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Diane Guerrero, Stephanie Beatriz - What Else Can I Do? (From "Encanto")

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  • Апублікавана 12 Стд 2022
  • Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Encanto” tells the tale of an extraordinary family, the Madrigals, who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia, in a magical house, in a vibrant town, in a wondrous, charmed place called an Encanto. The magic of the Encanto has blessed every child in the family with a unique gift from super strength to the power to heal-every child except one, Mirabel (voice of Stephanie Beatriz). But when she discovers that the magic surrounding the Encanto is in danger, Mirabel decides that she, the only ordinary Madrigal, might just be her exceptional family’s last hope.
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    Music video by Diane Guerrero, Stephanie Beatriz performing What Else Can I Do? (From "Encanto"). © 2021 Walt Disney Records

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  •  ShortHax
     ShortHax 6 дзён таму +33155

    This scene deserves an Oscar, a Grammy, and a restraining order

    • Ravenz AJ
      Ravenz AJ 8 годин таму

      Its amazing

    • Rodrigo Velasquez
      Rodrigo Velasquez 12 годин таму

      @Ivan Ichianus idk if it’s because I know Spanish but that song always makes me cry remembering the context of what happened.

    • Nova the Gryffindor
      Nova the Gryffindor 13 годин таму

      Im gonna get a restraining order

    • Kpop Scenario
      Kpop Scenario 15 годин таму


    • [VIBE] Celestia ツ
      [VIBE] Celestia ツ 19 годин таму

      yeah Mirabel needs the restraining order placed on her

  • BimDaTitanicNerd
    BimDaTitanicNerd Дзень таму +1788

    Mirabel's power is definitely to make people sing about their problems.

    • N R
      N R 8 годин таму

      @Miles Prower didn’t he sing briefly apologizing to papa about the wedding

    • iloveMilk✨
      iloveMilk✨ 8 годин таму

      I agree but she controll The house

    • Deanna Albert
      Deanna Albert 9 годин таму

      This is what I said after watching it! Although I think it's not just singing, it's bringing the scenery in their head to life. In both We Don't Talk About Bruno and Surface Pressure, we see what's in their heads.

    • ramonjun aclan
      ramonjun aclan 9 годин таму

      @Miles Prower he did sing, did you even watched encanto?

    • Made this to comment
      Made this to comment 9 годин таму

      @Scyclo 4189 no one else seemed to ever ask

  • TigerKirby215
    TigerKirby215 2 дні таму +1666

    "It doesn't need to be perfect; it just needed to be."
    I think everyone needs to hear this once in their life.

    • Miles Fairchild
      Miles Fairchild 8 годин таму

      @sunflowerdogs And where'd you learn that from?

    • sunflowerdogs
      sunflowerdogs 9 годин таму +1

      @Miles Fairchild the point is NOBODY can be perfect. they can only try, which can create stress and false fronts.

    • Miles Fairchild
      Miles Fairchild 10 годин таму +1

      @katherine As a matter of fact, I want you to tell me everything about your life, anything at all, because it sounds like your life is the worst too and you seem to know a lot more than I do. Suicidal people need a perfect life but they don't have shit, they have nothing, they want to live normal. And yes I do have some Common sense.

    • katherine
      katherine 11 годин таму +2

      @Miles Fairchild people arent jealous, tf? its not possible to be perfect, everyone has some sort of flaw with them. its in our nature. thats why its wrong, it’s impossible and puts pressure on people who are labeled as ‘perfect’ to live up to the expectation. have some common sense

    • Miles Fairchild
      Miles Fairchild 13 годин таму +1

      Now I don't understand what's wrong with being perfect, people are just jealous and dumb shit excuses and more

  • Meredith Pancake
    Meredith Pancake Дзень таму +858

    I love that when they first hug Mirabel snuggles into her shoulder. She's not even thinking about the prophecy or the miracle at that moment- she's just enjoying the hug from her big sister

  • The Fish
    The Fish 2 дні таму +5320

    “Changing minds”
    “You’ve changed mine”

    As an elder sibling, this hits hard.

    • Miu Iruma
      Miu Iruma 10 годин таму +2

      I am the eldest sibling if anything I would like to teach my younger sister to not be like my younger brother, hes homophobic and I want her to understand its normal

    • A H
      A H 14 годин таму

      @Mitzy Pooh why what?

    • Mitzy Pooh
      Mitzy Pooh 14 годин таму

      @A H huh wHY?

    • A H
      A H 16 годин таму

      @The Fish kind of bummed Dolores didn't get a song because she's the one I connect with most but I feel like if everyone got a song the movie would be incredibly long 😂

    • Amyth
      Amyth 16 годин таму +3

      Same, my little sister helped me understand I shouldn't do everything our parents wanted me to do while she told them she was not as intellingent as me,she made me realized I was carrying too much, that I had a voice and I can do whatever I want, and that our parents should support us but if they don't, she would be there for me. It made me cry no gonna lie

  • AshleyBunni
    AshleyBunni 6 дзён таму +10173

    I audibly gasped the first time I saw Isabela’s room, everything about her character and what she represents is so aesthetically pleasing 🧘🏾‍♀️

  • Aquarius Crystalwave
    Aquarius Crystalwave 2 дні таму +536

    I love that throughout the song mirabel desperately tries to get isabela to hug her at almost every second to fulfill the prophecy, but the movie shows you cannot hurry fate and the pace of life and that all things will happen when they are meant to and in flow

    i love that the embrace comes at the end when both are in the moment and let go and genuinely flow with who they authentically are, with no ulterior motives but just truly bonding and being in the present moment, and then and only then, does the prophecy of the embrace get fulfilled

    really reminds us to just let life flow and trust in it, no matter how bleak or desperate things may seem in our heads, understanding that peace comes from within our own minds in how we perceive the things that happen externally and to not try and push or need things but instead have faith that whatever is meant for us will eventually come to us when they are meant to and what isnt will exit or never be

    It's been a tough few years for everyone, but hope everyone has been hanging in there, you got this - be proud of yourself, you are loved and you are exactly where you need to be right now and everything will flow how it needs to 💚💙❤️

    • SteleexLS
      SteleexLS 8 годин таму

      my ex-boyfriend and I are taking some time before deciding if we will go back together or stay separated, we first want to solve some of our own problems, we are both taking therapy separately, sometimes I just want to go back with him right away but deep down I know I'm just not ready nor him, and your comment is just what I needed to hear omg.
      (sorry for my bad english btw lol)

    • Lucas Melgar
      Lucas Melgar 17 годин таму

      really needed to hear this 😭

    • dennis Talingting
      dennis Talingting 20 годин таму +1

      Wtf holly you almost maid me log out of youtube holly hell

  • vanesitacomida
    vanesitacomida 2 дні таму +155

    Its so crazy how Disney movies are supposed of be for little kids but for some reason the movies are enjoyed by all ages🤩

  • Azizlovesbirds
    Azizlovesbirds Дзень таму +131

    Her power is not that she can control and make flowers, she can control and make plants

  • Kirsh Unreal
    Kirsh Unreal 2 дні таму +740

    The song finally proves Isabella is pushing herself from her interests and wishes just for the family and abeula which was understood by mirabel and helps her unlocking the second part of her power.

