TERMINATOR 6 DARK FATE Red Band Trailer (2019)

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  • Апублікавана 19 Кст 2019
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    TERMINATOR 6 DARK FATE Red Band Trailer (2019)
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  • Chance Arden
    Chance Arden Месяц таму +984

    Why do they have to keep milking this series to death, they're never gonna have a better villain then the T-1000.

    • Franklin Clinton
      Franklin Clinton 4 дні таму

      Oh yes they will and already have....James Cameron himself. When he gave the okay to kill John, he terminated the franchise for good

    • Fancy gamer
      Fancy gamer 13 дзён таму

      T1000 because we liked the movie but the best of the best is TX

    • Apprel
      Apprel 17 дзён таму

      I have always thought that the best idea for a sequel would be a human sent back to the past to kill John Connor.

    • Mish Mash
      Mish Mash 17 дзён таму

      I am glad they are milking it, I like movies and love been entertained

  • South Sudani
    South Sudani Дзень таму

    last good terminator was T2.. with the t-1000 pollyalloy lol

  • TextMeMartin
    TextMeMartin 2 дні таму

    I watched this for both the ending and Carl having a dog.

  • Manjit Mani
    Manjit Mani 3 дні таму

    Bkwass movie h

  • subhash n
    subhash n 8 дзён таму

    very super trailer

  • JackoKlaus
    JackoKlaus 10 дзён таму

    Awesome movie, I'd enjoy every minute!!

  • DarkScorpionOmega
    DarkScorpionOmega 13 дзён таму

    I'll be honest I'm only here because of Pitch Meeting

  • MyLiFeIsAwEsOmE Ye
    MyLiFeIsAwEsOmE Ye 13 дзён таму

    This is one of the best movies it’s awesome

  • Happy Happy Nightmares
    Happy Happy Nightmares 14 дзён таму

    This is so fucking embarrassing to the terminator movies. Yay for "feminism" women can do ANYTHING no matter what. So rediculous.

  • Klu Klan
    Klu Klan 15 дзён таму

    We see cheeks you get cleeks

  • Robert Kaczmarek
    Robert Kaczmarek 15 дзён таму +1

    Another massacred movie for which left Hollywood took. Just like it was with "Mad Max - fury road"! Teeth hurt from that. Unfortunately.

  • Christian Alexander the Great
    Christian Alexander the Great 15 дзён таму

    The whole was predictable lol. The Sarah Connor actress was pretty horrible, but It was an "ok" movie.

  • lahu jaiai
    lahu jaiai 15 дзён таму

    Fuck off everything is old here

  • 信長1世
    信長1世 16 дзён таму

    this movie good? It sounds like pretty much remake to me

  • 카페는홈카페다
    카페는홈카페다 16 дзён таму +1

    I love this movie ❤️

  • 23 1
    23 1 16 дзён таму

    god movie 😎😎♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Rajadhi Rajan Petta Velan
    Rajadhi Rajan Petta Velan 16 дзён таму

    Terminator sequence: I am back
    People: Don't come back ... Ever... Plsss

  • Antonio Carniero
    Antonio Carniero 17 дзён таму

    This movie was actually pretty nice, it didn't really do what I thought it would and be all woke, it also brought back Sarah Conner so it's got that for it.

  • Om Jinul
    Om Jinul 17 дзён таму

    Sarah ♥️♥️♥️

  • Eddie Fu
    Eddie Fu 18 дзён таму

    Ya'll won a lot of this one but it never did over

  • Ed Samos
    Ed Samos 18 дзён таму

    john connor dies

  • jeffrey luciana
    jeffrey luciana 19 дзён таму +1

    Why didn't they send the "most lethal terminator ever created" back in time in the first movie

  • Marquel James
    Marquel James 19 дзён таму

    Im a big Terminator fan and Im also a big Predator fan but Id rather watch this than the latest Predator movie...

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    simla air conditioner 19 дзён таму


  • Lord Baltimore 5300
    Lord Baltimore 5300 19 дзён таму

    Arnie looks so much different in the present then he did in the past. I mean he is in his 70s but just to think 10 years ago he still looked like how he appeared in the original Terminator and Judgement Day.

  • Don720
    Don720 19 дзён таму

    What makes these movies un-realistic is in REAL LIFE, if someone whats to kill u, your dead, unless there's some divine intervention. Look they can't even protect the President of the USA.. Some have already been assassinated. Any hitman or CIA or Secret Operative will know, first thing u do is surveillance, know what your target does n then in an opportune time u can attack using many different ways - such as sniping, bomb, poison, car, plane, etc. We talking about a human here, not immoral being. Think about it if a terminator really wanted to kill its prey, it probably could steal a nuclear device n just blow the whole city to get to his target. Eeven steal a lot of money, n hire many many hitmen to do the jobs..

  • Dmg Control
    Dmg Control 19 дзён таму

    The trailer doesn't tell everything but I have watched it..I like it better than the last 3.

  • N.a D
    N.a D 20 дзён таму


  • Alexander H
    Alexander H 20 дзён таму

    From the director that was attempting to fuc$k up Deadpool 2. Gives you his biggest Fuc$k up ever!

  • Godot
    Godot 20 дзён таму +3

    This movie is basically Herminator vs T-Juan-Thousand to protect/kill Juanita Connor

  • Luis Fernando Guzman Alvarado
    Luis Fernando Guzman Alvarado 20 дзён таму

    Muy buena película excelente escenas de acción.

  • MCTanman1
    MCTanman1 20 дзён таму


  • RedBattalion9000
    RedBattalion9000 20 дзён таму

    If T-1000 complete his mission, Is he become like Curl? Become liquid metal Father like him?

