Psychogenic Seizures - What are They, How Can They be Diagnosed and Treated?

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  • Psychogenic seizures are attacks that may look like epileptic seizures, but are not caused by abnormal brain electrical discharges. Hear the experts explain this confusing disorder, its diagnosis and treatment.
    Speakers: Robert Fisher, MD, PhD; John Barry, MD; Andres Kanner, MD, FANA

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    A CLUTTER FREE LIFE 6 дзён таму

    What about infants? I've read an article that infants can also have non epileptic seizures.. do you know anything about that?

  • G-Nora Turab
    G-Nora Turab 23 дні таму

    Thank you

  • Sagacious Rex
    Sagacious Rex Месяц таму

    What IF... AED's can make a borderline low-functioning neurology into a NEAD propensity? It fits my own experience with my son. Over-focussing on psychogenesis can cause extreme distress when there is no significant psychological contribution. Doctors obsessing with the 'fascination' of psychogenesis is NOT objective science!

  • Sagacious Rex
    Sagacious Rex Месяц таму

    I have seen the EEG's, many EEG's. PNES/NEAD is not a seizure. But it IS CLEARLY a detrimental PHYSIOlogical event sharing major intra-event similarities with narcolepsy. I DO NOT concur with the psychoGENESIS thesis. Certainly SOME events may be TRIGGERED by stressors or psychologic stress but the underlying cause is NOT! Instead of neurological hyperactivity (Seizure) this is a condition of HYPOACTIVITY, probably in the Thalamus and especially the Hypothalamus where GABA is produced and hypocretin is produced. GABA regulation is the main target of most AED's. Hypocretin is the awake mechanism. Without it we are in REM sleep. With reduced amounts we are drowsy, have impaired working memory and are less able to process thinking. In REM sleep there is TOTAL paralysis, no thinking and no awareness. I can go on... I wish someone would look into this thesis. It has much more evidentiary support than the Psychogenic thesis.

  • C.S.D
    C.S.D Месяц таму

    I believe I am one of many being diagnosed as nocturnal epileptic out of no where but me myself do believe it is of this physcogentic occurrence. I would like to be studied. To many of my symptoms from pain to headaches to chronic fatigue and depression. Watching this video actually makes me want to cry.

  • DodgeCity Records
    DodgeCity Records Месяц таму

    Had seizures but not no more haven't had em in like 4 years thank God

  • patty borntrager
    patty borntrager Месяц таму

    You guys are wrong a bit for some of us with eegs clearly active seizures,i cannot be medicated due to mass cell lupus other dx and eegs clearly state epilepsy. However other parts are tied into autoimmune other dx. Light reactivity. I have been and done therapy and have no mental illness, i have No other however i was misdiagnosed 30 yrs ago and now its still epilepsy but unanle to medicate

  • sexybatch21 Robinson
    sexybatch21 Robinson 2 месяцы таму +1

    My son who just turned 9 just started having help or experts where I live.. I’m scared to death

    ALICE IN WONDER LAND 2 месяцы таму

    I want to add I never have saw a therapist for it. I got no counselling no help at all.

    ALICE IN WONDER LAND 2 месяцы таму

    I had these after one evening being at home with my daddy and he not only overdosed he fell and split his head open and then fell into his bath water he was running and drowned. I hate that it seems everyone I see on hear and anyone Ive known that have had these they were accused of trying to get attention or them being called psudo seizures. I have never had anyone accuse me of faking it nor call them psudo. I didnt have a name for them until now at 51 i just knew they weren't epileptic cuz they did testing when i was young. They just told me my brain shut down becuz it couldn't handle anymore. That was too much for me to process. But for some reason they had me on depacoat. I stopped having them at 11.

  • me you
    me you 2 месяцы таму

    It is because of pain :( it fukn hurts having these :(

  • Guardian Angel
    Guardian Angel 2 месяцы таму

    All been diagnosed since birth

  • Christina Yates
    Christina Yates 2 месяцы таму +1

    This is my first time seeing this and I was abused in the hospital.. hit on the head repeatedly, went into a state of paralysis and was aware of what was going on around me but had no control.. they literally knocked on my head like it was a door and threw me in psych.. then told me my blood sugar levels were low, and had zero alcohol in my system Yet was told the alcohol I drank on New Years is what brought my blood sugar levels down despite the fact I had eaten sugar between then... I was in this state for 7 hours!!! They’re DELUSIONAL if they believe I’d want to spend my New Years in a fucking hospital rather than in the comfort of my own home. They wrote I had alcohol dependence which is a LIE, because I go WEEKS if not MONTHS without alcohol and I’m fine, they wrote it was a “pseudo seizure” and wrote I had anxiety after only speaking with me for 2 minutes and I couldn’t even speak... my mouth was sooo dry and I felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest... they abuse people who have this and this shit needs to STOP. I remember in psych they said I didn’t need to be there and were working on getting me on the right side of the hospital. I didn’t have a catheter in so they didn’t even check my urine i didn’t know if I got roofied on New Year’s Day or what. These medical staff members are such idiots

  • Dedric Blowe
    Dedric Blowe 3 месяцы таму +2

    If I rarely have any seizures and just recently noticed today as I was waiting for a bus... I ended up walking with no awareness to a different location. My father who passed away, would be sleeping and would walk and not be aware of it.

  • Kate Jack
    Kate Jack 3 месяцы таму

    How can you have two different types of PNES? This sounds like it could be me.
    My primary care physician has left me with no help and my neurologist told me that there was no point in following up with him as he couldn't help me... that was 10 years ago. I still suffer from them to this day. I have no license, I haven't been able to work... it has been debilitating.

  • Vic Zo
    Vic Zo 3 месяцы таму +1

    Complex Migraines Cause Seizures. It is a non epileptic seizure that mimics a stroke. My body decorticates and can go on for over 15 minutes if I do not recv medication. It all started from a car accident, TBI. Doctors have a hard time understanding that blood flow is restricted by the migraine resulting in the seizure. These events chronically happening have led to neurological damage. Because doctors cannot understand and explain it they call it Psychogenic and Pseudo seizures.

