YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record | #YouTubeRewind

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  • Апублікавана 5 Снж 2019
  • In 2018, we made something you didn’t like. For Rewind 2019, let’s see what you DID like.
    Celebrating the creators, music and moments that mattered most to you in 2019.
    To learn how the top lists in Rewind were generated:
    Top lists featured the following channels:
    @1MILLION Dance Studio
    @Ariana Grande
    @Awez Darbar
    @Billie Eilish
    @Black Gryph0n
    @Daddy Yankee
    @David Dobrik
    @Dude Perfect
    @Felipe Neto
    @Galen Hooks
    @James Charles
    @Kylie Jenner
    @Lil Dicky
    @Lil Nas X
    @LOUD Babi
    @LOUD Coringa
    @Magnet World
    @Nilson Izaias Papinho Oficial
    @Noah Schnapp
    @백종원의 요리비책 Paik's Cuisine
    @Shawn Mendes
    @Team Naach
    @하루한끼 one meal a day
    To see the full list of featured channels in Rewind 2019, visit:
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  • sakura yashiro
    sakura yashiro 5 годин таму

    Someone called WatchMojo

  • Shantanu Singh
    Shantanu Singh 5 годин таму

    Why no tech??

  • Bloom Flower
    Bloom Flower 5 годин таму +1

    Say sike right now

  • Nicholas Owens
    Nicholas Owens 5 годин таму

    I would choose rewind 2018 over this

  • Luxki
    Luxki 5 годин таму


  • L1NK
    L1NK 5 годин таму


  • Baling87
    Baling87 5 годин таму +1

    The past years's rewind was MUUUUUCH BETTER

  • jmbay2002
    jmbay2002 5 годин таму

    Everyone is talking about bots leaving positive comments and stuff. Let’s all remember thought the first BY-clips rewind was just like this. I appreciate BY-clips recognizing that the viewers are just as much apart of the community as the corporation. I think I speak for everyone when I say this is a great step in the right direction. We would like to see it as live action however. Seeing everyone come together, rivalries and brotherhoods coming together to make a video where everyone can just mess around, have a good time and nonchalantly recognize the major strides we have made. Thank you BY-clips. We appreciate it but we still want more.
    -BY-clips Viewers.

  • Beatbox Idk
    Beatbox Idk 5 годин таму

    Already more dislikes than likes in a day...

  • Matthieu BOULANGER
    Matthieu BOULANGER 5 годин таму

    Ils foutent quoi squeezie et Aya Nakamura ?!?

  • Juan Pablo IC
    Juan Pablo IC 5 годин таму

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Literally no one on Earth:

    Where is Ricardo Milos?

  • GoldenTHUNDER
    GoldenTHUNDER 5 годин таму +1

    Honestly BY-clips doesn't even try anymore like this looks so lazy

  • Memer336
    Memer336 5 годин таму +1

    The start: Bruh K-pop is cringe
    The end: Wow well done k pop

  • Mucas
    Mucas 5 годин таму

    This is gay

  • Lil Whip
    Lil Whip 5 годин таму +1

    Gay 1/5 would not watch agin

  • Time Lapses
    Time Lapses 5 годин таму

    Lmao even my time lapses are better than 2019's youtube rewind😂😂😂😂
    Would mean the world if u would check them out tho:)
    30 second videos with amazing underrated music:)

  • el dinosaurio illuminati 2.0
    el dinosaurio illuminati 2.0 5 годин таму

    La pregunta es


  • AUsDorian
    AUsDorian 5 годин таму +1

    Make a video of what have more like becuse you get dislikes the last time
    Isn't good idea of you only put Randomizado clips like of it was a top
    You aren't even reviewing where is the Area 51,Shaggy? You didn't even put anything truly famus just whit more visits

  • Yesine16
    Yesine16 5 годин таму

    Well they did it again
    more dislikes than likes
    They must be very smart to pull that out because i cant do that !

  • A-T-A-G
    A-T-A-G 5 годин таму

    Better than the last one, but still bad.

  • Pablo Lopez
    Pablo Lopez 5 годин таму

    Jays version is better

  • dimas kjd
    dimas kjd 5 годин таму

    4:58 ASSHIAAAAAPPP!1!1! aowaowka

  • feelingshare
    feelingshare 5 годин таму

    Oh Squeezie au debut :)

  • TamirTheNoscoper tamir
    TamirTheNoscoper tamir 5 годин таму

    BY-clips 2019: We tried and it was trash, so what if we don't try?

