Kids React To IT Chapter 2 Trailer

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  • Апублікавана 21 Тра 2019
  • How long can they watch IT? Original links below.
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    How long can our Kids watch "IT" trailers? Watch
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    Reactors Featured:
    Noelle, age 6
    Eleanor, age 8
    Jordyn, age 8
    Leo, age 8
    Tida, age 9
    Dominick, age 10
    Jenna, age 11
    Lucas, age 11
    Royel, age 12
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    How Long Can Kids Watch It Chapter 2 Trailer? | Kids React
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  • FBE
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    • Danny Torrance Redrum
      Danny Torrance Redrum 3 месяцы таму

      “You’ll float too”

    • I'm Dumb
      I'm Dumb 3 месяцы таму

      how long can you watch in c
      (or it's gonna rain)

    • That Poppy
      That Poppy 3 месяцы таму

      Please poppy video

    • That Poppy
      That Poppy 3 месяцы таму

      We want another poppy video

    • Sir Lolsalot
      Sir Lolsalot 3 месяцы таму

      What about Kids React to Van Halen pleasssseeeeeeeee

  • Hannah Here
    Hannah Here 3 месяцы таму +2

    I just watched it and ya girl didn't even flinch but it almost -ALMOST made me cry.

  • Ella Cat
    Ella Cat 3 месяцы таму

    This made me smile 😊. I loved the first one and am so excited for chapter two

  • Ella Cat
    Ella Cat 3 месяцы таму

    This made me smile 😊. I loved the first one and am so excited for chapter two

  • SportyJEFF03 YT
    SportyJEFF03 YT 3 месяцы таму +2

    How is that creepy or scary

  • heidi D
    heidi D 3 месяцы таму +1

    I sen the movie it

  • Sea Biscuit
    Sea Biscuit 3 месяцы таму


  • Adam Begovic
    Adam Begovic 3 месяцы таму +2

    Kids react to ozzy osbourne

  • LazarLazarLazarLazarLazar
    LazarLazarLazarLazarLazar 3 месяцы таму +2

    It’s a f**king trailer

  • Lex Mark
    Lex Mark 3 месяцы таму

    I was about their age when I watched all those 80’s horror movies : Jason, Jack, Michael, Freddy, and I’m not scar for life. And as teens we Used to go to the cinema to watch scary movies and Yell for fun when Jason appeared walking with the machete and the girl falling while running the forest trying to get away from him.

  • roblox master4
    roblox master4 3 месяцы таму

    Remember kids dont go in sewers
    Goes in sewer are you sure about that

  • Issa Bird
    Issa Bird 3 месяцы таму +3

    React to mortal kombat

  • Paul Denino
    Paul Denino 3 месяцы таму +3

    Aren't thrse guys scammers?

  • a t t e n t i o n
    a t t e n t i o n 3 месяцы таму +4

    Y'all really gonna give them nightmares

  • Emma Mackay
    Emma Mackay 3 месяцы таму +2

    Hell no
    i hate horror movies

  • Flamingo Lake
    Flamingo Lake 3 месяцы таму +1

    potato gachea xD

  • Martin Kuhn
    Martin Kuhn 3 месяцы таму +1

    Kids react to Jimi Hendrix.

  • Pygmy Puff
    Pygmy Puff 3 месяцы таму

    KIDS?! LMAO!!

  • Epic Modern gamer
    Epic Modern gamer 3 месяцы таму +5

    Who can't wait for chapter 2 🖐

  • Logan Ainsworth
    Logan Ainsworth 3 месяцы таму +2

    the original it is better as a kid it was fucking terrifying

  • Rosalinda Santiago
    Rosalinda Santiago 3 месяцы таму

    Tim Curry plays Pennywise in the movie It Tim Curry

  • MGElectro
    MGElectro 3 месяцы таму

    2:30 eww the way she creeps up to her

  • Nisa Dede
    Nisa Dede 3 месяцы таму +2

    Kids react to Avril Lavigne

  • XxTwilightWolf xX
    XxTwilightWolf xX 3 месяцы таму +3


    HACKY 3 месяцы таму +2

    Why do these kids are afraid? My lil bro is 4 yr/o and his face is like the "am I a joke to you" meme

  • Shrek- Senpai
    Shrek- Senpai 3 месяцы таму


  • Cat Tube
    Cat Tube 3 месяцы таму +6

    Kids react to Frozen 2 trailer

  • Emily Park
    Emily Park 3 месяцы таму +4

    The trailer isn’t that bad 😂

  • Busbyyy
    Busbyyy 3 месяцы таму +2

    Kids react to Bob Dylan? lel

  • Taylor Nichols
    Taylor Nichols 3 месяцы таму +1

    They not even old enough to get in lmfao It's Rated R ight 😭😂🤣

  • Mia
    Mia 3 месяцы таму +10

    You'll float too.
    You'll float too.
    You'll float too.
    You'll float too.
    Adorable. 😂

  • Kimani Richards
    Kimani Richards 3 месяцы таму

    Disembodied voice :u got through the second video
    Kid: u mean the last video

  • Pete - Dogg
    Pete - Dogg 3 месяцы таму

    In regards to the last question. I don't scare easily, check out some of my videos and you'll know what I mean, but I digress. When I see someone else get scared, it brings back some of that fear that reminds me why I fell in love with horror movies in the first place. People have been scared by a few of my videos. Check my channel out and see how far you get through my abandoned hospital video.

