G-Eazy - Demons & Angels (Audio) ft. Miguel, The Game

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  • Апублікавана 18 Кст 2019
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  • Deadz y
    Deadz y 7 годин таму

    Dan Brown- my mom knows it.
    Smart style - I pray for you ☯️♌️♋️💗❤️🖤👁

  • Flip B
    Flip B 15 годин таму


  • Anthony Ballard
    Anthony Ballard Дзень таму

    Dude... he woooould do a good joker if he acted good. Dude was right.. juuuust imagine. Would be sick.

  • Wisam Alhamad
    Wisam Alhamad Дзень таму

    For real didn't expect to see G and Game on a track together.

  • kyle searsar
    kyle searsar 2 дні таму

    Keep doing what you doing " you sound good and keep that confident's ti's refreshing" to know somebody is sure about there insights. On thier songs. That they sing".

  • Steven Aguilar
    Steven Aguilar 3 дні таму

    I drafted a rookie 😦 Felt that...

  • Adrian Grace
    Adrian Grace 3 дні таму

    You rap about real things

  • Adrian Grace
    Adrian Grace 4 дні таму +1

    Was it hard to make this

  • humantorch50
    humantorch50 4 дні таму

    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

  • Jay Chonos
    Jay Chonos 5 дзён таму

    I really thought my last fap was a last fap

  • ur mom
    ur mom 5 дзён таму +1

    if blackbear and g-eazy collabed again i’d faint

  • Lucy
    Lucy 5 дзён таму

    This one goes hard! ❤🙌❤🙌❤🙌❤

  • Sun Sun Sun
    Sun Sun Sun 6 дзён таму

    Geazy sad that I saw you not this year at frequenzy :( fuuuuck I will it that I see you there

  • princbul
    princbul 7 дзён таму


  • Forest VVoods
    Forest VVoods 7 дзён таму

    this needs a music video

  • TaterHead CuHHH
    TaterHead CuHHH 8 дзён таму

    Pay attention

  • Jacky Castillo
    Jacky Castillo 8 дзён таму

    😍🤩 this 🔥

  • dezeray Rankin
    dezeray Rankin 8 дзён таму

    Beautiful Album G❤❤

  • gee
    gee 8 дзён таму

    Been waiting for Game to drop a new track :)

  • Serengeti Lion
    Serengeti Lion 9 дзён таму +2

    G Eazy... Making of a masterpiece!
    Thinking your last girl would have been your last girl is something that goes on with everyday people who aren't the least famous... Going on right now....

  • Bikin Burger
    Bikin Burger 9 дзён таму +1

    Real fan of G!!🔥🔥🔥

  • Happyface615
    Happyface615 10 дзён таму +7

    Underrated song on this album and ya'll been done sleepin' on Miguel

  • 5aban 2nv
    5aban 2nv 10 дзён таму +1


  • Cabdirizaq Carab
    Cabdirizaq Carab 11 дзён таму +1

    Game fan forever

  • MTRX 2010
    MTRX 2010 11 дзён таму +1

    glad it wasn't a country rock song.

    • MTRX 2010
      MTRX 2010 9 дзён таму

      LOL. you know what im talking about!!!! yeah you do....let me drive your daddy's tracker, trackter, er, er. atleast G got some smooth, and is staying away from the county music. >8P

  • King Tyler
    King Tyler 11 дзён таму +1

    This slap

  • Raheem Williams
    Raheem Williams 11 дзён таму +2

    The Game went crazy

  • Douglas Lemley
    Douglas Lemley 12 дзён таму +1

    Shout out to bugs can't wate

  • EvryDayLife Intrystng
    EvryDayLife Intrystng 12 дзён таму


  • EvryDayLife Intrystng
    EvryDayLife Intrystng 12 дзён таму

    My Dude, Feelin it

  • Hi I'm Tupac
    Hi I'm Tupac 12 дзён таму


  • Ant stop sleeping on me
    Ant stop sleeping on me 12 дзён таму +1

    I see the James harden in u Ok C thunder

  • Ted s
    Ted s 13 дзён таму

    Rip my relationship, 13yrs gone

  • GuillØme
    GuillØme 14 дзён таму

    produced by ?

  • Momentimum
    Momentimum 14 дзён таму

    FUCK! Just lost the game...

  • Alexis Naoui
    Alexis Naoui 15 дзён таму +3

    he feels like he wrote illmatic ... damn he's kidding me he got flows but the game ain't got no soul !

  • Alexis Madrid
    Alexis Madrid 15 дзён таму

    I keep hearing it, as always your music never disappoints

  • Sahil Asterix
    Sahil Asterix 15 дзён таму


  • pawel9453
    pawel9453 16 дзён таму

    King's back?

  • pch
    pch 16 дзён таму

    whos beat is this for real

  • Trust mE No One
    Trust mE No One 16 дзён таму

    This is garbage. Where the heavy metal?

  • Trust mE No One
    Trust mE No One 16 дзён таму


  • idk ttt
    idk ttt 17 дзён таму +3

    In every song there is a message for Halsey...💔

  • Osume Praise
    Osume Praise 17 дзён таму

    The game and nas have similar husky voices

  • bobbydubay
    bobbydubay 17 дзён таму +1

    Ya'll feel that old school Drizzy Drake, "Thank me Later/Nothing was the Same" vibe on this beat? or am I trippin?

  • Arata Kasuga
    Arata Kasuga 17 дзён таму

    How repetitive are the other songs he dropped?

  • Zaiah06 _
    Zaiah06 _ 17 дзён таму

    G easy sound like old drake

  • DJ C
    DJ C 17 дзён таму +1

    Sounds a bit like Marvin’s Room

  • Tanya Duvall
    Tanya Duvall 17 дзён таму


  • Issa Universe
    Issa Universe 18 дзён таму

    Old Drake vibes 0:01 instant save to playlist

  • Charlie beaches
    Charlie beaches 18 дзён таму

    Which means fake ass f***

  • Charlie beaches
    Charlie beaches 18 дзён таму

    As far as most people on the west coast are concerned the game is the first tekashi69

  • Charlie beaches
    Charlie beaches 18 дзён таму

    you know what game don't ever talk about Nas especially illmatic in any of your raps you are a punk b**** compared to elmatic That's a classic and you will never ever be a classic in g why the f*** are you letting someone do that on your f****** records the game is a b**** he only started g*********** after he got famous that means he's a punk and Nas is compared with rakim and game will never be compared with rakim never ever ever so ji keep people like that off your f*** and records cuz as far as I'm concerned and a lot of other people in the Bay area concerned you are 10 times better then do that game or $0.50 or Lloyd Banks or any of those b******don't lower yourself to that level

  • Kyle D
    Kyle D 18 дзён таму

    ICONIC 👀

  • Raberto Jaquez
    Raberto Jaquez 18 дзён таму

    Feel bad I could've made u mine last summer, i seen the james harden in you yea OKC thunder " 🔥

  • Métisse D’Ibiza
    Métisse D’Ibiza 18 дзён таму

    This flow is majestic

  • mask off
    mask off 18 дзён таму +2

    The game - all time favorite rapper

  • Parish Johnson
    Parish Johnson 19 дзён таму

    Every open door require closure🤘🚻

  • aaron corbitt
    aaron corbitt 19 дзён таму

    Wow, good music.
    Talking real facts of life.
    This has a 90’s swag, and its great.

  • iva ursa
    iva ursa 19 дзён таму

    Awesome 😍