Top 5 Best Formula 1 Drivers in 2019

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  • Апублікавана 4 Снж 2019
  • It's been an incredible season for standout Formula 1 drivers, we've seen experienced pros stay reliable and consistent, upcoming young champions breakout through the field and impressive rookies solidify their status. In this video I rank my top 5 drivers of 2019 by comparing the drivers points and consistency to see who comes out on top in 2019.
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    Palmer names his five best drivers of 2019
    Ex-Formula 1 racer Jolyon Palmer has named his top five drivers for the 2019 season, and Lewis Hamilton is not first.
    Hamilton delivered a dominant campaign to secure a sixth Drivers’ Championship, putting him just one shy of Michael Schumacher’s record seven.
    But the Mercedes man was pipped to top spot on Palmer’s list by Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, while Charles Leclerc came in at number three in what was his first season with Ferrari.
    McLaren’s Carlos Sainz and Sergio Perez of Racing Point completed the list.
    Justifying his choice to rank Verstappen as the best driver of 2019, Palmer in his BBC column wrote: “In terms of choosing the best driver of the season, Hamilton and Verstappen were practically inseparable. Hamilton won the championship, but if I had to pick just one of them, I’d say Verstappen just edged it.
    “His relentless pace and consistently high level caused team-mate Pierre Gasly to be demoted from Red Bull to Toro Rosso in the summer break.
    “And now the pressure is mounting on Alex Albon, Gasly’s replacement, as Red Bull desperately search for someone who can operate somewhere near Verstappen’s level.
    “The only big downside for Verstappen are that a first pole position in Hungary should have been followed up with another in Mexico as well as Brazil, were it not for some foolhardy driving to not back off past a yellow flag.”
    Sainz finished P6 in the Drivers’ Championship this season, the first person outside of the top three teams to do so since 2015, and Palmer believes the Spaniard has thrived come race days.
    “Sainz is another man who has had an exceptional year, and just managed to take sixth in the championship with a brilliant last-lap pass on Nico Hulkenberg in Abu Dhabi,” the Briton explained.
    “With both Gasly and Albon, his rivals for that spot, spending half a year in the significantly quicker Red Bull, that is seriously impressive.
    “Sainz hasn’t been the fastest this season. He’s actually been out-qualified by rookie team-mate Lando Norris 11-10 in the head-to-head - although the Spaniard is actually ahead when taking into account only sessions in which a fair comparison can be made. But he’s been relentlessly strong in the races and ultimately that is what counts.
    “Sainz’s first laps have always been strong, and his race-craft has been superb as well. He has made several great overtakes in the year, and barely had contact with other drivers, in spite of often being in the thick of the midfield chaos.
    “A first podium in Brazil was thoroughly deserved. It’s just a shame he didn’t actually get to stand up there as the stewards dithered when handing Hamilton a penalty.”
    Binotto: Ferrari lost titles when designing SF90
    Ferrari principal Mattia Binotto has bluntly said that they lost the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships when their 2019 challenger was designed.
    The SF90 arrived and departed winter testing full of promise - both Ferrari and Mercedes were confident that the red team would start 2019 as the dominant force, but it didn’t work out that way.
    Ferrari’s low-drag approach with the SF90 cost them against Mercedes as the Silver Arrows went on to take their run of consecutive Constructors’ titles to six.
    In hindsight the Scuderia know they went with the wrong philosophy and tried to add downforce throughout the campaign, but Binotto says their original design put both titles beyond them.
    “I think we lost this last year when designing that car,” Binotto is quoted by
    “Because at the end we were not competitive at the start of the season. And there are reasons for it.
    “Our design was not as good as our main competitors, so I think that’s it.”
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  • A fish out of water
    A fish out of water Месяц таму +274

    I feel George Russel is criminally underrated this season. Whitewashed his teammate in qualy and at times was ahead of the lower midfield in that godawful Williams. Definitely in my top 5

    • Derek1978
      Derek1978 Месяц таму

      his teammate wasn't a great gauge for this... I love Kubica but he is kinda handicapped and literally the worst driver on the grid

    • įŃ ŠåÑíTŸ
      įŃ ŠåÑíTŸ Месяц таму

      Kubica has a handicapped arm, kind of stupid comment to say "dominated" even if it is true, extreme bias.