  • Cixot The Beatle
    Cixot The Beatle 3 месяцы таму +5

    Dominick is a legend

  • Xx Cookies4life xX
    Xx Cookies4life xX 3 месяцы таму +4

    I'd say The Nun trailer is more scarier than IT, but The Nun would probably give them nightmares lol

  • Viky Castillo
    Viky Castillo 3 месяцы таму +1


  • Carver Wright
    Carver Wright 3 месяцы таму

    It's a fighter, is it not? open the door and it will knock.

  • The Amazing Bacon
    The Amazing Bacon 3 месяцы таму

    That was no scaryyy...

  • Pounding Fist
    Pounding Fist 3 месяцы таму

    Honestly, I got scared when they took away Nolle’s computer, I was like Pennywise is here! Run!! Like if that happened to you.

  • Sheep TB
    Sheep TB 3 месяцы таму


  • reboundleader lover 🖤🖤🖤 #forever

    pennywise: about to die me: :\ thats nice

  • Logan BARNETT
    Logan BARNETT 3 месяцы таму +5

    It chapter 2 is the best

  • Novaneal
    Novaneal 3 месяцы таму

    Skid row plssss

  • Sweet Lemon
    Sweet Lemon 3 месяцы таму +18

    when pennywise says "Hello" it sounds Like winnie the pooh

  • MTF
    MTF 3 месяцы таму +10

    Why are kids so cowardly today? Jeez..

    • MTF
      MTF 3 месяцы таму

      JToonz I cannot read

    • JToonz
      JToonz 3 месяцы таму

      @MTF what?

    • MTF
      MTF 3 месяцы таму

      JToonz, Sorry, I cannot reaf

    • JToonz
      JToonz 3 месяцы таму

      @Alicia Ali okay

    • Alicia Ali
      Alicia Ali 3 месяцы таму +1

      @JToonz I'm talking about MTF

  • Jeffrey Woods
    Jeffrey Woods 3 месяцы таму +4


  • Kacleylea Martindale
    Kacleylea Martindale 3 месяцы таму +10

    Lucas eyebrows look like something from a horro movie

  • Lev Myskin
    Lev Myskin 3 месяцы таму +4

    Aren’t trailers only attached to appropriate films? Why are you enticing them with food? This feels all kinds of wrong

  • thora90
    thora90 3 месяцы таму +8

    Why would you do this to kids, though? Sensitive kids could have nightmares or be really scared of the dark after watching stuff like this. There is a reason these movies are rated R. And to bribe them with cake just seems cruel. Did their parents consent to this? Because it seems like some of these kids were not amused, and were just trying to seem brave for the camera. And making them watch THREE trailers is really pushing it.

    • Alexios-gone-wrong
      Alexios-gone-wrong 3 месяцы таму +3


    • Sean Thomas
      Sean Thomas 3 месяцы таму +1

      thora90 I sort of agree but the truth is that the trailers are more suggestive than gory

  • D. Śłåÿęr
    D. Śłåÿęr 3 месяцы таму +8

    Eleanor will truly immune and fearless in the future

  • Drago bean1
    Drago bean1 3 месяцы таму +4

    Oooo it come out by my birthday my birthday is September 11

    • NightStars
      NightStars 3 месяцы таму

      @Drago bean1 also my sister's

    • Drago bean1
      Drago bean1 3 месяцы таму

      @Rita Goldie thats cool my sister's is close to yours ,her birthday is September 25

    • Sweet Lemon
      Sweet Lemon 3 месяцы таму +1

      it comes out September 6th 4 days before my birthday

    • quak quak
      quak quak 3 месяцы таму +1

      Happy not anywhere close to your birthday

    • Rita Goldie
      Rita Goldie 3 месяцы таму +1

      Mine is Sep 27th

  • Thirsty Soda1x
    Thirsty Soda1x 3 месяцы таму +14


    I knew that the guy was PennyWise because he looked like him but.... If you look at the cart next to him it says PENNYWISE. I just now noticed that

  • Lucius Malfoy
    Lucius Malfoy 3 месяцы таму +5

    8:21 He is. He was Frank 'n Furter in the Rocky Horror Picture Show

  • Ginga ninja 123
    Ginga ninja 123 3 месяцы таму +2

    Do kids react to gerry cinamon

  • Emiliano Díaz Campanelli
    Emiliano Díaz Campanelli 3 месяцы таму +13

    8:42 "...but it's still not as bad as the new Sonic trailer" hahahaha, I'm dead.

  • ᖴᖇᕮᗪᗪ ᑕ.ᗰ Camarillo
    ᖴᖇᕮᗪᗪ ᑕ.ᗰ Camarillo 3 месяцы таму

    I think lucas look at charles in the video!

  • Knight
    Knight 3 месяцы таму +5

    Lucas is braver than me

  • Feur Zrosie
    Feur Zrosie 3 месяцы таму +3


  • galaxy Wolf26
    galaxy Wolf26 3 месяцы таму +8

    I did the whole challenge but sadly I can't have any cake 🎂 or ice cream 🍦 because I'm fasting for Ramadan ☹️😔🤡

    • a t t e n t i o n
      a t t e n t i o n 3 месяцы таму

      For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life

    • Knight
      Knight 3 месяцы таму

      I want cake now XD

  • Valeria Turcan
    Valeria Turcan 3 месяцы таму +6

    It's not that scary.... I can't wait to see this

    me: *scarred of dark*