KATY PERRY - Never Really Over (Cover by Leroy Sanchez)

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    Shot by Hugh Aparente
    Mixed by Jesse Ray Ernster
    #KatyPerry #NeverReallyOver

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  • Leroy Sanchez
    Leroy Sanchez  9 месяцаў таму +2249

    NOTIFICATION SQUAD!!! Where you at!!!

  • Jay Delos Angeles, JD, MBA
    Jay Delos Angeles, JD, MBA 3 години таму

    the best cover! chills.

  • Raymond Batac
    Raymond Batac 6 годин таму

    Can i make an amv using your version of katys song thank you

  • Raymond Batac
    Raymond Batac 7 годин таму

    I like katys version but it's too fast. This made it perfect omg ♥

  • jess keating
    jess keating Дзень таму

    i fell in love with it. im like... wig snatched.

  • Tim Mouers
    Tim Mouers 2 дні таму

    Wow you can sing , I'm in love with your voice

  • Mickey Johnson
    Mickey Johnson 4 дні таму

    Why is this not on spotify?? :(

  • Kis Tanyag
    Kis Tanyag 8 дзён таму

    Chords pleasee


    are you still listening in march
    This performance is fascinating
    0:40 💚🔥💃

  • Mery Divine Daquis
    Mery Divine Daquis 14 дзён таму

    Baby i love this cover!!!!❤️ Never Worn White Cover please.✨

  • William Mathias
    William Mathias 15 дзён таму

    Sorry I prefer Katy Perry’s original your voice at the main chorus sounds it articulates struggle straining your vocals

  • Bernadette Gonzales
    Bernadette Gonzales 16 дзён таму

    I love this version. 😘

  • Jose Gutierrez
    Jose Gutierrez 23 дні таму +1

    Your version made me love the song. Sorry KATY

  • Grace XXX
    Grace XXX 24 дні таму

    this made me tear up

  • Lisa McKinnon
    Lisa McKinnon 27 дзён таму

    Leroy, your voice is amazing. Favorite BY-clips musician by far. Alot of the time I hear your covers before the actual song by the artist and fall in love with your version even more. You are gifted!💙👍🎶🎵🎼🎤🎸

  • Alice Park
    Alice Park Месяц таму

    This is so beautiful 💜 great cover

  • Justin Bryson
    Justin Bryson Месяц таму

    You need to go on one of the singing audition shows already. You would win so easily.

  • valentina todorovs
    valentina todorovs Месяц таму

    You are amazing singer Leroy and I wanna meet with you if you want and to sing with you I have a talent of kid .

  • Visça Barça
    Visça Barça Месяц таму


  • BeeJay Thao
    BeeJay Thao Месяц таму

    When did your name become “Lere Schansheez”?

  • Munyi Marv
    Munyi Marv Месяц таму

    Beautiful 🔥💯😍😍😍

  • Lloyd Dominic Refuerzo
    Lloyd Dominic Refuerzo Месяц таму

    You're gonna thank me if I tell you to change the speed to 1.25x.

  • Lloyd Dominic Refuerzo
    Lloyd Dominic Refuerzo Месяц таму

    If this is a cover, it should be titled *Never Really Cover.*

  • Siri Jairam
    Siri Jairam Месяц таму

    Awesome vocals best I've heard ❤️❤️❤️

  • Kate Hopkinson
    Kate Hopkinson 2 месяцы таму

    Need this on Spotify please :(

  • WordDemon
    WordDemon 2 месяцы таму +1

    Goo 1 million of views.....pleaseeee...

  • Gulnara Gil
    Gulnara Gil 2 месяцы таму

    Oh my... I LOVE KATY and this song is so wonderfully covered. Great voice 👍😍😍

  • Hisham Al Nahla
    Hisham Al Nahla 2 месяцы таму

    Oh my God 👌🏼

  • WordDemon
    WordDemon 2 месяцы таму +1

    Someone in 2020 january 21??..

  • rainjustice38
    rainjustice38 2 месяцы таму

    Such a great cover! You're a really great singer!

  • Hudba Hits
    Hudba Hits 2 месяцы таму +3

    Don't mind this comment, it's just a personal replay button

  • Gabriel Ferrari
    Gabriel Ferrari 2 месяцы таму

    Omg this is so perfect, you're so talented 😍🇧🇷

  • Ls
    Ls 2 месяцы таму

    Amazing! Your voice attracts people like magnets.

    JOE PERALTA 2 месяцы таму


  • Leslie
    Leslie 2 месяцы таму

    Please sing a Lewis Capaldi song! You would absolutely crush it!

  • Adam Lavina
    Adam Lavina 2 месяцы таму

    Best cover of this sing!