    • lance patrick
      lance patrick 9 годин таму

      @Abyz oh amazing!! I didn't get it at first. thanks for this 🤩

    • Abyz
      Abyz 9 годин таму +1

      @lance patrick Well at first it was only roses. Now she realizes she can grow and control plants in general not just roses.

    • Jeazreen De Guzman
      Jeazreen De Guzman 10 годин таму +1


    • *-querida-*
      *-querida-* 15 годин таму +3

      @lance patrick maybe what she’s capable of, people thought the only thing she could do is keep herself together but she can do as much as luisa can.

    • lance patrick
      lance patrick 18 годин таму

      what is her second power???

  • sunday
    sunday 6 дзён таму +20074

    I personally love this song, it sounds really nice and it shows how Isabela changes and in my opinion it expresses a lot of emotions. Thank you Disney I really enjoy and appreciate a film like this.

  • VELutke
    VELutke Дзень таму +50

    Can we appreciate for a moment just how insanely powerful Isabela is?
    This is a woman who can make flowers and later plants and trees grow anywhere (and who is hinted to have extensive knowledge of botany). Which means she can turn barren land fertile. End famines. Change or save entire ecosystems. She is essentially a nature goddess. Yet Alma looks at her and is like "Nah, you're a pretty girl who should make pretty things. Go decorate the town and be pretty". No wonder Isabela feels angry, miserable and trapped.

  • SkyMatron
    SkyMatron Дзень таму +223

    Mirabel's facial expressions during the first part while Isa's singing are pure gold. 00:13

    • Kristelle Kylle
      Kristelle Kylle 9 годин таму

      I kept on replaying that part for like million times already!😂😂😂

    • RAMBO_
      RAMBO_ 16 годин таму +1

      And this 0:16

    • Miko Vercetti
      Miko Vercetti 16 годин таму +1

      That's her face when Isabelle was going down on the swing on WDTAB 😅

    • S-L *
      S-L * 16 годин таму +2

      I love that part too! Her sister was a cactus person all along and Mirabel just found out.

    • IM MoOocus
      IM MoOocus 21 годину таму +12

      when she holds up the cactus, mirabel is like: "dafuq you talking about"

  • feitocomfruta
    feitocomfruta 13 годин таму +8

    Interesting fact: every plant she sings about in the chorus is either a climbing plant like a strangling fig, or a tree like a Palma de cera. The whole time she’s been forced to grow flowers and small plants, like she herself cannot truly grow past what’s expected of her. But since she’s being allowed by Mirabel to be herself, you see the true heights (literally) of her gift.

  • Lora
    Lora Дзень таму +40

    this song is just so underrated. this song is better than we dont talking about bruno (in my opinion)

  • Dtoons
    Dtoons 6 дзён таму +12407

    This song is a lot like “Let it Go”: both songs about characters shedding away people’s expectations, and letting their true selves shine.

    • Slice Bread
      Slice Bread 8 годин таму

      @FloofDaDoof Elsa didnt neglected anna for no reason,see people like you just tend to ignore every movies message and compare it to another who is completely different.

      You cant just enjoy a movie with people like you.Seems everyone had a different taste

    • FloofDaDoof
      FloofDaDoof 9 годин таму

      @Slice Bread You're assuming I don't like frozen because it's popular? Maybe you should actually ask why I don't like it before you assume that.

      I personally hate frozen because the characters are terrible. To me, Elsa just neglected her sister for no reason. Sure you froze her by accident, at least act like you care bro that's just rude.
      Anna is too naive for my taste. Hans was the only character that was eh
      But he was dumb too.
      Kristoff is ok. Not too much development. I thought the paving of the relationship was trash as well.
      Olaf. I don't like stupid things. I don't like stupid characters. I don't like naive characters. I don't like airheads.
      Sven is cool.
      Other than that the story is mediocre.

      "Trend of hating frozen because it's popular"

    • Slice Bread
      Slice Bread 9 годин таму +1

      @Jaoi exactly theyre making it a trend to hate frozen because its popular

    • Slice Bread
      Slice Bread 9 годин таму +1

      @FloofDaDoof I actually love let it go,just because its popular doesnt mean its bad,people just tryna be diff

    • spongeintheshoe
      spongeintheshoe 12 годин таму

      Except Grass-type instead of Ice-type.

  • Spyro Shurtagul
    Spyro Shurtagul 2 дні таму +239

    As the oldest sibling, I first thought I connected with only Luisa (thinking at the time that she was the oldest). But after listening to the songs more and more, it's quite apparent that I feel a mixture of both. Dealing with the family pressures and having to be the strong one is where I connect with Luisa but then realizing that I too had to be the "perfect" example for the family like Isabela, holding in any semblance of emotions to myself in order to keep the drama from continuing.... Both songs are anthems for older siblings to be sure.

    • jjj7790
      jjj7790 9 годин таму

      Both Luisa and Isabella have the same story but their songs are at different points of their story. Luisa sings about being under the pressures of the family’s expectation of her, while Isabella’s song is about letting go of those expectations to be herself.

      So through songs with both of her older sisters, Mirabel learns what is wrong with the magic and how to fix it.

    • elli steele
      elli steele 11 годин таму +1

      Yes I can totally relate what you’re saying. Oldest of 4 and the age gaps are HUGE

  • Blue
    Blue Дзень таму +68

    "This song never gets old. No matter how much I listen, I never get bored."

  • Medo K
    Medo K Дзень таму +63

    I love how throughout the song Mirabel encourages Isabella to loosen up and have fun. 2:10 is especially my favorite because Isa accidently creates the power which ruins her dress. She's like "Oh no what did I do" but Mirabel nuges her to do it again so that she can have fun while singing this fantastic song.

