YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record | #YouTubeRewind

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  • Апублікавана 5 Снж 2019
  • In 2018, we made something you didn’t like. For Rewind 2019, let’s see what you DID like.
    Celebrating the creators, music and moments that mattered most to you in 2019.
    To learn how the top lists in Rewind were generated:
    Top lists featured the following channels:
    @1MILLION Dance Studio
    @Ariana Grande
    @Awez Darbar
    @Billie Eilish
    @Black Gryph0n
    @Daddy Yankee
    @David Dobrik
    @Dude Perfect
    @Felipe Neto
    @Galen Hooks
    @James Charles
    @Kylie Jenner
    @Lil Dicky
    @Lil Nas X
    @LOUD Babi
    @LOUD Coringa
    @Magnet World
    @Nilson Izaias Papinho Oficial
    @Noah Schnapp
    @백종원의 요리비책 Paik's Cuisine
    @Shawn Mendes
    @Team Naach
    @하루한끼 one meal a day
    To see the full list of featured channels in Rewind 2019, visit:
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  • Agri_a Thakuri
    Agri_a Thakuri 9 годин таму

    BY-clips Rewind 2019 is the first most disliked video ever

  • Hearty
    Hearty 9 годин таму

    And they did not Even Name Etikas Name Wow But They showed A CLIP of JAMES CHARLES INSTEAD WOW

  • Seema Premji
    Seema Premji 9 годин таму

    Ho waaa

  • Alfie Law NAUTTP
    Alfie Law NAUTTP 9 годин таму

    you know what this is the worst video ever I am going to watch Carol of the Bells 2007 - Holdman Christmas Lights
    instead of this poopy rewind

  • Patri Ledesma
    Patri Ledesma 9 годин таму

    Si pudieran hacer una Rewind en español se les agradecería 😊

  • xXSoulTakerXx
    xXSoulTakerXx 9 годин таму

    We need to make a comment have more likes than the video that way they will really know it’s bad

  • The Anthony
    The Anthony 9 годин таму

    I think BY-clips rewind 2019 is worse than 2019?

  • João victor Sacramento abreu
    João victor Sacramento abreu 9 годин таму

    Hahahahah hahahahah..... This is Siriously

  • GuyMusic
    GuyMusic 9 годин таму

    Just stop BY-clips. Why you don't do what ee ask for!

  • IntroMaker
    IntroMaker 9 годин таму

    Well it is still better than 2018s rewind so im happy

  • Andrew Nicholson
    Andrew Nicholson 9 годин таму

    Unless you can do better, don't expect us to raise that finger in our hands we call a thumb.

  • Araz Aliyev
    Araz Aliyev 10 годин таму

    It's really the way you guys edit the video... Have you not learned anything? Don't try again next year please. Let someone else do it, anyone else.

  • Rasbisk 08
    Rasbisk 08 10 годин таму

    Ewwwwww t sewies

  • Ouufa 978
    Ouufa 978 10 годин таму +1

    excuse me youtube, i’m not watching any rewind videos anymore that’s it i learned the lesson

  • Шамиль Гаджиев
    Шамиль Гаджиев 10 годин таму

    Удалите канал аскерханова марьям из было нарушение моих прав

  • Runger
    Runger 10 годин таму +1

    Please like the comment

  • C H 1 N 4 M 4 N
    C H 1 N 4 M 4 N 10 годин таму

    We need more dislikes on this video pls.

  • Maximise Gaming
    Maximise Gaming 10 годин таму +1

    Just getting badder and badder.

  • Royland Corcega
    Royland Corcega 10 годин таму +1

    This Good

    • Speed Star
      Speed Star 10 годин таму

      You smoking? This is a wannabe watch mojo

  • Mumiaty 2
    Mumiaty 2 10 годин таму

    PLS give BY-clips Rewind to PewDiePie

  • mathew pogii
    mathew pogii 10 годин таму

    In rewind 2018 you did something we dont like in 2019 we make a top 10 watch mojo video of most likes

  • B Rabbit
    B Rabbit 10 годин таму

    Aight ! See ya next year for another deception

  • B Rabbit
    B Rabbit 10 годин таму +1

    Boring af

  • Annis chan
    Annis chan 10 годин таму


  • damon pascua
    damon pascua 10 годин таму

    Logan Paul vs. KSI?
    Passing of Etika and JUICE WRLD?
    Pewdiepie vs. T-Series?
    Congratulations with 8m Likes?
    Are you guys blind?
    Or maybe its innapropriate but yeah.

