2 plants cut down early

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  • Апублікавана 16 Сак 2011
  • 2 cut down at day 43 cause of slight powdery mildew problem, i didnt want it to spread so im harvesting early.......also a finger hash rip...my new hotbox vapor....and my new sulphur burner!
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  • iiiTOKERTiii
    iiiTOKERTiii  8 гадоў таму

    ya thanks for the info man... . ill be usuing a sulfur burner for the next few days when the lights are out

  • kbgrowkid420
    kbgrowkid420 8 гадоў таму +1

    was for the best to get that out the garden.

  • chris pinero
    chris pinero 8 гадоў таму

    same thing happened to me man i had to spray it down with high ph water around 9 -10 and it knocked the powder mold out careful not to get it on your bud it will change appearance lil bit but worth it