Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - First Look Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019

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  • Апублікавана 11 Чэр 2019
  • The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now in development for Nintendo Switch!
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  • Egg Man
    Egg Man Дзень таму +1

    Went from survival adventure to survival horror real hard.

  • Kyshaun Heard
    Kyshaun Heard Дзень таму +1

    Tell me why I thought this was going to be a horror game🤦🏽‍♂️

  • The Future gamer
    The Future gamer Дзень таму

    LOZ BOTW the next horror game franchise

  • BlitzSterz
    BlitzSterz Дзень таму

    wtf did i just wacth

  • Juanma Romero
    Juanma Romero Дзень таму


  • Alucard Of Romania
    Alucard Of Romania Дзень таму

    Link to Zelda: So Calamity Ganon was the last Ganon ever? Right?

    Zelda: I think so. Its said Ganon gave up reincarnation into a physical form.

    *Orochimaru's theme begins to play*

    Ganondorf: Looks like its time for some fun!

  • Gamingnerd19 Emonerd
    Gamingnerd19 Emonerd Дзень таму

    Link: I finally killed Ganon!
    Ganon: *Pulls out an uno reverse card*

  • Sladewilson27
    Sladewilson27 Дзень таму

    Ganondorf: TEN THOUSAND YEARS. Will give you such a crick in the neck

  • Milky Way
    Milky Way Дзень таму

    D A D D Y Y E S

  • Alucard Of Romania
    Alucard Of Romania Дзень таму

    I must ask! Who else wants to see the *Link X Zelda* relationship grow more in this game along with Ganondorf coming back as the main bad guy with dungeons!? I do!

    FROGPUZZ Дзень таму +1

    Link telling his kids

    *100 YEARS AGO*

  • The Zenith Serene
    The Zenith Serene Дзень таму

    since ganon is dead and can't resurrect himself, I think someone is doing it for him. theory yeet

  • Кейти Тамира
    Кейти Тамира Дзень таму

    I really hope this game will HAVE DUNGEONS!!!

  • Gabriel Kattick
    Gabriel Kattick Дзень таму

    Watch this take more than a year like the first one

  • JK Links
    JK Links Дзень таму

    Ad Developer: How many visual effects?
    Nintendo: Yes.

  • Creeper Gamer
    Creeper Gamer Дзень таму

    Link: I killed ganon
    Ganon: hold my sword

  • PiKaZaRd O
    PiKaZaRd O Дзень таму +1

    0:30 It’s that rat that saved the avengers! I wonder what role he will play this time...

  • PiKaZaRd O
    PiKaZaRd O Дзень таму

    0:30 It’s that rat that saved the avengers! I wonder what role he will play this time...

  • PiKaZaRd O
    PiKaZaRd O Дзень таму +1

    0:30 oh shoot. It’s a rat.

  • gamingwthme
    gamingwthme Дзень таму

    This is hella creepy

  • moonpvff
    moonpvff Дзень таму +1

    the rat is going to be the real villain

  • Mafia Bear
    Mafia Bear Дзень таму

    Can ganon just like stay dead pls thx

  • Lakie Smith
    Lakie Smith Дзень таму

    Link: I finally defeated Ganon.

    Anni OO

  • SabinaCe
    SabinaCe Дзень таму

    Oh nooo

  • Elaine WindWaker
    Elaine WindWaker Дзень таму

    Oh, I'm excited

  • Joshiro Dheda
    Joshiro Dheda Дзень таму

    Please make it co-op! With Zelda as being player 2!! SERIOUSLY GIVE US THIS
    OR!! If it has to remain single player, please allow Zelda to actually follow Link around and assist Link in finding stuff and long-range attacks, while you as Link has to protect her from all the dangers. If she dies or you die it's game over, so allow them to be able to heal each other too

  • Julian Craft
    Julian Craft Дзень таму

    I almost pissed my pants when ganon moved

  • It's a Turtle!
    It's a Turtle! Дзень таму

    Zelda: not agaaaaaaaaiiiiinnn.

  • Cheese
    Cheese Дзень таму

    Link: I finally killed ganon!
    Ganon: *I dont think so!*

  • Junior Martinez
    Junior Martinez Дзень таму


  • Junior Martinez
    Junior Martinez Дзень таму


  • Batben01
    Batben01 Дзень таму

    Cyberpunk 2077: I'm going to be the show stealer at E3, heck i even got Keanu Reeves at our presentation. Japan, California, and even Washington state don't have a prayer, Poland is going to be the future of video gaming.

    Legend Of Zelda sequel: Hold my beer.

