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  • Апублікавана 12 Чэр 2019
  • this video is about imbiamba jombes
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    imbiamba jombes doesn't wanna go on an adventure
    Welcome to the Gus Johnson channel, where the most average content comes to fizzle out.
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  • Gus Johnson
    Gus Johnson  4 месяцы таму +7905

    wow this was a adventure and so is my really cool twitter page @Gusbuckets

    • George Costarica
      George Costarica Месяц таму

      @William Ward don't encourage beer belly

    • William Ward
      William Ward Месяц таму

      Make more of imbiamba vids

    • Andrew Welds
      Andrew Welds Месяц таму

      This reminds me of a 4 year old

    • LEGO man mon Man mun
      LEGO man mon Man mun 2 месяцы таму

      Sorry i don’t like adventures

    • Mike Napolitano
      Mike Napolitano 2 месяцы таму

      holy shit this video has to be my absolute favorite. jesus that was hilarious.

  • Seen M
    Seen M 3 дні таму

    Can I get a script with state directions please

  • Andrea R
    Andrea R 5 дзён таму

    I'm laughed so hard LOL

  • Luke
    Luke 7 дзён таму

    Great job you two!

  • Dean Smith
    Dean Smith 8 дзён таму +2

    *Leaked Footage of Harrison Ford on the set of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull*

  • CZ
    CZ 8 дзён таму

    Me: cameraman
    My pet: imbiamba

  • Ethan Bourdette
    Ethan Bourdette 9 дзён таму

    4:20 ayy haha

  • jksmasknz
    jksmasknz 10 дзён таму

    This weirdly has porn quality to it...

  • JakobInTheHouse
    JakobInTheHouse 10 дзён таму

    One of my favorite characters by far

  • Logan English
    Logan English 11 дзён таму +3

    "We're gonna lose privileges now" Oh my lord that's gold

  • Emerald Eye
    Emerald Eye 11 дзён таму

    At first I thought this was berd

  • Ana Beatriz Almeida
    Ana Beatriz Almeida 11 дзён таму +1

    My nephew is EXACTLY like that, I'm *wheezing*

  • Trey Atkins
    Trey Atkins 11 дзён таму

    2:59 oh my god is that Mr. Bean?

  • Doobiejimbob
    Doobiejimbob 12 дзён таму

    This is so funny

  • Manuel Alcazar
    Manuel Alcazar 13 дзён таму

    This is clearly mr noodles from Sesame street 😂

  • Maggie Mothe
    Maggie Mothe 13 дзён таму +1

    Gus: *shrugs*

  • GenuinePie
    GenuinePie 13 дзён таму

    This may be my favorite video...

  • Greyson Finn
    Greyson Finn 14 дзён таму

    why is this so cute tho

  • Mike Herzfeld
    Mike Herzfeld 14 дзён таму

    This is so stupid, I love it

  • Patrick McAdams
    Patrick McAdams 14 дзён таму

    i love when sven breaks at 1:57

  • greateagle87
    greateagle87 16 дзён таму +1

    4:20. Nice.

  • Khalid Ouhane
    Khalid Ouhane 18 дзён таму

    The video is 4 minutes and 20 seconds long 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • gee5burbogoot geegerburger
    gee5burbogoot geegerburger 18 дзён таму

    Gus I've seen al least 20 of your videos and this was the magic one. This is the one that made me subscribe *SO FRICKIN FUNNY* 😂😂😂😂

  • Nemoris Inferioris
    Nemoris Inferioris 18 дзён таму +1

    When he kissed the snake I died laughing

  • req rahma
    req rahma 21 дзень таму

    This reminds me of the kinda stuff my brother and I would do. Only we wouldn't film it and posted to the world to see. 😂

  • req rahma
    req rahma 21 дзень таму

    This house/flat/whatever could look really cool with just a little help and if it gets cleaned up maybe 😂. The video is quite funny too dw 😂

  • Blurred
    Blurred 21 дзень таму +8

    every 3 year old ever:

  • Blurred
    Blurred 21 дзень таму +1

    imbiamba jombes, the silent protagonist

  • Jack Hat
    Jack Hat 22 дні таму +1

    I did not laugh stop it

  • Jack Hat
    Jack Hat 22 дні таму +1

    Ass not funny

  • 0_0
    0_0 25 дзён таму

    does he have downs or something??

