10 Products That Will RUIN Your Childhood!

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  • Апублікавана 12 Ліс 2019
  • Unboxing 10 of the WORST RATED Products on Amazon! ➡ by-clips.com/video/HkdPYRxYMdc/відэа.html
    10 Toy Weapons That Are Actually DANGEROUS! ➡ by-clips.com/video/vPXklUpeHgE/відэа.html
    Today we are checking out 10 of the cringiest products that have been made for kids! The question at hand is, do these products RUIN your childhood or IMPROVE your childhood? I'm truly on the fence if I must admit! Comment down below and let us know what you think. Also, if you have any of these products as a child or currently have them, I'm slightly questioning you...haha!
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  • Kalyn Sharrock
    Kalyn Sharrock 5 годин таму

    Matthias looks like woody from toy story in that shirt lol

  • Unspeable Fan
    Unspeable Fan 5 годин таму


  • Unspeable Fan
    Unspeable Fan 5 годин таму

    #totlly trendy

  • Unspeable Fan
    Unspeable Fan 5 годин таму +1

    Hi this is how mested up my mind is

  • Gbossmoises 2133304
    Gbossmoises 2133304 6 годин таму


  • Sara Camacho
    Sara Camacho 7 годин таму


  • calli the kittt
    calli the kittt 17 годин таму

    He pooed the batteries like i is wanna know yyyy

  • calli the kittt
    calli the kittt 17 годин таму


  • Xarina's World
    Xarina's World 18 годин таму

    Yeah, I’ll see you at your funeral

  • mackenzie tetlow
    mackenzie tetlow 19 годин таму

    Why is there a goldfish in a tiny home behind

  • Princess Eilene pena
    Princess Eilene pena 20 годин таму

    I had the doctor drill and Phil

  • Sophie
    Sophie Дзень таму

    Omg i had the dentist playdough set i liked playing with it

  • blueberry-chan
    blueberry-chan Дзень таму +1

    I hade the play doh teeth one

  • BLUE Wulf
    BLUE Wulf Дзень таму

    When they did the monkey I had left for a second forgetting about what had happened in the video I came back put my earbuds in and played the video

  • Deborah Blessing
    Deborah Blessing Дзень таму

    The only thing that will ruin your childhood is adulthood and college debt

  • Mina Brailov
    Mina Brailov Дзень таму


  • Spot Alarm
    Spot Alarm Дзень таму

    8:39 😢

  • CosmicMicron
    CosmicMicron Дзень таму

    Yes you are

  • Kathleen Hedgepeth
    Kathleen Hedgepeth Дзень таму


  • Sophia Balane
    Sophia Balane Дзень таму


  • Arnie Poops
    Arnie Poops 2 дні таму


  • Maddie M.
    Maddie M. 2 дні таму

    I have bold and brash on the wall in my bedroom 😂😅

  • Fortnite EZClapz
    Fortnite EZClapz 2 дні таму +3

    “He pooped the batteries... (in british accent)”
    Quote of the year LMAO 😂

  • Aida Llanos
    Aida Llanos 2 дні таму


  • bryan james
    bryan james 2 дні таму

    why you all video is 24minute?

  • Ruprekha Mipun
    Ruprekha Mipun 2 дні таму

    OMG the fish did nooooo

  • Ruprekha Mipun
    Ruprekha Mipun 2 дні таму

    Why you have a Fish in a small thing

  • Kathy Lawrence
    Kathy Lawrence 3 дні таму

    Why do I laugh so hard when I watch this stuff

  • cosandk
    cosandk 3 дні таму +1

    Matt; How do babies get money?
    Tanner; Armed Robbery
    ... *insert "baby with a gun" tiktok*

  • Gacha KingGalaxy
    Gacha KingGalaxy 3 дні таму

    Yes u dead

  • Rosalind Stevenson
    Rosalind Stevenson 3 дні таму


  • Natalya Muir
    Natalya Muir 3 дні таму

    Ok boomer

  • Rosalind Stevenson
    Rosalind Stevenson 3 дні таму +4

    Tanner: I love my baby!
    drops the baby
    Michale: Woo

  • Brooklyn Rizzo
    Brooklyn Rizzo 3 дні таму


  • Justin Chua
    Justin Chua 3 дні таму


  • Katelyn Parkes
    Katelyn Parkes 3 дні таму +1

    I love when tanner wears nail polish. Don't know why, its just a vibe 😂

  • Lunar_ Moon
    Lunar_ Moon 3 дні таму +2

    Until now it still isn’t at 200,000 likes ;-; WHY U NO LIKE LUNA

    ME, MYSELF, AND I 4 дні таму


  • Planet Pineapple
    Planet Pineapple 4 дні таму

    You know what’s funny, well I just going to say it when I was a kid like a little little kid a had the dentist toy with the play doe I just wanted to make that connection

  • ROBLOX Maniac
    ROBLOX Maniac 4 дні таму

    Dad trying to sleep can they be any LOUDER!!!!

  • J.B. Watts
    J.B. Watts 4 дні таму


  • Elda Bien Aime
    Elda Bien Aime 4 дні таму

    Caca is spelled with c’s

  • Star 81443
    Star 81443 4 дні таму


  • Wolfie 6293
    Wolfie 6293 4 дні таму

    The first one was HORRIFYING

  • Stitch Stitch
    Stitch Stitch 4 дні таму

    I used to have the play doh teeth thing and I loved it

  • Lollirye 9438
    Lollirye 9438 4 дні таму +1

    Randy is my teachers name probably him getting it for him self Lol

  • Squared Gal
    Squared Gal 4 дні таму


  • Cierra Wyatt
    Cierra Wyatt 4 дні таму


  • Tristan Hintz -berrios
    Tristan Hintz -berrios 4 дні таму


  • Angel Quijano
    Angel Quijano 4 дні таму +1

    Awww man I saw Etika and my heart dropped, I miss him dearly

  • Emmaxxbear XX
    Emmaxxbear XX 4 дні таму


  • Crackers and Llamas hs
    Crackers and Llamas hs 5 дзён таму +1

    Perfect 24:00!!

  • Marissa Tucker
    Marissa Tucker 5 дзён таму

    I have the play dough doctor drill (dentist) and i still have it up to this day it’s actually quite fun!

  • Jaden Stewart
    Jaden Stewart 5 дзён таму

    i had the dr drill toy and it was so fun!!

  • Corrupted_ Dany
    Corrupted_ Dany 5 дзён таму

    Grand dad

  • Glítçhy
    Glítçhy 5 дзён таму

    I watched this at 2x speed and I can barely type I am reallying on autocorrect

  • Poptartz & Gacha 100
    Poptartz & Gacha 100 5 дзён таму +1

    You should do like or bike, it's dope or nope but if you give it a nope you have to tie a string on a bike and drag the product

  • Breck YT
    Breck YT 5 дзён таму


  • Sadie Piage
    Sadie Piage 5 дзён таму


  • Sadie Piage
    Sadie Piage 5 дзён таму