Kids React To Creepy 1970s Kids Shows (Sid & Marty Krofft)

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  • Апублікавана 24 Ліп 2019
  • Creepy 1970s Kids Shows Reacted to by Kids. Original links below.
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    Kids React To Creepy 1970s Kids Shows (Sid & Marty Krofft)
    Content Featured:
    H.R. Pufnstuf 1969 Opening and Closing Themeвідэа.html (1:47)
    Sigmund The Sea Monster Intro & Outroвідэа.html (1:15)
    Land of the Lost 90s Intro HQвідэа.html
    The Bugaloos Intro Theme Songвідэа.html
    Lidsville Theme Song (1971 Sid and Marty Krofft)відэа.html
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    Reactors Featured:
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    Kids React To Creepy 1970s Kids Shows (Sid & Marty Krofft)
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  • I don’t even know
    I don’t even know Месяц таму


  • Eggs Andtomatoes
    Eggs Andtomatoes Месяц таму

    HR puff n stuf

  • PopStarLolbit YT
    PopStarLolbit YT Месяц таму +1

    My mom showed Puffin Stuff, Sigmund the sea monster, Land of the lost

    • Lena Saturn
      Lena Saturn Месяц таму

      Lol my dad showed me all of those including lidsville!

  • Jane Johnsen
    Jane Johnsen Месяц таму

    Sigmund:I don't wanna scare humans!
    Sigmunds dad: NO YOU BAD YOU GO OUT

  • chill peraon
    chill peraon Месяц таму +2

    I Actually Think The shows are cool

  • Murder King
    Murder King Месяц таму

    *snaps* Finally! It’s morning.

  • Churchill2011 Fortnite
    Churchill2011 Fortnite Месяц таму +1

    Creepy 😖😖

  • Jay  C
    Jay C Месяц таму

    Sydney camp know where

  • dead Unicorn
    dead Unicorn Месяц таму +2

    Where's ratafak platcha?

  • Cameron VanNatter
    Cameron VanNatter Месяц таму +8

    Whoa Leaked footage of Sonic Movie!

    • CrunkedCat
      CrunkedCat Месяц таму

      Cameron VanNatter good one bro

  • The Slasher Master
    The Slasher Master Месяц таму +3

    It's that I had a CD of the first one

  • Rav3
    Rav3 Месяц таму +3

    Ive herd of H.R puff un stuff

  • Red Blueberry
    Red Blueberry Месяц таму +3

    Life is fun


    I hate pupet i already think i cant sleep tonight its my nightmare

  • Victoria Edwards
    Victoria Edwards Месяц таму +1

    I have watched this movie a lot 1one

  • Suriani Yahya
    Suriani Yahya Месяц таму +3

    My favorite is land of the lost

  • kitoyobeni1
    kitoyobeni1 Месяц таму +2

    Lidsville lol. Sid and Marty Kroft did SOOO much acid.

    • CrunkedCat
      CrunkedCat Месяц таму

      kitoyobeni1 lmao imagine getting made fun of by your dad for playing with puppets then being a star

    • Hayden Jones
      Hayden Jones Месяц таму

      Imagine watching those long intro songs every week. That Lidsville beginning or especially HR Puffinstuff. Psychedelic colors and a guy dragon named Puffinstuff. You know that was shown in college dorms.

    • kitoyobeni1
      kitoyobeni1 Месяц таму +1

      @Freddy Fazbear gaming 1987 It is Lidsville, as in the land of living hats. Of course, a lid is also slang for an oz of pot, lol.

    • Freddy Fazbear gaming 1987
      Freddy Fazbear gaming 1987 Месяц таму


  • Vicky D
    Vicky D Месяц таму +4

    Play Don't hug me I'm scared they will love it and it's creepy and terrifying. 😈

  • danielcoolkid712
    danielcoolkid712 Месяц таму +4

    sub if you think Sid and Marty are gonna do more tv shows in this year and get there park again but even better

  • misatchi
    misatchi Месяц таму +4

    "I live by the beach and I have not seen one of those yet." 😂

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith Месяц таму +2


  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith Месяц таму +2

    They made a redo of the sigmund

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith Месяц таму +1

    What the hell

  • Knollpuplishing inc
    Knollpuplishing inc Месяц таму +2

    You should do Salad Fingers SO! CREEPY!!