    • void.
      void. 13 годин таму +3


  • FishInDaBucket
    FishInDaBucket Дзень таму +71

    Isabela has actually a very strong mentality. And they showed that throughout the show. The way she remains calm and perfect infront of abuella and everyone says a lot

  • Book Thoughts
    Book Thoughts 4 дні таму +4249

    This is not just a Isabella growth song. But it also is Mirabel growing. Mirabel realizes that there's more to her sister than she saw. She saw someone spoiled and thinking she was perfect, when in reality the perfect and beautiful was just a mask, like her sister Luisa's strong and tough.
    I see both sister's sides too because my mom's expectations forced me to perfect and I was always never as good as my siblings.

    • Husk
      Husk 2 дні таму

      who cares bruh

    • Olinka Blevins
      Olinka Blevins 2 дні таму

      @Book Thoughts you’re welcome 😇

    • Ivanna Claudette
      Ivanna Claudette 2 дні таму

      @NVS_ Tanky well, you're getting kinda mad at someone appreciating a ''kids'' movie

    • Hirai Momo
      Hirai Momo 2 дні таму

      Thas why mirabel said "You changed mine"

    • Book Thoughts
      Book Thoughts 2 дні таму

      @Olinka Blevins I didn't notice autocorrect corrected me when I typed that. Thanks.

  • Originally Jalen
    Originally Jalen 2 дні таму +15

    This song connects with me personally, I think a lot of teens struggle with being the “perfect” child and Isabella can now really be herself with no regrets

  • Aubrey Chaides
    Aubrey Chaides 2 дні таму +116

    I just made something unexpected
    Something sharp, something new
    It's not symmetrical or perfect
    But it's beautiful and it's mine
    What else can I do?
    Bring it in, bring it in
    Good talk, bring it in, bring it in (what else can I do?)
    Let's walk, bring it in, bring it in
    Free hugs, bring it in, bring it in
    I grow rows and rows of roses
    Flor de mayo, by the mile
    I make perfect, practiced poses
    So much hides behind my smile
    What could I do if I just grew what I was feelin' in the moment?
    (Do you know where you're going? Whoa)
    What could I do if I just knew it didn't need to be perfect?
    It just needed to be? And they'd let me be?
    A hurricane of jacarandas
    Strangling figs (big), hanging vines (this is fine)
    Palma de cera fills the air as I climb
    And I push through
    What else can I do?
    Can I deliver us a river of sundew?
    Careful, it's carnivorous, a little just won't do
    I wanna feel the shiver of something new
    I'm so sick of pretty, I want something true, don't you?
    You just seem like your life's been a dream (whoa)
    Since the moment you opened your eyes
    (How far do these roots go down?)
    All I know are the blossoms you grow (whoa)
    But it's awesome to see how you rise
    How far can I rise?
    Through the roof, to the skies
    Let's go
    A hurricane of jacarandas (woo)
    Strangling figs (go), hanging vines (grow)
    Palma de cera fills the air as I climb
    And I push through
    What else, what else?
    What can you do when you are deeply, madly, truly in the moment?
    (Seize the moment, keep goin')
    What can you do when you know who you wanna be is imperfect?
    But I'll still be okay
    Hey, everybody clear the way, woo
    I'm comin' through with tabebuia (she's comin' through with that boo-yeah)
    Making waves (making waves), changing minds (you've changed mine)
    The way is clearer 'cause you're here, and well
    I owe this all to you
    What else can I do?
    (Show 'em what you can do)
    What else can I do?
    (There's nothing you can't do)
    What else can I do?

    • Patricio ordenes
      Patricio ordenes 14 годин таму +2


    • I hate school
      I hate school 16 годин таму +2

      tell me. you copied and paced didnt u?✨

  • Zen Lee
    Zen Lee 21 годину таму +9

    I hope Disney will continue to make this kind of film, like discussing actual problem in our society and also exploring other cultures all around the world.

  • All About Ana
    All About Ana Дзень таму +9

    I can’t believe that the same person who’s play Rosa in Brooklin 99 can sing like this. I already see her in Washington Heights and now in Encanto. Such a beautiful voice.

  • Jelly Jess
    Jelly Jess 4 дні таму +6523

    I think we can all agree we love Isabela’s self growth ✨glow up✨

    • Moon Galaxy Wolf
      Moon Galaxy Wolf 9 годин таму +1

      @Limon Lx man, I somehow thought they meant chemistry as in all the plants that were created ; - ;

    • A Knight of Cybertron
      A Knight of Cybertron Дзень таму

      @Shane Dog yes we do disagree lol

    • Shane Dog
      Shane Dog 2 дні таму +1

      @Xap Ete think what you will, but I and everyone else would have to disagree

    • Luna Is Gaming
      Luna Is Gaming 2 дні таму

      Also hiii jelly jess!!!😁

    • Laret Cummings
      Laret Cummings 2 дні таму +1

      Thx 🤩

  • 드라마 OST
    드라마 OST 2 дні таму +2250

    “It’s not symmetrical or perfect but it’s beautiful and it’s mine. What else can I do?” Truly words to live by.

    • Summer Gamer
      Summer Gamer Дзень таму +3

      @Leena Ali no no, he makes a fair point

    • Leena Ali
      Leena Ali Дзень таму +4

      @ITS Lunar what’s ur deal?! Why r u here?

    • ITS Lunar
      ITS Lunar Дзень таму +6

      ㅇㄴ 님이 왜 여기서 나와요?

  • AWEtistic
    AWEtistic Дзень таму +32

    I think Isabela used to love plants as much as Antonio loves animals, but she kind of lost it in her struggle to be perfect. The interest remained, but all she was allowed to do was creating perfect, beautiful flowers without any chance of being creative and free. When she was reminded that her gift is about plants, not perfection, she regained that connection and became even stronger.

  • MyFrozenWorld
    MyFrozenWorld 2 дні таму +12

    This song is the best in the movie so inspiring and just shows how isabela really should be and be her amazing true self💖🥰

  • 90 2000년대 히트곡
    90 2000년대 히트곡 2 дні таму +60

    I really love how Mirabel echoes Isabella's motif back to her, and then adopts her new melody to show that she understands and accepts her.

  • Bet0360
    Bet0360 5 дзён таму +4577

    It's so cool how Mirabel stops forcing it and starts understanding her sister in the midle of the song. So she pushes Isabela to grow higher, and finally gets a true hug.

  • NinjagoGuy416
    NinjagoGuy416 2 дні таму +87

    1:01 “A hurricane of Jacarandas” gives me goosebumps every time 😁😁😁

  • haechanahh~
    haechanahh~ 2 дні таму +53

    2:28 is my fave part of this scene where isabela showing who she truly is while the look of abuelita shows that she only sees that side of her as 'negative' and 'out of control'.