    • Sean Alexander
      Sean Alexander Месяц таму

      The man definitely has future WDC written all over him!!!

    • Conservator
      Conservator Месяц таму

      Kubica was not only partly disabled, he got the lesser car too. He’s too descent (and no doubt has contractual obligations;) to complain about it, but I’m sure that after some time we will hear more about that.
      Having said that I think Russel is a very good driver that deserves a better car.

    • Squeakers
      Squeakers Месяц таму

      He was absolutely ringing that car in that Japan onboard and it was amazing his skill

    PREMANANDA PAI 22 години таму

    1 Hamilton
    2 Max
    3 Sainz
    4 Bottas
    5 Perez
    You can't add LEC as top 5 best and make Vettel top 5 worst. That makes no sense.

  • Abdulrahman eldaly
    Abdulrahman eldaly 11 дзён таму

    Where is David Ricciardo???

  • Car_lover
    Car_lover 12 дзён таму

    its clear that hamilton has had a better car than sainz but bottas is in the same car like hamilton and bottas is a great driver but hamilton still was able to dominate bottas but sainz got beaten by norris, who is a rookie, in the quali comparising, but he managed to out race norris very often, hamilton in my opinion is the better driver but sure everyone has a different feeling. I'm Austrian so I'm not sure if evrything that i wrote was grammatikly correct xD

  • Mike
    Mike 14 дзён таму

    Hamiltons second half of the season was completely dissapointing. He got outqualified by Bottas.( excluding His last race). Here are my top 10. 1-Verstappen.2-Lecler.3-Sainz.4-Bottas.5-kvyat.6-perez.7-Norris.8-Hamilton.9-Alborn.10-Russel

  • [JG] Jason Glassoe Fan
    [JG] Jason Glassoe Fan 15 дзён таму

    Smooth operator a smoooth operationn

  • GoatsEatsOats K
    GoatsEatsOats K 15 дзён таму +1

    Top 5

  • Cedric Rizos 21
    Cedric Rizos 21 15 дзён таму

    1st Lewis
    2nd Charles
    3rd Max (except for Brazil and Abu Dhabi he wasn't good in the 2nd half of the season)
    4th Bottas
    5th Seb

  • Kieran Jones
    Kieran Jones 16 дзён таму

    I'm currently on No. 3 so Verstappen and personally i think he should atleast be No. 2 if not 1. But if see Hamilton or Sainz in the next 2 im disliking the video

    • Kieran Jones
      Kieran Jones 16 дзён таму

      I've just finished the video and i want to die. He's talking about Sainz beating Gasly and Albon who had HALF a season the Red Bull car each thats not a fair comparison as well as talking about his recovery drives even though everytime Albon started P20 in Red Bull he's finshed P5. The end of this video is him sucking off Sainz ffs like honestly then he throws in a comment about F1 not wanting to show his 'crazy' drives an we all know why, its cuse its not exciting or spectacular its just boring af.

  • NewHopeAlana ___
    NewHopeAlana ___ 16 дзён таму

    My list:
    5- max
    4- Daniel
    3- lando
    2- Carlos
    1- Charles
    I’m sorry but Charles is amazing it is only his second season in f1 and can out shine his 4 time world champion teammate and although he can’t always hide the emotions it’s not always a bad thing and I think more drivers should show more emotions instead of hiding them

  • fetez1
    fetez1 16 дзён таму

    fyi, if honda leaves red bull, red bull leaves f1.thats why max pointed out honda's badge. and i disagree with your entire list. i mean just seeing sergio in and bottas out,i knew

  • Peter Smit
    Peter Smit 18 дзён таму

    I always like it how most people speak about "Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton and the Ferarri's". That's like a big middle finger to Bottas and Albon / Gasly.

