Adults React To 10 Comic-Con Trailers 2019

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  • Апублікавана 26 Ліп 2019
  • Comic-Con trailers reacted to by Adults. Original links below.
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    Adults React to some of the biggest trailers from Comic-Con 2019.
    Watch to see their Reactions.
    Content Featured:
    IT Chapter 2відэа.html
    Star Trek: Picardвідэа.html
    The Witcherвідэа.html
    Top Gunвідэа.html
    Rick & Mortyвідэа.html
    His Dark Materialsвідэа.html
    Avengers Panel Highlightsвідэа.html"
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    Adults React To 10 Comic-Con Trailers 2019
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    • Jace F.
      Jace F. Месяц таму

      Why did y'all cut the reveal of Data at the end of the Picard trailer?

    • Charity Kids
      Charity Kids Месяц таму

      Surprised that TWD wasn't there

    • SoulSlayer97531
      SoulSlayer97531 Месяц таму +1

      I am mad where is agents of shield

    • Nick Gasore
      Nick Gasore Месяц таму

      Do Teens know new anime

    • Juan Cortez Muro
      Juan Cortez Muro Месяц таму

      This Video WILL Make You Sleep💆‍♂️відэа.html

  • Thom Rigter
    Thom Rigter Месяц таму

    Terminator shouldn't be rebooted

  • Griphter
    Griphter Месяц таму

    Rick and morty? who cares we getting Invader Zim

  • Amelia Wiseman
    Amelia Wiseman Месяц таму

    I read the books but I hate that they’re doing a remake I hope they do all of the series though

  • Janko Komodo
    Janko Komodo Месяц таму

    mcu is done, rip

  • Лиля Батырева
    Лиля Батырева Месяц таму

    I want reaction on joker

  • Cisco Lopez
    Cisco Lopez Месяц таму +2

    Fuck you Tori we've been waiting decades for a Top Gun sequel.

  • Jacob Richardson
    Jacob Richardson Месяц таму +3

    Female thor thot is gonna be a bust, mark my words

  • Joshua Vargas
    Joshua Vargas Месяц таму

    Is the Steven universe one on here

  • Lesley Clarke
    Lesley Clarke Месяц таму

    It arrrrrrrr

  • Ajar Raccoon
    Ajar Raccoon Месяц таму +4

    What about joker?

  • Harry Potter2000
    Harry Potter2000 Месяц таму +3


  • Ev!l@ngel
    Ev!l@ngel Месяц таму +2

    Marvel all the way. Soo excited.

  • Oh yeah Yeah
    Oh yeah Yeah Месяц таму +10

    What about the joker trailer

  • LEACH 96
    LEACH 96 Месяц таму +6

    What is tori problem with top gun

  • ashlynn cook
    ashlynn cook Месяц таму +4

    I think SHAZAM should have been in here

    • Adi / Aditya Valvi
      Adi / Aditya Valvi Месяц таму

      ashlynn cook this person is saying that the shazam movie was last year and there hasn't been new things released about shazam

    • ashlynn cook
      ashlynn cook Месяц таму

      @TA_Clay _ Last year what

    • TA_Clay _
      TA_Clay _ Месяц таму +2

      ashlynn cook that was last year lmao

    • ashlynn cook
      ashlynn cook Месяц таму

      @CrazyAlex 18 Yes

    • CrazyAlex 18
      CrazyAlex 18 Месяц таму +3

      ashlynn cook did you even read the title?

  • Imani Celestin
    Imani Celestin Месяц таму +8

    Terminator isn't a reboot, just a continuation. It follows after the events of the 2nd Terminator film.

    • Bannhem
      Bannhem Месяц таму

      2nd Terminator? Thanks for the info! I thought it was after Genesis

  • LeBeautiful James
    LeBeautiful James Месяц таму +25

    The Blade Announcement is more exciting than Nathalie Portman as Thor

    • ok 08
      ok 08 Месяц таму +2

      @gabe vincent they all are exciting. All of them

    • Gabe Vincent
      Gabe Vincent Месяц таму +4

      it is but i also cant wait for falcon and the winter soldier

    • ok 08
      ok 08 Месяц таму +5

      Both is fine

  • andrewthezeppo
    andrewthezeppo Месяц таму +2

    So excited for His Dark Materials but still so sad that my Queen Nicole wont be in it.

  • o. c.
    o. c. Месяц таму +14

    "Fuck top gun" ME

  • Tomáš Bouzek
    Tomáš Bouzek Месяц таму +3

    Pacard is finaly bad with 7 of 9. I wanted that in May 2006.

  • hygor bohm Hubner
    hygor bohm Hubner Месяц таму +6

    Should've mentioned that Fantastic Four and X-Men (Mutants) would be introduced as well

  • Fusebear Entertainment
    Fusebear Entertainment Месяц таму +7

    Picard " engage . "
    Everyone: he said it! he said it!

  • Alec Grant
    Alec Grant Месяц таму +8

    Natalie portman cannot act. She is a terrible choice

    • Star-munch
      Star-munch Месяц таму +3

      And yet she's won awards and oscars. #Facts.

    • Trafalgus Apple
      Trafalgus Apple Месяц таму +1

      @RelativelyGayFanboy That's a stretch.

    • RelativelyGayFanboy
      RelativelyGayFanboy Месяц таму +6

      Alec Grant What on Earth are you on about???? 😂 She’s literally one of the greatest actresses alive today.