  • Deacon Kindel
    Deacon Kindel 5 годин таму +1

    BY-clips is just rehashing other creators content. Yes, we didn’t like what BY-clips did last year but that doesn’t mean to get people’s content and slap it into a compilation video. We want BY-clips to actually do something this year. At least BY-clips DID something the previous time.

  • Chrisdestroyer14
    Chrisdestroyer14 5 годин таму

    Whoever watches jelly, lazerbeam, David dobrik and pewdiepie are sad

  • Masimba
    Masimba 5 годин таму +1

    This is just a basic compilation

  • Jesus Antonio Flores Navarro
    Jesus Antonio Flores Navarro 5 годин таму

    Fortnite debio quedar primero

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 5 годин таму

    Hmmm... looks like they didn’t like this either... sorry BY-clips lol

  • Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez 5 годин таму

    This is not a rewind

  • Fins Wrestling life
    Fins Wrestling life 5 годин таму +1

    It’s just cheap

  • ghostBESI
    ghostBESI 5 годин таму

    i liked becuse is GARENA FREE FIRE IN IT!!!

  • Mr. shaurmaiu
    Mr. shaurmaiu 5 годин таму +1

    Now everyone will put dislikes just for no reason ...

  • Super Clash
    Super Clash 5 годин таму +1

    I don't think this deserve so mutch dislikes

  • L1NK
    L1NK 5 годин таму


  • Keane The Creeper King
    Keane The Creeper King 5 годин таму

    Is this actually BY-clips rewind

  • Íñigo 321
    Íñigo 321 5 годин таму +1

    Faltaban los memes mas vistos del mundo

  • VivaLaObesidad
    VivaLaObesidad 5 годин таму

    Badabun is trash

  • Time Lapses
    Time Lapses 5 годин таму

    Lmao even my time lapses are better than 2019's youtube rewind😂😂😂😂
    Would mean the world if u would check them out tho:)
    30 second videos with amazing underrated music:)

  • wthywannt wthcc
    wthywannt wthcc 5 годин таму

    Omg this is gonna be the most disliked video again

  • RealFatihK
    RealFatihK 5 годин таму

    I'll watch this video 30 times because Minecraft part is just 3 seconds long.

  • C - Kek
    C - Kek 5 годин таму

    Where is the top 10 vibes list?

    MOONiE REV 5 годин таму

    It hurts

  • Tony Madalin
    Tony Madalin 5 годин таму

    Only i think pewdiepie's rewinds is more good?

  • Dyeyo
    Dyeyo 5 годин таму

    Cada año es peor, que asco

  • james karanja
    james karanja 5 годин таму

    As long as kursgesagt pewdiepie and lazarbeam is here I'm happy I love u content creators

  • Ana :v
    Ana :v 5 годин таму +1


  • AndyGamingYT
    AndyGamingYT 5 годин таму

    I swear to god there was a comment from BY-clips here about an hour ago... Where has it gone??

  • Diakoistrash
    Diakoistrash 5 годин таму +1

    It okay but extremely lazy :/

  • Pudrzó 204
    Pudrzó 204 5 годин таму


  • Jorge Graña
    Jorge Graña 5 годин таму

    Minecraft being in top one was epic

  • Trenten Kawas
    Trenten Kawas 5 годин таму

    Wait, can the creators copyright claim this video for using other creators videos?!??

  • Bill Dakis
    Bill Dakis 5 годин таму

    The fact that BY-clips makes millions of dollars and this is their huge yearly special that they already bombed last year and have to make it up to us and this is what they give us?? And the fact that I could take these clips and make the same video. We love BY-clips but this is two years now

  • Bilal Mukri
    Bilal Mukri 5 годин таму


  • jaad jabban
    jaad jabban 5 годин таму

    Why did they hire someone so dumb to think of these idea

  • Silva32k
    Silva32k 5 годин таму +1

    Nombe puro gringo

  • Abdullah bin saad
    Abdullah bin saad 5 годин таму +1

    some good creators should be included for a round of applause

  • Dream 8968
    Dream 8968 5 годин таму

    Y’all a challenge let’s make this the most disliked video on BY-clips to troll them

  • • M Ï L À G Ã Ç H Ä •
    • M Ï L À G Ã Ç H Ä • 5 годин таму

    Honestly I low-key feel like BY-clips just deliberately memed on all of us like "okay so ya didn't like the video we put all this effort into yet still turned out bad in your eyes so let's see what you did like!"
    *One minute later*
    "Oh wow yes, #1 a guy having eggs thrown at him and an old man making slime.... We really value your opinions people :D"

  • mars
    mars 5 годин таму

    nah change it back making fun of youtube rewind was the best part