  • Juhász Peti
    Juhász Peti 23 дні таму

    My top 5
    1. Verstappen
    2. Leclerc
    3. Norris
    4. Sainz
    5. Russel

  • SharpRazor
    SharpRazor 23 дні таму

    Is it just me but when he said Lewis Hamilton in 2nd I skipped the whole part cause I AM NOT HEARING MORE LEWIS COMPLIEMENTS

  • cisss nightcore
    cisss nightcore 23 дні таму

    sainz is p3 at max

  • Firesurfer 1995
    Firesurfer 1995 28 дзён таму +2

    Sorry I disagree swap lewis Hamilton for max vestappen

  • David Marshall
    David Marshall Месяц таму

    you are rating the car and not the driver... charles showed everyone that he came fresh.. there was nothing wrong to his driving.. Instead, Ferrari's Strategies and the car were the worse ones...

  • Adam Khan
    Adam Khan Месяц таму

    Your reasoning is weird

  • jj jz
    jj jz Месяц таму

    Joylon Palmer also has Perez in the top 5 in his list so glad to see that he is finally getting the recognition that he deserves. He is certainly the most underrated driver on the grid. Buy yeah he is from the North American continent not South American

  • Chris Braid
    Chris Braid Месяц таму

    Lewis isn’t driving that well , he’s just got the best gear and team in the shed, he used to be good but I think he really only had three good races this year. Bring on the youngsters, the bulk of them are doing really well whatever they are driving ....

  • Burt Herny
    Burt Herny Месяц таму


  • Andrew Metcalfe
    Andrew Metcalfe Месяц таму

    Ricciardo is the best driver on a Sunday in Formula One. Two mistakes the whole season when really pushing the ragged edge in a bit of a dog of a car, he deserves to be ranked in the top 5. He’s a much better driver than Perez. Daniel is mature than Vestappen and a better racer in my view. As for Sainz being ‘miles ahead of Ricciardo?’ WTF? McLaren are still one of the best teams in Formula One, albeit one that has made strategic blunders with their engine suppliers in recent years: this year their car was miles ahead of Renault’s car this year and it was only Ricciardo grabbing the Renault by the scruff of the neck that kept it even close to the McLarens.

    • Andrew Metcalfe
      Andrew Metcalfe Месяц таму

      Hulkenberg wasn’t rated no.2 by Aldas last year because amongst other things, he smashed Sainz as team mate. This year, Ricciardo smashed Hulkenberg - especially in the back half of the season. So, go figure. Fact is that Daniel is better than both drivers, easily. Hamilton is the most complete driver. Vettel is the most overrated. Le Clerc deserves a top 3 just for putting him in his box like Danny did back in 2014 at Red Bull. Plus all those pole positions and a couple of wins.
      1. Lewis.
      2. Vestappen
      3. Charles
      4. Ricciardo
      5. Sainz
      6. Perez.
      7. Norris.
      8. Bottas.
      9. Russell.

  • Phillip Muchiri
    Phillip Muchiri Месяц таму

    Perez is highly underrated!! Huge fan!! Thank you for that tribute and including him in your list.

  • Decentralization
    Decentralization Месяц таму

    I agree Sainz had a great and awesome year. But there is a reason Max got updated to Red Bull when Sainz was his partner at Toro Rosso. The reason is that he is better than Sainz. Without Max Red Bull would have never been third this season. No other driver has so much added value to their team. Both Sainz AND Lando did great, and McLaren doing well, is the most important reason Sainz did well. But if we are talking at outclassing team mates it would have been Max or Russel. And it's hard to say Russel, because we really don't know how bad Kubica was this year. With Max, you can easily compare him with Daniel, Pierre and Alex.

  • Warren Joubert
    Warren Joubert Месяц таму

    What about a video on top 5 races f 2019?

  • kontinnuum
    kontinnuum Месяц таму


  • Lowe Eklund
    Lowe Eklund Месяц таму

    My number 1 is easily Sainz

  • Matsobang Kgomo
    Matsobang Kgomo Месяц таму

    Aldas .....that’s controversial What... Carlos... no man...the obvious choice was ham/max ... Carlos because of best of the rest midfield... This reminds me of last years Balon dor.. awarded to Luka Modric REALLY.....

  • Shivam Gupta
    Shivam Gupta Месяц таму +1

    I would have put Valtteri Bottas in honorable mentions.

  • Marco Buijsen
    Marco Buijsen Месяц таму +1

    1= Max Verstappen. 2= Lewis Hamilton. 3= Charles Leclerc. 4= Valteri Bottas. 5= Sebastian Vettel.