  • 10 subs?
    10 subs? 2 дні таму +15

    I love how she can control or make nature not just flowers so her power is the best in my opinion

  • toijg avnnr
    toijg avnnr 12 годин таму +5

    This is one of the most adventurous and emotional films Disney has ever made. I'm amased, great job Disney.

  • Florr Corr
    Florr Corr 5 дзён таму +3727

    Something I really appreciate on this song is the voice acting while singing. During "We Don't Talk About Bruno" Isabela sings in a very airy way, like any other Disney Princess. Here her voice has more grit, it's even a lower pitch I think, which really helps the narrative of her shedding the pretense of perfection.
    When Mirabel sings her verse she even uses the same melody Isa used in "We Don't Talk About Bruno", since that perfect girl is all she knew her sister as.
    Also love how it's more rock (90's spanish rock) inspired than the other songs in the movie.

    • Leira Rekceb
      Leira Rekceb 10 годин таму

      i also thought it was 90s inspired!

    • Daniel Kang
      Daniel Kang 2 дні таму +3

      Also when Mirabel sings "all i know are the blossoms you grow" its the same melody that Isabella uses in her part in "We dont talk about Bruno"

    • Elipsaun Films
      Elipsaun Films 4 дні таму

      @Florr Corr ohh ok. I see what you’re saying rn. I thought you were referring to American rock music

    • ♏ ScorpioStar
      ♏ ScorpioStar 4 дні таму

      Speaking of 90s pop, anyone else catch the verse "Deeply, Madly, Truly"? Title of an 90s hit.

    • Maria Ximena Otalora Cordoba
      Maria Ximena Otalora Cordoba 5 дзён таму +6

      @Kairi1416 Spanish pop rock from the 90s and even early 2000s, early Shakira for example, I even thought of Spanish bands like La Oreja de Van Gogh slightly.

  • LeilaniScorpi
    LeilaniScorpi 2 дні таму +595

    I love how in We Don’t Talk About Bruno, when everyone is singing, Isabella has the most positive future, but her face is worried because she thinks that Bruno meant that she’s gonna have to be perfect forever.

    • Muzainah Saffdar
      Muzainah Saffdar 23 години таму +3

      I perceived it as a longing and deep yearning for when the prophecy would be fulfilled, not a misunderstanding of the prophecy or a doubt in it

    • AlbaTross
      AlbaTross Дзень таму +5

      Indeed, and that actually makes her part fit more with everyone else's. Also, it actually seems like in the next part she sings, she wanted to confess her true thoughts to Mirabel, but ended up not until the later scene when she got her own song.

    • cardnal44
      cardnal44 Дзень таму +10

      @Floyd Lorena Well technically her dream did get fulfilled eventually, she didn't have to marry Mariano and didn't have to be perfect anymore.

    • Olivexbee
      Olivexbee Дзень таму +1

      @Johnathan Cooper mL

    • Johnathan Cooper
      Johnathan Cooper Дзень таму +47

      I feel the same. I first watched the movie and saw Isabella as Mirabel did. Annoyed with her "bragging" as she sang her part in the Bruno song.
      But she was actually complaining as the others. Being told exactly what to do to be "perfect" in someone's mind is too much pressure. I like the subtle notes in this movie. It is a masterpiece!

  • Sam Zheng
    Sam Zheng Дзень таму +8

    This movie is so pretty. The animations went above and beyond here.

  • Starry Sky
    Starry Sky 2 дні таму +127

    Mirabel’s gift is keeping the family together

    remember, if their family’s relationship falters, so will the miracle.

    Mirabel is like the glue holding the family together.

  • Dusty Boggeman
    Dusty Boggeman Дзень таму +17

    No one’s talking about mirabel being the best cheerleader ever, especially during “go” and “grow”

  • Haley Gabriel
    Haley Gabriel 5 дзён таму +9345

    I love that she’s clearly studied plants other than pretty flowers but didn’t think she could make them herself because of the pressure to make something perfect

    • Lourdes Page
      Lourdes Page 15 годин таму

      @Ryppl ouch

    • Arnelle Diane
      Arnelle Diane Дзень таму

      @FoodPlayzGames and BlahThing someone did not watch the movie

    • Jake Riviera
      Jake Riviera 2 дні таму

      @Ryppl Mirabel does have a gift, which is being able to instill hope and help resolve issues of other family members, basically being the one who fixes people’s gifts. The reason she doesn’t have a door or room is because her room is the entire casita and her door is the front door. It prob comes from her optimistic personality and determination because she always tries to look at the root problems that cause issues in each of her family members, and reminds them about hope.

    • FoodPlayzGames and BlahThing
      FoodPlayzGames and BlahThing 2 дні таму

      @❤️MICI’S WORLD ❤️ did you even get that it's a joke

      Well I think it's a joke

    • khymera915
      khymera915 2 дні таму +3

      @Laura Stimpson You’re not wrong but there’s never any reason for Encanto to undergo a drought; there are few things easier than getting Pepa wound up, and telling her that, “OMG, we’re all gonna starve” would probably be extremely effective.

  • Brooklyn _ T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX💞 With Me

    “Changing minds”
    “You’ve changed mine”

    As an elder sibling, this hits hard.

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman Дзень таму +8

    I love that the theme Isabela uses in We Don’t Talk About Bruno becomes the bridge for Mirabel to cross in understanding her sister (“You just seem like your life’s been a dream”. . .) and the pivotal moment where both of Bruno’s prophecies for Isabela genuinely start coming true.

  • Beast Animado
    Beast Animado 16 годин таму +9

    This song unites people who hate each other again. I am proof of that😊😊😊

  • 秒倒王偉哥
    秒倒王偉哥 22 години таму +2

    What this song wants to tell everyone is that you don’t really need to be who others want you to become, you only need to be yourself, and it’s ok if you are really sick of the situation, it’s ok to express how happy you are or how sad you are. Accept your own weakness, appreciate your own talent, you can find who you are.

