Famous Kids Who Are Out Of Control

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  • Апублікавана 2 Снж 2019
  • Celebrities' Kids Who Seem Like Angels But Are Out Of Control In Real Life.
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    Whether you’re a celebrity or not, it’s hard to be a parent! Kourtney Kardashian lost her nanny when her daughter Penelope Disick decided to scratch her right in the face! But she isn’t the only famous kid whose behavior gets out of control. Her cousin, North West, tried to fire her nanny and isn’t above biting people when she gets angry, at least according to Kim Kardashian. Luna Legend may be super cute, but she’s gotten in trouble at preschool for some pretty bad behavior. Danielle Cohn is a social media star who faked a wedding and who knows what else! Jennifer Lopez has twins named Max and Emme and these two are double trouble, especially when they don’t get their way! Moroccan Cannon is great at using technology, but mom Mariah Carey says sometimes he uses his skills for evil, or at least for shopping! Alana Thompson landed her own reality show but growing up in the spotlight had an unfortunate impact on her personality. Some of Pink’s fans weren’t happy to see what her children Willow Sage and Jameson Moon like to play with, or the places they like to run around.
    What do you think about these celebrity children and the way they behave? Do you think their behavior is really over-the-top or are they just acting their age? Take a moment to let us know what you think in the comment section below and then click on the subscribe button to get access to all of the latest and greatest videos from us here at The Talko.
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  • Eleanor Josefina Model & YouTuber
    Eleanor Josefina Model & YouTuber Месяц таму +514

    Study for my test tomorrow or watch The Talko...? 🤔🤔🤔

    • Annalise Doyle
      Annalise Doyle 6 дзён таму

      Obiously the talko

    • Flynn Hobman
      Flynn Hobman Месяц таму +1

      For me it’s sleep or watch the Talko......

    • Natalie McCabe
      Natalie McCabe Месяц таму +1

      @Bruk Z proud ov u! 💚 from Scotland UK

    • Bruk Z
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      @Natalie McCabe update: results just came and to use your words i aced it.
      Thanks and good luck in whatever you do.

    • Natalie McCabe
      Natalie McCabe Месяц таму +1

      @Bruk Z hope you ace then Bruk! 🤞

  • GiGi
    GiGi 19 годин таму

    What your not about to do is keep attacking North west

  • Star gazer
    Star gazer Дзень таму

    Tacos and the talko..
    Combo goals!!

  • Patty Morrice
    Patty Morrice 2 дні таму

    Unpopular opinion
    I didn’t see any issues with P!nk’s children. She was with them and also it didn’t look like they were running around. As for the balloons it was clear she was supervised and not just by herself. I’m sorry if my opinion offends anyone.

  • 안나
    안나 9 дзён таму +1

    Cuz they spoiled brats

  • Mia Marie
    Mia Marie 10 дзён таму +1

    Nobody be talking about how she said ‘‘ Danielle Coen ‘‘ 😂😂😂

  • Kim Jyun yes I’m Korean
    Kim Jyun yes I’m Korean 13 дзён таму

    Kourtneys kids are def on here 👏👏👏💅🏻

    DX- DRAGON 16 дзён таму

    Get the belt out and they will change

  • Cristy Conteh
    Cristy Conteh 23 дні таму

    Not to hot!

  • Tygafttf
    Tygafttf 25 дзён таму +1

    I honestly keep forgetting that beyonce and jay lo are two different people

  • Alex Khouli
    Alex Khouli 26 дзён таму

    Every single person under the age of eighteen on dr Phil

  • KingXLTV
    KingXLTV 27 дзён таму

    Stupid parents. They are so rich that they're detached from reality

  • Lilia K
    Lilia K 27 дзён таму

    And I'm over here getting in trouble for sneaking up to the fridge in the middle of the night.

  • Otto Sean Christopher Mastuh OSCG 8845 Grimsley

    These spoiled children really need to get disciplined.

  • J. Bee
    J. Bee 29 дзён таму

    All of these kids are fucking ugly too...wtf?

  • super geeky
    super geeky 29 дзён таму

    It's almost as if spoiling children turns them in to little demons. 🤔🤔

  • Victoria Williams
    Victoria Williams Месяц таму

    This is a normal kid they go through these stages

  • V Sen
    V Sen Месяц таму

    Learn from Gordon Ramsay.

