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Каментарыі • 18 414

  • Trahly Lee
    Trahly Lee Годину таму

    Hide in a state where is more bigger

  • luis lopez
    luis lopez Годину таму

    In the mall

  • Eric Jackson
    Eric Jackson 2 години таму

    Play hide and see in McDonald's the ones with the playground

  • Tiffany Dodman
    Tiffany Dodman 7 годин таму

    A golf place

  • Bhavani Harsha
    Bhavani Harsha 7 годин таму

    Hide in shopping mall

  • Nevaeh Balderas
    Nevaeh Balderas 8 годин таму

    It will make a hundred harder trust me it's going to be harder

  • Mel Schultz
    Mel Schultz 9 годин таму

    I love the way he walked in the grinch costume

  • Eva Miramontes
    Eva Miramontes 9 годин таму

    The water park

  • El jawe Jalea
    El jawe Jalea 10 годин таму

    or a abanded city

  • El jawe Jalea
    El jawe Jalea 10 годин таму

    in a building

  • Frieda Austin
    Frieda Austin 11 годин таму

    In Josh and Jake,s hose.

  • Frieda Austin
    Frieda Austin 11 годин таму

    In the rain forist

  • Frieda Austin
    Frieda Austin 11 годин таму

    In the desrt

  • gaming boy
    gaming boy 12 годин таму

    In someone else's house

  • Joshua Nisbett
    Joshua Nisbett 12 годин таму

    The mall

  • Ashley Saldana
    Ashley Saldana 12 годин таму

    Zone out

  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer 12 годин таму

    Look what costumes is missing

  • Big C
    Big C 12 годин таму

    Disnley land

  • Latrell Alexander
    Latrell Alexander 14 годин таму


  • Mac Layng
    Mac Layng 14 годин таму

    you should play hide and seek in antartica

  • Foreignnn Savage
    Foreignnn Savage 14 годин таму

    Nle Choppa a kool aid pickle

  • Rosco Willis
    Rosco Willis 14 годин таму

    you should hide in the mines

  • Wyatt Day
    Wyatt Day 15 годин таму

    Hide and seek up your butt and around the corner

  • Ethan Scott
    Ethan Scott 16 годин таму

    Do a cave system next with coustume. Seeker is dressed up as a monster of wired thing. 1 like=1 vote

  • Book The worm
    Book The worm 16 годин таму

    Disney land! DISNEY 🧚

  • Casey Boger
    Casey Boger 16 годин таму

    im a bush

  • Casey Boger
    Casey Boger 16 годин таму

    a garage full of things but it is big

  • Kristian Scott
    Kristian Scott 16 годин таму

    In the beech

  • Jordan Vazquez
    Jordan Vazquez 17 годин таму


  • Ava Pritchard
    Ava Pritchard 17 годин таму

    Hide and seek in a graveyard

  • Brandon C
    Brandon C 18 годин таму


  • HI Fishing
    HI Fishing 18 годин таму

    you should play hide and seek on an island

  • Latoya Patrick
    Latoya Patrick 18 годин таму +1

    Hide in walmart

  • Van Nguyen
    Van Nguyen 18 годин таму

    You should do it at a school

  • Nerds Rule
    Nerds Rule 18 годин таму

    Hide and seek in a Walmart

  • Thomas Glass
    Thomas Glass 19 годин таму

    if you see this hide in a zipline/trampoline park

  • Ven Boo
    Ven Boo 20 годин таму

    You should play hide and seek in Africa XD

  • Evelyn Francis
    Evelyn Francis 20 годин таму

    Another place he should do hide and seek is at a water park. DO NOT RUN AT THE WATER PARK!!

  • Art Brinkman
    Art Brinkman 21 годину таму

    Pike of course and yes it’s Dixie but I don’t think I’ll know who I am because I’ve been talking to a lot more BY-clipsrs but I think I didn’t see it is a fun game some of my friends and my brother doesn’t really like him and seek and this is what he thinks about it OK OK💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 I think about it he thinks it’s really fun but he just doesn’t like it because he might get down really easy and that’s what he thinks about it 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 in your friends look a little creepy just saying and I know we’re both of a man one of them is hiding in the grass and the other ones trying to find a tree🌲🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🍃🍃🍃 it’s still Dixie yes I’m still talking to you 👋✌🏻

  • Manuel Guerra
    Manuel Guerra 21 годину таму

    I've been there before!!!!REEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Hans Productions
    Hans Productions 22 години таму

    My son (he's 5) thinks you should hide in a school or on the playground. :)

  • Maegan Boyst
    Maegan Boyst 22 години таму


  • Jennifer Hoover
    Jennifer Hoover 22 години таму

    His in orby‘s

  • jeremy gunkel
    jeremy gunkel 22 години таму

    in a holtel

  • The tampering boy Gibson
    The tampering boy Gibson 23 години таму

    Hide n seek in the jungle!!!!!!

  • Roderick Schieman
    Roderick Schieman 23 години таму

    Play hide and seek in the City

  • Amelia Taylor
    Amelia Taylor Дзень таму

    Maybe you should hide it in abandoned school!

  • Wendy Edwards
    Wendy Edwards Дзень таму

    A skyscraper

  • Jackson Plays
    Jackson Plays Дзень таму

    A haunted hotellllllll

  • Nifa Kabashi
    Nifa Kabashi Дзень таму

    james hause

  • Rhiannon Kendall
    Rhiannon Kendall Дзень таму +1

    when u were shaking the tree yelling GABLE GABLE that got me XD(sorry if i spelt wrong)

  • markchristian mataverde
    markchristian mataverde Дзень таму

    fill your pool with slime

  • Peggy Jones
    Peggy Jones Дзень таму

    you should play hide and seek at one of those rent mansions, where your on vacation and you rent one of those really nice houses people own and they let you rent them, and do it in a REALLY BIG HOUSE!!

  • Bryana Weaver
    Bryana Weaver Дзень таму

    Z You should do it at night time where you live outside of it

  • Brandi Bowers
    Brandi Bowers Дзень таму

    Hide and seek at shark’s house at 3am

  • Derrek milligan Squad
    Derrek milligan Squad Дзень таму

    At the movies

  • Matt Watkins
    Matt Watkins Дзень таму +1

    hide and seek at a water park

  • david
    david Дзень таму

    how about you guys do hide and seek at a mall like preston did

  • Bayle Nam
    Bayle Nam Дзень таму

    James:*walking around*

    • Bayle Nam
      Bayle Nam Дзень таму

      Forgot to add: James:HAS IT BEEN TWO MINUTES YET

  • heidi Nunez
    heidi Nunez Дзень таму +1

    it is the best plan in the wonderments