  • Narayan Mritunjay
    Narayan Mritunjay 3 месяцы таму

    Thanks .it changed my perception about epilepsy .

  • Jeanne Fjelstad
    Jeanne Fjelstad 3 месяцы таму +1

    Mine started after I got a 3rd degree burn to the fat layer on my torso. Still have another skingraft to go .Much a pain issue from contracted scar.

  • Hannah Lee
    Hannah Lee 3 месяцы таму +1

    Can someone help. I have panic disorder and anxiety disorder and other stuff. Two years ago I was in a car and had a panic attack so bad. I hyperventilated and then my hands turned to claws, my legs, feet, arms stiffened and so did my neck. I was thrashing really bad. But I didnt pass out. My parents don't take that seriously. What happened to me? Please tell me.

  • John ny
    John ny 3 месяцы таму +1

    Gingko Biloba Supplements can cause Minor Seizures. I use to take them as a child, teen, and mid 20's until I realize it was giving me a Headache and my Minor Seizures stopped.

  • Free Skier
    Free Skier 3 месяцы таму +1

    I don't know how many times I had to explain to doctor's what PNES is. This includes psychiatrists and neurologists. I'm a "text book" patient suffering from these. Can't find any help at all. Had episodes multiple times in the hospital and they just say take a Klonopin.

  • lorrette kukard
    lorrette kukard 4 месяцы таму +1

    Im watching this hoping for some light. My seizures are dangerously becoming bad. Onebi went into a bath htting my head on the tap and almost drowing. And last night hitting my head broken while going down the stairs at my house. Ive had every test eand med tried its not helping. I spent the night in hospital beforw my wedding after hitting my nose while having a seizure. Here is no help. Im 29 my life is slipping away. I feel so alone. My seizures hurt alot and i stop breathing and i cabt get my brain to make my body do what it has to. I feel it all. I cant even go shopping now because its christmas so flikkering lightsbyes flikkering lights have caused me to now have about 2 to 5 one after the other. Im so tired. This isn't a life people should have to live. And no cause or cure to this point.

  • H Pape
    H Pape 4 месяцы таму

    I have PNES. My PNES started in 2010. It has not stopped at all! I really wish my events would stop. I also have severe headaches & pain throughout the rest of my body. I have had a video EEG in St Louis to rule out Epileptic seizures. I still have these events at the the same frequency as I did when they started. I have counciling once every 2 weeks. I wish these events would go away.

  • Arm Berry
    Arm Berry 4 месяцы таму +1

    One cause that is always neglected is a misalignment in the top of the neck.
    I have 6 or more patients who were diagnosed with various types of seizure disorders (psychogenic seizures/ grand Mal, M.S, w/ anxiety triggered seizures, daily blackouts, myoclonic, etc). All of them suffered with their epilepsy since childhood and all of these completely resolved with Upper Cervical Chiropractic. Yes, there are many causes. this is simply one that is neglected and therefore should be considered for some cases.
    Inventor of the MRI machine, Dr. Raymond Damadian MD, explains how misalignments of the top of the neck (between C1-C2) can cause epilepsy, Migraines, MS, etc. Dr. Damadian promotes Upper Cervical chiropractic as a way of correcting epilepsy in one of his patientsвідэа.html
    He introduces the medical doctors to the atlas orthogonal instrument at 14:03 min mark and plugs chiropractic the entire time and says its often recommended over medical interventions. He suggests any yone with signs of M.S. or epilepsy see an Upper Cervical specialist.відэа.html
    Disabled child with tumors in brain, seizure disorder, cerebral palsy, fetal alcohol syndrome, confined to a wheel chair. Upper Cervical adjustment helped his eye tracking, walk without a wheel chair, etc etc.відэа.html

  • Arm Berry
    Arm Berry 4 месяцы таму

    Psychogenic Seizures since childhood completely resolved with realigning the top bone in the neck.відэа.html

  • alindartist
    alindartist 4 месяцы таму +2

    is there a type of seizure that doesn't cause the body to stiffen or jerk around? One that causes headache and Big Dizziness/nausea syptoms?

    • Hannah Lee
      Hannah Lee 3 месяцы таму

      alindartist Thats not a seizure then

  • Amy Davis
    Amy Davis 5 месяцаў таму +1

    Sorry about making a second comment after my first one was so lengthy, but I've just now gotten about halfway through this and, good lord... the Dr in the middle (from Miami, I think? I apologize for not remembering your name)... JUST gave an exact example of what I was saying in my other comment. WHY are you so afraid of calling it FAKING???
    He explained that with people that have both epileptic seizures and psychogenic events... with SOME of them, they have "learned from the past epileptic seizures" and that they might use that knowledge later in life to have these psychogenic seizures as a "way to get out of going to work, or something.... but I'M NOT SAYING they are fakers!"
    YES YOU ARE!!! So freakin OWN it, doc. You were saying they were FAKING a seizure so they didn't have to go to work. Or faking a seizure so they don't have to go to school, or take care of their kids or just deal with life. For gods sake STOP pretending it's NOT FAKING when it clearly IS. IF you are getting ready for work and you drop to the ground and start flailing around and slobbering all over yourself JUST SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO TO WORK... you are FAKING. Stop it. Stop it now.
    And shame on you, Doc! For being so p-whipped by society that you are actually AFRAID to publically call it what it is. Shame on all of you!
    I''m really hoping that by the end of this video, at least ONE of you will have the guts to actually define "psychogenic".... Psycho, meaning mental and Genic mean producing or causing... so put together "pschogenic" and you have "mentally produced" or "caused by mental issues". But now you'll probably have to change the name again like you did "psuedoseizures" because the people that are doing this won't like the fact that it's being called a MENTAL condition.