  • Osinacho GAMER
    Osinacho GAMER Дзень таму


  • U don’t need to know Ok buddy
    U don’t need to know Ok buddy Дзень таму

    I beat botw 3 times let’s see how challenging this one is I’m hyped

  • GJ_Paws
    GJ_Paws Дзень таму +2

    The audio gives me Twilight Princess vibes

  • Clouded _Skies
    Clouded _Skies Дзень таму +4

    Link: * finally defeats Gannon *
    Link: “HAH”

    *why do I hear boss music

  • MaxDaBoom
    MaxDaBoom Дзень таму


  • This Was
    This Was Дзень таму

    Let us play as zelda

  • Clouded _Skies
    Clouded _Skies Дзень таму +1

    Haven’t even completed botw yet
    I’m hyped

  • Rob Pros
    Rob Pros Дзень таму

    The only bummer is that it won't be on the WiiU...

  • abyaan samad
    abyaan samad Дзень таму

    the music kinda sounds reversed.

  • RayzaGaming
    RayzaGaming Дзень таму

    Will we get our stuff from the old breath of the wild?

  • Tomas Bedoya
    Tomas Bedoya Дзень таму +2

    Now what we need is a prequel, Hyrule before Calamity Ganon

  • Riley S
    Riley S Дзень таму

    anyone else notice the guardian music playing in the middle?

  • DRAGON101
    DRAGON101 Дзень таму

    Pls tell me this is real! I was SCREAMING about seeing Ganon in his GERUDO FORM. This is HEART RACING!!!

  • Mrcaremal5
    Mrcaremal5 Дзень таму

    Am I the only one that feels like Zelda might be a companion in this game? It'd be an awesome twist for the games to take and also a very interesting one too.

  • charlelienow
    charlelienow Дзень таму +1

    I'm about to loose my social life.

  • Ibrahim Ozcan
    Ibrahim Ozcan Дзень таму

    i hate how Nintendo leaves you hanging there

  • Tomás Barra
    Tomás Barra Дзень таму

    Esto es mentira nintendo el juego es diferente

  • Nary Angel
    Nary Angel Дзень таму

    Guess who’s back!!!!

    “Yayyyyyy” it’s the toilet hand !
    We’re going to need to get some paper 😱

  • The Great Muffin Train
    The Great Muffin Train Дзень таму

    Can we finally play as Zelda in a mainline LoZ game?

  • Starlighter Masters
    Starlighter Masters Дзень таму

    Hey Nintendo. Can u make this also for the Wii U please

  • CatManDude
    CatManDude Дзень таму

    bioware wouldn't give us dragon age 4 so Nintendo is making their own

  • MasterElectric
    MasterElectric Дзень таму +1

    Nintendo: No. We do not allow that.

  • Richard Joseph
    Richard Joseph Дзень таму

    Seriously, can they give us a new villain besides Ganondorf? Like damn he has been the main antagonist throughout [almost] every Zelda game.

  • GamerGuy 4263
    GamerGuy 4263 Дзень таму

    Can we talk about those demonic sounds?

  • thething12301
    thething12301 Дзень таму

    Is that ganondorf?

  • Sebas Zoxyron
    Sebas Zoxyron Дзень таму

    Now put 1,800 korok seeds and reward for 1 rupee

  • GameLab Inc.
    GameLab Inc. Дзень таму

    If you reverse the sound, at one point you can clearly hear the words "help us", now that's creepy xD

  • Anthony tran
    Anthony tran Дзень таму

    Is this going to be a dlc?

    • Galador
      Galador Дзень таму +1

      New game, it literally says in the trailer

  • TosenderPfeil
    TosenderPfeil Дзень таму

    IS this a new game(BotW2) or a dlc 3???

    • Axel Carlsten
      Axel Carlsten Дзень таму +1

      It`s a new game. So I am quite hyped.

  • Luke Springer
    Luke Springer Дзень таму

    Has anybody wondered why in the depiction of the hero and the princess fighting the calamity, the hero bears strong resemblance to Ganondorf? The princess looks just like Zelda, but the hero doesn’t look like Link. Though they are fighting calamity Ganon, could Ganondorf once fought along side Hyrule? And when everyone realized Ganondorf’s malicious intent, they sealed him away in the chamber we see in the trailer?? There are plot holes in my theory, but I can’t shake the feeling that there is a lot more to Ganondorf than we realize...

  • Steph Flores
    Steph Flores Дзень таму +1

    Ganondorf: **exists**
    Link and Zelda: *WAIT THAT'S ILLEGAL-*

  • Princess Kamek
    Princess Kamek Дзень таму +2

    I hope they got a different voice actress for Zelda and not that lady who sounds like a dying rat.