  • Mounav Mahadev
    Mounav Mahadev Месяц таму +1

    7 pole positions
    2 wins
    Ferrai cost him 3 wins due to strategy(Singapore, Russia and Mexico)
    Austria was his fault
    Bahrain was unfortunate
    So its not completely his fault he has only 2 wins

  • Stance santos
    Stance santos Месяц таму +4

    Literally the entire comments section’s top 5
    1: Hamilton
    2: Verstappen
    3: Leclerc
    4: Sainz
    5: One of the rookies

  • Dignited
    Dignited Месяц таму +2

    1. Hamilton
    2. Verstappen
    3. Sainz
    4. Russel
    5. Perez
    6. Leclerc
    7. Norris
    8. Bottas
    9. Kvyat
    10. Riccairdo
    By top 10

  • Thabo Baloyi
    Thabo Baloyi Месяц таму


  • Nick vds
    Nick vds Месяц таму +2

    I think Verstappen should be 1st, listening to his team radio's you can hear he keeps calm under these though circumstances, Max was real close with Hamilton if you compare them, but I think Verstappen would come on top though, if you look how he copes with challenges against the dominating mercedes car, i find him just astonishing to watch, for example Germany where Verstappen did a flawless race, except one "perfect" 360. While the other four on this list all skated into the barriers, i have to give hamilton and sainz probs for getting it back on track, but verstappen didn't even have to "get the car back on track" because his driving was just flawless, just like the rest of the season. He was also dominating his teammates, and ofcours they are still rookies, but both of them drove the socks of kvyat in the torro roso who isn't a rookie and seemed very fast a few years ago.
    Next: maybe it's an unpopular opinion, and don't get me wrong, carlos sainz is a good driver, but i don't understand why he or Perez have scored so high in your top 5, if you look at overtaking, they are by far not on Max and Lewis their level, almost every time sainz or perez try to overtake they lock up their tires, while max and lewis almost never make these mistakes. Drivers like daniel Ricciardo are much closer to that level. It's still a good season from sainz getting above 100 points and beating the redbull of Gasly in numerous races, but i don't think he was "the best" of this season.

  • Derek1978
    Derek1978 Месяц таму

    1. MV33
    2. MV33
    3. MV33
    4. MV33
    5. grojean?

  • margus kiis
    margus kiis Месяц таму

    Max is overrated. Just another Gerhard Berger. Carlos is massively underrated.

  • Renars Ivanovs Veinbergs
    Renars Ivanovs Veinbergs Месяц таму +1

    2. Leclerc

  • marcel schellekens
    marcel schellekens Месяц таму

    to be fair max beat sainz when they where driving in the torro rosso

  • Gilvano Abrahams
    Gilvano Abrahams Месяц таму +1

    1. Verstappen
    2. Sainz
    3. Hamilton
    4. Perez
    5. Russel

  • Michael Roberts
    Michael Roberts Месяц таму +1

    Aldas.....did you watch any of the races? Because Sainz uh like didn't win any of them. Go to the other F1 YT channels, they'll confirm it

  • aniket sakalley
    aniket sakalley Месяц таму +1

    My top 5
    1. Verstappen
    2. Hamilton
    3. Sainz
    4. Leclerc
    5. Albon

  • Feartheviper
    Feartheviper Месяц таму

    The 11-10 qualifying stat for the Mclarens is a bit disingenuous considering that 1 point in Norris’ favour comes from Sainz not getting a chance to even come out of the garage to qualify at Brazil, so I believe it should be tied 10-10.

  • Collin Hogenberg
    Collin Hogenberg Месяц таму

    sainz p1 is bullshit, for real man, max kicks ass of everyone (team mates and people in faster cars) hamilton won the championship ans made the least mistakes, sainz just had to beat 1 person whi was a rookie, and toro rosso had 2 podiums, imo No sainz doesn't deserve the p1 not even close... wtf

  • desert mayor
    desert mayor Месяц таму +2

    The best driver is KIMI. He is really driver from old school. He still drive strong . Modern pilots sucks. Milioners sun and another sons of former pilots.

  • Klaky14 A
    Klaky14 A Месяц таму

    Are we just gonna forget bottas?

