Why Snatch Blocks are AWESOME (How Pulleys Work) - Smarter Every Day 228

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  • Апублікавана 5 Снж 2019
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    We discussed Snatch Blocks on this episode of the No Dumb Questions podcast:
    If you'd like to 3D print the Snatch Blocks and pulleys we use in this video they are here: www.thingiverse.com/thing:4022579
    Read Plutarch's account of Archimedes:
    The wikipedia page on Block and Tackle is really good:
    I thought this was a great video about why you should put blankets on your winch cable: by-clips.com/video/gPba-34ARZY/відэа.html
    Chris Hadfield is a veteran Canadian Astronaut and a great friend of science. He engages the public often and is a great follow on twitter: Cmdr_Hadfield
    He can be contacted for speaking engagements here:
    Jeremy Fielding has his own BY-clips channel which you can enjoy here!
    A special thank you to @MurkyWanders on Twitter for videoing the Atlantis exhibit for us.
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    Snatch Block!
    I want to take a moment to thank those of you who support Smarter Every Day on Patreon. I'd also like to point out 2 things about this video.
    #1. You'll notice Jeremy Fielding is in this video. He's the "Contraption Fabricator" that's started working with me now because of your support on Patreon. He's a great designer, father, and friend. You'll be seeing more of Jeremy around thanks to those who support at www.patreon.com/smartereveryday/
    #2. If you'd like to 3D print the Snatch Blocks and pulleys we use in this video they are here: www.thingiverse.com/thing:4022579
    #3. I really enjoy KiwiCo and I think you will too. I got them as a Christmas gift for my children years ago, and it was a huge hit. It was after that experience that I reached out to their team and asked if I could advertise for them because of how good it was for our family. I think you'll enjoy it too. www.kiwico.com/smarter
    It was 3 things... I ended up pointing out 3 things.

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      Rodtheo 00 Дзень таму

      Your children have grown so much

    • russel finch
      russel finch 4 дні таму

      SmarterEveryDay you know what’s amazing ?....hands !
      You can smash rock with them with a hammer,also pick up rough rock,grab hot items ,Stroke an animal,feel the slightest bit of grit on a surface,punch,massage....all with hands!

    • J Jay
      J Jay 15 дзён таму

      This was the longest add ever

    • Rimantas Liubertas
      Rimantas Liubertas 15 дзён таму

      @melanieenmats you are right. Gears and pulleys are just more sophisticated levers. And with lever you lose distance but you gain force.

  • Bonecross
    Bonecross 41 хвіліна таму

    I’m sharing this with my robotics team. Look up team # 7607 from FRC

  • ORagnar
    ORagnar 4 години таму

    Astronaut Hatfield! The guy who sang "Space Oddity" while on the International Space station!

  • wayne nahuy
    wayne nahuy 4 години таму

    That is a good video dude...thanks.

  • Naldoron
    Naldoron 5 годин таму

    Ouch. Those are some bald tires on that jeep

  • Corbeast Tracer
    Corbeast Tracer 5 годин таму

    Anyone else notice Mark Rober in the background?

  • ussenterncc1701e
    ussenterncc1701e 5 годин таму

    Work is equal to the force applied, multiplied by the distance across which it is applied. W=F×d
    By the work kinetic energy theorem, the work done on the system is equal to it's change in kinetic energy. W=∆KE
    In a conservative system, for a component that itself does not lose or gain kinetic energy, the work done on that component is equal to the work done by that component. W_in=W_out
    If the component is moving a different distance at one end that on the other, then the force associated will be different, since the work is the same. F_in×d_in=W_in=W_out=F_out×d_out
    This means the output force is equal to the input force, times the ratio of distances. F_out=F_in×(d_in/d_out)
    It is this ratio of distance that is the mechanical advantage. MA=d_in/d_out
    This is how mechanical advantage works for any system: pulley, lever, gears, etc.

    • ussenterncc1701e
      ussenterncc1701e 5 годин таму

      The calculation requires distance, which means the things have to be moving... but what about things that are balanced, like hanging weights in a pulley system. This one's a tad more complicated mathematically, but it basically works out the same way.
      In a conservative system, the potential energy function is equal in magnitude to the work function, with respect to some defined zero energy position. Assume the mechanical components, like the rope and pulleys, doesn't add or subtract energy from the system (ignore miniscule amounts of stretching and friction). Each side of the system (input and output) has an associated potential function.
      A system will reach equilibrium when the total potential energy of the system is minimized. Since the potential energy functions are based on the work functions here, the balance point of the system will be based on the ratio of distances from the zero potential points, and the ratio of supported weights which balance is the same as the mechanical advantage.

