TikTok Girls In Real Life | VSCO Girl, Soft Girl, E-Girl

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  • Апублікавана 11 Врс 2019
  • Are you a #VSCOGirl, #SoftGirl, or #eGirl?? 😂 Today, we’re showing you a little parody on each of these #TikTok personalities, playing off of things we think they’d do in real life! Which one of these girls do you relate to the most??
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    We were obviously just having TOO MUCH fun by creating this sketch for you! No offense to any of these character types, as we sometimes fall into these categories ourselves! I think most girls have a little #VSCO, Soft, or E-Girl in them! Even if you’re not one of these stereotypes entirely, you’ll probably find that you at least take on a few of these quirks, or even fashion statements, and hardly knew it!
    We played up the “VSCO Girl” who is always wearing an oversized t-shirt, birkenstock sandals, and always has a scrunchie (or 7) on hand! She’s the biggest “savetheturtles” activist, and will not tolerate anyone who uses plastic straws! How many of YOU are VSCO girls??
    We also focused on the “Soft Girl” personality from TikTok, and this girl is ALL THINGS GIRLY! You’ll catch them wearing lots of pink blush, and hair clips! They love anything and everything that is pastel pink, and they never leave the house without their lip gloss! 💗
    Lastly, you’ll see the well known “E-Girl” who is the more ~moody~ personality. You’ll generally see them in darker clothing, rocking winged eyeliner, and 9 times out of 10 their tongue will be out of their mouth and use lots of hand signs! 😛
    Which of these TikTok personalities do you relate to the most?? Comment below!
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  • Brooklyn and Bailey
    Brooklyn and Bailey  Месяц таму +1709

    Are you a VSCO Girl, Soft Girl, or E Girl?? Comment below! Don’t forget to checkout our new AirPod Cases here: brooklynandbaileyshop.com/collections/airpods 💋's - Brooklyn

    • Jules Playz
      Jules Playz 7 годин таму

      probably an e girl, but i don't stick my tongue out like that .-.

    • gacha angel
      gacha angel 10 годин таму

      @• Šnôw • here! QwQ

    • Joenelya Jokalist
      Joenelya Jokalist 10 годин таму

      E girls

    • • Šnôw •
      • Šnôw • 10 годин таму

      I’ve been scrolling to see what others said they were. Where are all the e-girls?!

    • gacha angel
      gacha angel 13 годин таму

      E girl uwu

  • Derrick Jewett
    Derrick Jewett 58 хвілін таму

    Im E-girl

  • Teairra da Baka UwU
    Teairra da Baka UwU 2 години таму

    I’m a vsco girl and an E-girl

  • Teairra da Baka UwU
    Teairra da Baka UwU 2 години таму

    *I just found out I’m a vsco girl*

  • iKlorineFN
    iKlorineFN 4 години таму

    imagine having airpods

  • Sling Shot
    Sling Shot 4 години таму

    You forgot the sporty one.

  • Mirella Meulen
    Mirella Meulen 5 годин таму

    Pov: i kidnapped you but i caught feels. *Cough cough* Noen eubanks *cough*

  • Sofia Campuzano
    Sofia Campuzano 5 годин таму

    VSCO girls are annoying w/ their and I oop skskksksksksksksksk!!!!

  • Human
    Human 6 годин таму

    Tip for VSCO girls-
    Don’t buy metal straws because the production of them contributes to global warming. Use bamboo, silicone, or glass straws. Be a better VSCO girl and don’t use metal straws. Metal straws still harm the environment.

  • Sarah McClanahan
    Sarah McClanahan 6 годин таму

    Somewone put that Baily was soft girl no she is e girl!

  • Rissey bear
    Rissey bear 6 годин таму

    I watch riverdale and arche

  • Evelinejaveline Ganthler
    Evelinejaveline Ganthler 7 годин таму

    I LOVE Disney movies on neftix

  • Evelinejaveline Ganthler
    Evelinejaveline Ganthler 7 годин таму

    I LOVE pink I think I'm a soft girl

  • itzelp dominguez
    itzelp dominguez 7 годин таму


  • Harold Jr Carta
    Harold Jr Carta 7 годин таму

    LOL😝!!!!! My name is Brooklyn and my dog’s name is Bailey!!!!!

  • Jules Playz
    Jules Playz 7 годин таму

    The boy while all the girls are trying to flirt the entire time:
    Edit: Wait...
    I'm an E-girl but I'm like, a VSCO girl at the same time-ish
    Like, I have a hydro flask, metal straws, oversized t-shirts, a FEW scrunchies, and I want to save the turtles. Oh, and sometimes when I'm bored I'll put up a messy bun. I say and i oop sksksksk to annoy my friends, but I don't want to be a VSCO girl. But does all of this automatically make me a VSCO girl?
    But on the other hand, I'm an e-girl bc...
    This is self-explanatory .-.
    But why do e-girls always have their tongue out? Like, SERIOUSLY

  • Abbie Sampson
    Abbie Sampson 8 годин таму

    When I saw Steve irwin XD

  • NoSalsaForYou
    NoSalsaForYou 9 годин таму


  • NoSalsaForYou
    NoSalsaForYou 9 годин таму

    im a resident evil girl :v

  • Cindy Primus
    Cindy Primus 9 годин таму

    I’m none of these!