  • Glenn Fietje
    Glenn Fietje Месяц таму +1

    1. Verstappen
    2. Sianz
    3. Albon
    4. Hamilton
    5. Norris

    • Ausrius Didziokas
      Ausrius Didziokas Месяц таму

      Why the fuck are you cherry picking. Everyone complains on the radio when something bad happens. Judy another hater of Hamilton like so many. Also, you or me and most people are not good enough to be on F1. So, stop complaining if Hamilton complains on the radio or anyone else. You seem to have have problem when Hamilton complains on the radio but no other drivers. Give more respect to him, Hamilton season has been great and he won the F1 championship this years. So look at the year as a whole.

    • Glenn Fietje
      Glenn Fietje Месяц таму +1

      @Ausrius Didziokas Yeah, but who sad RETIRE THE CAR in Germany when he was P12? Who facked Albon in Brazil...?

    • Ausrius Didziokas
      Ausrius Didziokas Месяц таму +1

      No Dan I and Albon cannot be rated higher even Max I would put below Hamilton. Because I say Hamilton has been the best driver this season than Max, there is no way Albon would be rated above Hamilton because doing that also says he has done a better job than Max which he hasn’t. Also Palmer rates max the same but says he edges as number one is because Palmer is joules of Hamilton success and thinks its boring to call the best driver even though he is and had won the championship l. In 10 years time when Max is coming to the end of his career Palmer will than be joules and because Hamilton is just a slight better complete package better than Max, I think than Palmer will rate Hamilton slightly better than Max as a driver as a whole and for 2019.

  • I Love Racing
    I Love Racing Месяц таму

    5 Sainz

  • Greninjia
    Greninjia Месяц таму

    You put perez ahead of memelord lando Norris
    Lando was amazing throughout 2019 and proved he has a bright future
    Perez is overrated imo but still better than a lot of the bottom half of the grid including his teammate who I believe should not have a seat in f1

  • Adam Marjanovic
    Adam Marjanovic Месяц таму

    Sainz, Verstappen, Leclerc, Perez, Norris my top 5

  • Bram Huizing
    Bram Huizing Месяц таму +1

    Wtf saintz was good but Hamilton en Verstappen where way better this year

    • Andy Derps
      Andy Derps Месяц таму

      I'd agree, but considering the two of them had way better cars, i think its fair.

  • Liam Sweeney
    Liam Sweeney Месяц таму

    Perez isn't from South America.

  • Thomas Beljaars
    Thomas Beljaars Месяц таму

    Charles only was good when he had a great car... As soon as Ferrari were caught 'cheating' he went downhill, look at Germany for example, the car really wasn't good, Vettel finished 2nd but Leclerc DNF'D with a kinda stupid mistake... Charles won on Spa and Monza, two circuits where the Ferrari Engine was super OP... My opinion he is massively overrated

  • Thomas Beljaars
    Thomas Beljaars Месяц таму

    Charles Leclerc and Albon heavily overrated...

  • imaximn
    imaximn Месяц таму

    Perez.... is from North America

  • 4 fun
    4 fun Месяц таму

    About Hamilton, aren't you forgetting Hockenheim?

    • Ausrius Didziokas
      Ausrius Didziokas Месяц таму

      It didn’t cost him the title and he bounced back in Hungary with a great driver.

  • Harry Curtain
    Harry Curtain Месяц таму +1

    Top 5 (This Season):
    - Hamilton
    - Verstappen
    - Leclerc
    - Bottas
    - Sainz
    Top 5 (General)
    - Hamilton
    - Vettel
    - Verstappen
    - Ricciardo
    - Bottas

  • Sad Luigi
    Sad Luigi Месяц таму +1

    1. Verstappen
    2. Hamilton
    3. Leclerc
    4. Russell
    5. Kubica

  • Richard Rihmasto
    Richard Rihmasto Месяц таму +3

    Bottas 2nd in the championship with a super season... He is in my top 5 definitely

  • Kaay Houdijk
    Kaay Houdijk Месяц таму

    My top 5
    1 verstappen
    2 sainz
    3 hamilton
    4 bottas because he is IMO the most consistent driver on the field
    5 gasly because of the comeback he has made in the torro rosso