The Mom Vs. Dad Rap Battle

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  • Апублікавана 10 Ліс 2019
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  • Kyle Exum
    Kyle Exum  Месяц таму +3843

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    • Susan Kennedy
      Susan Kennedy 12 годин таму


    • Dakota Marie
      Dakota Marie 15 годин таму


    • maria hebert
      maria hebert 16 годин таму

      Kyle Exum HI

    • Zebra Boys T&T
      Zebra Boys T&T 21 годину таму


    • Gigi Taylor
      Gigi Taylor Дзень таму

      Kyle exum my name is Joel Newell I'm comenting on the when a generation hears a throw back part 2 that is going to be dope everything you do is hella dooe

  • Kathy Robinson
    Kathy Robinson 4 години таму

    That single fork in the sink and that popcorn move 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kathy Robinson
    Kathy Robinson 4 години таму

    I two thick I'm bout to read...... tic tac, lil Tesla.

  • Ethan Nhira
    Ethan Nhira 7 годин таму

    Yo nice

  • Diamond Bomby
    Diamond Bomby 10 годин таму

    When he said nickel I thought it said the no no word

  • Samuel Mcneer
    Samuel Mcneer 12 годин таму

    Dad won

  • Momoka and her Friends
    Momoka and her Friends 12 годин таму

    Boy i like all of this

  • 曹唯益
    曹唯益 12 годин таму +1

    The mom is rocking! GET RET LOL

  • Pro Bro's
    Pro Bro's 12 годин таму

    He has more subs than smosh wow

  • Noah
    Noah 13 годин таму

    Who all here from TikTok

  • David White
    David White 13 годин таму

    My fav part was when he was talking to kyle and the mom came out of nowhere saying why is the house not cleaned

  • Trin Cat
    Trin Cat 14 годин таму

    Dad wins

  • Psychotic Coconut
    Psychotic Coconut 14 годин таму

    I love how the music starts when the fork lands in the sink

  • Victory Smiles
    Victory Smiles 14 годин таму


  • ChubbyBunny4890
    ChubbyBunny4890 16 годин таму

    How to get a divorce in the hood

  • Drummer Pro42
    Drummer Pro42 16 годин таму

    Commented and liked

  • back ground
    back ground 18 годин таму

    Is he alive it's been a month

  • IWater FlaME
    IWater FlaME 19 годин таму

    Roxanne bro??

  • Qasim Hamed
    Qasim Hamed 19 годин таму

    Lil tesla!!!! 😂

  • Official Spearticus
    Official Spearticus 20 годин таму

    What’s the beat 🔥

  • Jake the t rex
    Jake the t rex 20 годин таму

    Straight bars

    ALEXANDER TUD 21 годину таму

    Dad won for sure

  • Trezoid
    Trezoid Дзень таму

    So nobody notices that kyle is in some type of purgatory

  • PV Official
    PV Official Дзень тамувідэа.html

  • Amirai Mathias
    Amirai Mathias Дзень таму

    These 2 went off😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Fynn Taylor
    Fynn Taylor Дзень таму

    0:10 is my favourite part!!!

  • manny85009
    manny85009 Дзень таму +1


  • jrol101
    jrol101 Дзень таму

    May you please make a parody of Party Up by DMX?

  • jrol101
    jrol101 Дзень таму

    Can you do Whoop it Up (Party up Parody)

  • Nobody Why
    Nobody Why Дзень таму +1

    Can you make a earth song

  • Nadia Salahuddin
    Nadia Salahuddin Дзень таму

    My favorite thing is him and Timmy eating popcorn and betting on the winner. Be me!😂😂😂

    LIFE OF UCHE Дзень таму


    TATUM HENDRIX Дзень таму

    Kyle you are great

  • ¡ Sűńńý ¡
    ¡ Sűńńý ¡ Дзень таму

    #laat comment

  • AlmightyNaruto
    AlmightyNaruto Дзень таму

    Lil teca

  • Makisha Handley
    Makisha Handley Дзень таму

    What sup

  • MyMattingCall
    MyMattingCall Дзень таму +1

    Please make Roxanne AZ and Bandit JW parodies.

  • Grayson west
    Grayson west Дзень таму

    I wanna see when the kid fights back

  • BEGONEb 334
    BEGONEb 334 Дзень таму

    Kyle i love your vids its awsome i sub to you can you sub to me you got good talent you can become a famous artist plz sub to me

  • Jatae Turner
    Jatae Turner Дзень таму

    You are so funny and you are always lit.

  • Yilaz Joel
    Yilaz Joel Дзень таму +1

    I love your rap

  • Bryan Boujaoude
    Bryan Boujaoude 2 дні таму

    Dad:*Puts form in the sink*

    So you have chosen death!

  • Czaiph
    Czaiph 2 дні таму

    At 1:58 you can see the microphone in the microwaves reflection

  • Red Phantom
    Red Phantom 2 дні таму

    Kyle vs Crazy girlfriends dad rap battle?

  • Marie John
    Marie John 2 дні таму


  • Hazmat Survivor
    Hazmat Survivor 2 дні таму

    Sees microphone in microwave reflection*MY PERFECTOINOUS EYES

  • Timothy Harbin
    Timothy Harbin 2 дні таму

    me: working dad: BANG BANG BANG me:come in dad: GET TO WORK me: why aren’t you even working dad: um well I... me: no excuses mom: honey BOY GET TO WORK NOW dad: FINE mom: is that a attitude BOY COME HERE dad: NOPE

  • Tayvion Brown
    Tayvion Brown 2 дні таму

    Bro you act like we don't know that at the beggning your hat was changing

  • xDreap
    xDreap 2 дні таму +1

    Next : Aunt vs Uncle rap
    Like so it can happen

  • Rayann Kahlenbeck
    Rayann Kahlenbeck 2 дні таму

    Love ur too tok

  • Tiffeney Guy
    Tiffeney Guy 2 дні таму

    This is awesome like serious

  • notsew 70
    notsew 70 2 дні таму

    I never heard my mom and dad rap battle I was adopted

  • Jupiters' wolf
    Jupiters' wolf 2 дні таму

    "I got to thick-BOoks Imma bout to read!" 🤣🤣🤣 oh my Iove that part!

  • Tristan Cole
    Tristan Cole 2 дні таму

    listen to the mom rap 2 on spotify

  • PawPaw girl
    PawPaw girl 2 дні таму

    If I had his mom or dad I pick his mom

  • Absolute Amarí
    Absolute Amarí 2 дні таму

    Omg you need to do a ransom parody by lil tecca

    SABEN STARS BRAWL STARS 2 дні таму +1

    Mom p: your tape line lookin like the Great Recession
    Me and dad : but you cut my hair

  • Khloe Manykham’s world
    Khloe Manykham’s world 2 дні таму

    I’m a big fan

  • Khloe Manykham’s world
    Khloe Manykham’s world 2 дні таму


  • [Itz LeafyYT]
    [Itz LeafyYT] 2 дні таму

    It's been a month