  • Amy Davis
    Amy Davis 5 месяцаў таму +1

    Here are my issues with all this ... in this day and age where people are "afraid" to say anything that might cause a "snowflake" to melt, we had discussions like this video where these PSYCHOLOGICAL events (not PHYSICAL epileptic seizures) are painted with this rainbow brush to make them sound like some kind of physical affliction. The only reason "we" do this is so someone's feelings don't get hurt. And god forbid we call someone a Faker. Let me tell you where my passive agression comes from....
    About a year ago, a lady I have known for a few years (over the internet) found out she was dying from cancer (I still am a little skeptical on THAT as well, and you will understand why...). She felt that she needed to "come clean". She told me during a 4 hour phone call that everything she ever told me, and incidentally everything she ever posted on her BY-clips channel and FB page, was a lie. She was never abused as a child ... although both her parents were very clearly emotionally neglectful... but she was never beaten and tortured like she claimed to be on her channels. She didn't have MPD/DID... and she didn't have seizures. Even tho there were **several** videos of her having these "seizures" with her boyfriend (and dog) right there holding her through every one of them. She said she made it all up because it got her attention that she didn't think she was important or interesting enough to get any other way. She said she was "so convincing" by watching (studying?) the internet and watching videos of "real" seizures and listening to "real" adult survivors of child abuse/torture. At first, she just started with little "lies", but she explained as time went by she actually started believing her own hype and the "seizures" just kind of took on a life of their own. She would CONSCIOUSLY start twitching to "fake" a seizure, and then her body would just kind of start "convulsing" all on it's own. And that's what she did for a few years... she faked out everybody that watched her channel/pages.... and herself. Then we started hearing about "Psuedoseizures" and people started asking her questions.... questions she didn't want to answer. Some questions she couldn't answer. But the problem was (and I see it MANY TIMES here in the comments of THIS video)... she felt validated now. Now there was a doctor(s) that put a name to her ....well, FAKING... and gave her an excuse to keep doing it. All because in THIS society now... people are afraid to just say... "For god's sake stop faking it and get some help for what is REALLY wrong". The "seizures" are NOT their problem... they are just a way to (consciously or subconsciously) draw attention to the fact that there is a PSYCHOLOGICAL issue. Not a physical one.
    And yes, my "friend" had all the right words to say, all the right motions down, all the right "emotional" bs that she also faked like her "embarassment" when "they" would happen in public, etc. Basically she knew all the buzzwords to say to make her bs sound real. She definitely knew all the medical terminology to use (thanks to the Internet). I guess that's why I'm so angry... because she fooled me so badly. I actually cared very deeply for her and OMG was soooooo worried about her a few times that I almost got on a plane. Boy, was I dumb!!! But what really pisses me off is that the more Drs try to "sugar-coat" it and give it all these fancy terms and use soft-terms like "functioning" and "conversional" you are validating these folks that are doing this to themselves (and their loved ones). The ones that have these "Psychogenic" seizures see these video discussions and now have a name to put on what they've been doing and a way to validate it to others... when all they really needed to do was go see a therapist. It was actually pointed out by one of the doctors on this video.... people that went through (I think he said 8 months?) therapy were CURED. Hello? That is not physical. You don't cure EPILEPSY by talking about your problems. You do cure psychological issues by talking/therapy/coping skills.
    Why, as a society, do we "suddenly" need to act like we are responsible for everyone else's feelings? OMG I cant say THAT because it might hurt someones feelings! OMG I can't do that because it might step on someone's right to be gender-non-specific! OMG OMG OMG! When the hell did we become responsible for OTHER people's feelings? Why does the psychological/psychiatric field condone this, and ACTUALLY play into it? Why is it suddenly ok to say that everything is okay? Everything is NOT okay... it's NOT okay to fake illness. It's NOT okay to hurt other people just because "you" need attention. It is NOT okay to slap a fancy title on a psychosematic condition and give them excuses to keep doing it because NOW they are "validated".
    There are dozens if not hundreds that will see this video and walk away saying "OMG YES!!!!! Finally there's a doctor that says my SEIZURES are real!!!" They will never go see a doctor. They will never seek mental health care. They will keep having their husbands/wives/boyfriends/girlfriends/SO's/whatevers hold their hands and stroke their face and get them water and brush the hair out of their face and worry like crazy every minute they have to leave them alone... because YOU DOCTORS have just said what they have "is real".
    Why? Because you sugar-coat the truth with innocuous words like "functioning" and "conversional"... words that mean NOTHING to people that only hear what they want to hear. They DON'T hear "functional" as meaning... if you were having a REAL epileptic seizure, you wouldn't be FUNCTIONING and cognizant of what was going on around you. And when they hear "conversional" they don't realize it means... the "events" you are experiencing are not from a PHYSICAL malfunction... it's your BRAIN making a conversion of emotional problems into the more visual physical-appearing ones.
    Bottom line: I really wish the Mental Health community would move away from this "let's treat everyone with kit gloves and rose-colored glasses" ...mentality. The FACT is, putting a big long fancy title like "Psychogenic Seizures" and "Psuedoseizure" and (for the people that are REALLY into their "disorder") giving them the cool acronym "PNES" to use is just a nice way of saying... You actually have nothing physically wrong (as you have undoubtedly been told a hundred times in ERs and dr offices)... Your issue is psychological. Your "events" whether consciously or subconsciously created is your way of asking for help and you ARE in control of it, you just don't know it (and won't know it until you get the PROPER help from a mental health professional).
    What I would REALLY like to see being discussed is not how to hold these people's hands and give them a lollipop so they can feel better about their "PSUEDOseizures"... but why the hell do we need to? Why, in almost 2020, do we STILL associate such a stygma with mental health? Why can't we just say... damn bro, your brain is screwed up... go get help from the Emo dr. I mean, I know that just sounded all kinds of "offensive" (wahhhh, a million snowflakes just melted)... but it's making my point. Why are we STILL so sensitive about seeking mental healthcare? Why is it any different than goint to a cardiologist when we have heart problems? It's just another form of specialized care to make us feel better.
    So yeah. PSUEDOseizures (aka Psychogenic Seizures - which had to be renamed to this because of all the snowflakes whining about the use of the word "psuedo")... these "seizures" are REAL... they are REALLY a psychological issue, not a physical one. But they AREN'T "seizures" so why the hell put that in the title? I think it's more appropriate to call them "episodes" rather than "seizures", since there is no real seizure activity in the brain during these events.

