    Steves mutation in a nutshell

  • jojo Ливси
    jojo Ливси 3 дні таму +1

    Стив: благодаря каменной маске и камню эйша я стал богом, тебе не победить меня дракон края, в мире нет ничего что может одолеть бога!

  • ●D1@n@●
    ●D1@n@● 2 дні таму

    Why do I rhink this could be a good mod for Minecraft?

  • Fireway
    Fireway Дзень таму

    Bros lookin creepy as heck!

  • D3vilDr1zzleD@yz
    D3vilDr1zzleD@yz 13 дзён таму +158

    This looks weirdly awesome 🤩

  • Spindervox
    Spindervox Дзень таму

    Before creeper came by, I thought that was predator

  • Давуд
    Давуд 2 дні таму

    мои сны при температуре 40:

  • Rodeza Monterde
    Rodeza Monterde 2 дні таму

    A new mod in minecraft😂

  • Nickolas Foote
    Nickolas Foote 3 дні таму

    Alex or a different player: Why do u look like that? Steve: It's my Halloween costume

  • Gummy
    Gummy 14 дзён таму +2384

    4yo me making a potion with different shampoos in a bath tub:
    (Edit) GUYS, yeah. I know we did this in our whole childhood.
    (Edit 2) Thanks, guys. Maybe a little bit more would work..
    (Edit 3) Alright, that's a good amount of likes.

    • Wenhao Yin
      Wenhao Yin 17 годин таму

      Lmao same

    • Emiliano Gamboa Ramos
      Emiliano Gamboa Ramos Дзень таму

      My Lil's brother dropped the entire 'potion' on me and I 'accidentaly' drank a bit... It had piss

    • JustCallMeSilly
      JustCallMeSilly 2 дні таму

      because that just wasting shampoo

    DISARMHIMJERRY456 2 дні таму

    Imagine seeing this in your Minecraft world

  • Opy Nuqui
    Opy Nuqui 3 дні таму

    if this was added in minecraft this would be the STRONGEST mob

  • Karina
    Karina Дзень таму

    Мне кажется его нужно сделать как непобедимого босса

  • SmileGamez
    SmileGamez 14 годин таму

    That shit needs to be a boss in a mod

  • YourOrdinaryCarl
    YourOrdinaryCarl 11 дзён таму +136

    "all dreams have meanings"
    My dream:

  • BGTS Lolina Punis
    BGTS Lolina Punis 8 годин таму


  • Phoenix Blox 1135
    Phoenix Blox 1135 5 годин таму


  • Dat Nguyen
    Dat Nguyen 2 дні таму +1

    Sự kết hợp bá đạo=)))

  • deadheadshot boom
    deadheadshot boom 3 дні таму

    Bruh that would be a terrifying mob if it was added

  • KawsGotAssVibes
    KawsGotAssVibes 12 дзён таму +358

    Looks like a boss that I would not wanna come around with-

  • sky
    sky 2 дні таму +1

    Steve: ima just walk 😌

  • Yoledis Osorio Berrio
    Yoledis Osorio Berrio Дзень таму

    Steven versión dios😎

  • Diluches Ngiraibai
    Diluches Ngiraibai 3 дні таму

    Imagine fighting this...😱

  • JayantaTalukdar
    JayantaTalukdar 3 дні таму

    Minecraft 1.20 should add this new boss in the game

  • 버터왕
    버터왕 13 дзён таму +6

    평범한 스티브가 고수가 되는과정(?)