  • _qcumbers!_
    _qcumbers!_ 25 дзён таму +2

    gus, I'm gonna be honest, I love this sketch so god damn much I would die for imbiamba

  • Oskar
    Oskar 25 дзён таму +1

    hey there this guy called Indiana Jones and they copied you. Smh my head

  • claire davis
    claire davis 27 дзён таму

    Is this all improv?

  • seymourglass26
    seymourglass26 27 дзён таму

    Can we get a Netflix Imbiamba Jones special?

  • Big Time Kens
    Big Time Kens 28 дзён таму

    Every time I watch this I think the skull is an onion

  • Ross Davis
    Ross Davis 29 дзён таму

    4:21 ....this disappoints me.

  • Rachel. Barnes
    Rachel. Barnes Месяц таму

    More Imby please!!!

  • Voss10
    Voss10 Месяц таму

    Not to be a correction nazi but technically an artifact is something manmade, which a skull is not.

    • Muffetts Mycology
      Muffetts Mycology 19 дзён таму +1

      The skull is made of plastic and therefore manmade...

    • Slug Paste
      Slug Paste 26 дзён таму

      If the flesh was removed by a person, it could be considered manmade.

  • Scott Prazak
    Scott Prazak Месяц таму

    Imbiamba. Brilliant.

  • thet beast
    thet beast Месяц таму

    This guys really good at being retarted

  • Mr OOFER
    Mr OOFER Месяц таму +1

    His poor parents

  • Janaka Goonasekera
    Janaka Goonasekera Месяц таму

    This masterpiece is at the same level as Temple of Doom and Raiders of the Lost Ark,

  • Snake Diet Woman
    Snake Diet Woman Месяц таму

    what the fuck

  • Gameeyg
    Gameeyg Месяц таму +2

    If someone’s skull was that small I’d be worried

  • Hedgehog Toast
    Hedgehog Toast Месяц таму

    indownsiana jones

  • Raz Oitsalu
    Raz Oitsalu Месяц таму +1

    Feed me more imbiamba

  • gkslash
    gkslash Месяц таму

    For some reason I was getting rubber johnny vibes from this.

  • Katie Villanueva
    Katie Villanueva Месяц таму +1

    I havent laughed so hard at a video maybe ever. A+++ Imbiamba

  • Ryder Rothlisberger
    Ryder Rothlisberger Месяц таму

    i like how the video is 4 minutes and 20 seconds long

  • The Band Soul
    The Band Soul Месяц таму

    Lmao the khakis with the badly tucked in shirt and the 2000's running sneakers add to the 6 year old vibe 😂😂

  • BoniBon 666
    BoniBon 666 Месяц таму +1

    How can he play a kid so good while looking like a 45 year old 🤣🤣

  • Kerigan Creighton
    Kerigan Creighton Месяц таму +3

    Imbiama: *coughs*
    Guy: *noO*

  • Potato Jim
    Potato Jim Месяц таму +1

    The way he punches the fridge and the muffled oof

  • Yusuf Yılmaz
    Yusuf Yılmaz Месяц таму +1

    I love pretty much all of your skits but this. This is something else

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob Месяц таму +1


  • Сергей Базанов
    Сергей Базанов Месяц таму +1

    Why does this look like some of those hard to manage D&D players?

  • Iqbal Adi
    Iqbal Adi Месяц таму +1

    kids toys review channel vibe

  • SourDragon
    SourDragon Месяц таму +1

    I know Gus is incredible at being a toddler but can we just appreciate the camera man for a second? I mean, he did incredible XD

  • turbo sneeze
    turbo sneeze Месяц таму +1

    my friend made a playlist called "DEPRESSION BE GONE" and both imbiamba videos are on it