Weathering with You - Movie Review

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  • Апублікавана 7 Снж 2019
  • Chris Stuckmann reviews Weathering with You, starring Kotaro Daigo, Nana Mori, Sei Hiraizumi. Directed by Makoto Shinkai.
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  • Anime is Beautiful
    Anime is Beautiful 2 години таму +1

    I hope it gets dubbed soon *,looks gorgeous ,fresh ,with overwhelming animation and absolutely beautiful*

  • Everett Lee
    Everett Lee 7 годин таму

    Makarov had the best character development

  • Everett Lee
    Everett Lee 7 годин таму

    Your Name didn’t have a gun tho

  • madrocts
    madrocts 8 годин таму

    Imma be honest
    I didn't like it, not even as a pseudo sequel to Your Name but as a movie in general. It's writing felt so disjointed and incomplete, the last third of the film being it's weakest part. I felt like it had little to no primary concept, like it didn't know what it was trying to say or accomplish by the end of it's runtime. It could've easily done without one of it's secondary plots that could've been used to punch up the relationship between the Hina and Hodoka. The only time I "felt" something was when something happened to one our main characters and they use that to simply extend the runtime with a plot that's so boring rather than choosing to explore the secondary world they had already established. Hell, even as a love story it falls short because it uses a montage to compensate for their relationship. I came in expecting a good story and left bored and wishing it did more.

  • Not StvenL
    Not StvenL 8 годин таму

    then don't compare them. easy

  • Julien Mason
    Julien Mason 8 годин таму

    I feel like if Weathering With You came out before Your Name, it would have been the massive hit Your Name was, and Your Name would have been the controversial one. I personally like WwY more than YN. Also, everyone says it’s a visually fantastic movie, but I feel like that’s an understatement. My jaw was on the floor during the fireworks scene.

  • Julien Mason
    Julien Mason 8 годин таму

    I don’t understand why many people are saying that WwY characters aren’t as good as Your Names. Taki was underdeveloped, while Hadoka and Hina has so many moments that characterized them through excellent show don’t tell storytelling. I often find that anime rely too much on narration and words, and they forget that their viewers have eyes. That’s aside though. IMO, Hadoka and Hina are much more developed, much better characters that step up in quality from Taki and Mitsuha.

  • Melissa Andrea Gutiérrez
    Melissa Andrea Gutiérrez 10 годин таму

    This was beautiful! I just watched it tonight and loved it. I think I liked Your Name a little bit more, but this was still excellent. This was much better than Fireworks though!

  • Arkane
    Arkane 12 годин таму

    i 100% agree with this review, the story was quite weak compared to your name. However, what was even worse was the loud obnoxious weebs that would scream hysterical laughter at every joke, movie was insufferable cause of that. Guess ill wait for the blu ray release lmao

  • centpushups
    centpushups 13 годин таму

    God this movie was a masterpiece. I see it as its very own.

  • Deli
    Deli 15 годин таму

    In my state of the United states there is not amot of love for this movie seeing how kn the first showing for my state there was maybe 15 people but man I have yet to cry in a movie theater but this one hit hard. Wish it got more rep :/

  • Skylar Bisel
    Skylar Bisel 15 годин таму

    1:50 the point of that was that he was basically starving and that was the first actual substantial food in a while.

  • Carnage
    Carnage 15 годин таму

    Spoiler alert

    The part where he holds up the gun. That hit me

  • I've Been Reading
    I've Been Reading 16 годин таму

    I want to see this so badly!

  • Willy Wong
    Willy Wong 19 годин таму

    Your Name story is more cohesive than weathering with you. Def a tear jerker between the two characters. But I think for Weathering definitely has more elements to the story. More characters development

  • Atlas Exiled
    Atlas Exiled 19 годин таму

    I couldn't agree anymore. It was a good movie, but it's numerous similarities and comparisons to Your Name leaves me sleightly disappointed though I did enjoy it alot.

  • Nicholas Higgins
    Nicholas Higgins 22 години таму

    Visually stunning film. The story would have worked much better if plot progression didn't feel so telegraphed at times, and if the main character actually had any trait beyond angst.

  • Kevin Williams
    Kevin Williams 22 години таму

    It has potential, but I wish I could do some editing rearrangements. Many scenes fell flat and could be clipped to include more character development of the main two. I think the niece actually had the most depth.