  • Jae
    Jae 6 дзён таму +5900

    “A hurricane of Jacarandas, strangling figs, hanging vines. Palma de Cera fills the air as I climb and I push through” what a powerful verse 😭👏🏽

    • Kattie V.2
      Kattie V.2 Дзень таму

      Random unnecessary relations to hispanic words. But I can't expect much from Disney. I know the movie is supposed to be hispanic but it's just the most last minute add-ons with hispanic words just to bring the fact that it's hispanic 🤦‍♂️. Not to mention one of the only good parts of this song is when Isabela says says what else can I do, mostly like 2010 lady gaga songs. More of a retro vocal. The songs all have that one good verse that brings it all together. Don't even talk about what about we don't talk about Bruno because the lyrics were ridiculously random and had no simular parts at all.The song did base up to the lead topic though. Each part of the song had 1 good verse.
      Pepa : Bruno says it looks like rain, and married in a hurricane.
      Dolores : Prophecies they couldn't understand, Do you understand.
      Camilo: When he calls your name it all fades to black.
      Isabella: Like the grapes that thrive on the vine.
      Why did I even comment this???
      Anyways this is my opinion on it Hate if you like but just know I'm not going to respond 😚💕

    • ella vaneynde
      ella vaneynde 5 дзён таму

      @Albert Lopezrare dingen dingen doen die ik heb heb ik het al ik ben nu bij de 🐝 en ik heb heb ik

    • Fathima Beevi
      Fathima Beevi 5 дзён таму

      @Albert Lopez h a u mn

    • Fathima Beevi
      Fathima Beevi 5 дзён таму

      V. From hHgyy

    • broncos3321
      broncos3321 5 дзён таму +1

      "Bring it in Bring it in" was also powerful 😭😭😭

  • MlgEpicCar
    MlgEpicCar Дзень таму +53

    as someone who adores story games, this song felt like an unlocked ending in a weird way, and i really liked that feeling

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Дзень таму +11

    I know it's not necessarily the target of the song but I can kinda relate to this as an artist and how freeing it is to let go of the pressure to make something perfect and just have fun in the moment, my art always turns out better with that mindset since it is a way to express myself and not just trying to make a pretty picture to impress people

  • PanicAtThe ChemicalPiolets
    PanicAtThe ChemicalPiolets 2 дні таму +3

    I cannot get over the hug and isabella saying “i owe this all to you”. Its so fricking wholesome

  • The Baka Lord
    The Baka Lord 2 дні таму +13

    “Careful its carnivorous” That shows how much Isabella cares about Mirabel. Despite their strained relationship due to Isabella seeing Mirabel free of everything that shackles her and Mirabel seeing Isabella having everything she wanted, Isabella still cares about Mirabel where she doesn’t want to see Mirabel hurt.

  • I O
    I O 6 дзён таму +3124

    "What could I do if I just knew it didn't need to be perfect, it just needed to be and they let me be." That is such a powerful line in a song.

    • Under_the_blanket
      Under_the_blanket Дзень таму

      @Never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down. yeah I wanted to see how people would really react to that I’m sorry I just wanted to see

    • Never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down.
      Never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down. Дзень таму


      Also I don’t really like those kind of comments even if they’re well intention. As someone who struggles with those thoughts I can’t speak for everyone but the feel insensitive in a sort of way like you don’t actually understand what’s happening but say all these deep messages and just spew it without understanding how hard these thoughts actually can be

    • Never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down.
      Never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down. Дзень таму


      What did that have to do with the comment.

    • Lia Lia
      Lia Lia Дзень таму

      @pifflie c8yhjjshkskkļlkkkkklllm

    • Princes Barbie
      Princes Barbie Дзень таму


  • Hannah McAdie
    Hannah McAdie Дзень таму +5

    i love how the initial hug demonstrated how bringing the family back together is what needed to happen to save the family and the magic

  • gumibear131313
    gumibear131313 12 годин таму +3

    I just love the detail of Mirabels trust of Isa. She starts off asking by asking if Isabela knows where shes going, and is nervous around her new plants, and clutching to Isa when they first start swinging around. Then as she starts to understand Isabela more, Mirabel begins to realize they're alike and that she can trust Isa, and starts swinging freely and even trusts her when they leap off the roof together. Just love those little details that improve the message

  • giggle_snort
    giggle_snort Дзень таму +2

    THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART OF THE MOVIE. The whole thing is great, but Isabela opening up and letting her true self shine hits deep. And her true self isn't so radically different from her facade, she's still beautiful, and the plants she creates are still beautiful. The difference is, they're UNRESTRAINED. It's wild, it's colorful, it's fun, and she's the happiest she's ever been. If only we could all be so lucky to find and show the parts of ourselves that we hide.

  • astralaurora
    astralaurora Дзень таму +4

    “What could I do if I just knew it didn’t need to be perfect? It just needed to be? And they let me be?” is an underrated part of the song

  • Gabriel Avila Jr.
    Gabriel Avila Jr. 6 дзён таму +6611

    No one's mentioning it but these scenes also demonstrated just how powerful Isabela is. She doesn't just control "flowers". It's all sorts of Colombian and non-Colombian plants in general. She swings on vines like Spider-Man, punches holes with their stems, summons giant venus fly-traps and who knows what else.

    • Atsuko Superiority
      Atsuko Superiority 16 годин таму

      @Seth LAST You do know there are Afro-latine people right? Especially in Columbia where this takes place.

    • • f3iry_editz •
      • f3iry_editz • 18 годин таму

      @Larry Poppins no

    • Melopy
      Melopy 20 годин таму

      @Larry Poppins ohh mann chilll kk

    • Larry Poppins
      Larry Poppins 20 годин таму

      @Melopy are you serious bruv? We literally see isa swing from her vines and do trapeze style moves on said vines. You don't need super strength to swing.

    • joserdonnuel
      joserdonnuel Дзень таму

      In short she can control all plant life 🌱🪴🌵🏵

  • Paul albert Pombo
    Paul albert Pombo Дзень таму +6

    This scene deserves an Oscar, a Grammy, and a restraining order

  • Glitter Dash
    Glitter Dash Дзень таму +10


  • itz_zelda
    itz_zelda Дзень таму +6

    Character observation:
    She could’ve grown anything other than a cactus. Maybe it was because she was so angry at mirabel because she was attacking mirabel with just flowers at the start.

  • Sour Pastels
    Sour Pastels 19 годин таму +2

    I loved this scene so much, because when the cactus showed up, I had a moment of panic where she was gonna blame it on Maribel for it being “different” but she got excited and this scene happened and it felt so freeing. The animators and song writers really knew what they were doing with this movie 😌

  • Adrianexe
    Adrianexe 6 дзён таму +4291

    1:33 PLS THIS PART IS SO GOOD ISTG ITS LIKE ADDICTING TO HEAR IT Also I love how mirabel help Isabella to be her true self

    • Josias Lourenço
      Josias Lourenço 4 дні таму


      3:16 'For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

      3:17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

      3:18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God's one and only Son.

