Pop Smoke - Welcome to the Party (Remix) ft. Nicki Minaj (Official Audio)

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  • Апублікавана 16 Жнв 2019
  • Welcome to the Party (Remix) ft. Nicki Minaj - (Official Audio) by Pop Smoke
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    Music video by Pop Smoke performing Welcome to the Party (Remix). Victor Victor Worldwide; © 2019 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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  • Nani Pena
    Nani Pena 6 годин таму

    Yo Nicki this shit is fire bro.

  • Kayla Contreras
    Kayla Contreras Дзень таму +1

    Man Nicki did snap though

  • M
    M 2 дні таму +2

    nicki definitely went hard, idk why there’s not more views than this

  • Yourbaby Tee
    Yourbaby Tee 2 дні таму +2

    Nah Nicki forever snapped for this one. No ghost writing just talent

  • Dj Jones
    Dj Jones 3 дні таму +1

    Nicki I miss you babe

  • YT FRiGzZ
    YT FRiGzZ 4 дні таму +3

    Queen of Rap .

  • Siqwitit Montana
    Siqwitit Montana 4 дні таму +1

    NICKI IS BAE!!! 🔥🔥🔥💨😘♐️

  • M 7EVEN
    M 7EVEN 4 дні таму +1

    Okay Nicki 👀🔥💯 she snapped tho and pop smoke fuego 🔥💯 way different vibe fr‼️

  • Mahogany Speaks
    Mahogany Speaks 5 дзён таму +2

    Nicki is so disrespectful and I love it, she don’t need to throw a fucking thing to hit a bitch!!!

  • Skyy Knight
    Skyy Knight 5 дзён таму +3

    Cardi could never Nicki is the best female rapper of all time💅🏾

  • One Love
    One Love 6 дзён таму

    Reminds me of stack bundles ..

  • Davids Girl
    Davids Girl 6 дзён таму +1

    Yasssssss queen 👑. hardcore rapping. No pop music stuff. Nicki bad ass.
    Funny how I listen to Nicki all time and none of this stuff shows up in my recommendation. I only need to watch other people's videos once and my recommendation is filled with their crap. BY-clips I'm watching y'all 👀

  • Shyste GSC
    Shyste GSC 7 дзён таму

    Where the bitch ass barbies @ that said this gon help him blow up🤣🤣🤣 his shit has 7m more views gtfo

    • antivfx edits
      antivfx edits 3 дні таму

      Shyste GSC the music video will of course have more than an audio version are you mentally stable? I said that this has more than the original audio version which only has 2 million and if nicki were to make a music video together then i'll ensure you that nicki will give him millions of more views 💀💀

    • Teontae Johnson
      Teontae Johnson 3 дні таму +1

      Shyste GSC it’s true. Nicki helped him go mainstream. She’s the reason he was posted on the shade room etc. which caused publicity, now people know pop smoke.

    • Shyste GSC
      Shyste GSC 4 дні таму

      antivfx edits shit has 20m views u fuccin treesh stop getting passed around n open ya eyes baba🤣

    • antivfx edits
      antivfx edits 4 дні таму

      Shyste GSC this helped him be more mainstream ARE YOU DUMB??? this got more views than the original audio version. He is also now making songs with travis

  • Lcq Remy
    Lcq Remy 7 дзён таму

    Freeze corleone >>>>

  • l u n a
    l u n a 7 дзён таму +4

    Is this why the meek mill version wasn’t released 🤔

  • Latasha Washington
    Latasha Washington 8 дзён таму


  • malcolm King
    malcolm King 8 дзён таму +3

    Needs a performance 🔥

  • Felecia 14
    Felecia 14 8 дзён таму +3

    She’s the best. Love you Nicki ❤️❤️❤️

  • Sparkle eva
    Sparkle eva 9 дзён таму +1

    Needs a video

  • Sparkle eva
    Sparkle eva 9 дзён таму


  • Dan Jules
    Dan Jules 9 дзён таму +3

    We all know this got them mad 🤣🤣

  • atomm47
    atomm47 9 дзён таму

    Wtf how

  • Kano Erdogan
    Kano Erdogan 9 дзён таму

    S/o le Pop.

  • Sara k
    Sara k 9 дзён таму

    She killed it for real

  • Александр Кураев
    Александр Кураев 11 дзён таму

    Ники разьебала здесь в хлам!)

  • SexMyShh
    SexMyShh 11 дзён таму +5

    I'm sorry but she bodied the fuck out of this song wit pop 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    BITCH LUX 11 дзён таму +2

    As usual NICKI riding every new artist flow and wave

  • Trë
    Trë 12 дзён таму +6

    So there will never be a visual for dis?🤦🏽‍♂️🔥🔥

  • Xboxplazy yt Wright
    Xboxplazy yt Wright 12 дзён таму

    Gooooo awarffffffffffff💪🏽🥰😍🥰😍

  • Ebony Williams
    Ebony Williams 12 дзён таму

    I still think cardi would RAPE this beat

    • Prissy Curls
      Prissy Curls Дзень таму

      Ebony Williams you mean her writer?????