  • Laura Gilbert
    Laura Gilbert 5 месяцаў таму

    I have psychogenic seizures, diagnosed by doctors. I have paralysis, convulsions, contortions which are painful, memory loss... You don't lose consciousness during one, like you do in epilepsy. It's scary.
    I've had MRI's. I've been to the ER.

    • Christina Yates
      Christina Yates 2 месяцы таму

      Laura Gilbert someone that understands!!! Omg this just happened to me... these idiots think I’d rather spend my New Years in a hospital rather than the comfort of my own home are whacky AF. I remember feeling paralyzed and trying to communicate by blinking or moving my fingers and the nurse started knocking on my head like it was a door and grabbed my mouth really tight and said “OPEN YOUR FUCKING MOUTH”!! They abused me. Then I ended up on psych because they weren’t getting any type of response and I remember them laughing and making jokes and I couldn’t even defend myself.. I couldn’t defend myself from being struck in the head, I couldn’t do anything but lay there in sheer terror feeling like I was dying. They even said my blood sugar levels were low. And I had no alcohol in my system.. yet tried to tell me I’m an alcoholic despite the fact I drink once maybe twice a month and the drinks I had on New Year’s time exactly was why my blood sugar levels were low despite the fact I ate tons of sweets between then. I have a history of these seizures .. they’re retarded and need to be educated and stop abusing people who have this and can’t even defend themselves. I’ll admit a lot of it is a blur but I do remember a lot when I was supposedly “catatonic” even tho it felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest

  • Emily S
    Emily S 5 месяцаў таму

    😔 this is my entire story, had 2 simple seizures today, gagging and disoriented and same deja vu, smell and music as always. The seizure gets worse the more I try to figure out what the dejavu is, but I can’t stop myself from trying to think of it while it’s happening. currently have a bad headache. I’m watching your video because I’m scared I might have a haemangioma of the brain, since I already have one in the liver. 😖Have been having these seizures for weeks now. Relational stress is very hard on me and happens way too often. I have a very demanding life with not a lot of rest, insomnia, and a lot of output of energy with not a lot of a break. I also started having PTSD flashbacks at the exact same time as the seizures started. It subsided for about 5 days so I wouldn’t get to full on gagging, but it’s back bad today. Spent the entire day in relational conflict, so I’m thinking stress is a trigger for me. It’s super super uncomfortable and I want it to stop. I started PTSD therapy, but these just happen randomly, anytime of day, even during class! 😖 I don’t have any kind of control of it. People just suddenly see me gagging suddenly and then being out of it for about an hour. Once I had one so bad I couldn’t figure out reading for AN HOUR. Words just didn’t compute. Very terrifying.

  • Roger clemont
    Roger clemont 5 месяцаў таму

    notice they will treat the disorders as if real disorders. hoping the medication has an effect they can use to validate there point of view. But on further investigation of patients over time the valid pathology can be found but is not cost effective for doctors nor exciting for doctors unlike something that presents itself profoundly. Its a scary field be careful people be careful

  • Roger clemont
    Roger clemont 5 месяцаў таму

    You have to be very careful because the field of physiology. it is a pseudo science created by opinion. You need to understand these people have spent a lot of time and money learning the opinions of others. there lobby groups have given them POWER in washington and a gas of legitimacy. they conjure there science by observation without hard data or the absence of data for other disorders. observe they never answer questions but talk in general terms using other fields technical vocabulary.

  • Pink_Diamond
    Pink_Diamond 5 месяцаў таму

    Me used having seizures. This just made me very on edge & I'm fighting a panic attack omg! And i was only 8:23 mins in the video gaw lee

  • Charlotte Ross
    Charlotte Ross 6 месяцаў таму

    WHY is there absolutely NO awareness on PNES!!? Neither I, nor the numerous er doctors I’ve seen, my own gp, and ultimately my therapist, had even HEARD of PNES! Psychological things attribute to it no doubt, but there is also no doubt in my mind that there is or are some physiological factor(s) that contribute to it. Let’s not forget many people with epilepsy ALSO have “psychological seizures”. Not to mention, MANY people without any history of trauma or any history of mental illness are diagnosed with these as well.. meanwhile there are people who have gone through such trauma that most of us couldn’t even imagine, yet they do not develop this. There NEEDS to be more AWARENESS and RESEARCH on PNES!!! And I hope, ultimately, a cure or medication that can control these kinds of seizures. Therapy and or depression/ anxiety meds etc. do not help people who do not have trauma or mental illness, thus are not helping people with these seizures.😑 Instead we live with stigma, isolation, judgement, loss of independence, and SO much more. If anything, PNES in a way causes/ worsens depression/ mental health issues.😞

  • Catherine Acuna
    Catherine Acuna 6 месяцаў таму +1

    When we learn that these episodes are not seizure or epilepsy how do we tell our family member. We have been to the er serval times and the doctors like all of you have told us she doesn't have any brain wave activity showing any seizures. If not epilepsy how do we get her off the medicine we need to know how to handle all of this to know how to help

  • Lei Shy
    Lei Shy 7 месяцаў таму

    My EEG caused a bad pain in my midsection. Be sure to have an EEG.

  • Megan Sampson
    Megan Sampson 7 месяцаў таму +16

    God bless you all for the work you do in neurology and psychology

      IQRA ZAFAR 14 дзён таму

      Good effort.. but not all peopl are facalitated n not even permitted to change their life style..keep praying

  • Michele Demby
    Michele Demby 7 месяцаў таму

    I thank you for this. I wish i had doctor's that could explain this like y'all did. Does head shake and eye pain associated with PNES. I had PNES i guess before but now it's getting to be worse.

  • Great Topic
    Great Topic 7 месяцаў таму

    So, are they saying, really, that they don't know, theirs no way of telling which is which, childhood trauma or physical reasons? That there is no reliable diagnosis? Then if not, its a bit wishy washy.

