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The Elixir of Love! 💕Make them fall in love…

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  • Апублікавана 14 Врс 2022

Каментарыі • 7 349

  • D3athwatch 01
    D3athwatch 01 14 дзён таму +18

    The Cork was so realistic

  • LJ
    LJ 7 годин таму +171

    I am always in such awe of this gentleman's talent. He blows me away each time !!

  • Tonya Wilson
    Tonya Wilson 9 годин таму +108

    So much joy in that artists face. Amazing 💖

  • Alex Mallak
    Alex Mallak 14 дзён таму +6

    Is there anything in this world that he cannot turn into the cake or chocolate?😲

  • Delores A Jacobs
    Delores A Jacobs 16 годин таму +31

    Can you imagine being his family member. Your birthday and holidays would be magical.

  • セレマ
    セレマ 16 годин таму +13

    こうやって技術の積み重ねで出来がるんだぁ…手間暇の要する素敵なお菓子…(ღ*ˇ ˇ*)。o♡

  • Deto Qcney
    Deto Qcney Дзень таму +1

    I feel heartbroken every time he eats these beautiful pieces of art knowing how much effort goes into each.

  • Maria Isabel
    Maria Isabel 14 годин таму +52

    Dammit, this is one of my favorites. So lovely! <3

  • Grinchy!Skellington
    Grinchy!Skellington 16 годин таму +87

    Personal favorite piece of his by now

  • Crunchy Hash Brown
    Crunchy Hash Brown 14 дзён таму +853

    I love how he doesn’t only take the time and effort to make the cake look good, by he also takes the time and effort to make the cake taste good.

  • 영철 이
    영철 이 2 години таму +3

    you were so~amazeing!♥

  • 2 cents
    2 cents 4 години таму +1

    The amount of work and attention to detail is remarkable! ❤

  • Maia2oh
    Maia2oh Дзень таму +1


  • icyvibes
    icyvibes 11 годин таму

    The color of the heart in the beginning is so divine 💕

  • Ольга Жукова
    Ольга Жукова 2 години таму +1

    Фантазия! Тонкая работа!

  • Luluvdonut
    Luluvdonut 14 дзён таму +608

    you can’t trust anything anymore. i’m thinking i might be made of chocolate at this point

  • Елена Ткачева
    Елена Ткачева 4 години таму +1

    Как все артистично выполнено! От приготовления шедевра, до его поедания. Браво, маэстро!

  • John Rice
    John Rice 12 годин таму +1

    Magush! How could you ate this masterpiece?😭

  • Spqrklyqs
    Spqrklyqs Дзень таму +555

    This is honestly Amortentia, and I am falling in love with this piece 😌

  • たちゃろ
    たちゃろ 12 годин таму +4