Brewstew - Our Dog Otis

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  • Апублікавана 6 Крс 2021
  • Our Dog Otis was filmed in front of a live studio audience.
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  • stormz boi
    stormz boi Хвіліна таму

    you should make a vlog channel that would be good

  • Tanner Saxton
    Tanner Saxton 23 хвіліны таму

    Way too relatable

  • Abisai Madrid
    Abisai Madrid 31 хвіліна таму

    I’m sure mom feels really going to sleep I’ll just keep watching your ding really quiet

  • Crazypopcorn13
    Crazypopcorn13 38 хвілін таму

    Just watching your rottie doing this makes me feel so much better about myself because my rottie that looks exacly like yours acts the same way.

  • Oliver Warner
    Oliver Warner 40 хвілін таму

    Is he Michael stepdad now

  • Oliver Warner
    Oliver Warner 41 хвіліна таму

    I hope it a little kid comes over to walk trot shower with your kid and then that Rottweiler thousand more than likely mold or you

  • ErikaFamous
    ErikaFamous 56 хвілін таму

    They are just giant sweet goofballs! I have one named Aubie, the sweetest thing ever, but gets so many dirty looks when I walk him.

  • Agent Woogle supreme
    Agent Woogle supreme Годину таму

    This is the funniest

  • Jamie Briggs
    Jamie Briggs Годину таму

    What happened to Michael when you got older

  • Cat Dogs
    Cat Dogs Годину таму

    I love limes you can make juice it is vary good

  • Preston Field
    Preston Field Годину таму

    This dog reeeeeeeeeee lime

  • Gabe Mad jack
    Gabe Mad jack Годину таму

    Your dog is very cut oh pleas mac another one toy mak funy videos

  • Ajmetoo
    Ajmetoo Годину таму

    *Like A Step Dad*

  • Maya Innabi
    Maya Innabi Годину таму

    1.69M subscribes
    That’s just perfect

  • Alex gaming 2.0
    Alex gaming 2.0 Годину таму

    Brew stews wife: I bet Otis would save me cause he’s mamas baby
    Otis: yes I’m a mean big bad boy
    Also Otis gets scared bye a lime

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama Годину таму

    bro my dogs name is the same!

  • Alexis Saunders
    Alexis Saunders Годину таму

    Dude I love this I watch this all the time

  • Wyatt Jamieson
    Wyatt Jamieson 2 години таму

    Thisn is the funniest video jes ever made

    CWSC RADicAL 2 години таму

    My rottweiler is the same

  • Randy Reynolds
    Randy Reynolds 2 години таму

    Your dog's f****** useless

  • Biscuit
    Biscuit 3 години таму

    So otis is kinda like charizard big and scary but a big wuss

  • Dogey DOGE KING!
    Dogey DOGE KING! 3 години таму


  • Laughing Peter Griffin
    Laughing Peter Griffin 3 години таму

    Very relatable

  • Laughing Peter Griffin
    Laughing Peter Griffin 3 години таму


  • JeffCheddar
    JeffCheddar 3 години таму

    good vid

  • kieran Taylor
    kieran Taylor 4 години таму

    Love it

  • Devin Zimmers
    Devin Zimmers 4 години таму

    You know what I have noticed in none of the videos where the guys are adult micheal has never been mentioned

  • Little King
    Little King 4 години таму

    Your videos are so funny🤣🤣😂

  • JacksonPlayzRoblox
    JacksonPlayzRoblox 4 години таму

    Its so cute how Otis looked when he was eating ice-cream🤗

  • JacksonPlayzRoblox
    JacksonPlayzRoblox 4 години таму


  • Joel
    Joel 5 годин таму

    I fookin died when Tyler yelled at Otis and he ran away.