  • Tyshaun Jackson
    Tyshaun Jackson Месяц таму

    Please do some Juggalostuff

  • King Ky
    King Ky Месяц таму +7

    The dark crystal are of resistance?!!

  • s1r3 k
    s1r3 k Месяц таму +21

    Noone :
    Not a single btch :
    Hollywood : REBOOT!!!!!!!!!!

    • Gavin Henderson
      Gavin Henderson Месяц таму

      Was there a trailer for a reboot here?

  • ya boi
    ya boi Месяц таму +2


    • Cisco Lopez
      Cisco Lopez Месяц таму

      In development hell. They still dont even have script

    • Vaughan Roderick
      Vaughan Roderick Месяц таму

      DC can't compete these days.

    • big boy
      big boy Месяц таму

      Flash is DC ISNT IT ?!?!

  • Marcelo Chacho Enriquez
    Marcelo Chacho Enriquez Месяц таму +1

    Just finished Season 3 of Rick and Morty so EXCITED FOR SEASON 4!!!!😎😁🤟🏽👍🏽😃

  • Danielle Blessie
    Danielle Blessie Месяц таму +7

    U losers won't see rick and Morty? *Clicking off*

  • Luca Hamilton
    Luca Hamilton Месяц таму +8

    I clicked of as soon as i heard she thor

    • Luca Hamilton
      Luca Hamilton Месяц таму +3

      @Jafar AlHasan coz not the whole video is aboit that u muppet

    • Jafar AlHasan
      Jafar AlHasan Месяц таму

      Luca Hamilton then why are u here

    • Ana Maria
      Ana Maria Месяц таму +1


  • Hentaki Tikushio
    Hentaki Tikushio Месяц таму +1

    Can you do that they see pennywise in real

  • natasha rogers
    natasha rogers Месяц таму +3

    The dark matterials
    Golden compass
    Rick and morty
    The witcher
    Top gun

    • Karkat Vantas
      Karkat Vantas Месяц таму +1

      His Dark Materials is The Golden Compass.

  • KermitDFrog
    KermitDFrog Месяц таму +6

    My 7th grade math teacher's son helped make the witcher games

  • Jasko Jenci
    Jasko Jenci Месяц таму

    Terminator "another franchise that should have been rebooted", C'MON

  • Yahshua The Observer
    Yahshua The Observer Месяц таму +6

    Tori:”All of these series that they’ve announced look amazing...... except Top Gun.... fuck Top Gun”
    Truer words have never been spoken

  • stingray69691
    stingray69691 Месяц таму +4


  • Peach Lily
    Peach Lily Месяц таму

    WHAT ABOUT THE DARK CRYSTAL??????? Fit out right NOWW!!!!

  • Steven The destroyer
    Steven The destroyer Месяц таму +2

    Who takes family guy over rick and morty

  • YaBoiJace _
    YaBoiJace _ Месяц таму +42

    Spiderman 3:Homeless
    This Could be a good title for the move because SPOILERS

    After his name is revealed he could if gone into hiding therefore HOMELESS

  • Leonardo Talavera
    Leonardo Talavera Месяц таму +8

    How the heck they gonna cut out the "Data" reveal?

  • EpicDuty
    EpicDuty Месяц таму +4

    "probably not as I've never seen an episode"
    So you never seen an episode of anything
    That makes no sense

  • Francisco Paniagua
    Francisco Paniagua Месяц таму +3

    The made a golden compass 2

  • ചാടിയടിക്കും ചാക്കോച്ചി

    Tori is a little psychopath sleeping inside..

  • cloud 9
    cloud 9 Месяц таму +16

    The richest motherfucker in the room

  • Visakan Nanto Gopalan Krishnan
    Visakan Nanto Gopalan Krishnan Месяц таму +10

    Hey fbe where the fucking blade by mahashar ali 😖😖😡😡😤😤

  • Lilli B
    Lilli B Месяц таму +10

    Who else noticed that all of them except one was wearing a black shirt

  • maddie
    maddie Месяц таму +17

    i got soooo dissapointed when nobody knew what dark materials was, they only knew it from that shitty movie

  • Riekert Redelinghuys
    Riekert Redelinghuys Месяц таму +10


  • Jasyn Vanxay
    Jasyn Vanxay Месяц таму +14

    Faze 4 of Marvel... Is... Inevitable

  • Scarlet Witch16
    Scarlet Witch16 Месяц таму +16

    WHO ELSE DIED AT 15:12 and 16:18

  • Druddigon Craft
    Druddigon Craft Месяц таму +25

    Am I the only one excited for Hawkeye

  • リアムエンシサ
    リアムエンシサ Месяц таму +8

    16:02 [just]Thor (Jane Foster)*

  • Nadia Ozerova
    Nadia Ozerova Месяц таму +15

    Whaaaaaat no one knows Dark Materials come oooon

  • Mister Ious
    Mister Ious Месяц таму


  • FawkesUniverse
    FawkesUniverse Месяц таму

    Picard and watchmen and the witcher

  • DoubleYolk
    DoubleYolk Месяц таму +1

    Got a mad crush on Ruth Wilson

  • Andrew Moreno
    Andrew Moreno Месяц таму +5

    Ummm Steven universe?

  • Blacklightsaber 94
    Blacklightsaber 94 Месяц таму +6


  • Ebru Zimet
    Ebru Zimet Месяц таму +6

    James McAvoy 🔥🔥🔥🔥