Mecha Overdrive [Kubrow Warframe Guide]

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  • Апублікавана 27 Тра 2019
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  • Mike Shaman
    Mike Shaman 4 месяцы таму +1

    i guess the problem is that u sacrifice too much (mods space,special weapon,special pet instead of cat/sentinel) just for and aoe dmg every 15(!) seconds. Which is pretty...huge. I mean, this would be fine if 15 seconds were without aura+frame mod slots :(
    but ANYWAY, this looks kinda fun, thats why i want to try it :O thx for idea! sounds refreshing

    • Mike Shaman
      Mike Shaman 4 месяцы таму

      @Siren Watcher Lol,what an answer :D huge. ye,i understood ur points,ty

    • Siren Watcher
      Siren Watcher  4 месяцы таму +1

      Well technically, 2 mods are on the dog. Your only really missing one debatably good slot (aura slot) which is always a passive anyway.
      If you dont 'need' your aura specifically, and you are in content where your group has it covered or it doesnt matter, then you can play around with this. You might find it worth it, depending on your playstyle. The other mod slot is debatable as to whether you really lose out, because especially in some kubrows, you gain more use for bringing them than that mod slot. Ie, bring Sunika which prioritises more dangerous targets and pins them down (so you need less defensives against those targets as your dog will stop them attacking you), or a raksa which constantly rebuilds your shields and cc's mobs in an aoe radius with good consistency (needing less defensives again), etc. It depends on your content.
      In terms of the timer. Its an aura buff. It's free. You don't have to do anything with it really. Just casually shoot a target sometimes if you want to. It doesn't force you to. But looking over and shooting one target, casually wiping out all targets in 30 metres around it can "feel quite nice". But obviously, you dont bring an eidolon farming meta group to do a 3 hour survival, or 30 rounds of ESO. Neither do you bring a Mecha build to content its not built for you personally. Find where it fits for you, and play it if its enjoyable yea :).
      As i said, in the age of aura forma, it literally is no effort to try it anyway. Your build on your main frame/s doesn't change, except to swap out the aura + one mod. You have more freedom to play around :3, so why not XD.
      This video is kinda for people, "who already like their dog". Nobody is going to play a kubrow build if they hate kubrows. But people who kinda already want to bring them + want passive extra utility that the dog brings. Like sahasa's with eidolons or speed running, raksas in variety content or ESO or with hildryn, sunikas for capture or missions with a ton of elites, huras and chesa for new players who lack nekros or a stealth frame or in pvp (or your too lazy to switch to those frames for the content). Some people want to play with their dogs so... this is a way to make them useful and competitive.
      There is pretty much no reason to ever take a sentinel over a kubrow. I can think of none as kubrows have all their abilities + more, besides Helios scans, but later in the game you don't need the scans anymore of course. Smeeta (drops of a rares) or Chesa (drops of commons) both are useful, but only in certain places. Most higher level players I think are not grinding orokin cells, so if your doing higher runs on those planets, there is no reason to bring a Smeeta, etc. Smeeta is useful, situationally, if you are going to use the mats that it gives. With adarza, i hear there is now adarza vs sahasa for eidolons, but besides that content adarzas are seen as a "dud" for breeders as most people want smeetas. But this is situational. Its what you choose for each content and how well you as a player can use it.

  • Trepidati0n
    Trepidati0n 4 месяцы таму +1

    True 100% status shotguns are quite amazing too since the status has to occur "before multi shot" mods.

  • Mario Czapa
    Mario Czapa 5 месяцаў таму +2

    Im forma my Zylok for 100% status chance 2,500 slash and 2500 viral, lvl 160 bombard dies im 2 sec !

  • Major Whiff
    Major Whiff 5 месяцаў таму +1

    I actually never heard about this since I completely disregarded kubrows and therefore those set mods, guess thats gonna change now ^^
    Thank you very much for the guide!

    • Major Whiff
      Major Whiff 5 месяцаў таму +1

      Just tested it on a gas daikyu build i recently made for amalgam daikyu target acqured, melts through everything :D
      Thanks again for raising my awareness about this ^^

    • Siren Watcher
      Siren Watcher  5 месяцаў таму +1

      Anytime :).
      I think originally these mods didn't do well because they werent working properly when released. Then everyone forgot about them :P.
      Good luck with your Kubrow'ing :3.