  • Justceexo
    Justceexo 13 дзён таму +1

    I finally found it!

  • Ivy White
    Ivy White 13 дзён таму +5

    Nicki badass asf🔥 I wish she rapped like this all the time❤️😍

    • J J M3ND3Z
      J J M3ND3Z 13 дзён таму +1

      #NickiMinaj #MEGATRON

  • Marcos Vinnícius
    Marcos Vinnícius 13 дзён таму +2

    9m views?? WHERE IS THE VIDEO AT

  • andRe Christos Helios
    andRe Christos Helios 15 дзён таму +1

    Bitch, I'm a thot; get me lit ...

  • Natasha Carter
    Natasha Carter 15 дзён таму +5

    2020 song still hit hard
    Nicki did the shit's on this one period..

  • Imad Obaya
    Imad Obaya 16 дзён таму

    GATTI better tho

  • RihGrannyamommy KennyQue
    RihGrannyamommy KennyQue 16 дзён таму +1


  • TT MTS
    TT MTS 17 дзён таму +2

    CARDI B + ☁💧⚡+🌊 CAN'T wipe off the 🔥 of NICKI MINAJ

  • Mad X_X Hatter
    Mad X_X Hatter 17 дзён таму +11

    DAMN she was scary but sickening....we stan, love u queen

    • Elichia Moore
      Elichia Moore 10 дзён таму

      Mad X_X Hatter ❤️❤️💕

  • Tamiya Houston
    Tamiya Houston 18 дзён таму +2

    Ayo!”POP who the fuck want SMOKE”?!
    Yeoo shit is fire 🔥 no cap 🧢.

    - Who else clicked of as soon as nicki part was over?

  • Aylin Leyla
    Aylin Leyla 18 дзён таму +4

    0:39 you’re welcome

  • chelsie chitan
    chelsie chitan 18 дзён таму +10

    Who's still listening in 2020?🔥liitttt

  • Lexie Loverr
    Lexie Loverr 18 дзён таму +4

    Nicki dont throw the whole tree, she throw straight dark nights😈🦄

  • Jenae Hunt
    Jenae Hunt 18 дзён таму +3


  • pumpyjetski_
    pumpyjetski_ 19 дзён таму +4


  • Sharon Gittens
    Sharon Gittens 19 дзён таму +1

    Pop ..Happy new year tho 2020

  • Lala B
    Lala B 19 дзён таму +3


  • Mingle Lee
    Mingle Lee 20 дзён таму +9

    Yesssss!! I love me some Nicki Minaj.

  • alexis terrell
    alexis terrell 20 дзён таму +5

    Yooooo Nicki said he wanna party with Barbie Oop !!!

  • tyreek powell
    tyreek powell 20 дзён таму +2

    Nikki sit tf DOWN

  • So Sad Too Bad
    So Sad Too Bad 21 дзень таму +2

    Coz your baby daddy use to like me tho 🤣 sick bxtch 😂

  • sdcscscss
    sdcscscss 21 дзень таму +6

    dope song nickis part so dope!!

  • King Daniel
    King Daniel 21 дзень таму +3

    Lit 🥵🥵

  • Innocent Mudzinganyama
    Innocent Mudzinganyama 22 дні таму +3

    Wow this girl Nicki Minaj is really good, she is going to blow up soon.

    • da bratz
      da bratz 10 дзён таму

      man what ? 😭

    • Innocent Mudzinganyama
      Innocent Mudzinganyama 19 дзён таму

      Damn guess i missed that one😑😑😑

    • Sara XO
      Sara XO 20 дзён таму +2

      @Innocent Mudzinganyama yeah your definitely stupid 💀

    • Innocent Mudzinganyama
      Innocent Mudzinganyama 21 дзень таму

      @Sara XO what do u mean she been blowing? 😲😲😲

    • ashleysophia
      ashleysophia 21 дзень таму +1

      Innocent Mudzinganyama whattt ??😭

    MNCEDOKUHLE MAVIMBELA 22 дні таму +4

    This vibe should be NM5 😭😭 she snapped ! What's new ❤🥵

  • Jaheem Wilson
    Jaheem Wilson 22 дні таму +5

    She went off
    This is the Nicki we want in 2020 girl

  • mario campos
    mario campos 22 дні таму +8

    Hardest female rapper

  • Corde Okoye
    Corde Okoye 22 дні таму +6

    Yo pop who the fuck want smoke???

  • tequilaa 685
    tequilaa 685 22 дні таму

    S/o to NY👌

  • Brittney and Brianna Davidson
    Brittney and Brianna Davidson 22 дні таму