Stop-Motion Ninja Melk Commercial!

Код для ўстаўкі
  • Апублікавана 19 Кст 2019
  • I was tasked with making a commercial for Ninja Melk... Nearly half a year and over 3500 pictures later.
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  • Joel Angel
    Joel Angel Дзень таму

    i loved it

  • possum
    possum Дзень таму

    we did a ninja melk review. go watch it. please. :)

  • Suns Geek
    Suns Geek Дзень таму

    I love RHPC and Nigahiga!!!

  • Sameera Hassan
    Sameera Hassan Дзень таму


  • Fishstick FN
    Fishstick FN Дзень таму +1

    Dear Ryan make a TEEHEE Flavour for ninja melk

  • Henry to
    Henry to Дзень таму

    I’m slow i just realized it’s monster red bull and rockstar rockstar took a while

  • William Teichroeb
    William Teichroeb 2 дні таму

    Does ninjamelk sell in Canada?

  • Galina Babeshkova
    Galina Babeshkova 2 дні таму

    This video deserves more views, this is so high production! Great amazing job!

  • dasdsadsa asdasdas
    dasdsadsa asdasdas 2 дні таму


  • Elegant _Melody
    Elegant _Melody 2 дні таму

    I LOVED IT😂❤️

  • _ Dragonxy _
    _ Dragonxy _ 2 дні таму

    looks cool)))

  • Eivind Midtskogen
    Eivind Midtskogen 3 дні таму

    Dear Ryan, is Ninja Melk ever gonna be in normal stores?
    More specifically european stores?

  • PizzaPastaSoSo YumYum
    PizzaPastaSoSo YumYum 3 дні таму

    Did u guys realize that his last opponent was Red Bull????

  • Ezekiels animation
    Ezekiels animation 3 дні таму

    It's milk not melk

  • Vivi
    Vivi 3 дні таму

    This is a masterpiece!! honestly one of the best commercials I’ve ever seen, and that’s including Super Bowl ads *_*

  • Abdul wahith Imran
    Abdul wahith Imran 4 дні таму

    Make a ninja melk movie

  • Fr13d r1c3
    Fr13d r1c3 4 дні таму

    Oh I get it the redbull wings thing the monster can is a monster but what’s the other guy

  • The Federal Bureau Of Investigation

    It's reminiscent of Joseph joestar against the pillar men

  • The Shadow Legacy
    The Shadow Legacy 4 дні таму

    I didn't expect ending...


  • SittieAynah BintAbdulLatif
    SittieAynah BintAbdulLatif 4 дні таму

    My jaw dropped and was open the entire time I was watching that commercial. Amazing work, Ryan and Greg! 😍

  • useless thumb
    useless thumb 4 дні таму

    Isn’t this a little long to be a commercial?

  • V K
    V K 4 дні таму

    You guys should totally make the Ninja Melk mascot into an action figure or stuffie for people to buy! I like the modern look of him with the sneakers, like how Miles Morales wore a hoodie with his Spider-Man suit.

  • Jenish Giri
    Jenish Giri 5 дзён таму

    others : NO one can put much effort in a youtube video.
    ryan & team : *_HOLD MY NINJA MELK_*

  • test acount
    test acount 5 дзён таму

    The kamehame'melk' was unexpecting. Anyways, looks good :D!

  • super expensive guys
    super expensive guys 5 дзён таму +1

    Dear ryan can you do gangdam style

  • RK
    RK 6 дзён таму

    Nice job greg, for real! And to everyone at rhpc! This is really smooth!

  • Percabeth888
    Percabeth888 6 дзён таму

    So it's monster red bull and???

  • Haziq Ismail
    Haziq Ismail 6 дзён таму

    That is great

  • cupcakexlindsay
    cupcakexlindsay 6 дзён таму

    So is ninja melk a milk flavored energy drink?

  • cupcakexlindsay
    cupcakexlindsay 6 дзён таму

    That commercial was sick tho!

  • Pesmerga Moba
    Pesmerga Moba 6 дзён таму

    I though the intro was naruto shippunden's opening

  • MJ V
    MJ V 6 дзён таму


  • FighterMaster61
    FighterMaster61 6 дзён таму


  • musikSkool
    musikSkool 6 дзён таму

    I was 100% sure he'd make a joke about it eating a can of ninja melk, and him being a can-nibal.

  • ThirtyFiveAlive
    ThirtyFiveAlive 6 дзён таму

    This is such a great video!!! Looks like a commercial for the Super Bowl, except for the last part lol

  • Magnus Nord
    Magnus Nord 6 дзён таму


  • Eggshell Productions
    Eggshell Productions 6 дзён таму

    Wow, Kanye, very cool!!

  • AnnTheSoSnazzian
    AnnTheSoSnazzian 6 дзён таму +1

    sean appreciasean? more like greg agregciation... i tried ok

  • quanoh2
    quanoh2 7 дзён таму

    Are you

  • Logan Treble
    Logan Treble 7 дзён таму

    When will ninja melk come to Australia

  • Rico Seeber
    Rico Seeber 7 дзён таму +1

    Melk means milk??: is your energydrink milky??

  • Xeonex
    Xeonex 7 дзён таму +1

    when will the UK receive our everyday kick 😂

  • Emilio Pena
    Emilio Pena 7 дзён таму +1

    That intro 10/10

    ULTUZ 7 дзён таму

    Greg wow amazing

  • Bᅵᄋ HazzarD
    Bᅵᄋ HazzarD 7 дзён таму

    minja melk vs monster energy,red bull, and the other one i dont know

  • Kalernor
    Kalernor 7 дзён таму +1

    Daaayyum, Greg did all that animation on his own? Way to go Greg.

  • Sundays with TimmyExJW
    Sundays with TimmyExJW 8 дзён таму

    Shane Dawon releases make up in the make up industry.
    Ryan Higa releases energy drinks because he loves energy drinks.
    What a time to be alive.

  • Kazuto Lu
    Kazuto Lu 8 дзён таму

    I wanna see the bts that took half a year

    I HAVE NO FRIENDS 8 дзён таму +1

    It's UDDERLY delicious... NINJA MELK!

  • MemesTube
    MemesTube 8 дзён таму

    Please make a tutorial on how u make those effects like in anime

  • Brandon Nguyen
    Brandon Nguyen 8 дзён таму

    'Get your everyday kick'
    How about...

    'Get your everyday slice'

  • TheWesinator
    TheWesinator 8 дзён таму

    While I watched that stop-motion commercial all I could think was....

    Has this ever happened to you?

  • Emery Vu
    Emery Vu 8 дзён таму

    Am I the only one still wondering what the third energy villain is?

  • malayaleeeeeees
    malayaleeeeeees 8 дзён таму

    One pun

  • malayaleeeeeees
    malayaleeeeeees 8 дзён таму

    One punch man

  • Akaash Takaki
    Akaash Takaki 8 дзён таму +2

    Make a ninja melk

  • Some new Youtuber
    Some new Youtuber 8 дзён таму

    Imagine this as an anime

  • Aeman Rashid
    Aeman Rashid 9 дзён таму

    that was a lot of work

  • Ritika Yadav
    Ritika Yadav 9 дзён таму

    Damn thats insane

  • Kay Farley
    Kay Farley 9 дзён таму

    That was pretty bad ass