Why I've never had a boyfriend

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  • Апублікавана 8 Ліс 2019
  • Hi :') I hope you enjoy this video of what the past month of my life has been and I hope you are having an amazing day.
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  • Morgan Adams
    Morgan Adams  28 дзён таму +25077

    I hope one day I learn how to spell “cue”. Anyway love you :,)

    • WHRA 21
      WHRA 21 Дзень таму

      your young morgan have some fun, you need to go to a few parties, festivals and more birthday parties more you talk to and let people know your single and want to have fun or meet someone trust me good smile and personality and hunour gets people to talk about you and shows interest😎 if this was a real date never take the first date as wedding bells get a few more dates and remember if it doesnt work out just focus om the next. ive notice men liked to laugh alot and i never thought it was true but most men like short topics and genius brains since guys have higj sex drives show them a little something and flirt since thet cant touch you, give a dog a bone if they desire you they will come back. remember morgan sometimes you cant wait till someone shows up its not how you get somebody you really got to put the effort in to find someone even if its a few frogs even ones you aint even into just have fun and stories to tell😎

    • tamara mohammed
      tamara mohammed 3 дні таму

      I never had one too ❤️

  • Eri Kason
    Eri Kason 3 години таму

    I don’t know who this girl is but that intro made me so uncomfortable

  • spelling55 bee
    spelling55 bee 4 години таму

    How old is she? Bc wow thats cool how shes been single for this long.😗

  • Imthediana
    Imthediana 6 годин таму

    i love you. u are not alone. this is all super valid. work towards YOUR idea of happiness

  • Nightcore Life
    Nightcore Life 7 годин таму

    If I wasn't gae I would definetly get you... You're so sweet and realistic

  • Zoë Koritko
    Zoë Koritko 7 годин таму

    She’s only like 22?? That’s still young.

  • Mariabo75
    Mariabo75 7 годин таму +1

    Morgan: headlights headlights.... passed 😂😂😂

  • charles curtius
    charles curtius 8 годин таму

    i really fail to see how its anyone elses business dear. i married the 1st man i ever dated seriously and we had 36 happy years till he passed away

  • kanaria yamada -
    kanaria yamada - 10 годин таму

    My cousin is 23 and has never had a boyfriend
    while my when I was 10 I had a boyfriend

  • fluffycorgu
    fluffycorgu 11 годин таму

    I dont need no mans

  • Angry deku
    Angry deku 13 годин таму

    Who asked

    • fluffycorgu
      fluffycorgu 11 годин таму

      angry deku is pissed

  • Terminals
    Terminals 14 годин таму

    That's good never date. Shit is a scam all of it. Thank you birth control for destroying so many females minds. Thank you birth control for causing feminism. Thank you birth control for damaging every females mind by the chemicals that are hitting their brains

  • Eryka Barker
    Eryka Barker 20 годин таму

    Honestly girly wait until you’re truly appreciated. I thought something was wrong with me (ngl sometimes still have those thoughts) so I rushed into a relationship with a total loser who used me. He used me as revenge to get his ex back. My standards are higher now but it really fucked with me. Just please love yourself first.💜🖤

  • Heather Tee
    Heather Tee 21 годину таму

    My 2020 resolution is to be more like Morgan Adam's #realtalk.

  • Michelle South Florida
    Michelle South Florida 23 години таму

    OMG I am an idiot.. I am thinking where have I seen her before? and then Ryland shows up and I have to smack myself in the face. lol

    VEGAN GIRL Дзень таму

    She’s too sweet

  • Jazmin Soup
    Jazmin Soup Дзень таму

    i foreals really relate to you. this video makes me feel good that im not alone ❤️

  • madelynperez15
    madelynperez15 Дзень таму

    I just went on my first date today and omg this was me, I was you to the T!!! WOW I NEEDED THIS, this is soooo great, love you Morgan!! 😭❤️

  • K
    K Дзень таму

    I wish I had her body 😬🙃 I look like a potato

  • XmotherbrainX
    XmotherbrainX Дзень таму

    lmao Ryland being a part of this isn't helpful

  • Imke Salz
    Imke Salz Дзень таму +1

    "We were gonna find a boyfriend from like eBay" 😂😂😂

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith Дзень таму


  • Galjour Glamor
    Galjour Glamor Дзень таму

    Is... is that Jason?

  • Mia Metcalf
    Mia Metcalf Дзень таму

    omfg is that a wombat??? I LOVE THEM

  • Crazy Lol Candy
    Crazy Lol Candy Дзень таму

    Morgan your so unique and amazing and captaving

  • Crazy Lol Candy
    Crazy Lol Candy Дзень таму +1

    Me: *reads title* oh same

  • Karen Garcia
    Karen Garcia Дзень таму

    Omg!!! Idk how you could possibly think badly of yourself! You are freaking GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Even I have a crush on you and I’m straight!!! Lmao

  • Missie Dissie
    Missie Dissie Дзень таму +1

    If Garret wasn’t gay,Morgan would already have a boyfriend!!!!!

  • Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie Дзень таму +1

    I think you're so gorgeous. Inside and out! ❤

  • Lipisou Blagoe
    Lipisou Blagoe 2 дні таму

    I feel you!!

  • emma leola
    emma leola 2 дні таму

    When you laugh I get Tana Mongeau vibes and I love it

  • Angelo Ramos
    Angelo Ramos 2 дні таму

    What I want to know is; how many people try to hit you up and you shut them down. Because honestly; I think everyone will agree that (AT LEAST FROM WHAT YOU SHOW US) you're a catch. Maybe I'm weird. idk.

  • Leedle Lee
    Leedle Lee 2 дні таму

    10:18 ME!!!! Even when I try to put like nail polish or do my nails with 'fancy' acrylic, it just doesn't matter because I'm already subconsciously biting my nails (and off if acrylic) and it SUCKS. xD

    This video has been an honest eye-opener for me. Like I don't actively try to find someone because the way I see it, I need to already be stable in my own life before I try bringing anyone new into it. I never really thought anyone thought the same so to see it's not just me like, I feel a little better. Morgan, you're absolutely gorgeous and I'm so happy to see you taking your life by the horns and making it your own. I hope to one day have the confidence you've shown. :)

  • Veronica Zammert
    Veronica Zammert 2 дні таму +1

    You’re so beautiful & funny. I can’t believe people are this awful. I love you 💕

  • Al Black
    Al Black 2 дні таму

    Morgan is literally me I love it

  • starfrisco
    starfrisco 2 дні таму +1

    Ryland describing Morgan, is my sister describing me ...

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 2 дні таму

    I hope Morgan will find love

  • Pickle XD
    Pickle XD 2 дні таму

    Am I the only one who thinks that Morgan’s eyes are BEAUTIFUL! 😍❤️

  • Soul's Purpose
    Soul's Purpose 3 дні таму +3

    Hit like 👇 if you agree She's GORGEOUS!!

  • tamara mohammed
    tamara mohammed 3 дні таму

    Me 2

  • Dre
    Dre 3 дні таму

    Did I miss what happened to her nails?!? Lol

  • paula sims
    paula sims 3 дні таму

    Hi Morgan, I have been watching Shane's videos and that is how I saw that you were on !!!! I love you, and I think you are so pretty, adorable and humble !!!!! I watch your video of your date at Shane's house. I enjoyed it and you made me laugh !!!!! So, I will be tuning in to see more of your life. Take care and be safe !!!!!!!

  • Amarjot Singh
    Amarjot Singh 3 дні таму

    im 27 and never had a bf lmao

  • anna sanchez
    anna sanchez 3 дні таму

    ily morgan but when you said craigslist i almost lost my shit

  • Precious Is Dumb
    Precious Is Dumb 3 дні таму


  • Victoria Williams
    Victoria Williams 3 дні таму

    you are beautiful, Morgan! and also FEELS the weight fluctuation... it happens 🤷‍♀️ you still badd

  • Die Raupe
    Die Raupe 3 дні таму

    Jeeze, your Eyes are so absolutely amazing pretty blue...

  • Emyson Blue
    Emyson Blue 3 дні таму +3

    "find people on tinder, find people on craigslist" me: wait, hol up!

  • Toxic Friends
    Toxic Friends 4 дні таму +6

    No on:

    Morgan: *hI thIS Is mY wAmBAcH*

  • whackytinka
    whackytinka 4 дні таму

    morgaaan i have a wombat like that too **.**

  • Mrs.LunaBaekhyun
    Mrs.LunaBaekhyun 4 дні таму

    I really started crying at 6:02 or so because I can relate so mutch *~*

  • Blood Cotton Candy
    Blood Cotton Candy 4 дні таму

    Morgan, sweety, I had those white dots on my nails before. You should probably check that out because it could be a sign of a vitamin deficit.

  • Abby Ramos
    Abby Ramos 4 дні таму

    Wow this is such a nice video. So uplifting and inspirational❤️

  • Casey Campbell
    Casey Campbell 4 дні таму

    morgan, as i was watching this video i could have sworn it was me talking, i was in tears. I hope you are happy and loving life. I see so much of myself in you, its wild!!

  • Daniel Owumi
    Daniel Owumi 4 дні таму

    I just have trust issues

  • AliKat Hogg
    AliKat Hogg 4 дні таму

    Your sooo beautiful!!!!

  • Leandra
    Leandra 4 дні таму

    I have to admit you dont have my kind of humor but... its still so much better than every plastic beauty guru out there. I really like you videos, theyre really something new :)

  • AspiringBruja
    AspiringBruja 4 дні таму

    Omg but Morgan is so beautiful, inspiring, and funny. And that body is goals

  • Alexx Rodriguez
    Alexx Rodriguez 4 дні таму +1

    i still ship you and Andrew 😍❤️

  • Shae ShaeD
    Shae ShaeD 4 дні таму

    When Morgan picked up cookie I literally picked up my cat at the same time not realizing