      3:19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.

      3:20 Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.

      3:21 But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.'

      14:6 Jesus answered, 'I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

      14:7 If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.'


      12:14 Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.

    • citrusbear
      citrusbear 5 дзён таму


    • Rainbow Butterfly
      Rainbow Butterfly 5 дзён таму


    • Bŕüñø mäđřïģáł
      Bŕüñø mäđřïģáł 5 дзён таму


    • 25KBanana
      25KBanana 5 дзён таму

      Because it switches up to a slow down and starts the duet

  • capable_ melancho
    capable_ melancho 12 годин таму +4

    "im so sick of pretty, i want something true"

    i love this lyric, because it shows how isabella has been lying to herself to please her family, even to the point of marrying a man she didnt love. just by creating something new and out of the ordinary brought her a feeling of freedom

  • Ishidoro-0002
    Ishidoro-0002 Дзень таму +8

    I simply adore the scene where Isa knocks the pollen out of the flower the first time, because she panics for a second, she broke character for just a moment, and for that moment, she wasn't perfect, and seeing Mirabel not be mad or upset tells her it's okay to drop the perfect act and just be every now and then

  • xxprologan Cool
    xxprologan Cool Дзень таму +10

    I love how in Surface Pressure and What Else Can I Do, Luisa and Isabela are pouring their hearts out with their internal struggle. While Mirabel's is struggling to stay alive and with her sisters.

  • Empty Chair
    Empty Chair Дзень таму +10

    i love when it says “how far do these roots go down?”. i could be wrong but i think it’s talking about how she’s been stuck being perfect for so long that she doesn’t know who she truly is, and the roots show how much she’s been covering up for so long by being perfect all the time. i rlly wanna know what other people think about it

    • Marialla
      Marialla 23 години таму

      The depth of a plant's roots also equate to its strength. She was testing her own strength and wondering what she had the depth, the grasp, and the leverage to accomplish.

    • Caitlin De Neve
      Caitlin De Neve Дзень таму

      I love this thought. It's similar to "under the surface", in a way that Isabella also feels pressure to be perfect all the time, just like Luisa feels the pressure to carry all the burdens. The line about the roots, symbolizes this, like you said.

  • FanOfAllThings
    FanOfAllThings 6 дзён таму +2896

    I love how this songs shows that it’s OK to express negative emotions as well as positive ones and how cathartic it is to do so. I love how it shows Mirabel going from trying to hug Isabella to save the miracle, to her just cheering her on as she comes into her own. It’s beautiful!

    2.7K likes?! I can’t believe this!!!! You guys are awesome!!!!

    • KarmaticKiwi
      KarmaticKiwi Дзень таму +1

      @FanOfAllThings one of those bot channels

    • FanOfAllThings
      FanOfAllThings 2 дні таму

      @RaylanLevin Lumibao Who?

    • RaylanLevin Lumibao
      RaylanLevin Lumibao 2 дні таму +2

      Someone copied your comment

    • LORD PVT
      LORD PVT 5 дзён таму +2


    • root / ringy
      root / ringy 5 дзён таму +23

      Yeah, I love how at the end the hug comes from Isabela naturally, not from Mirabel forcing it to happen, all she had to do was support Isabela when she needed it.

  • TheKkf1015
    TheKkf1015 2 дні таму +8

    2:27 the flower in her changes to something different from what was there before, helping to emphasize the change in her. I also love that in "we don't talk about bruno" her voice was pitched higher because that's the tone that's preferred, or most popular, or what's suited to her perfect persona. here she gets into more of an alto and it helps show her true self. awesome use of visual and musical combination!

  • Pink
    Pink 2 дні таму +32

    I don’t understand why people are comparing this song to Frozen’s Let it go when it’s a totally different concept Elsa is isolated as she reveals her powers while Isabella expresses how pressured she is as a PERFECT FIGURE and how she can’t use her powers to their full potential to her sister.

    • RogueK
      RogueK Дзень таму +2

      Both are character songs that display a further understanding of not only each character's abilities, but also there then newly acquired freedom. Both have had potential this whole time but are now free from the pressure that was causing them to suppress certain qualities of their abilities (more so for Elsa with her powers). It's similar tothe general ruling of musical theatre when it comes to songs. If words arent enough for emotions, then the character sings, if singing is enough , they dance. In both cases they start with a slower song, gradually getting faster and more excitable while their abilities also increase in power

  • Soft donuts yt!
    Soft donuts yt! 2 дні таму +33

    nobody talking about that “THIS IS FINE” part mirabel said tho, also this is amazing song!

    • Isaac W
      Isaac W 11 годин таму

      Wdym? She said "this is fine". Ok so? Are you referencing the meme? Cause that would be cringe.

  • Kyrell Fly
    Kyrell Fly Дзень таму +3

    I've been re-watching and listening to the songs all weekend, I think Mirabel's gift could be uplifting, the family's encourager and she helps heal the roots from within. ❤️

  • Presto Povs
    Presto Povs 6 дзён таму +2420

    this movie is just amazing! kudos to Disney

    • sol
      sol 2 дні таму

      @Darkvader 2319 i think cruella is pretty decent

    • Darkvader 2319
      Darkvader 2319 5 дзён таму

      Disney should stick to animation, not live action. Marvel can stick to live-action.

    • 1k challenge with 4 video
      1k challenge with 4 video 5 дзён таму

      how many subs can I get from this comment? Current: 519

    • Sterrow
      Sterrow 5 дзён таму

      @Jonathan Pinzon nope don't believe it.

    • Abbygayle
      Abbygayle 5 дзён таму +3

      And kudos to Lin-Manuel Miranda and Germaine Franco for writing these fantastic songs and lyrics! Without them I believe that this movie wouldn’t not have been the same

  • Crazygamer Gal
    Crazygamer Gal 23 години таму +3

    Knowing this is probably the first time they’ve properly acted like siblings and just having fun together 🥲

  • Hernan Lopez
    Hernan Lopez 2 дні таму +6

    This song has such a "Dónde están los ladrones" vibe. They really understood the assignment 👌

    • Mónica Z.
      Mónica Z. Дзень таму

      Lin Manuel was inspired by 90s "Rock en español" for this song...

  • Tiger Bears
    Tiger Bears Дзень таму +8

    I don’t know enough about music theory and analysis to make a coherent though here, but to me there’s something really cool about the way that Isabela changes how she lists off the things she makes.

