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  • Апублікавана 25 Ліс 2018
  • Kids and family movies part 1 of the child friendly movies collection of videos around the DVDs, box sets and Blu-rays I find in the family cupboard. What a challenge this will be... Hundreds to go through and quite a few categories, as well as the un-categorize-able.
    Here we go... Today I hold up 13 DVDs we own. Some childhood classic, some I haven't fully watched and quite a few that are now available on Netflix.
    Here is a video of my favorite dark comedies - where a lot of the watched movies feature: by-clips.com/video/L5BOHiAKQqs/відэа.html
    Catch up -
    TV Shows P1: by-clips.com/video/6kfpQHjB_CU/відэа.html
    Next video in the series = next Sunday!
    TV Shows P2: by-clips.com/video/RdYVWuSIjIQ/відэа.html
    TV Shows P3: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnJT5...
    Scary Movies P1: by-clips.com/video/AuNOSne7YfM/відэа.html
    Scary Movies + P2: by-clips.com/video/UP_LyW6Xwz4/відэа.html
    Scary Movies + P3: by-clips.com/video/ECbeR34YWnE/відэа.html
    Animated Films P1: by-clips.com/video/mH20og1nKyA/відэа.html
    Animated Films P2: by-clips.com/video/756DzO_9uB4/відэа.html
    Animated Films P3: by-clips.com/video/O8eRcnsWBM0/відэа.html
    Kid / Family Films P1: by-clips.com/video/8_EVNE0gCvY/відэа.html
    Thank you for watching and see you soon Xx
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  • Remix and Karaoke
    Remix and Karaoke 3 месяцы таму

    I love that you still believe in love! Me too I really need a good woman like you in my life. If I had one I'd marry her and create a happy family! Hardly anyone still believes in love anymore. Especially not any women as beautiful inside and out and so completely lovable and adorable as you. xoxo

  • Dan Collins
    Dan Collins Год таму

    Big fan of "Mrs. Doubtfire"! Also, "The Princess Diaries" is a classic . . . you can't miss with Oscar winners Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews.