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Elon Musk drops Twitter deal bombshell

Код для ўстаўкі
  • Апублікавана 12 Тра 2022
  • Mahoney Asset Management CEO Ken Mahoney discusses Elon Musk saying Twitter deal is on temporarily on hold.
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Каментарыі • 4 291

  • Lonely Sandwich
    Lonely Sandwich 16 годин таму +61

    He's making a great business move.

  • Just Arkon
    Just Arkon 16 годин таму +73

    This guy is Brilliant. He gets the real information and lets the public know how they operate. This makes the stock go down on an overvalued company. Then he can renegotiate. If they don't renegotiate he walks away with people knowing how they actually run the company. Then the stock doesn't ever recover. Musk gets what he wants either way. Perfect....!

  • Aislinn Ariadne
    Aislinn Ariadne 16 годин таму +61

    Elon has exposed how important Twitter is, to who and what their agenda was/is with it. Great job.

  • AuerThePower
    AuerThePower 16 годин таму +61

    The deal was contingent upon twitters claim bots comprise 5% or less of activity. It's closer to 30%. Twitter vastly over valued their platform based on real user data.

  • Joe Gee
    Joe Gee 19 годин таму +94

    Twitter management was misreporting many things I'm sure. So his offer was based on public information and now he's probably finding that it's fraudulent. Some execs need to go to jail.

  • Tony Clark
    Tony Clark 19 годин таму +2

    Elon Musk has every right to question Twitters figures. Right down to the last bottom line.

  • J G
    J G 19 годин таму +1

    To bring price down but to also expose what's going on there, it's a brilliant move. He exposed them for what they are and now he might not even buy them..

  • Ron Buckner
    Ron Buckner 19 годин таму +48

    Can you imagine 75% of Twitter in bots? Musk has ever right to question everything.

  • Michael Davy
    Michael Davy 19 годин таму +62

    Or perhaps this was the plan all along,maybe Twitter was padding their numbers with bots and he's discovered that Twitter isn't as popular as has been purported

  • scott
    scott 19 годин таму +1

    I don’t blame him. Between all of that and the fact there was a definite switch pulled on the follower counts. The deception needs to be investigated.

  • Terrence LP
    Terrence LP 19 годин таму +1

    The man is manipulating a company he doesn't even own yet! Promote that Guy!

  • Michelle Adamchak
    Michelle Adamchak 19 годин таму +438

    And this, kids, is how you work the art of a deal. Elon truly is brilliant.

  • D Sanders
    D Sanders 19 годин таму +757

    This guy is a genius. He will make sure that the opposition will never be able to put their misinformation or disinformation by using bots on Twitter.

  • Glenn Webster
    Glenn Webster 19 годин таму +13

    He shoved the knife in and watched everyone squirm, now he's just twisting it a little bit. The man knows what he is doing.

  • Windwalker Rangel
    Windwalker Rangel 19 годин таму +571

    I get the feeling this guy being interviewed is correct, I think as Musk digs into the paperwork he is finding lots of issues with twitter. I think he is getting a real picture of the actual worth of this company, which i personally think is way over valued.

  • Boris
    Boris 19 годин таму +74

    Imagine finding out twitter has a 40% fake account ratio or something 😂

  • S. C.
    S. C. 19 годин таму +408

    He’s exposing Twitter for the “hack” they are AND lowering the price.

  • W KB
    W KB 19 годин таму +65

    Elon is finding out things about Twitter that he didn't know about in the beginning. So now he wants answers and he wants true numbers

  • Steeldriver
    Steeldriver 19 годин таму +422

    Elon Musk is playing Chess and Twitter is playing Tic-Tac-Toe. The more he waits as lawyers and accountants search, the more Twitter will panic and sink.

  • Matthew Henry
    Matthew Henry 19 годин таму +43

    He's doing actual fact checking!