  • Goblin Lord
    Goblin Lord 23 години таму +5

    this movie is definitely better than “Your Name”,

  • Dark of the knight
    Dark of the knight Дзень таму

    That's weird, I feel like this movie is more unique than your name. But I don't think is more enjoyable than your name.
    Air dragon, sunshine girl, the water bending animation, using her abilities to get money and I still can keep going on.
    What you might think is similar is because in the end, the girl was saved. Which is expected from both and the romance structure is kinda similar although is not exactly similar.

  • mpkio
    mpkio Дзень таму

    I can see your point and I agree that the structure is copy and paste of Your name, but let me ask you just one question:
    If this film came out first instead of Your Name, wouldn't it be just as good as Your Name? Because you have nothing else to compare it with.

    My point is is that I didn't compare it with Your Name. The film should be graded on its own merits, not its predecessor.

    Some archetypal characters here and there, but the animation, as you say, was gorgeous, the music is fantastic, I love the editing (sound editing included) and just the overall feeling of the movie was amazing.

  • Sveta45851
    Sveta45851 Дзень таму

    I've seen both Your Name and Weathering With You and I think I like latter more than the former. I can see how one can think the two movies are the same (if I remember correctly the two mains in Your Name show up in the movie at some point as like a little easter egg) but I think I relate more to Hodaka and Hina struggles of getting by and trying to support yourself and a family than I did with the Mizuha and Taki's.

  • Lawrence W
    Lawrence W Дзень таму

    I wanna make sure that those 2 main characters from “Your Name” are the same 2 people in weathering that boy runs into during the movie?

    • I Slay Goblins
      I Slay Goblins 10 годин таму +1

      They are. The director confirmed it

  • •cosmic •
    •cosmic • Дзень таму

    Tbh its sad and a bit funny

  • Nou Her
    Nou Her Дзень таму +1

    It’s sucks that mostly everyone keep comparing “your name” & “weathering with you”. I’ve watched your name like maybe 5 to 6times at most, fantastic movie!
    I just finished watching weathering with you and DAM! I LOVE IT! Not one bit I watch and thought about comparing the two movies. Watch it with open mind and just enjoy the movie, it’s great.☺️

  • John Novakovich
    John Novakovich Дзень таму

    I tried to go into this movie not comparing it to Your Name. On its own, Weathering With You is a good movie. Great animation and music, interesting plot. I eventually got into the characters and philosophical themes, but it took a while and didn't reach the heights of some of my other favorite movies, Your Name included. I also need to think more about this movie's endings because on first glance it was somewhat disappointing. But all things considered, I like this movie for what it is and I'm already excited for whatever the director will make next!

  • Y A
    Y A Дзень таму

    The movie was good but I think there could be clarification of parts. This could just be me but I don’t even know why he ran away or what his parents look like and they might have said this in the movie but how did her parents die?

  • bmaster461603
    bmaster461603 Дзень таму

    Just saw it. I agree. Could have been better but definitely worth seeing.

  • The Light Music Club
    The Light Music Club Дзень таму

    Weathering With You was better imo

  • Santosh
    Santosh Дзень таму

    Saw it today and i was blown away

  • joe catalla
    joe catalla Дзень таму

    I enjoyed Weathering With You more over Your Name. YN had better impact and twists but WWY feels more lighter, innocent, and fun which I prefer in an anime movie. And don't forget the best little brother, Nagi senpai lol.

  • KinzuNight
    KinzuNight Дзень таму

    I'm the opposite. I felt Weathering with You was a much better film than Your Name. I connected much more with the characters here. Your Name was maybe a disconnect for me because I saw it after Silent Voice and was disappointed it never reached the same emotional heights.

  • Rumia
    Rumia Дзень таму +1

    Makoto Shinkai himself has stated that he was no idea why "Your Name" became a hit. Neither do I.

    • vegeta 8375
      vegeta 8375 Дзень таму

      Watch the movie and your see why

  • Jannradio
    Jannradio Дзень таму +2

    Great movie.. it’s as good as Your Name. And it’s really not the “same” film.. there are quite a bit of differences. Same director, art, and genre make it similar, sure, but it’s incredible regardless.

  • BuGGa
    BuGGa Дзень таму

    I saw it in America yesterday and let me just say,
    👌😘👍 I loved it SO much. I was holding back tears.