  • beserk
    beserk Месяц таму

    I'm happy I was not born as a famous kid rather I was born with good parents and does who love me and did all that trouble for me and my brother
    I hate fame wealth I would get for working but my heart and soul wont be corrupted by money I made a promise to myself

  • Amaya Davis
    Amaya Davis Месяц таму

    I love how Dani was in the intro🤣🤣🤣

  • Entrex
    Entrex Месяц таму

    why do I watch this shit

  • Cara Shadd
    Cara Shadd Месяц таму

    What is wrong with these people ??? Really discipline goes a very long way js this is why kids develop self entitlement and expect everyone in the entire world to be just as understanding and giving like mommy and daddy is this world will chew them up and spit them out !! Makes ya almost feel bad for them... And I did say almost ....

  • Cruising Mimi
    Cruising Mimi Месяц таму

    Why did I get a vision of years from now, these kids are on Dr. Drew Rehab complaining about their childhood...the parents will get what they deserve.

  • Godwin Magaisa
    Godwin Magaisa Месяц таму

    Last time this exact channel put North in a video saying she has the perfect manners??

  • Sir Rabbiton
    Sir Rabbiton Месяц таму

    My sister is ridiculously rich. Her kids are both nightmares. So the other day I had enough of it and spanked the youngest one. Laid down the law on his little @$$ yeap he doesn’t try that with auntie anymore. 😂

  • Creativegurl 51
    Creativegurl 51 Месяц таму +2

    I don’t think that the kid holding the knife was to bad I was shooting guns when I was a toddler to

  • Isabella Leal
    Isabella Leal Месяц таму +1

    Danielle Cohen?

  • Matrix - The original.
    Matrix - The original. Месяц таму

    Talko should absolutely stop talking like that about other people kids.
    This channel is obviously obsessed with giving every person in Hollywood a bad reputation by being dramatic about every little thing they do.
    Did anyone else noticed how many videos about celebrities kids they post a year,or even a month?
    also,did you also noticed these are almost the same kids over and over and over? Also,the topic is always the same!
    Every parent wants the best for their kids,every kid has a shady or picky moment in childhood.
    This channel is one of the reason of why stupid people hate rich kids for being kids like others.
    A while ago I dumped in a normal paparazzi photo on Pinterest about the daughter of Tom Cruise crying in front of the game shop and a stupid person comment with saying she’s spoiled because she is crying for having a doll,like WTF?Since I was little I have always been the most shy,quiet and obedient kid and I still am,yet I did cried because my parents didn’t want to let me enter in a clothing store.
    These people seem to be born as robots already in adulthood.
    Most of this kids are under 8 , at this age you can’t judge much about them because kids do have a lot of picky moments ,because they are still learning , because they can’t control too much their emotions and because most kids change after a certain age.
    Never heard yours or another mother speaking of how different their kids were during childhood?
    You really can’t say much unless they are like Dr.Phil clients, which (basing on your videos) obviously are not.
    This channel really overdramatizes celebrities lifes and post the same things over and over to make it even more dramatic and to mark the fact that there is an issue.
    I would have understood if you did a pair of video time on time but you are literally OBSESSED!
    Please ,stop dramatizing all of them and stop giving them already such a BAD reputation and future when they are still learning to make divisions. And stop making people think so bad about them,you are just empowering superstitions about Hollywood and rich people in general. Yes, these are superstition because not all rich people are bad exactly like not all poor /average people are humble. And these superstitions should not exist to be fair and not hypocrite.
    *Sorry but this channel is toxic and it makes their subscribers toxic too.*

  • Cheyenne Pifko
    Cheyenne Pifko Месяц таму

    Madonnas kid looks like share

  • Cheyenne Pifko
    Cheyenne Pifko Месяц таму +4

    Seems like Kanye is trying to actually be normal

  • D Day
    D Day Месяц таму

    I only see criticts in this comments. Ya'll really need to stop this mean comments about spoiled kids or teenagers who not act their age. If you don't have anything positive to say just don't say nothing.
    (sorry for my bad English, I'm not an native speaker)

  • yeonjun
    yeonjun Месяц таму +2

    i still cant believe daniella cohn is 3 years younger than me HAHAHAHAHA

  • Na'Liyah Thomas
    Na'Liyah Thomas Месяц таму

    Some of these kids are not even that bad y’all need to relax

  • Anna Ngoloyi
    Anna Ngoloyi Месяц таму

    im not so sure about that

  • Celine Cooper
    Celine Cooper Месяц таму

    allena isis fat and mean

  • Taller Sames
    Taller Sames Месяц таму

    This whole Kardashian’s family is really did functional. All they care about money and who is more famous. None of them have maternal instincts or any idea how to be a mother. It’s just more money for them and more famous