  • Windi Wandiya Putri
    Windi Wandiya Putri 2 месяцы таму


  • Renzo Montez
    Renzo Montez 2 месяцы таму +1

    Esta interpretación por el gran Leroy, Awesome! (por si las dudas soy musico independiente y hago música propia, gracias por visitar mi canal a los curioso :3)

  • Bethany Fung
    Bethany Fung 2 месяцы таму

    very talented love the cover

  • jay bird
    jay bird 2 месяцы таму

    Dude if you dont have a record deal with anyone u should totally go on the voice because i would vote for you every time. Great voice 👌🏼

  • Nilanjan Sengupta
    Nilanjan Sengupta 3 месяцы таму

    Sounds way better than the original

  • j m
    j m 3 месяцы таму

    It never even started😔

  • Renzo Montez
    Renzo Montez 3 месяцы таму +1

    Eres un gran cantante y me gustan tus temas, espero algún día poder llegar a ser como tú :D yo soy artista independiente y confió en que creceré poco a poco :3

  • Máximo Pohl
    Máximo Pohl 3 месяцы таму

    The best cover of this song, ur amazing

  • Vinicius Nunes
    Vinicius Nunes 3 месяцы таму


  • Ronggrik shira
    Ronggrik shira 3 месяцы таму

    The chorus 😍

  • Omisope Ann
    Omisope Ann 3 месяцы таму

    I can literally not close my mouth
    Your voice is just so amazing
    You sound so good❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️💯

  • Pedro Dourado
    Pedro Dourado 3 месяцы таму


  • Ms.Z DEE-EM
    Ms.Z DEE-EM 3 месяцы таму

    salute for you bro! from Philippines :)

  • Динара Жакупова
    Динара Жакупова 3 месяцы таму

    👍 Ок

  • Misses Yae420
    Misses Yae420 3 месяцы таму

    they sooooo need him to do a guy version of this song like propper omg his voice just always has me in awwhh 💖💖💖💖😩😩😩

  • Califun0000
    Califun0000 3 месяцы таму


  • Kristine L
    Kristine L 3 месяцы таму +1

    Leroy you could sing this at a Katy Perry party! I mean, BY Katy Perry!

  • Duda Freitas
    Duda Freitas 3 месяцы таму

    que voz doce essa sua 💖

  • Kr G
    Kr G 3 месяцы таму +1

    I love you ♥️🇨🇿

  • Angie Roxas
    Angie Roxas 3 месяцы таму +4

    You made the song sound like a hundred and more times better. Your sound makes my heart smile! 😊

  • Aimee Attig
    Aimee Attig 3 месяцы таму

    I love your covers! You have an amazing voice, I look forward to many more songs! ❤️

  • samlitz vlog
    samlitz vlog 4 месяцы таму

    Wow 4m sub.

  • Susan Susan
    Susan Susan 4 месяцы таму

    I like all his song

  • Maria Davoin
    Maria Davoin 4 месяцы таму +1

    Amo tu voz es hermosa ¡tienes mucho por delante ! Like el que cree lo mismo 😘😍😄😙😚💗

  • Novi Rahmatika
    Novi Rahmatika 4 месяцы таму

    So, when will you put this on spotify?

  • Life is Amazing Without Effort
    Life is Amazing Without Effort 4 месяцы таму +1

    Love katy perry, love the song, love your cover!!!!!

  • Petchvisut Ponsri
    Petchvisut Ponsri 4 месяцы таму


  • Louise C
    Louise C 4 месяцы таму

    I really like you voice when you sing upbeat rather than sad songs it’s amazing

  • Мадина Тагирова
    Мадина Тагирова 4 месяцы таму


  • Di Bobera
    Di Bobera 4 месяцы таму

    he looks like Gustin Grant. I just love your voice.

  • Raphael Rodrigo
    Raphael Rodrigo 4 месяцы таму

    I loved your version!!! This rocks me!!!

  • Brave Shadow
    Brave Shadow 4 месяцы таму

    You sing this song like your own

  • Hérick Ricardo
    Hérick Ricardo 4 месяцы таму

    Cover perfeito! 👏🏻😉🇧🇷

  • Numerología y Tarot Juliana Villegas
    Numerología y Tarot Juliana Villegas 4 месяцы таму +2


  • Hype Ash
    Hype Ash 4 месяцы таму

    I love this

  • Wanderson Távora
    Wanderson Távora 4 месяцы таму +2

    Leroy: a
    Me: 😭😍

  • Jhovan Gwapo
    Jhovan Gwapo 4 месяцы таму

    sir can i marry your voice

  • Breana Matthews
    Breana Matthews 4 месяцы таму +1

    I don't even listen to the original anymore

  • armpiwat 2540
    armpiwat 2540 5 месяцаў таму

    I love your everycover🖤

  • Devin Murphy
    Devin Murphy 5 месяцаў таму

    ur amazing

  • W A R R E N
    W A R R E N 5 месяцаў таму

    Can you please upload this version to Spotify!!!

  • Nina Park
    Nina Park 5 месяцаў таму

    I love this version!! Sounds fresh❤️

  • Emily Maciel
    Emily Maciel 5 месяцаў таму

    Q sad nose ingles pero te amooo 🤗

  • Luke Eugenio Pagara
    Luke Eugenio Pagara 5 месяцаў таму

    Nice voice quality. So clear...