  • DigUpSkulls
    DigUpSkulls 5 годин таму

    Who goes off road with bald tires?

  • Bill Cosby
    Bill Cosby 5 годин таму

    Are you an engineer. If so what branch. If mechanical i would like to ask a few questions as im a senior in highschool going into mechanical

  • bannockking
    bannockking 6 годин таму

    Well done- I taught this in grade 4 science and wish I had your video.

  • tylerplaysthedrums
    tylerplaysthedrums 7 годин таму

    Fire video I’ve always wondered about pulleys

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    dungoist 8 годин таму

    Whats tinsion?

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    Bojan Simonovski 9 годин таму

    Why after watching this video. I'am repeating snatch block in me ?

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    Rogue Lodyte 10 годин таму

    this video was sponsored by snatch block.

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    Addie Fanlow 10 годин таму

    12:03 SNATCH BLOCK! Funniest thing ever!

  • Addie Fanlow
    Addie Fanlow 10 годин таму

    What would happen if you, instead of tying off the rope to the hook on the way right, you extended that rope with another pulley, and brought it over to the left side where you pulled on that rope, as well as the rope youre already holding????

  • Rufus Shinra
    Rufus Shinra 12 годин таму

    I don't pretend.

  • Drey Balatskiy
    Drey Balatskiy 13 годин таму

    This guy gets so excited off seemingly boring things, I love it! That’s a great approach to life, some people have a billion $ and nothing can excite them like a snatchblock can excite destin.

  • Microphonix Virtual Studio
    Microphonix Virtual Studio 14 годин таму

    Pullys are nothing less than an incline plane.

  • Jordan Stokes
    Jordan Stokes 16 годин таму

    This is a perfect example of proving that there is always an equal and *opposite* reaction.

  • Mason T
    Mason T 19 годин таму

    You would love watching a drilling rig trip pipe. The one I work on has a 12 line block being pulled by a 2000 hp draw works. Capable of lifting 1.2 million pounds.

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    Julius Dela Cruz 20 годин таму

    Genius teacher!!!

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    Patrick Allen 21 годину таму

    i realy thought the sponsor for the video was Snatch block ... and now i have a realy big urge to buy one .... THX OBAMA

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    fas.h Дзень таму

    i stayed this entire physics lesson. unbelievable. thanks destin. you're a great man

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    Didn't watch the video, also love snatch.

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    Tonasky - Дзень таму

    i dont get compound pulleys

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    Please tell me you know the difference between a winch and a wench.

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    just found your channel. Love it! keep it up

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    ian reed Дзень таму

    So the diameter of the pulley has a lot to do with it also.

  • ian reed
    ian reed Дзень таму

    Yeah the ratio changes each time the rope goes around the circumference of that pulley.

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    Sooo how olds the daughter

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    Sammy Dubourg Дзень таму

    He can get the 8x mechanical advantage with one pulley being 8x bigger

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    The guy that helped with the car is just pure awesome. A true rolemodel.

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    10:32 Pull on deez nuts

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    Does this not remind anyone of dashie when he did the bopit video at 12:07 ??


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    Physics is amazing. Thank you!

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    Thanks for your kind words
    - Arcamedies

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    Went your accent change with Jeff?

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    Alec Steel mentioned this vid in his "Forge Doors" series. Pleeeeese do a colab with him!

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    Thanks for the vid! Love the snatchblocks, community and kiwico 😁

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    27 years old and just now learning about what this simple machine can really do...
    Great video! Really fascinating.

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    If only they'd come up with a better name than snatch block; too many connotations.

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    this is just gear reduction, no?

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    16:18 amazing

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    Ok, so my basic physics survival kit now got WD40, Silvertape, FlexTape and now Snatch Blocks!

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    Is she your daughter? She is quite fair 😍😍

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    There are really disturbing jokes that can be made about this video. So many jokes...

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    How does this not violate the principle of conservation of energy? Someone please explain..!

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    Did not need to watch this; thought I knew enough... but I still learned. Awesome & fascinating :)

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    This is how my wife (who weighs 115 lbs) hoisted her whitetail buck to the ceiling in my garage.

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    crazy jack 3 дні таму

    I got a story form trucking in Michigan so in Michigan trucks can be 80 ton gross and no permanent so this guy gets his 80 ton tanker trailer stuck in a ditch and gets him self out by using very big rope pulleys and raping one drive tire to make a winch and pulls the hole truck and trailer up onto the road i think he said was out in like 45 minutes

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