  • Larimar World
    Larimar World Месяц таму

    Let the children be children !! They need to play not become work machines

  • SofiaRaCo
    SofiaRaCo Месяц таму

    uhhhh i hate kids

  • Bailey
    Bailey Месяц таму

    How are you gonna say Alana Thompson is out of control? Umm no. That would be her mother. Her drug addict, bail skipping, creakheaded, loser boyfriend having mother

  • pink clouds on a starry night
    pink clouds on a starry night Месяц таму

    Most these stories are kids being kids most the people in this comment section are acting like one story defines the children and like the parents aren’t raising their kids at all

  • Sharkoutlaw
    Sharkoutlaw Месяц таму

    Call me old school but do people not discipline anymore?

  • Thea Madeleine Sperstad Stokkeland

    Bruh....Danielle Cohn just go exposed by The talko

  • greta fernandez
    greta fernandez Месяц таму

    Luna's last name along with her Dad isn't Legend you do realize that 🤔

  • Aussybelle
    Aussybelle Месяц таму +1

    They're kids. Do you know what kids are? Yeah no, you obviously didn’t had any. They make mistakes cause they’re humans and more precisely, kids. Yes, kids are like that: they get hungry very fast and they need attention. They are not patient and get sad easily. That’s what kids are.
    *They’re just kids* Can't you just leave them alone before they get ready or 10 at least?
    And I do want to remind people that they are not “too spoiled”, they've just (most of them) not been well educated. It’s never the kid's fault but the parents's. And let’s remember that some of these parents are *very young* so they say dumb things.
    And you’re hearing this from a fourteen year-old... I would question myself if I were you
    *OH AND*

  • Princess A
    Princess A Месяц таму +4

    Who else loves the Talko?❤️

  • Nisi Azpitai
    Nisi Azpitai Месяц таму

    Alana Thomson no HONEY BOO BOO

  • Ava Fagan
    Ava Fagan Месяц таму

    They need to send them to public school 😂 my friend went to public school in Vegas and it was a scary experience 😂

  • couponitup 19
    couponitup 19 Месяц таму

    I'll tell you one thing for sure no matter how rich or poor my kids would never hit adult. Haha 💯. Spoiled or not!

  • Cally Endra
    Cally Endra Месяц таму +10

    I'm actually really sad for Alana "Honey Boo Boo". She clearly was victim of her mother's sick goals.

  • Linda Christoffer
    Linda Christoffer Месяц таму

    Not only are these kids absolute brats, but their parents are just as bad, no, even worse! J. Lopez, holy cow what a brat and she’s not THAT talented, come on. And K. West, what a large j.a. Suffice it to say all these kids need to back up a bit and the parents need serious parenting skills classes.

  • Sandra Rose
    Sandra Rose Месяц таму

    Most of this isn't unusual. Biting,hitting is normal for toddlers. Tantrums too. But maybe saying " I dont want my nanny anymore. " is because she rather get attention and care from her actual parents? The rest just comes with lack of boundaries, attention from parents and buying their love / spoiling them.

  • jam kop
    jam kop Месяц таму

    Lol Blue Ivy over there controling her parents.

  • Random Thoughts
    Random Thoughts Месяц таму

    Well bad parenting😧

  • Alena Chavez
    Alena Chavez Месяц таму

    More screwed up kids

  • bishamoon10
    bishamoon10 Месяц таму

    Handling kids is a nightmare if you cant take care of kids don't have any -.-. They need some good parenting.

  • Dee Mwaura
    Dee Mwaura Месяц таму

    Danielle Cohn though...that is out of control. Needs military school by now.

    • Aussybelle
      Aussybelle Месяц таму +1

      Dee Mwaura She just wanted to have a little fun, it was all joke (and I’m not even a fan) and for the pregnancy, accidents do happen...

  • Mathilda Kamara
    Mathilda Kamara Месяц таму +1

    They’re just being kids

  • Joan Fry
    Joan Fry Месяц таму

    The parents don't care to raise the kids. They have the nannies raise them! The kids have No rules or consequences so they do whatever they want..😏

  • Sarah Thompson
    Sarah Thompson Месяц таму

    There awful

  • spacepunk nappy
    spacepunk nappy Месяц таму

    If their moms were Caribbean....It would've been a whole 'notha story....Because my Trini mom,Liberian dad....was NOT having it....