  • Noe Hernandez
    Noe Hernandez Дзень таму

    Just got back from watching the movie and I gotta say, the movie was great up until 35 mins left then makoto almost plagiarized his own movie in your name, either way I loved it

  • Jordan Ward
    Jordan Ward Дзень таму

    The film was good it really was on its own it was but if you are comparing it to your name, its not going to seem as good my note dont go into seeing this thinking its going to be exactly like your name heartfelt wise because its not. Its sad, youll cry, maybe not as hard as your name but its pretty heartwarming film i loved it. Dont go thinking its gonna have the same impact that your name did.

  • Jimmehford
    Jimmehford Дзень таму

    It’s definitely not unfair to compare it to Your Name. He kept comparing this movie to Your Name during his interviews about this movie. He even included characters from that film into this movie.
    I feel like Shinkai is trying to make the next Your Name and not compare himself to Ghibli or Miyazaki, and that makes me scared for his next films.
    Your Name is his magnum opus, and I feel like he will never try to make something more original and as great as that. He will keep trying to be like
    “It’s cool because it’s not Ghibli.”
    And that’s how I feel about this movie.

  • monkeyassasins
    monkeyassasins Дзень таму

    Why people always gotta compare movies and can't enjoy the film as itself

  • Jenn Lam
    Jenn Lam Дзень таму

    There's a lot of similarities between Hokada and Holden from Catcher in the Rye. A lost boy trying to preserve innocence.

    • Jenn Lam
      Jenn Lam Дзень таму

      They also recycled lines from Your Name and it was hard to watch haha

  • Paul Y.
    Paul Y. Дзень таму

    I'm sorry. I believe This film is actually better than your name in terms of the emotional impact it creates for the audience. But one would have to be mature enough in the name of love would understand. Your name is great but it is a different type of love.

  • Darky R
    Darky R Дзень таму

    Update: I understand Chris when he says it's not as good as Your name, but at the same time, I believe they shouldn't be compared. Go in with an open mind and enjoy yourself as it's a great story.
    I'd compare it to Digimon the movie vs Summer Wars: they're similar but not the same and don't compare one to the other.
    I'm gonna see it in a couple hours so now I'm kinda sad, I should've watched this review after 😭😭

    I'll post my thoughts in an edit when I'm home later

    • Darky R
      Darky R Дзень таму

      @Lord Lu Bu Thank you :) I'll keep my hype high and I'll keep my mind open. Cheers

    • Lord Lu Bu
      Lord Lu Bu Дзень таму

      Saw it last night and I think Chris missed the mark here. The best advice I can give for people going to watch it is DON'T do what Christ did and go in expect Your Name, it isn't that kind of a movie. It's much more light hearted and less dramatic, go in freash without trying to compare it to a masterpiece and you'll enjoy it. It's a very fun and I'd say way above average anime movie, it's just not iconic like Your Name.

  • Cyborx25
    Cyborx25 2 дні таму +1

    I can't say its a better movie than Your Name because that movie was pretty close to perfection, but at the same time, this movie is my favourite of the two because it resonated with me on a personal level.

    • Lord Lu Bu
      Lord Lu Bu Дзень таму +2

      Same, it's one of those movies where from a technical and critical standpoint I think Your Name is clearly better. But this movie just connects better with me and I enjoyed it more because of that. The characters just feel more fun and relate able and that makes for an overall better movie experience

    • BlueFacondor
      BlueFacondor Дзень таму +1

      That was my personal take. I loved how it resonated with me, and my wife enjoyed the life hits you hard aspects of it.

  • Noah Heninger
    Noah Heninger 2 дні таму +1

    Why isn't Disney capable of this?

  • Servando Sanchez
    Servando Sanchez 2 дні таму

    think about it tho, in your name he saved a city In order to save his girl but in Weathering with you he doomed a city to save his girl all though it’s basically your name I like how everything movie he makes he gives raw human emotion and not some, love tale that every romantic movie has

  • TheRavingPhoenix
    TheRavingPhoenix 2 дні таму

    Your Name hit me harder, but I think this was the better overall film. Also I interpreted the comment about the Big Mac being the best meal he'd had as referring to the girl giving it to him since he seemed clearly smitten already.