  • m
    m 8 месяцаў таму +1

    I have them through fear, had them in primary school would lose consciousness. Now I'm old they happen when I'm nervous about some ones demeanour, but it is just a sudden feeling in my head then a mirage feeling in my eyes. Then head ache n tiredness. I need testing properly have never been allowed. I was diagnosed with autism and ptsd mentioned. I've always had an over reaction inside to everything I try to hide it always have. One was so bad that I felt like I'd had a small stroke every single thing on my left side tingled even the left side of my tongue. Doctor will not send me for tests because I have anxiety.

  • Eric Morvant
    Eric Morvant 8 месяцаў таму +2

    I was one of the first here to be diagnosed with PNES about four years ago. At first I was thought to faking these which only intensified them

  • FlashGirl
    FlashGirl 8 месяцаў таму

    I have a quick question: Sometimes I get up normally and my body starts to convulse (shake) and I fall over. My vision is usually spotty, but there. My body also goes numb. Could that just be fainting or actual seizure? It happens every so often.

    • L I
      L I 4 месяцы таму

      Could be MS

    • Seraphim Gugsa
      Seraphim Gugsa 8 месяцаў таму

      FlashGirl me too

  • Francisco Hrn
    Francisco Hrn 8 месяцаў таму +26

    No stress , alkaline water, hemp oil, ketogenic diet, veggie protein shakes .
    My life is back

    • Tametia Benz Benz
      Tametia Benz Benz 22 дні таму

      Really my child is having it it's hard i cry it's awful

    • Jennifer Hitz
      Jennifer Hitz Месяц таму

      Is the no stress part that is killing me, and I honestly believe im having complex partial seizures as well... but good luck finding a neurologist willing to listen once you have a pnes diagnosis...

    • andrew wilkinson
      andrew wilkinson 3 месяцы таму

      Bravo! The very formula!
      Mine is
      Olive and sunflower and hemp oil
      Sleep as king
      B vitamin complex or multi vitamin and multi mineral
      Train yourself in logic, mindfulness, and kinesthesia(that is the fifth sense) for example judo etc.
      Vegan diet Sine Qua non.

    • alindartist
      alindartist 4 месяцы таму +1

      @Sarah Johnson I'm trying to find more info on that .. "keto" diet... I've no idea what to eat vs what not .. *I'm learning some of what I thought to be healthy are not so much .. like Soy .. I thought soy was a good thing... sigh .. Any tips?? Link to a good info spot?

    • Sunny Songs
      Sunny Songs 5 месяцаў таму +1

      my stupid father and mother destroyed all that for me so many times

  • Bo Jaywalker
    Bo Jaywalker 9 месяцаў таму +1

    I was born and diagnosed with High Functioning Autism and 'develop-mental-delays' which had put me in unique social situations with extreme bullying throughout my education and recreational time as a child. Having reoccurring night-terrors every night, and developing other fears I had kept entirely to myself, in spite of years of child therapy.
    I had endured psychological and physical abuse from my siblings and people who I thought were my friends.
    Between the ages of 11 to 13, I was prescribed Risperdol for psychological reasons by my family doctor, which gave me gynecomastia which led to strange identity and social issues.
    As I met my teen years, I suffered morbid obesity that gave me sleep-apnea, which through the years was not treated with a cpap. On and off because of inconsistent weight loss suggested so, as well as socio-economic reasons, as was my clinical depression.
    When I graduated high school, I experimented with self-tested self-administered psychoactive substances such as 11-Hydroxy/Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinal/Cannabis, Lysergic Acid Diethylamide/Acid/LSD, 3-4 MethalynDioxyMethAmphetamine/MDMA/Molly/Jigs, Mitrogena Speciosa/Kratom, Dextromethorphan, 4-Acetoxy N,N Diemethyltriptamine/Shrooms, Alcohol, And Nicotine.
    Then I had my gynecomastia surgically removed.
    As I grew and learned how to support myself with a job and a car and a home I share with my family, I found a dealership in my town that was willing to educate and employ me with a job as a technician.
    It was the best job I ever had, had it for a year, this past year, actually.
    I've dropped street substance use since months before my employment there and bettered myself.
    One day, mid-autumn, I fell unconscious before preforming an inspection and tire rotation, I had been feeling oddly dizzy and disoriented that day, a new feeling I now live every day with.
    My parents were called and I was rushed to the hospital with no physical injuries.
    They couldn't come to a conclusion in the ER after two hours of various scans, and after a couple months of countless appointments with neurologists/brain science peeps lol, they had concluded through excessive EEG hours on film that I had developed, and of course been diagnosed with, Psychogenic NonEpileptic Seizure Disorder.
    I remain in my home, making music and working when I can. Recently, I've obtained Cognitive Therapy whose appointments happen every 4 months, proven not optimal. But the tools I've been given have served me very well.
    Today, this morning, I had one of my worst seizure yet. Then I minimized what I could through these exercises and administered Cannabidol/CBD and Delta-8/Delta-9/11-Hydroxy Tetrahydrocannabinal and just so happened to find this conference out of 'patient' desperation.
    Now, I was able to type and form this comment as if it was an important document.

    Wishing You All A Blessed Beautiful Day, And A Fruitful Life Full Of Problem-Solving.
    Thank You To These Gentlemen Here For Their Work, And A Personal Thank You To Alternative Medicine.

  • timothy tunes
    timothy tunes 9 месяцаў таму


  • Sin26
    Sin26 10 месяцаў таму

    My Dr's just shove anti epileptic meds down me push me out the door and say see u in 6 months the meds never work so they switch... If we don't turn up its not cos we don't want to be treated its cos we're better off untreated!!!

