Epilepsy: Tonic Clonic Seizure

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  • Tonic Clonic Seizure - The sixth in our series of videos to show that epilepsy isn't always what you think.
    Created as part of a project for National Epilepsy Week, this video shows a tonic clonic seizure. You can find out more about this type of seizure on our website - www.epilepsysociety.org.uk/AboutEpilepsy/Whatisepilepsy/Seizures#p

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  • Classy Jelly
    Classy Jelly 4 гады таму +41

    While it may not be a most accurate portrayal, this video does mean something to me as someone with epilepsy.
    Many videos have been made to show people what a migraine aura is like from the sufferer's perspective. This video has helped me show people what going into and coming out a seizure is like from my perspective, at least visual.
    Thanks so much for this video!

  • Lee Bop
    Lee Bop 4 гады таму +15

    Very good, well put together. came stop playing them.