YouTubers React To Deepfakes (Game Of Thrones, Jennifer Lawrence, Mark Zuckerberg)

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  • Апублікавана 25 Чэр 2019
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    BY-clipsrs react to deepfakes. Watch to see their reactions.
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    BY-clipsrs React To Deepfakes (Game Of Thrones, Jennifer Lawrence, Mark Zuckerberg)
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  • FBE
    FBE  2 месяцы таму +120

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    • Silvia Castelli
      Silvia Castelli 2 месяцы таму +2

      React to Critical Role, it's about time after their Kickstarter!

    • Phil Scroggs
      Phil Scroggs 2 месяцы таму

      PDT. 3pm PDT.

    • Valentina Zapata
      Valentina Zapata 2 месяцы таму

      Teens react to CLC ME please

    • T
      T 2 месяцы таму +1

      I mean, you already have my DnD dads out there, so can you have them and others on more and also do a REACT video to CRITICAL ROLE?.... (the adventure begins, they were always -)

    • Seri Asmawidjaja
      Seri Asmawidjaja 2 месяцы таму +1

      Put Nickelodeon and Disney channel characters in Hogwarts houses. Please. Like if you want it to

  • bearli
    bearli 2 месяцы таму +5

    Wow, looks like about 90% of the viewers are critters...
    We need more of the CR cast as reactors.
    And we need a "Generations react to Critical Role"!

  • Maria Bourgani
    Maria Bourgani 2 месяцы таму +2


  • malee whichurr
    malee whichurr 2 месяцы таму +1

    Like this is a new thing, lol. This has been a thing for awhile, people are just now acknowledging it. There’s no reason to be scared of it, you’ve been seeing it and not knowing what it was for years.

    • tgodd
      tgodd 2 месяцы таму +1

      I think you undermined your own point there

  • Kohaku Kisaragi
    Kohaku Kisaragi 2 месяцы таму +11

    I screamed and cried when I saw Liam and Sam omg Critical Role on FBE, I'm living

  • Pontus Welin
    Pontus Welin 2 месяцы таму +3

    Why does everyone sound so scared? It’s nothing new. This has been possible for 30 or more years. It’s just that now anyone can do it.
    The problem IS NOT that we can’t trust video. The problem is that people think they CAN trust video!

  • Danielpall Smarason
    Danielpall Smarason 2 месяцы таму +1

    Elders react to Dota 2
    the Internationals. Please do it!

  • Georgia Cutfield
    Georgia Cutfield 2 месяцы таму +30

    I love how Sam and Liam are on this. You see their great minds coming up with how they could use deepfakes to mess with the President of D&D Beyond election.

  • Ben Stewart
    Ben Stewart 2 месяцы таму +22

    Sam and Liam!!!!!!!

  • englishrosy
    englishrosy 2 месяцы таму +20

    Need more Critical Role!

  • F.K Productions
    F.K Productions 2 месяцы таму +29

    Are Sam and Liam really considered BY-clipsrs now?
    I have always considered then voice actors and celebrities
    But hey I ain’t complaining
    All hail critical role

  • Skilletfan94
    Skilletfan94 2 месяцы таму +39

    I'm just here for Sam and Liam. Don't mind me.

  • Fanouriou
    Fanouriou 2 месяцы таму +22

    React to Critical Role season 2, Intro D&D Beyond Old Intro, Yasha's monologue ep 46, Episode 55 "Caleb Light then up, Pretty!", Episode 26 "An Example it is". Intro New.

  • Jorjin Do Cavaquin
    Jorjin Do Cavaquin 2 месяцы таму +17


  • you must not know dick about starkid
    you must not know dick about starkid 2 месяцы таму +18

    Yessss Critters Unite!

  • Hannah Walker
    Hannah Walker 2 месяцы таму +25

    React to CRITICAL ROLE!!!!!!!!

  • Emily Charlotte Davenport
    Emily Charlotte Davenport 2 месяцы таму +36

    Can we just get all of the critical role cast on more of the episodes because this just made my day

  • Blackthrone
    Blackthrone 2 месяцы таму +173

    Yeah, so... i'm gonna need to see Travis Willingham in a try not to get scared video. Or maybe even any of the Critical Role cast in a try not to laugh challenge.

    • Asian Wanderer
      Asian Wanderer 2 месяцы таму +6

      Oooooooooooohhhh what if... and hear me out.. Travis, the FBE crew, and CR crew do a group try not to get scared/freak out challenge... for Halloween. I mean hell, it wasn’t even in their kickstarter milestones, but a Sam challenge to the community for Travis.

    • Curtis D
      Curtis D 2 месяцы таму +8

      I never realized how much I need that in my life until this moment lol

  • Kyle Gonzalez
    Kyle Gonzalez 2 месяцы таму +19

    so glad critical role made it

  • Asian Wanderer
    Asian Wanderer 2 месяцы таму +56

    Sam & Liam!!!! Yes!!! Critrole Represent! Thanks FBE for inviting them. Love you guys! Much love Critical Role! 🥰❤️

    • Asian Wanderer
      Asian Wanderer 2 месяцы таму

      lol notice sam's "His accent was good!" lol oooh sam..

    • Blackthrone
      Blackthrone 2 месяцы таму

      We need the Monster himself! Send in Mathew Mercer!

  • VampireHunter5790
    VampireHunter5790 2 месяцы таму +25


  • Ellington Vaughan
    Ellington Vaughan 2 месяцы таму +1

    Guess im old cuz im 37 and they ALL looked real to me

  • VampireHunter5790
    VampireHunter5790 2 месяцы таму +1

    Deep fakes are both fascinating and terrifying.

  • James MacShane
    James MacShane 2 месяцы таму +43

    With all of the react to critical role comments, I'm going to go one step further and recommend react to critical role Sam's shirts progression.

  • megavore97
    megavore97 2 месяцы таму +18

    YO it’s Sam and Liam whaddup

  • Agathe Dallaire
    Agathe Dallaire 2 месяцы таму +19

    This is deeply worrying, not gonna lie... But I want to focus on the positive so I'm gonna fangirl about Liam and Sam being there instead and demand a React to Critical Role!

    • jugador
      jugador 2 месяцы таму

      deep fakes are fucking cool

  • Christian P
    Christian P 2 месяцы таму +18

    Ahhh critical role!

  • AlderaanDied
    AlderaanDied 2 месяцы таму +43

    I love how many critters are on here

  • Jay Bevan
    Jay Bevan 2 месяцы таму +1

    Where's the corridor digital Tom Crusie one???

  • Matt Proud
    Matt Proud 2 месяцы таму +2

    where's our Canadian house hippo when we need him most

  • Heavenlyhounds96
    Heavenlyhounds96 2 месяцы таму +14

    Referring to Sam and Liam of Critical Role, it is possible they could potentially use this stuff like work for fantasy or movies or short films and so on.

    Think of Agent Cole Phelps from LA Noire, or maybe giving the Orcs in Warcraft, (very few of them at least), a more...humanoid face or vice versa.
    This could be used THAT way to perhaps amplify the value of such efforts...but chances are most of it will be used improperly and immorally.

  • Sean Silence
    Sean Silence 2 месяцы таму +114

    Definitely react to Critical Role, but also, I need to see Sam and Liam in a Try Not to Laugh challenge

  • Edward A. Rodriguez
    Edward A. Rodriguez 2 месяцы таму +57

    Please react to critical role!

    • Asian Wanderer
      Asian Wanderer 2 месяцы таму

      Edward A. Rodriguez or D&D in general. It actually trended on BY-clips for a bit. Especially the critical roll kickstarter that blew away all the record.

  • Edward A. Rodriguez
    Edward A. Rodriguez 2 месяцы таму +67

    I can’t believe critical role has crept its way to this part of BY-clips! I love this universe 😁

  • Shannon Horton
    Shannon Horton 2 месяцы таму +123

    I specifically searched for this video after watching a try not to laugh and saw Liam and Sam! #CriticalRole

  • Nathan Humphreys
    Nathan Humphreys 2 месяцы таму +46

    React to Critical Role!!!

  • Mary Donnelly
    Mary Donnelly 2 месяцы таму +1

    I wish they would've shown jacksfilms' wife being deepfaked.