  • johnlocke868
    johnlocke868 10 месяцаў таму +1

    My fiancee has been having these episodes. It started when she was pregnant with our first child. She convulses uncontrollably and has had issues where she would lose memories temporarily. After watching this video I am convinced that she is suffering from PTSD caused by her miscarriage with her first husband. We went through all the usual steps. Being told that is isn't epilepsy. Being told that it was an allergic reaction to Cannabis. We actually heard the term pseudo seizure but then they did bothing to address it. We had our first child and he is happy and healthy. The episodes stopped not completely but they were minimal enough that she was able to stop them from happening when she felt one coming on. Now she is pregnant again and the episodes have returned. After watching only half of this video I questioned her about her feelings regarding the lose of her first child and big surprise she blames herself for his death. I am now doing all I can to try and convince her that her miscarriage while tragic was just something that happened and that in no way was it her fault.
    If anyone would like to talk about this please feel free to reach out to me on youtube or on kik jsmith206

  • Reva Mckillop
    Reva Mckillop 10 месяцаў таму

    They keep talking about childhood trauma. Why not about veterans? My husband started out with shiver fits with a metal taste in his mouth. Usually proceeded by a rage fit or some kind of stress. Ten years of this and no one can tell us why.

    • Bob Ben
      Bob Ben 8 месяцаў таму

      Omg i have this from time to time

    • Reva Mckillop
      Reva Mckillop 10 месяцаў таму

      sorry at 42 minutes he mentions veterans.

  • Weirdo’s Shack
    Weirdo’s Shack 10 месяцаў таму

    I LOVE THIS VIDEO because every body thinks the ribbon is for cancer or something else I have been to a hospital 2 times for a week and I’m 11 diagnosed with it I think 9 and I take 8 pills a day when I say I have epilepsy to people they sometimes try to compare it to something or say nothing but I don’t care. I also kind of feel a little bit offended when somebody fakes having a seizure but then get over it. I have once been on a diet but it didn’t really work. One time I fell getting ready for school and knocked down my vanity and got bruises on my face/head.

  • Disorientated Elf
    Disorientated Elf 10 месяцаў таму

    Myea, I had to diagnose myself and then come back to my neurologist. Not with the terminology, of course, but.. Damn them, why are they employed. Basically, he told me I had anxiety and was thinking about appointing me to a psychiatrist who said hey, I can getcha downers. I had to go home, think and observe myself, then come back and tell him, me, an uneducated noob to a medical professional: hey, I think my brain lacks stimuli so I have to produce it myself (move a part of my body all the time, otherwise -seizures) or it produces its own crap (all types of pseudo seizures during which Im conscious, ergo not epileptic or anything of the sort), and secondly, I'm not anxious and would like to decline any offer that involves downers, because i think stimulants would work, if anything. It worked. He went with ADHD but whatever, and I got ritalin. Controls the pseudo seizures very well. While not on ritalin, I just have to move all the time. End of story. The shitty thing is, i only learnt i was correct two years after. I didnt know this was a known thing. Good to know I was right and i suppose it has some connection to hormones or god knows, bad, however, is the fact that the patient needed to diagnose and evaluate his condition for a doc.

  • Kristina Sammons
    Kristina Sammons 11 месяцаў таму

    I was just diagnosed with PNES. I had many strange symptoms in the weeks prior to my first seizure. I think because doctors cant find or see something on a chart or machine, they tell you that you need therapy. Not buying it.

  • kim kim
    kim kim 11 месяцаў таму +1

    I've had seizures since 12 and now i am 34. Ive had my right frontal lobe removed but unfortunately it didnt cure me but it helped in my recovery afterwards and i suffer from tonic clonic as they are now i really do not agree with everything they say

    • Amy Davis
      Amy Davis 5 месяцаў таму +1

      You DO realize what they are talking about here is totally different than what you have, right? You are trying to compare your epileptic "tonic clonic" seizures to a non-seizure psychological event that *looks* like a seizure. That's like comparing apples and green beans. Of course nothing they say has anything to do with your ailment....

  • Leslie Tobon
    Leslie Tobon 11 месяцаў таму +2

    I was diagnosed with PNES,PTSD also Depression and Anxiety..a year ago. It’s been hard for me since the first time it happened I was in the hospital for a whole week I didn’t know who I was ,or who was my family I didn’t even know I was in the hospital for a week. It is hard for me and my husband also my family it was worst in the beginning but I still get the seizures and it last for a while then I feel a lot of pain in my head in my body plus I wake up confused don’t remember where I was or how I got’s really not good...sometimes I feel my mind cloudy...when I have the PNES seizure I won’t be able to speak for like 3’s very difficult in life having these seizures ,I am also going to a phycologist ..
    When I was seeing someone in the hospital that had a heart attack it was very stressful for me that I had a seizure and was taken by the nurse to the emergency room...and my husband told me that he heard that one of the doctor say stop the seizure your faking it...he was so mad but didn’t say anything but when he told me I was so mad ..this is something real ..I’m the one who is having all this si proms and say that I am faking it..the pain, the confusion, the not talking this symptoms are I’m glad they had notice that PNES seizures are real we can’t control this is my story..I’m still struggling for a lot of I hope other doctors see this and change there demeanor of people that have PNES.

  • James stfu
    James stfu 11 месяцаў таму

    I have Grand Mal seizures unfortunately. Shortly after having my 3rd seizure i received a call from my sister. She wanted to know everything about them. I told her everything that i remembered and what i had been told happened. All of the sudden she started having "seizures" too. Nothing shows up on any test they run on her. On my MRI they found spots on my brain that might be causing it. So my question for anyone still watching this video is this. How can you tell an obvious faker like my sister vs someone that is having a non-epileptic seizure?

  • Joe Horner
    Joe Horner Год таму +1

    Thank you so much for sharing this insight. God bless you three for doing such great work and posting all this valuable information.

  • youtubeiz the weeb
    youtubeiz the weeb Год таму +2

    My legs often jerk when I get too excited, so I looked it up, and this was the first result. Am I normal or is there something wrong with me?
    I’ve often noticed that when I get very excited, I start sometimes shouting out things randomly, and when I’m alone, that’s when the leg jerks come in. I know it”s not normal because my friends never do it. At least.. in front of me. Can someone please help?