  • Kill Bill
    Kill Bill 21 дзень таму +2

    We need to send a Terminator back in time to STOP all Terminator movies after T2. Specially this one!

  • Kill Bill
    Kill Bill 21 дзень таму

    @3:29 Tim Miller said "She can stand toe to toe with Terminator". Haha that's the best joke because she couldn't stand more than 15 minutes and Sarah Conner saved her and Dina. No wonder this movie was shit.

  • TomJeffersonWasRight
    TomJeffersonWasRight 21 дзень таму

    The hero is an old lady with a Joisey accent? Farcical Feminism.

  • Emmanuel
    Emmanuel 21 дзень таму +5

    Feminism did something Skynet never could: killed John Connor

    • Kill Bill
      Kill Bill 21 дзень таму +1

      This is the best Comment :D

  • Erick Hairtua
    Erick Hairtua 21 дзень таму

    Of the besy

  • Manoj B .PATEL
    Manoj B .PATEL 21 дзень таму

    I LOVE

  • Don720
    Don720 22 дні таму

    What if the USA breaks apart before they finish the new trilogy? At this rate Demo or Rep may destroy each other, before the 3rd movie comes out. Obvious the US wants to be like China - a one party system. Does any else beside me, don't see the dangers in North America??????? !!!!!!!!! We R IN TROUBLE, THIS AIN'T NO MOVIE. Soon the escaped ISIS from the Kurd-Turkish conflict, will come to USA as sleeper cells. Isn't it obvious what's coming next. They attack USA, n Rep or Dem will try to convince they can save North America from ISIS next attack. US Can't Nuke without a target. With enemy such as ISIS, there is no target - u can't nuke a state, because they can plan their attack from anywhere. How u suppose to stop ubiquitous enemy like this. U don't, u lose..

  • Jakob kell
    Jakob kell 22 дні таму

    So Arnold has a child with his Mexican housekeeper and then we get this movie about a Mexican heroine and Arnie.Michelle Rodriguez would have been a great Dani and bad ass

  • nick saveka
    nick saveka 22 дні таму

    Just got home from the cinema's watching Dark Fate and fuck me was that good.... Good story lines and sad happy funny bits.. but fuck me the special effects , holy shit... Great movie and topped genesis and salvation easily... This was definitely a continuation from T2.. I rated it 8/10

  • MS v3xX yt
    MS v3xX yt 23 дні таму

    I’ll make a deal, if I like the movie I can dislike but if I hate it I have to like. no hate

  • D. Ochner
    D. Ochner 24 дні таму

    Tx - hunt Terminators
    Sarah Connor - Hunt All

  • Alfred Woodall
    Alfred Woodall 24 дні таму

    I seen it's yesterday n I'm a Terminator fan it a Dann good movie

  • Ader Jenz
    Ader Jenz 24 дні таму

    Shitty movie

  • unknown ghostbody
    unknown ghostbody 24 дні таму

    Idgaf keep these shits going, I'm a fan

  • Panca Anandari
    Panca Anandari 24 дні таму

    Omg wow 😲😯😮👍👍👍👍

  • ShadowArtist
    ShadowArtist 25 дзён таму +1

    The people bashing Terminator: Dark Fate are out of the damn minds, that
    was a very good Terminator movie!
    The movie is the REAL "Terminator 3" IMO
    9 out of 10

  • Lobo Social
    Lobo Social 26 дзён таму

    Where is conor,?? Bull shitt movie with no conor

  • Da Trevmeister
    Da Trevmeister 26 дзён таму

    WE told you, dont make this a gender issue, but hollywood doesnt listen! Suffer the consequencesssss!

  • popff7
    popff7 26 дзён таму

    Whose your favorite character?
    ⚪ Sarah
    🔘 Terminator (Pops)
    ⚪ Girls
    ⚪ Terminator (Enemy)

  • hiccup22
    hiccup22 26 дзён таму +3

    Apple: This is the MOST lethal terminator we've EVER created..

    • hiccup22
      hiccup22 21 дзень таму +1

      @Emmanuel T-800s

    • Emmanuel
      Emmanuel 21 дзень таму +1

      Until next september

  • beruang coklat
    beruang coklat 26 дзён таму


  • Julian Jefferies
    Julian Jefferies 26 дзён таму

    People are tired of the same old narrative. Whoever greenlighted Star Wars with the black guy as the lead, Got it. If you would have starred a black guy it would have caused a little controversy. But i guarantee you the numbers would have been better at the box office. Make another one. And give it the same promotion as dark fate. Watch what happens.

  • Shaun O'Rourke
    Shaun O'Rourke 26 дзён таму

    I have a RANT video on my channel about this shit stain of a film. I had a subscriber comment that he stopped counting at 113 F-Bombs dropped. What can I say....I'm a passionate Terminator fan.

  • Anime Empress
    Anime Empress 26 дзён таму +1

    Yes Beautiful violence carnage Mayham murder chaos Destruction all in Terminator dark fate

  • Verm
    Verm 26 дзён таму


  • Kharus Khiren
    Kharus Khiren 26 дзён таму +1

    This terminator turned out to be a huge box office failure. Why? James Cameron went too far towards the propaganda, namely feminism, pro-Mexican and anti-Trump wall. People spend their valuable money on their valuable time for entertainment, not for watching propaganda.

  • Kane Stone
    Kane Stone 26 дзён таму

    This movie would be much better , terminator has wife and kid ...? Shit who wrote this stupid stuff . No wonder why movie is not doing well on box office.