  • Kevin Buckthorpe
    Kevin Buckthorpe 5 годин таму

    Think ive seen them all in 2 days wow

  • What chu fools lookin at
    What chu fools lookin at 6 годин таму

    Had me dead

  • Mrmehoff YT
    Mrmehoff YT 6 годин таму


  • the revolver yt
    the revolver yt 6 годин таму

    What happened to zeke the Golden retriever

  • eden cha
    eden cha 8 годин таму

    I know why he is a wuss because you don't train him, make a video if you do

  • Lorenzo Aguilera Castillo
    Lorenzo Aguilera Castillo 8 годин таму

    he is phat

  • R . K . H
    R . K . H 8 годин таму

    0:48 appreciate the Morrie from Goodfellas pic

  • Jennifer Palencia
    Jennifer Palencia 8 годин таму

    Why don't you just use lemon on the other dog that you got bit in the back of the head with

  • Yolloface1010
    Yolloface1010 8 годин таму

    3 uploads in a month im gonna have a seizure

  • Todd
    Todd 8 годин таму

    OMG toooo funny!

  • Tristan Haushalter
    Tristan Haushalter 9 годин таму

    Subs are nice

  • Niamh Baszyl
    Niamh Baszyl 9 годин таму

    I am that wife. Told I can’t get another Great Dane. Told him I could get another husband. Big dogs are pussies btw.

  • hardbass kid Cyka blyat!
    hardbass kid Cyka blyat! 9 годин таму

    Why This so Fucking Funny For me

  • ToozyKo
    ToozyKo 9 годин таму

    Do you still know Michael?

  • Redronco
    Redronco 10 годин таму

    My dogs afraid of oranges and bananas and hes supposed to be a guard dog.

  • Jon Pelton
    Jon Pelton 10 годин таму

    are you uploading more now?

  • D&G-TV
    D&G-TV 11 годин таму


  • Dre Dre
    Dre Dre 11 годин таму

    Otis:rawr rawr rawr

  • JuicyShadow Gaming
    JuicyShadow Gaming 11 годин таму

    This is the funniest video yet🤣🤣

  • unboxing with alperen
    unboxing with alperen 13 годин таму

    U have 1.69m subscribers

  • Lunar Tears
    Lunar Tears 13 годин таму

    I always love when the ‘big scary dog’ is the biggest baby you’ll ever meet.🤣🤣🤣👌☠️

  • zach tull
    zach tull 13 годин таму

    btw how tall are u u look like your almost 7 to 8 feet tall

  • MOLTEN Animatronic
    MOLTEN Animatronic 14 годин таму

    Hey what happened to your dog is Zeke

  • N T F 50 87
    N T F 50 87 14 годин таму


  • Brian Cross
    Brian Cross 14 годин таму

    How did Tiffany hold up during all this insanity?

  • \- Vodka -/
    \- Vodka -/ 16 годин таму

    This is completely random but I offer to draw any characters for animation ^^

  • Overkillwill317
    Overkillwill317 18 годин таму

    I have the worst humor and this was funny as shit

  • Indigo
    Indigo 18 годин таму

    Wait what happened to zeek and Tiffany?

  • Amy Quewezance
    Amy Quewezance 18 годин таму

    I like how he posted 2 videos in a week

  • Dante hernandez
    Dante hernandez 19 годин таму

    He is not cujo

  • KHM Films
    KHM Films 19 годин таму

    1M in 6 days, Brewstew never gets old💯

  • Bobasaurus Rex
    Bobasaurus Rex 20 годин таму

    This is one of my favourite vids

  • Jacob tech games Scott
    Jacob tech games Scott 20 годин таму

    Man your dog so lucking because my has arthritis

  • Macario Leyva
    Macario Leyva 21 годину таму

    You are finally here.yay bro

  • Ultra Phoenix
    Ultra Phoenix 23 години таму +1

    This is the funnest shit I’ve ever seen 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Willie Hill
    Willie Hill 23 години таму +1


  • Gamin Tyme
    Gamin Tyme Дзень таму

    Stink bombs planted

  • Ofelia Morales
    Ofelia Morales Дзень таму +1

    are you still friends with someone from your childhood?

  • ThatHinnershitzYT Hendrix
    ThatHinnershitzYT Hendrix Дзень таму

    Otis is cute atleast