  • NOT ME!
    NOT ME! 2 месяцы таму +3

    this. this is why we bully nerds in school, they go and make this shit

    • CptDarimdam
      CptDarimdam 2 месяцы таму +3

      @NOT ME! That's a better answer than what I though i'd get, lol.
      But word to the wise, nerds never forget their bullies.

    • NOT ME!
      NOT ME! 2 месяцы таму +1

      ​@CptDarimdam don't think they have me in mind t'be anne frankly with you, i'm not *that* big of deal, not the rockstar i used t'be, lad

    • CptDarimdam
      CptDarimdam 2 месяцы таму +2

      They do it to get back at you, probably.

  • Влад Ярославцев
    Влад Ярославцев 2 месяцы таму +29

    More Critical role please

  • J Brax
    J Brax 2 месяцы таму +19

    Bruh I did a double "- 10 sec" take to see Sam and Liam there. Like whaaaat?

  • calodin
    calodin 2 месяцы таму +1

    I've haven't seen Steve and Lee in ages!!!

    • Pastel Panda
      Pastel Panda 2 месяцы таму +1

      You should check out their new content on BY-clips at The Valley Folk. Lee, Elliott, Joe and Steve have created that channel together and it's fantastic!

  • Mitzi Dayball
    Mitzi Dayball 2 месяцы таму

    55 year old eyes....... really

  • dakota
    dakota 2 месяцы таму +35


  • Denis Bell
    Denis Bell 2 месяцы таму +33

    Critical role!!!!!

  • Sam Recktenwald
    Sam Recktenwald 2 месяцы таму +33

    Critical Role!!!

  • bethfaceplays
    bethfaceplays 2 месяцы таму

    The deepfake of Alec's Trump is noticeable because it doesn't change the hair. Trump's hair is more candyflossy and thinner than Baldwin's. And Baldwin's is more styled than Trump's.

  • Mimi Monkey
    Mimi Monkey 2 месяцы таму +5

    Anyone else all things internet hey Rachel

  • Jean C
    Jean C 2 месяцы таму +32

    Liam and Sam! Watched to the end just for them

  • Tal Moore
    Tal Moore 2 месяцы таму +1

    Это эффективно, товарищи.

  • Dee
    Dee 2 месяцы таму +6

    okay but imagine a deepfakes movie where it starts off as just a joke that people are using for fun and then escalates into something greater (prob with the government involved). The purge style

  • MochaSuep
    MochaSuep 2 месяцы таму +8

    deepfakes has it's pros for sure, but there are a lot of messed up people out there that'll use it in the worst way possible, & just the thought of how far they can go with it is absolutely terrifying.

  • Reassagressta
    Reassagressta 2 месяцы таму +44

    React to D&D + Critical Role!

  • Sydney Morris
    Sydney Morris 2 месяцы таму +42


  • Alex McElwee
    Alex McElwee 2 месяцы таму +38

    Next video: everyone reacts to critical role. You shut them in a room for 100+ hours and the only entertainment is critical role

  • Sierra Mist
    Sierra Mist 2 месяцы таму +9

    I'm here from Rachel's podcast

  • Phil Nolan
    Phil Nolan 2 месяцы таму

    As a creator I think it could be great. I think the first time I knew of it being done professionally was when Brandon Lee died while filming The Crow and they digitally recreated his face for a couple of shots. AFAIK the software is free and open source. I just haven't tried it because apparently it's a very slow process, apparently talking days to process shots like we see here.

  • cait
    cait 2 месяцы таму +30

    I would LOVE a react video to Critical Role! I'm so happy to see Liam and Sam on here

  • stormstrike02 !
    stormstrike02 ! 2 месяцы таму +38

    More episodes wit sam and liam #CriticalRole

  • Splotchy Ink
    Splotchy Ink 2 месяцы таму +2

    Deep fakes are amazing, and it will reinforce our need to go to the source and so on.
    Also the Nanci Peloci thing, it's not like the guy used Deep Fakes to do that, he did amateur level editing by slowing down the video, 'anyone' can do that and if your fooled by it, then I've got a bridge to sell you.

  • aneesa
    aneesa 2 месяцы таму +2

    “people are stupid” wbk