    It starts of with “Rows and rows of roses, flor de mayo, by the mile”. Listing off things in a really neat and well done rhyme.

    By the end it’s “A hurricane of jacarandas, strangling figs, hanging vines, palma de cera fills the air as I climb”. She lists more things, not all of it rhymes. It feels more like she’s listing things off as she comes up with them, and instead of “rows and rows” being neat everything feels more chaotic.

    I dunno if there’s a better way to explain all that, I just think it’s a really cool touch to show how she changes throughout the song.

    • Jared Elwart
      Jared Elwart Дзень таму +2

      Your interpretation is nice but I’d like to add that there are rhymes in the choruses. This doesn’t clash with your interpretation though, because the rhymes are imperfect, asymmetrical, or they’re completed by Mirabel.

      “A hurricane of jacarandas
      Strangling figs (big), hanging vines (this is fine)
      Palma de cera fills the air as I [rhyming the “I” with “vines”] climb…”

  • Danger Lovesong
    Danger Lovesong 20 годин таму +3

    This is not my favorite song from the movie but this isabella and mirabel's scene do resonate with me on a spiritual level and can't stop grinning

  • John Vincent Natagoc
    John Vincent Natagoc 6 дзён таму +2330

    I can't get over this movie huhuhu especially the line "A hurricane of Jacarandas" in this song 💖💖💖

    • ItsNathanu
      ItsNathanu 3 дні таму +1

      Glad I'm not the only one! especially on the 2nd chorus at 1:53 it jut sounds so good

    • 猫MAKINOアートちゃねる
      猫MAKINOアートちゃねる 5 дзён таму +3

      Fun detail: Jacarandas symbolise Wisdom, Wealth, Good Luck and most importantly, Rebirth :) it fits the song so perfectly at that point since Isa is finally breaking out of her box and coming through how she wants to be, she's becoming wiser, emotionally wealthier and many good things come from just letting go, good luck surely came to her and the whole family and Encanto in the end ;)

    • Milenart Meire
      Milenart Meire 5 дзён таму +1

      @Breizengener Graynzt Its a beautiful tree filled with purple flowers

    • lee know's 3rd eye
      lee know's 3rd eye 6 дзён таму +2

      that line always gives me goosebumps, the best linee!!

    • Phil Corrigan
      Phil Corrigan 6 дзён таму +2

      @Jo Gallagher I swear Lin must have had some sort of guide book to hand, like ‘Botany of the Northern Andes’ or something, to be able to know all the names of these Colombian plants

  • Annelise Richardson
    Annelise Richardson 12 годин таму +2

    Mirabel's gift is finding what the others are truly special for not what there gift is.

  • Christian Bolgado
    Christian Bolgado 23 години таму +1

    "a hurricane of jacarandas" keeps playing on my head... I can't help it. This song is infectiously good!

  • Tova
    Tova Дзень таму +8

    My favorite thing is that they literally have a family member who can heal people with her cooking, and they still sent Marino home with a broken nose lol

  • shroomie !!
    shroomie !! Дзень таму +4

    I really love that when she saw the cactus, she actually was fascinated by it and not disgusted.

  • Tamara
    Tamara 5 дзён таму +5446

    “It’s not symmetrical or perfect but it’s beautiful and it’s mine. What else can I do?” Truly words to live by.

    • Iman Nidzar
      Iman Nidzar Дзень таму

      @Josias Lourenço excuse me sir, this is a disney music video and not a church

    • Alexander Martin
      Alexander Martin 4 дні таму

      she thinks that ot belongs to her last, becuase all could would grow were flowers becuase she needs to look good for *others*

    • Girtle
      Girtle 4 дні таму +6

      I think the greatest thing here is the double meaning... "what else can I do" can be Isabela realizing that she can do more than just beautiful, perfect flowers and her desire to explore that, but you can also interpret it as her crying out "what else can I do" to her family because she feels as if she can't reach the bar of perfection her abuela and society has set for her. That might be a stretch but that's just something I thought of :) have a great 2022 everyone!!

    • Huh Ok
      Huh Ok 4 дні таму

      @Katerina Horelik LMAOO

    • Huh Ok
      Huh Ok 4 дні таму +1

      Me to my cat

  • Marialla
    Marialla 23 години таму +1

    I love that this movie is so unique, in that it has no actual villain. It had drama and conflict, but no real bad guys. It is very wholesome, and a good example of love.

  • Ashlynn Lally
    Ashlynn Lally Дзень таму +4

    This song shows that you don't need to be perfect or beautiful, you just have to be you. I feel like that's something people are always worrying about- the way they look, not the way they act. (Before the song when Isabela was saying she was just marrying that one guy because she was doing it for the family, that shows that she doesn't want to be perfect, she just cares about her family- "It's not symmetrical or perfect but it's beautiful and its mine" is also showing that she's trying to do something different than being perfect. This is why Isabela is my favorite character, she's really caring sometimes. Sorry for long comment, I just realized what this song meant)

  • JellyApple
    JellyApple 10 годин таму +1

    “it’s not a mistake”, ✨ITS A MASTERPIECE✨
    I love this song btw

  • Kimmy
    Kimmy Дзень таму +7

    Isabela is the most powerful IMO.
    She can grow any plant so she can end world hunger by growing fruit-bearing plants and vegetables. She can also cool Earth's temperature by growing thick forests. She can prevent soil and sand erosion through her plants. 😌

  • Roxo
    Roxo 6 дзён таму +3398

    I love how their relationship isnt just magically fixed cause Isa admitted she was behaving for the family. Mirabel isnt really LISTENING at first, still focused on fixing the magic, but as the song goes on, and Isa pulls her up, including her in her struggle, Mirabel's focuses shifts naturally to helping Isa and THAT heals the magic. It's so subtlety done, I love iiiiiiiit

    • starstreek
      starstreek 8 годин таму

      It wasn’t really subtle :/

    • DakkaDakka
      DakkaDakka 20 годин таму

      Well, thats usually called MAGICALLY FIXED. Older sis who put me down for several years but after know her real intention, just emphatize with her and all old grudge disappeard? I guess that should be called true magic lol

    • Alivia Blount
      Alivia Blount 20 годин таму


    • A name
      A name 21 годину таму


    • Brielle's world
      Brielle's world 23 години таму

      @no yeah

  • Cevele Chiquiñius
    Cevele Chiquiñius Дзень таму +2

    I love this song because it makes me feel free. I tend to think ‘what if it’s not good enough’ or ‘what if it could be better’.When Isabella just breaks that part of herself that makes her ‘perfect’ and starts being herself, in that moment I feel free. I feel she just muted those what if’s and it feels amazing. Thank you if you read this, even if you didn’t have to.