  • Jennifer Zapien
    Jennifer Zapien Год таму

    Thank you for posting this!
    #PNES #DystonicStorms #FunctionalDystonia #ParoxysmalDystonia
    💙, #DystoniaWarrior

  • Donna Allen
    Donna Allen Год таму +1

    My “Seizures” began when I was 35 right after me and me husband separated. Johns Hopkins completed brain surgery to remove the damaged portion of my brain since they studied my active seizures to see where they were coming from and found that the main/central portion of my brain is where the seizures were coming from. Because of that they could not touch it. My seizures are now absence seizures but weird. I feel crazy and my family think the same. The absence period last 10secs but then I get up, am active, cleaning my house talking, walking around but when it’s completed I do not remember one thing that happened. Is this Phycogenic? My normal dad to day memory is getting worse.

  • Akhsarbek Getoev
    Akhsarbek Getoev Год таму +1

    I would like to know .Is there any epileptic sizure which has not abnormal EEG waves?Is there any probability that EPILEPTIC SEIZURE can look like on NON EPILEPTIC SEIZURE ? Does person diagnosed PNES have seizures regularly or sometimes he or she might have no seizure some space of time.Eg. No seizure within a month or more or PNIES happen regularly every month? I hope I will get answer on my questions )All the best .God bless you

      A CLUTTER FREE LIFE 6 дзён таму

      When you have an EEG with a negative result it says that it doesn't rule out epilepsy. So yes EEG might not show especially if the person doesn't have a seizure on spot . I am still trying to know if my seizures are epileptic or not

  • Emilio Jose Medina
    Emilio Jose Medina Год таму

    How do you treat PNES?

    • Erik Rodriguez
      Erik Rodriguez Год таму

      Emilio Jose Medina Have you heard of any remedy for this?

  • kelly fleming
    kelly fleming Год таму +1

    I have grandmal seizures. And in the beginning when you said they are yelling but it's not painful is wrong for some. Before I go unconscious it hurt very very bad.

  • Amy Drew
    Amy Drew Год таму +2

    Can someone tell me what kind if eclipse i have. Before a seziure. I can see a colourful bright star or i can smell something dirty.

      ALICE IN WONDER LAND 2 месяцы таму

      Mine were due to a very tramatic experience I went thru when I was 8. And I knew when I was about to have a seizure my tongue felt very thick and the room would get very narrow and very tall. And I woulf just have enough time to say momma its fixing to happen. And i would start seizing immediately. They were so scary and I would be completely worn out and eould need to sleep after having one. They just suddenly stopped onre day. But i wonder could they just happen again out of nowhere ... I hope not.

    • ASMR Mimi 2u
      ASMR Mimi 2u 9 месяцаў таму

      Reva Mckillop I get metal in my mouth too and start getting de ja by Anne stop talking and try hard thinking why I’m having the de ja vu it’s scary 😭

    • Reva Mckillop
      Reva Mckillop 10 месяцаў таму +2

      my husband gets metal mouth and very vivid vision.

    • The Jacobs
      The Jacobs 11 месяцаў таму


    • Paris Patrick
      Paris Patrick Год таму +1

      Simple partial, those are called auras which are seizures in themselves. It still could be PNES though. Only a VEEG can get you a diagnosis.

  • Meater
    Meater Год таму +2

    I listened to the whole thing to see if diet was mentioned at all. Nope. Convoluted discussion about how psychology and neurology are linked. No shit Sherlock! Listen in, a ketogenic low-carb or carnivorous diet works full stop end of.

    • ASMR Mimi 2u
      ASMR Mimi 2u 9 месяцаў таму

      They say keto helps seizures

    • Emerald Fraser
      Emerald Fraser 9 месяцаў таму

      What makes you think that carbs cause my seizures.

  • Max Godert
    Max Godert Год таму +26

    mine come from PTSD!! if that helps any..

    • The Georgie Verse
      The Georgie Verse 3 месяцы таму

      Max Godert hey! So do mine!

    • goduskychris Chris Godusky
      goduskychris Chris Godusky 4 месяцы таму +1

      Yes narcissism is a horrible thing that makes many unessccerry problems for otherwise normal people

    • alindartist
      alindartist 4 месяцы таму +1

      mine as well .... :( sucks

    • Joop Van De Veen
      Joop Van De Veen 6 месяцаў таму +1

      my seizures also comes from ptsd

    • Caleb Parker
      Caleb Parker 7 месяцаў таму +1

      Mine a triggered by stress and panic

  • A Hill
    A Hill Год таму +27

    More doctors need to be educated and trained in their bed side manners when dealing with people diagnosed with PNES.
    I’ve been treated horribly by medical staff as if I can control these episodes. If I could I would not be having any at all, period! This is nothing anyone wants or desires. It’s embarrassing as heck when this happens in public out of nowhere.

    • Christina Yates
      Christina Yates 2 месяцы таму +1

      A Hill same here.. I was hit on the head just today multiple times he knocked on my head like it was a door and I woke up in psych and I physically felt frozen and couldn’t move like I was trapped inside my own body.... even in psych they said I shouldn’t be in there and we’re working on getting me back on the “right” side of the hospital. Psych didn’t abuse me it was the triage I don’t even have any names I couldn’t control it and tried to communicate by blinking or moving whatever it was I could.. they think I’d fake a seizure on New Years and CHOOSE to be in the hospital rather than the comfort of my own home 🤦‍♀️

    • Kate Jack
      Kate Jack 3 месяцы таму +2

      It is so true, everything you say! The care is appalling!! Even from those close to me at times! I used to have a great job and be incredibly independent... that was a long time ago... no one would choose this!

