G-Eazy, Tyga - Bang (Official Video)

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  • Апублікавана 22 Жнв 2019
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  • Jeyran Akjanova
    Jeyran Akjanova 2 години таму


  • Rob Banks
    Rob Banks 16 годин таму

    MINUS 27 substance.

  • Karl Towns
    Karl Towns 19 годин таму

    That oop to Kat tho was 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Tanto Cheddar, Quanto Stástico
    Tanto Cheddar, Quanto Stástico Дзень таму +1




  • Jazzberriie
    Jazzberriie 6 дзён таму

    G-Eazy looks like Gordan being the only clean cut white boy on the team. LoL
    Side note: Tyga is 5'8-5'9. I'm 5'7. That's how I look when I hoop at 24. lol He shoulda used his left hand to finish that layup.

  • schroxxa
    schroxxa 6 дзён таму

    Tyga plays Golf and the whole world watches!!🔥🔥🔥

  • Caroline Mayani
    Caroline Mayani 7 дзён таму

    I like the song. No. One biggest fan. Also all the songs. One biggest basket Ball players G-Eazy, Tyga

  • Anne Bradley
    Anne Bradley 7 дзён таму

    Bang bang

  • lauramitr
    lauramitr 8 дзён таму

    G easy is so sexy!

  • keke zelz
    keke zelz 9 дзён таму

    Tyga or tygo?

  • Michelle Ivanich
    Michelle Ivanich 10 дзён таму

    my cat name tycoon he 9 years old should be mascot lol jk

  • Ferret Green
    Ferret Green 10 дзён таму +1

    G East is Ditto

  • Cold_Frontin Penguin
    Cold_Frontin Penguin 13 дзён таму +2

    Holy shit.. my two favorite mother fuckers on a bang ass song... lawd jeezus!! Penguin approved

  • SelenaCavinVEVO
    SelenaCavinVEVO 14 дзён таму +6

    This time for tyga
    Love this !!!

    well now many singers are using Authentic views c o m to get views

  • adixes30
    adixes30 16 дзён таму

    I love you guys song and I love you girls so much more than anything in the whole world and I want you to kiss me and i want you to hang out with me and I want you to lick your bobs and I want you to lick your body and lick your face and I want you to twerk on my lap and I want you to strip on my lap and I want you to have sex with you girls and my name is Xavier shaw

  • Anastasia Gass
    Anastasia Gass 16 дзён таму

    Who is here for tyga? Haha

  • Adrian Neacsu
    Adrian Neacsu 17 дзён таму +5

    Tyga in most of his songs: "I'm a big dog!"
    Tyga Height‎: ‎5ft 7in (171 cm) :))

    • mister kevin
      mister kevin 11 дзён таму

      Stop the hate dude, get a real life and stop talking about others.

  • Wigging Out
    Wigging Out 19 дзён таму

    MY IMPROMPTU DANCE TO THIS SONG TOO: by-clips.com/video/TOiMbPD50RQ/відэа.html

  • CamDab
    CamDab 21 дзень таму +1

    Yes sir Santa Monica High School

  • Beanos Boi
    Beanos Boi 21 дзень таму

    Tygas too short for basket ball😭

  • salmo
    salmo 22 дні таму

    tyga just kill the beat

  • Woke !ndivi dual
    Woke !ndivi dual 25 дзён таму

    Kobe 24 🙌 👑🔥.