  • Amerie Rios
    Amerie Rios Дзень таму

    Diane has such a great voice, and this movie has a great storyline, and I’ve watched this movie every day since the day it came out! This movie is amazing!

  • Maurício Babilonia
    Maurício Babilonia 12 годин таму +2

    This song is so catchy and definitely it’s the best video of the movie.

  • Fjorzek
    Fjorzek 16 годин таму +1

    I am well aware We Don’t Talk About Bruno is undoubtably the best song in the movie, but this is probably my favorite.
    Isabela’s transformation into expressing the person she didn’t realize she wanted so badly is just so inspiring and heartwarming to me

  • Cham Tabo
    Cham Tabo 4 дні таму +1460

    What I like about Isabela’s “character development” in this song is that she started creating plants and flowers that are not perceived as perfect (roses), but are VERY MUCH associated with her culture. Succulents, cactii, carnivorous plants, plants that extracts a lot of colored pollen (i can imagine that scene being hell for allergic people). All of those plants are very much cultural and are very beautiful nonetheless.

    • asbarr69
      asbarr69 2 дні таму

      @Hoverboard2525 most likely- ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Hoverboard2525
      Hoverboard2525 2 дні таму +1

      @asbarr69 so ur saying the caption creator made a typo-

    • asbarr69
      asbarr69 2 дні таму

      @Hoverboard2525 It’s spelt Isabela, it’s on her door, in promotional pics and more.

    • Alicia Nieto
      Alicia Nieto 2 дні таму

      @Helena Sofia Gutiérrez She had always done that though...from her behaviour to her clothes and the flowers she chooses *flor de mayo is as Colombian as they come. I think it's her wilderness that she embraces

    • Alicia Nieto
      Alicia Nieto 2 дні таму

      I loved your observation. Thinking of it though, I think they were going more for the "garden" vs "wild". Flor de Mayo is as Colombian as a flower gets, and roses are part of most self respecting Colombian gardens. Cactii, jacarandas, palma de cera are plants that grow in the wild but can be in gardens and either useful or pretty. By the end the plants she uses are pure wild and jungle plants.

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 2 дні таму +42

    I love how this this song morphs from a generic Disney princess-esque song to its own unique thing! Just like Isabela did!

  • Mari P
    Mari P 16 годин таму +4

    This scene reminds me a lot like Elsa's let it go. Can definitely see the both of them being friends.

  • Christian Lockmann
    Christian Lockmann Дзень таму +3

    I like what this song did for Isabela, before I really just didn't like her, she was just mad at Mirabel for silly things and blaming her for a lot of her issues, but this song lets them see that they both are dealing with rough stuff. I still think Isabela needs to just say sorry to Mirabel for the past, but this song was at least a thank you for the future.

  • Erikajoyce Audemard
    Erikajoyce Audemard 2 дні таму +1

    "I'm so sick of pretty ,I want something true Don't you?" This is so beautiful!💗💗

  • Wysteria
    Wysteria 5 дзён таму +3834

    I like how this song also talks a little about how the stuff that’s traditionally considered beautiful isn’t all that is beautiful, because it also shows plants that aren’t considered to be, but are regardless.

    • Cloudberry
      Cloudberry 4 дні таму


    • Wysteria
      Wysteria 5 дзён таму

      @n a i that, and usually native plants aren’t considered pretty, because most examples of pretty flowers tend to be from the eurasian landmass

    • Lswat Ent
      Lswat Ent 5 дзён таму

      Hey I am a very supportive person of other people doing their thing keep up the hard and stay blessed

    • n a i
      n a i 5 дзён таму +3

      it’s more that the plants she was growing before weren’t native and now they are, meaning she’s embracing her roots

    • Wysteria
      Wysteria 5 дзён таму +4

      @jesus is a fly yes, but the point of this song is that roses aren’t the only pretty thing

  • Zach Mayar Beats
    Zach Mayar Beats 16 годин таму +1

    I just made something unexpected
    Something sharp
    Something new
    It's not symmetrical or perfect
    But it's beautiful and it's mine
    What else can I do?
    Bring it in, bring it in
    Good talk, bring it in, bring it in (what else can I do?)
    Let's walk, bring it in, bring it in
    Free hugs, bring it in, bring it in
    I grow rows and rows of roses
    Flor de mayo
    By the mile
    I make perfect, practiced poses
    So much hides behind my smile
    What could I do if I just grew what I was feeling in the moment?
    (Do you know where you're going? Whoa)
    What could I do if I just knew it didn't need to be perfect?
    It just needed to be? And they let me be?
    A hurricane of jacarandas
    Strangling figs (big, big)
    Hanging vines (this is fine)
    Palma de cera fills the air as I climb
    And I push through
    What else can I do?
    Can I deliver us a river of sundew?
    Careful, it's carnivorous, a little just won't do
    I wanna feel the shiver of something new
    I'm so sick of pretty
    I want something true, don't you?
    You just seem like your life's been a dream
    Since the moment you opened your eyes
    (How far do these roots go down?)
    All I know are the blossoms you grow
    But it's awesome to see how you rise
    How far can I rise?
    Through the roof, to the skies
    Let's go
    A hurricane of jacarandas (whoo)
    Strangling figs (go)
    Hanging vines (grow)
    Palma de Cera fills the air as I climb
    And I push through
    What else, what else?
    What can you do when you are deeply, madly, truly in the moment?
    (Seize the moment, keep goin')
    What can you do when you know who you wanna be is imperfect?
    But I'll still be okay
    Hey, everybody clear the way, whoo
    I'm coming through with tabebuia (she's coming through with tabebuia)
    Making waves (making waves)
    Changing minds (you've changed mine)
    The way is clearer 'cause you're here, and well
    I owe this all to you
    What else can I do?
    Show 'em what you can do
    What else can I do?
    There's nothing you can't do
    What else can I do?
    Quelle: LyricFind

  • Sofia Lara
    Sofia Lara Дзень таму +1

    -"what else can I do?"
    -"There's nothing you can't do"
    I almost cried in that line

  • ashley
    ashley Дзень таму +1

    God knows how many times i listened to encanto songs, it's addicting and always in my head 😌

  • Lay Tae
    Lay Tae 22 години таму +1

    apart from the song even the background shows how Isabella is finally letting go of all the chains of being perfect and finally showing her true feelings that came out like an explosion of colors shown in the last scene