  • The Slowpoke Gamer
    The Slowpoke Gamer Дзень таму

    “The signs of a resurrection of Calamity Ganon are clear...” “And the power to oppose it lies deep underground” I’m not sure they were talking about the Devine beasts anymore.

  • Sethy D. Inked
    Sethy D. Inked Дзень таму

    SPEED X 1.75 and listen

  • ZΣЯӨ
    ZΣЯӨ Дзень таму +2

    Link: Kills Ganon
    Ganondorf: Fine I'll do it myself

  • EKG Kenechis
    EKG Kenechis Дзень таму +1


  • MrFirehouse22
    MrFirehouse22 Дзень таму +1

    Its the Game over theme from the original Zelda NES game slowed down and played backwards.

  • something_some_1 some guy
    something_some_1 some guy Дзень таму

    That rat will be the savior of Hyrule

  • littlepans
    littlepans Дзень таму

    I honestly wonder if this is the reason that the Calamity Ganon was fought twice (10,000 years ago and in BoTW). The malice is coming from him, which that hand is the catalyst of.

  • 610 Hobbies
    610 Hobbies Дзень таму

    I hope I can be Linkle or Zelda on this one, but I guess it's too much to ask to Nintendo to give us some variety from playing as an effeminate elf.

  • Coral Carl
    Coral Carl Дзень таму

    Ganondorf: *comes back to life*
    Link: I'm straight up not having a good time

  • Sam1AmN0t
    Sam1AmN0t Дзень таму +1

    Playable Zelda PLEASE!

  • BigNate74
    BigNate74 Дзень таму

    Link’s beaten ganon
    But.... what of the other side of the coin?
    Cause With ganon.... comes ganondorf

  • allmyself666
    allmyself666 Дзень таму

    Hopefully our weapon s won't break every 5 swings and we'll have some actually zelda dungeons to explore.

  • gamer mohammed
    gamer mohammed Дзень таму

    So zelda was only able to seal the calamity but not what's at the base of it

  • Ninja Skeletronix
    Ninja Skeletronix Дзень таму

    My wallet after seeing the trailers for this and smm2: *Chuckles* I'm in danger.

  • InfectedGamer _10
    InfectedGamer _10 Дзень таму +1

    This isn't zelda this a f*cking horror game xD

  • Daisy Laguna
    Daisy Laguna Дзень таму +1

    Bruh, I just spent all my money. Now I can't get the game.

    • Sigils, ETHEC.
      Sigils, ETHEC. Дзень таму +2

      Considering the earliest this is incredibly likely to release is September next year if you've spent all of that money already you have much bigger problems.

  • crucified_fetus
    crucified_fetus Дзень таму

    im shaking with excitement

  • Melvin Williams
    Melvin Williams Дзень таму +1

    All I’m saying is. When that ganondorf statue moves its Neck is really reminiscent of how Ganondorf snapped his neck and died at the end of TP

  • Katie Clark
    Katie Clark Дзень таму


  • The Legend of Zelda
    The Legend of Zelda Дзень таму +2

    1) Why did they have to ruin Zelda's beautiful hair? :(
    2) It looks like they're on a research trip...didn't Zelda say she'd be rebuilding Hyrule? What's she doing wasting her time in some weird cave?
    3) WHAT ABOUT THE CHAMPIONS?! They were such well developed characters! Why make them leave now? Unless their spirits have come together into the hand we see in the trailer and are holding Ganondorf back from returning? Maybe not, with all those Gerudo symbols...
    4) Why oh why did they have to go with the adventurer outfits for them? I liked the Champion's Tunic and Zelda's research outfit just as they were - plain and simple, like in the "true ending" of BotW
    5) Where are the Sheikah Towers? Link worked so hard to activate them...
    6) Where's the Sheikah Slate?
    7) It's nice that they're doing a sequel, but why oh why did they not make a PREquel first?! Everyone wants to see Hyrule BEFORE the Calamity returned and Zelda failed the first time! (no offense, lady...)

    So many questions that will probably never be answered... :(

    • Galador
      Galador Дзень таму

      The Legend of Zelda 4) Their outfits are literally almost the same.
      5) The towers disappeared as Ganon was defeated.
      6) Good question
      7) Because that would just be the plain old ganon story again, and this can be something new

    • Galador
      Galador Дзень таму

      The Legend of Zelda 1) Zelda is traveling through a destroyed kingdom, long hair would be a horrible idea.
      2) The last thing Zelda says in BotW is that a divine beast has stopped working. Yes they are rebuilding hyrule, but that also involves researching problems.
      3) the champions were great characters, but they’re dead. It’s unlikely they’ll get more exposition

  • Peepsqueek
    Peepsqueek Дзень таму

    Come onnnn playable Zelda....let's gooo playable Zelda!