  • Jawad †
    Jawad † 10 годин таму

    tffoo nha wldik

  • 「01」Arkın Lordofpros
    「01」Arkın Lordofpros 10 годин таму

    *not rewind of the youtube*

  • Saturno Ø
    Saturno Ø 10 годин таму


  • Мирослав Бабенко
    Мирослав Бабенко 10 годин таму

    Тут русские есть?

    PÅRADOX GAMING 10 годин таму

    Nice WatchMojo video where's the rewind tho

    GRAY WOLF 10 годин таму

    it's so sad that youtube copystrikes a whole video just cause of a little part of the video of someone else content even though they stole a whole watch mojo video

  • Sparrow201
    Sparrow201 11 годин таму

    0:27 no its YOUR fault now, guys, you liked the videos so it is because of YOU

  • Joshua N
    Joshua N 11 годин таму

    I love this video, well done youtube !

  • Jessica Lindgren
    Jessica Lindgren 11 годин таму +1

    Ok a little bit cringe 😬 but…At LEAST it was better then 2018,ahh just saying that word makes me want to vomit 🤢🤮 anyways They can always make a better one in 2020

  • marco-asens
    marco-asens 11 годин таму +1

    Esto no sirve de nada si leen esto ballan a youtube rewind habla espana de alecmolon

  • Haritha A
    Haritha A 11 годин таму

    It is ok but not happy for this video

  • Alexandru Corlan
    Alexandru Corlan 11 годин таму

    i dont know anybody from this video

  • Rafael Guerrero
    Rafael Guerrero 11 годин таму

    La vieja escuela se manifestará :3

  • tasukiiloveyou
    tasukiiloveyou 12 годин таму


  • Danel Kirtley
    Danel Kirtley 12 годин таму

    BY-clips take this mini player disabler off most things it happens for are blatantly not for kids and no kids watch this account so please make it an opt in system because it's really pissing me off

  • haribo white
    haribo white 12 годин таму

    우와 한국꺼 많다 코리아 손들어🤚

  • Santiago Bernabeu Victor y Ravi
    Santiago Bernabeu Victor y Ravi 12 годин таму


  • Kai Dyer
    Kai Dyer 12 годин таму

    CAN U PUT MY COMMENTS BACK ON THE BOTTOM like why would you change it

  • Arryan Yudianto
    Arryan Yudianto 12 годин таму

    Ini mah calon sarjana, 10 video paling banyak di like di youtube...

  • MaksShowAnimations
    MaksShowAnimations 12 годин таму +1

    Where war PewDiePie vs T-Series?

  • Ariq Nizar
    Ariq Nizar 13 годин таму


  • Kronus Corona
    Kronus Corona 13 годин таму +1

    Esta bien que hayan puesto lo que más gusto de los videos de el año,pero esto simplemente no es un rewind, solo es lo más visto en BY-clips, faltaron los memes, la batalla de t series vs pewdipie entre otras cosas pero este no es un rewind, por esa razón la comunidad damos dislikes y hablo por todos

  • a.ali2k5
    a.ali2k5 13 годин таму

    Dear *BY-clips* ,
    Stop making BY-clips Rewinds.
    Your's sincerely,
    *Your audience*

  • a.ali2k5
    a.ali2k5 13 годин таму

    Thank You.

  • hmm
    hmm 13 годин таму

    okay we get it it’s kpop

  • Swap YT
    Swap YT 13 годин таму

    They didnt even @ @Atta Halilintar

  • TeeJayX6
    TeeJayX6 13 годин таму

    I never even watched these videos? This wasn't even trending wtf?

  • Carlos Lopez
    Carlos Lopez 13 годин таму

    “Because you’re better at this than we are” passive aggressive much?

  • Endra Furi
    Endra Furi 13 годин таму

    If they were BY-clips...

  • Broccoli Boi
    Broccoli Boi 13 годин таму

    Lets make this 20 million dislikes cmon guys

  • 000000
    000000 14 годин таму

    Bruh 8.6 m dislikes smh

  • Socks Unbox
    Socks Unbox 14 годин таму

    Why so many dislikes I actually liked it

    • Zumz
      Zumz 11 годин таму

      Obviously youve never seen a rewind to be THINKING this is one

  • Bing Bong
    Bing Bong 14 годин таму

    Can I get some likes on this comment pls

  • TheBattleNetwork
    TheBattleNetwork 14 годин таму

    I mean 2018 was worse...

    But it’s still bad.

    • Zumz
      Zumz 11 годин таму

      At LEAST 2018 was a rewind

  • Degon
    Degon 14 годин таму +1

    Кто от ютуб "чё там"

    • руслан майнкрафтер про
      руслан майнкрафтер про 14 годин таму

      И ты только что узнал что ютуб ревайнд прошол он ещё месяц прошол и нет я не от юч