  • Stanley Chen
    Stanley Chen 2 дні таму +2

    So it’s a good standalone movie

    • andrew chu
      andrew chu Дзень таму

      Stanley Chen yes, if u compare it to your name, it’s not better

  • Michael Martinez
    Michael Martinez 2 дні таму +11

    The moment you realized the plot of this movie got kickstarted because of a Big Mac from McDonald’s

  • Richie Rust
    Richie Rust 2 дні таму

    I saw it tonight. No spoilers, but the moral of the story is so much different from your name that when you look back at the story, it’s almost like an artistic decision to make the two parallel so the end moral hits home. Idk, def go see it though :)

    • Lord Lu Bu
      Lord Lu Bu Дзень таму

      Yea the message of the movie is very strong and bold actually especially given the current climate (pun intended)

  • transporter255
    transporter255 2 дні таму +2

    I was shocked bout the advertising in this movie

  • Uneducated Opinion
    Uneducated Opinion 2 дні таму

    The problem, as it is, is that he wanted to make a movie for "everyone" with Weathering, as opposed to Your Name which was very much "Japanese" in a lot of it's background and so it felt more personal to its characters. This isn't generic, but other than the Sunshine Girl and it's mythology there's nothing really tying this story to it's country of origin.

    The Big Mac thing; Japan (I don't *think* it's law, but i dunno) prides itself on products matching presentation, so anywhere you go, if there's a picture of the product, then what you buy is going to match that picture almost exact, so food stuffs, especially fast food, are amazing because you'll actually get that advertising level look of a burger.

    • Zachary Miller
      Zachary Miller 22 години таму

      Just went to japan, big macs are the literal same as in america, and the scenery of this movie is tokyo in every way, its incredibly authentic the whole way through.

  • TheSoulLinked
    TheSoulLinked 2 дні таму +14

    So... an A but since Your Name exists it's a B.

    • Lord Lu Bu
      Lord Lu Bu Дзень таму +2

      Pretty much lol. I saw this last night, if you go in fresh without trying to compare it to Your Name, it's a really good movie. But if you try and compare the two you'll cheapen it for yourself because they are 2 VERY different style of movie

  • Santiago Venegas
    Santiago Venegas 2 дні таму

    Just watched it today. I really loved it! In some ways I enjoyed more than Your name, but yeah is not as good as that one. But it doesn't really matter, is still really enjoyable and lovable

  • rudolfpikel
    rudolfpikel 2 дні таму

    I actually like this more than Your Name / Kimi no Na wa, I felt like the relationship between the two leads was allowed to develop better as unlike in your name Hodaka and Hina were given the opportunity to fully interact with each other and I preferred side characters such as Mr.Suga who I feel has some real character and a somewhat decent arc over enjoyable but superficial characters like Sayaka and Tessie.

    • Lord Lu Bu
      Lord Lu Bu Дзень таму

      Agreed, I think the characters in this one were overall much better developed because they got to interact a lot more, and the side characters were all just awesome. Hina's brother was hilarious lol

  • DKZK21
    DKZK21 2 дні таму

    I liked it better when it was called Your Name.

  • Luke Devereau
    Luke Devereau 2 дні таму +19

    See, as a person who goes into movies like this without any expectations, I enjoyed it very much. I think that if you go into a movie blind you will get more out of it than if u go in expecting another masterpiece. I think this movie represented making controversial decisions and dealing with the consequences. However it also says that you chose your own path and you stay on it if it makes you happy. Everyone wants happiness, but few are able to get it.

  • savyxxr
    savyxxr 2 дні таму +3

    Nothing literally was said in this whole review about the story. This man literally just spent the whole time talking comparisons and your name.

    • majime
      majime Дзень таму

      He watched it early and didnt want to spoil it for the majority of people who hadn't seen it yet

  • Chef Hachier
    Chef Hachier 2 дні таму +1

    I just watched it, it sucked fucking HARD

    • Alejandro Concepcion
      Alejandro Concepcion 2 дні таму +1

      Chef Hachier you are dumb af and can’t appreciate good movies when it hits you square in the dome

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith 2 дні таму

    Seeing it tomorrow night In the us

  • Nathan zhao
    Nathan zhao 2 дні таму +2

    I have a different point of view but I respect your opinion. The twist for your name was shocking but there were a lot of plot holes that really question the story. Weathering with you, even without a large twist, was just Overall more entertaining and the story of this movie was planned out carefully

    • BlueFacondor
      BlueFacondor 2 дні таму

      I loved both movies, but I enjoyed the simplistic and heart felt innocence of weathering with you. I don't need a twist to enjoy a movie.