  • Sandra Loveridge
    Sandra Loveridge Месяц таму +3

    *plays pogos living island*

  • Nathalie Kilian
    Nathalie Kilian Месяц таму +3

    Bungaloos is the grandfather of Lazytown...

  • meme kid 234 off
    meme kid 234 off Месяц таму +1


  • GhostTheCat
    GhostTheCat Месяц таму +4

    Reminds me of candle cove

  • victoria pearman
    victoria pearman Месяц таму +1

    Elephant help

  • Nathaniel Richards
    Nathaniel Richards Месяц таму +1

    Gizmo gremlin is the best

  • Rook
    Rook Месяц таму +6

    Creepy? If I could think of a stronger synonym for creepy I would use it. Very entertaining choice.

  • James Fowler
    James Fowler Месяц таму +7

    Trust me, I watch Cartoon Network sometimes and the content isn't much better. Spongebob Square pants? Give me a break!

  • Emma marie
    Emma marie Месяц таму +5

    I sub 😇😚😘😙

  • I love Unicorns
    I love Unicorns Месяц таму +4

    True 👌👈👈

  • AmyFoxKid
    AmyFoxKid Месяц таму +10

    Oh my god I watched h.r pufnstuf HES NOT CREEPY HOW DARE YOU

  • Oscar Chavez
    Oscar Chavez Месяц таму +6

    I love this channel this Is so good I watch this every day

    ANTHONY'S WORLD Месяц таму +13

    I love Sydney she has a stranger things shirt.(Edit) thanks for the likes

  • Aiden N
    Aiden N Месяц таму +10

    4:23 that clown was doin the duggy

  • Jeremiah De La Cruz
    Jeremiah De La Cruz Месяц таму +8

    I love your Camp knowhere shirt from stranger things 3

  • News Reporter
    News Reporter Месяц таму +6

    Sid And Marty Krofft WHY DOES IT EXIST

  • LilFire Fox
    LilFire Fox Месяц таму +31

    'Ok, why are all the shows back then creepy?' It was the 70s! Everybody was either on Pot or LSD! LOL

  • Peter Outlaw
    Peter Outlaw Месяц таму +9

    Where is lost saucer?

  • Ski TV
    Ski TV Месяц таму +4

    Generations guess the video game

  • Abdoullah Swar
    Abdoullah Swar Месяц таму +9

    You should've added please dont hug me im scared

    Wow 2 likes

  • Abby Payne
    Abby Payne Месяц таму +6

    The kid that hates puppets should be shown "New Zoo Review"!😂

  • Gabriel Acevedo
    Gabriel Acevedo Месяц таму +4

    Who has heard of living island by pogo

  • Gabriel Acevedo
    Gabriel Acevedo Месяц таму +2

    Iving island

  • Damiet Rafaela
    Damiet Rafaela Месяц таму +2

    Lucas is pretty fani

  • Andrew Young
    Andrew Young Месяц таму +3

    You forgot one, it was called the banana splits, it also a
    a new movie coming out.

  • Conservative Hippie
    Conservative Hippie Месяц таму +1

    Loved the choice....mine Sigmund & Land of the Lost

  • ThomasthedankengineFan08
    ThomasthedankengineFan08 Месяц таму +7

    0:59 the candle cove boat

  • masliana din
    masliana din Месяц таму

    Do HappyAppy!

  • Morgan Davenport
    Morgan Davenport Месяц таму +3

    I've heard of hr pufin stuff I would watch hr pufin stuff

  • Chastity Bates
    Chastity Bates Месяц таму +3

    I am a fan

  • Jaiden Santa
    Jaiden Santa Месяц таму +3


  • Dillan Artis
    Dillan Artis Месяц таму +3

    H.R Pufnstuf reminds me of the frog from Gullah Gullah Island
    His name was Binyah Binyah I think

  • Suzie - Poo
    Suzie - Poo Месяц таму +4

    Hey? People of BY-clips? Have you ever watched BARNY?

    • Terri Clyde
      Terri Clyde Месяц таму

      "I love you u love me!" Is that enough proof?

  • Paint The wolf
    Paint The wolf Месяц таму +3

    Hr pufnstuf was great

  • Rosario Gonzalez
    Rosario Gonzalez Месяц таму +2

    I always wacht fbe