  • MegaNate012
    MegaNate012 Дзень таму +1

    Anyone else noticed that Hyrule Castle is pulling a Sokovia?
    Just me?

  • Toast
    Toast Дзень таму

    that music gave me chills...! I am totally getting a switch for this!

  • Edward Topa
    Edward Topa Дзень таму

    We already seen the king of hyrule on BOTW (btw he's dead), so i wonder where's her mom? If the queen of hyrule is dead aswell, then her tomb must be somewhere on that world, and meaby we just saw the "Ganon energy" trying to take control over the corpse of the Queen. It's just a theory.

    • Galador
      Galador Дзень таму

      Edward Topa that is 100% Ganondorf’s corpse. Look at the nose and the gerudo symbols

  • 2005zhane
    2005zhane Дзень таму

    What is this isn't Ganondorf, but Demise? If you look closely, this person that is sealed has a cloth wrapped around his waist, and ... no pants, in the same manner as Demise had in Skyward Sword. If Ganon/Ganondorf has truly given up on reincarnation as stated in Breath of the Wild, (yes I know there are two translations to this), this could in fact bring back Demise himself.

    • Galador
      Galador Дзень таму

      2005zhane stuff you said isnt wrong, but the body has gerudo symbols on it. Ganondorf is Gerudo, Demise isn’f

  • John Sidwell
    John Sidwell Дзень таму +1

    More Quests like Terry Town, Fixing and Building a new Hyrule would be epic!

  • Got a problem with that?
    Got a problem with that? Дзень таму +3

    Link: I finally killed Ganondo…

  • Got a problem with that?
    Got a problem with that? Дзень таму +2


  • Ashley McAllister
    Ashley McAllister Дзень таму

    If you listen to a reversed version of this, it's pretty cool/creepy. In the reversed version, those voices can almost sound like they're saying words. So, with everyone saying they hear things like "Zelda come find me", "Link is gone", "Hyrule's falling", and "come find the body", I had an idea. I can hear those things too, but here's what I was thinking: remember in the first BOTW, during some of the memories Zelda would ask Link if he could hear "the great spirit's voice" that resides in the Master Sword? Later, during one of the final memories, Zelda hears it, and while we as players can't hear the words, the sound effects we hear are that which sounds exactly like Fi from Skyward Sword, a servant of the goddess who lives in the sword. So when we hear those voices now in this trailer saying "Zelda come find me/the body", what if it's Fi calling for Zelda to come find the Master Sword, which could mean in this game you play as Zelda instead of Link? Idk for sure, but just some thoughts I had. Might be pretty neat. Either way, super pumped for this game!!!

    • Ashley McAllister
      Ashley McAllister Дзень таму

      @Sigils, ETHEC. Ah, sorry, should have been more specific. I meant, maybe Link either loses it in battle, gets injured/killed so he in unable to use it, and while he is missing Fi is calling for Zelda to come find both him and the sword together. You can see in the trailer, especially slowed down, that the green glowy thing is attached to Link's hand and he looks alarmed, almost like it's possessing him or attacking him, so maybe after that. Like I said, though, I'm not 100% sure. Just some random thoughts :P

  • stuffiskool2
    stuffiskool2 Дзень таму

    Does this child have a name?

    • Galador
      Galador Дзень таму

      stuffiskool2 if you mean the game, no, not yet

  • Hallo Moin
    Hallo Moin Дзень таму

    You should report this trailer.....because of pornographic content 😏

    • Galador
      Galador Дзень таму

      Hallo Moin wut

  • Manifest Zelda
    Manifest Zelda Дзень таму


    • Sigils, ETHEC.
      Sigils, ETHEC. Дзень таму

      Heart of the Darkness, more like given both the trailer themes and locations.

  • Jarno VK
    Jarno VK Дзень таму

    I am the only one who no longer sees those big pillars ?

    • Galador
      Galador Дзень таму

      Jarno VK they were made by ganon so ofc they’re gone

  • StrokeBold
    StrokeBold Дзень таму

    The Legend of Zelda: Breathe Harder

  • LoneHunta
    LoneHunta Дзень таму

    N64 Had OoT and MM. BotW 2 possible MM 2.0?

  • acar1994
    acar1994 Дзень таму +1

    Coming to a store near you