    • Chelsie
      Chelsie 10 месяцаў таму +8

      A Hill I’m sorry this happened to you. When my neurologists diagnosed me about 6 years ago now, she made me aware that the medical community is not all on the same page with this disease. I’ve been treated fairly and I’ve also been treated terribly. Once in the er after a particular bad seizure the doctor gave me a sheet, as they’re one to do, about my concussion, but it was accompanied by a sheet about PNES and it literally said that often people fake seizures for attention, I’d never been more offended in my entire life. All I’ve ever wanted is to be normal and not go into a seizure during a concert and shit, I’ve hit my head so many times that my memory is trash and I’m currently on 6 medications with no real end in site. To have him accuse me of faking my seizures was so fucking appalling. It’s a physical manifestation of a psychologically based problem, but that in no way lessens the physical pain and shit we endure.

  • K Deep
    K Deep Год таму +1

    sign and symptoms confused irritating abnormal behaviour and igraine

    • Amy Drew
      Amy Drew Год таму

      I always have a sign before my seziure

  • K Deep
    K Deep Год таму

    we help am suffering from seziures disorder may be before 3 year and am continue treatment but not effective me my condition and please dr to help me so am very thankful to u

  • Kathy Hayward
    Kathy Hayward Год таму +1

    I happened to me one. Once is enough bad enough. N very embarrassing.

    • Saul Val
      Saul Val Год таму

      Same here. 2nd time. It can also be mucus in the body.

  • Akhsarbek Getoev
    Akhsarbek Getoev Год таму

    Hello,Dear Doctor Fisher and everyone.I have an epilepsy from childhood.I am 6.09.1985. In 2009 I had EEG and epilepsy monitoring , in right hemisphere was detected scare,it cause of deliverytrauma .I also have hemiparesis .When doctors detected it (EEG)they told that I have partial (focal epilepsy) after 8 years in summer 2017 I had EEG and monitoring again.Doctors told that I have psycogenic seizure .later they made diagnose conversive seizure(epileptic and non epileptic) .During seizures I am not always loose conciosnes.Eyes blinking, dominantly jarks and mooves left limbs and teeth jark. 1.5minutes. After a seizure I don't remember anything. It happens up to 4time per month, from 4 to 13 times per month.I have aura which mentiones that seizure comes. High blood pressure I have all the time before and during seizures. My question is, does normal EEG is always confirmation of non epileptic seizures?.Can Non epileptic fits look like epileptic fit?.My question is: is there any probability that epilepsy looks like no epilepsy?I have a stress some times but no any seizure.When I am happy and relaxed ,seizure can happen.It sounds funny but i try watch movie with horrible disaster senario in order to see will I have non epileptic fit or not,no seizures happen .Are there aby probability of couse non epileptic fits if hormone of stress and happiness disbalanced?As I said already it can happen when i happy or relaxed any time too .Main thing ,It happen most time in the evening.Doctors diagnoses me non epilepsy because EEG is normal and during seizure eye some time closed, sometimes eye blink.Is there any treatment for non epileptic seizure to not have them at all? Can epilepsy have normal EEG? I was wondering when doctors said me you have no epileptic fits. Then U was happy,I was thinking if i have no epilepsy ,psycogebic fit possible to treat an live will be ok.I hope i will get answer my questions)I apologise for annoyance.God bless you and your family

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Год таму +3

    Stress REALLY can be deadly 2 oneself
    and/or others.
    Anyone have information related to this topic causing car accidents?

    • I am Blessed. Blessed Be God
      I am Blessed. Blessed Be God 8 месяцаў таму

      Jane Doe I was involved in a car accident. I had a concussion. As a result I had the usual symptoms associated with a concussion. I started having seizures at first. Now at 2.5 years, I was told I have both epileptic seizures and psychogenic no epileptic seizures.
      However, just like they say, the neurologist just said you have both. And left me at that. I am learning from BY-clips and from these doctors.

  • Richard Joyce
    Richard Joyce Год таму

    About 2 years ago i was going through a serious psychological trauma that left me in a catatonic state for around 30 hours, after a few months getting worse and worse i ended up having my first psycogenic seizure, i don't know how long it lasted (it felt like hours) but i waz paralysed and started seeing strange geometrical hallucinations appearing to be made of light, after that seizure i was calm and relaxed for the first time in years, since then i have had a few seizures per week but they are different, i usualy have enough warning to lie down on the floor or grab hold of something (my grip usual locks) although i have injured myself on a few occasions, then i have 2-5 minuits of uncontrollable twitching and shaking, if i am stood up i go dizzy, and afterwards i have problems remembering what i was doing before and am sometimes confused but not often, they are not painfull and i feel like i could snap myself out of it but i never seem to be able to make myself do so.
    Any info about treatments would be appreciate, i do have aspergers syndrome, borderline personality disorder, a.d.h.d., severe anxiety disorder, clinical depression and an i.q. of about 122 but i tend to be difficult to test due to my way of deconstructing the test questions. I am also taking an ssri called citrlopram for about 5 months now.

    • Jane Doe
      Jane Doe Год таму

      Richard Joyce can we talk?

  • malissa Cotton
    malissa Cotton Год таму

    Navajo and hand jerks and moth and flame attacks(55:00)

  • malissa Cotton
    malissa Cotton Год таму +11

    they tell me I am depressed in the head..I just feel a huge pain in my ass from medical staff

  • malissa Cotton
    malissa Cotton Год таму +1

    mulitdiscplinary approach !!! an epilepsy center....where was this info a month ago or 3 months ago ?

  • malissa Cotton
    malissa Cotton Год таму

    organic, a large organism, getting GOOD care

  • malissa Cotton
    malissa Cotton Год таму

    ABANDONMENT, IGNORING, BELITTLING, ........reality check reality check reality check...if it works patients return period..or it's $

  • malissa Cotton
    malissa Cotton Год таму

    considering doctors do not treat "chronic problems ".....what does that tell me ?

  • malissa Cotton
    malissa Cotton Год таму +1

    go go magic prozac.......the whole damn world is depressed....good grief what did people do during the GREAT DEPRESSION ??????

  • malissa Cotton
    malissa Cotton Год таму

    not able to trust any doc >>>>>>>>>>>>. hmmm win !

  • malissa Cotton
    malissa Cotton Год таму

    the doc said he could not treat a migraine with me having a migraine did not get from a mood !!!!