  • Kati Leslie
    Kati Leslie 9 годин таму

    I am a Vsco girl

  • JacksonW
    JacksonW 10 годин таму

    is it just me or is this video SUPER cringy ;/

    Ceyda CELEBICAN 11 годин таму

    There is no e-girl in school

  • Yvette Burgos
    Yvette Burgos 11 годин таму

    And also I'm an e_girl because sometimes I'm mean to people

  • Yvette Burgos
    Yvette Burgos 11 годин таму

    I'm a soft girl because I cry alot

  • Yvette Burgos
    Yvette Burgos 11 годин таму

    I don't know your names because you guys look the same

  • Vibezzシシalex
    Vibezzシシalex 11 годин таму

    The vsco girl dance was the “why you so obsessed with me” trend

  • GunScott HDgaming
    GunScott HDgaming 13 годин таму +1

    *E girls are girls who listen to billy eilish songs*

  • s u n f l o w e r
    s u n f l o w e r 14 годин таму

    4:28 *hI WeLcOmE tO cHiLliS*

  • Charleen
    Charleen 16 годин таму

    Save the 𓆉

  • Jewels in nation
    Jewels in nation 16 годин таму

    I’m the soft girl I think I’m a soft girl and Starbucks orders I’m very indecisive

  • sophia keophalak
    sophia keophalak 17 годин таму

    I’m Soft girl

  • 지선
    지선 18 годин таму

    I'm korean. Is it real????

  • xXYoung ForeverXx
    xXYoung ForeverXx 18 годин таму


  • • Lulu •
    • Lulu • 18 годин таму +1

    Me:*sees a vsco girl giving a Scrunchie to a boy*

    Me: wait-

  • • Lulu •
    • Lulu • 18 годин таму

    I’m a soft e vsco girl

  • Little Red Ruby :3
    Little Red Ruby :3 21 годину таму

    Those scrunchies look super warm! As a canadian I would probably where that during fall and winter!

  • Melissa Perez
    Melissa Perez 22 години таму

    Weledora gunshots De droga

  • Kia Villalon
    Kia Villalon 23 години таму

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate how the guy was a great actor?

  • lil Gamer
    lil Gamer Дзень таму

    WHAT THE F%$# IS A SOFT GIRL?!?!?!

  • Addisyn Nichols
    Addisyn Nichols Дзень таму


  • Addisyn Nichols
    Addisyn Nichols Дзень таму

    I am an e-girl

  • Some RandomPerson
    Some RandomPerson Дзень таму +6

    This is how many times the E-girl stuck her tongue out

  • Willow Byrne
    Willow Byrne Дзень таму

    I know that dance

  • Saga Antonia Otto-Hedenborg
    Saga Antonia Otto-Hedenborg Дзень таму

    What is a soft girl?
    Btw as I thought I wasn't a VSCO girl I was wearing an over sized shirt and I found a scrunchie-_-

    AND I OOP!!

  • Ldhyper laidy
    Ldhyper laidy Дзень таму

    The tik tok vsco was "why you so obsessed with me?" And yes i sang along

  • SkillzForReal Things
    SkillzForReal Things Дзень таму +1

    I came to look at this to see what actually happens to VSCO girls

  • janela managa
    janela managa Дзень таму

    I am a e-girl

  • janela managa
    janela managa Дзень таму

    I love the e-girl 🙂❤❤💘💕

  • Ricky Rush
    Ricky Rush Дзень таму

    sksksksksk and i oop-

  • Ricky Rush
    Ricky Rush Дзень таму

    i am a vsco girl

  • Kate Audrey Banguis
    Kate Audrey Banguis Дзень таму

    9:03 she's doinngg the obsessed dance

  • J D M
    J D M Дзень таму

    PTSD flashback to the 80s...

  • Laura Douaihy
    Laura Douaihy Дзень таму

    My school is FILLED with vsco girls. I’m a soft girl though 😅

  • T T
    T T Дзень таму

    more than jewish kids

  • Lana Kolar
    Lana Kolar Дзень таму

    Vsco girl

  • Nelson figueiredo
    Nelson figueiredo Дзень таму

    Yes I know what that tik tok dance I've done that song and dance

  • xxmistyari
    xxmistyari Дзень таму

    Uhm what is e-girl,vsco girl and soft girl ;-;

  • Megan Brosler
    Megan Brosler Дзень таму +8

    This is how much scrunchies Brooklyn sent Cole Sprouse

  • Elif }
    Elif } Дзень таму

    *This not e girl gothic black like and they make strange moves while e girl does the opposite*