  • oliver yates
    oliver yates 25 дзён таму +1

    this track is like totally #LIGIT

  • Xscaviar Enzero
    Xscaviar Enzero 26 дзён таму

    damn G-eazy and tygA THE BEST collab

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike 26 дзён таму +1


  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry 27 дзён таму

    I think I saw Karl-Anthony Towns in this video :D

  • Eric Abinoha
    Eric Abinoha 27 дзён таму +1

    I just noticed that's towns from t wolves

  • Mizz Lisa Marie
    Mizz Lisa Marie 28 дзён таму +1

    I knew homie was tall but Gawd damn he should be ballin

  • Santiago Reyes ojeda
    Santiago Reyes ojeda 29 дзён таму +1

    Alguien que hable spanish jajajjaa papi reyes ya tu sabe

  • Omarie Lowe
    Omarie Lowe Месяц таму +2

    Tyga yeah bro 🤘🤘💯

  • ALAN
    ALAN Месяц таму +1

    Man G is only one can play ball in this vid( expect Twons

  • Domagoj Gregurić
    Domagoj Gregurić Месяц таму +1

    Kat had like 50 points in this game. Should ve gotten clownBiid to play for other team.

  • aka_stretch_
    aka_stretch_ Месяц таму +3

    Whenever I see G-Eazy and Tyga in their videos they're so happy together.

  • Ikonik 2.0
    Ikonik 2.0 Месяц таму

    More Tyga and G-eazy pls :)

  • Ziba Shiva
    Ziba Shiva Месяц таму +1

    G eazy 😍😍😍👅

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  • Dan Harrington
    Dan Harrington Месяц таму +1

    wish this song had wiz on it also

    AWOL BRICKZ Месяц таму

    G used to be fire...this what happens when u get industry money behind ya....n tyga...sit your broke ass down..u been done

  • Noaple
    Noaple Месяц таму +1

    Is this the new puma commercial?

  • lolo Lolo
    lolo Lolo Месяц таму

    Do you call your mom bitch? She needs to put you in a time out/deliverance soap in mouth washing out

  • Dj X-Side
    Dj X-Side Месяц таму

    Check Tyga Feat. Offset - Taste REMIX by-clips.com/video/HVCvqysg0rU/відэа.html

  • Zoltán Hutócki
    Zoltán Hutócki Месяц таму

    *KAT for MVP in 2020!!!*

  • Lorenzo 'Viintage' Smith
    Lorenzo 'Viintage' Smith Месяц таму

    Is it me or tyga said the word “bang” his entire career 🤔

  • leesabowman
    leesabowman Месяц таму

    Ok I like it

  • Antanas Kapishonas
    Antanas Kapishonas Месяц таму +1

    i think smarter than fifth grade can write better lyrics.

  • John von Bron
    John von Bron Месяц таму

    Pause at 0:20. Tyga out there tryna convince us he got "big game," meanwhile he out there lookin like Tweety bird standing next to Goofy (G-Eazy). I guess being last pick on the basketball court your whole childhood has lasting effects on your ego. 😂

  • Chan Chan
    Chan Chan Месяц таму

    This shit stupid hard!!!

  • Mohammed -
    Mohammed - Месяц таму +1

    G Eazy yaah 😍

  • Chris
    Chris Месяц таму

    Is that kirko bangz at 2:49

    KING DAVID Месяц таму

    If u ain't talking bags then I'm antisocial ( begone )

  • Keanan Gous
    Keanan Gous Месяц таму +1

    G -EAZY + TYGA = 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Rickyfyied
    Rickyfyied Месяц таму +3

    The amount of times Tyga traveled tho. lmao

  • Vinny G
    Vinny G Месяц таму

    ayye KAT with the game winning dunk LETS GO

  • Noah Fisher
    Noah Fisher Месяц таму +2

    Looks like Tyga got better at Basketball since his 3 point contest

  • Domagoj Gregurić
    Domagoj Gregurić Месяц таму +1

    Lol dey think they can guard KAT.

  • Ryan Barker
    Ryan Barker Месяц таму +1

    Dam G-easy why would you not keep Halzy.

  • Lachlan It Is
    Lachlan It Is Месяц таму

    This guy is a joke tho performs for 15 minutes then ambles off to do his own thing

  • photo MAC
    photo MAC Месяц таму

    please subscriptions I collect on the silver button 😊🏀

  • Atleigh Canada
    Atleigh Canada Месяц таму