I Built a BASS Out of my YouTube Gold Play Button

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  • Апублікавана 11 Ліс 2019
  • I Built the first ever BY-clips Gold Play Button BASS Guitar.

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  • Davie504
    Davie504  25 дзён таму +30640

    *checkmate youtube*

  • Drayton DeBoef
    Drayton DeBoef 47 секунд таму

    Even non-musicians can agree that this man makes better videos than the top BY-clipsrs 😂😂😂

  • ID FC
    ID FC 12 хвілін таму


  • Mark McKinney
    Mark McKinney 57 хвілін таму

    What's up with all the gaping between the main body and top?

  • R0BL0X G4M3R
    R0BL0X G4M3R Годину таму

    And he is not playing the guitar

  • R0BL0X G4M3R
    R0BL0X G4M3R Годину таму

    The real play button is not thin

  • R0BL0X G4M3R
    R0BL0X G4M3R Годину таму

    That is not real play button

  • Alemin
    Alemin Годину таму

    E ammettilo che stavi un pò sorridendo al minuto 11:52 ! :D

  • 빠밤
    빠밤 Годину таму


  • Minecraft Nub :D
    Minecraft Nub :D Годину таму

    One of the songs was golden wind in jojo are you a fan????

  • Generic channel521
    Generic channel521 Годину таму

    B A S S

  • Generic channel521
    Generic channel521 Годину таму

    B A S S

  • Generic channel521
    Generic channel521 Годину таму

    B A S S

  • Generic channel521
    Generic channel521 Годину таму

    B A S S

  • Generic channel521
    Generic channel521 Годину таму

    B A S S

  • Thanakit Salatikun
    Thanakit Salatikun Годину таму


  • Generic channel521
    Generic channel521 Годину таму

    B A S S

  • Generic channel521
    Generic channel521 Годину таму

    B A S S

  • Generic channel521
    Generic channel521 Годину таму

    B A S S

  • Generic channel521
    Generic channel521 Годину таму

    B A S S

  • Oasiz375
    Oasiz375 Годину таму

    so at 58 secs i skips to a little part in the video and it continued where it left off i pretty proud of myself ngl😂

  • Felipe Corrêa
    Felipe Corrêa Годину таму

    OMG, it sounds amazing

  • milky way
    milky way 2 години таму

    "yes its a pp joke"

  • Adam bin Eakub
    Adam bin Eakub 3 години таму

    Megelovania and Giorno giorvana theme.

    No one thought of this

  • JcTYT
    JcTYT 3 години таму

    Still a God

  • st0ox
    st0ox 4 години таму +2

    "What are you doing in the bassment honey?"
    "I'm sanding my bass"

  • Mar Lunes
    Mar Lunes 4 години таму

    so cool!!!
    slap like now!!

  • Maxio
    Maxio 4 години таму

    3:19 nice pasta

  • jibbajungs
    jibbajungs 4 години таму


  • Alain Houdart
    Alain Houdart 5 годин таму

    Why you always wear headphones in your videos

  • Ainsley Harriot
    Ainsley Harriot 5 годин таму

    i like your thicc bASS

  • Айдахар Ильясов KANBRO
    Айдахар Ильясов KANBRO 5 годин таму


  • Sky Red
    Sky Red 6 годин таму

    That's bether then just a golden play buton.

  • Alfa Zou
    Alfa Zou 6 годин таму +1


  • Japheth
    Japheth 6 годин таму

    8:36 megalovania
    8:41 jojo bizzare golden wind

    That’s what I think

  • khalil irfan
    khalil irfan 8 годин таму


  • AsyaEla19 Atalay
    AsyaEla19 Atalay 8 годин таму

    1st song was megalovania

  • DestonTamayoo
    DestonTamayoo 9 годин таму

    Creds to the dude who’s helped make that EPIC base

  • Stealth Surber
    Stealth Surber 10 годин таму

    Slappin Proper

  • Osiel Lopez
    Osiel Lopez 10 годин таму

    For some reason I think this is his best sounding bass

  • Dan Tennenboim
    Dan Tennenboim 11 годин таму

    Would have been cool if he kept the rectangular shape as-is

  • Jobz TV
    Jobz TV 11 годин таму

    Anyone else here annoyed because the writings are cut down.

  • Aditya's Pranks and Comedy
    Aditya's Pranks and Comedy 12 годин таму

    Undertale megolovania is @the song

  • Why are you on my account
    Why are you on my account 12 годин таму

    Next milestone you need to do ear reveal

  • Quarshie Moses
    Quarshie Moses 13 годин таму

    This dude is really funny :)

  • Erik everything
    Erik everything 13 годин таму

    can we have an ear revile

  • John Yao
    John Yao 13 годин таму

    He’s a bass but in a humain form

  • Sweg_Noob
    Sweg_Noob 14 годин таму

    6:45 welcome to planet comedy

  • Yuya Sakaki [MS]
    Yuya Sakaki [MS] 15 годин таму

    8:37 megalovania 8:40 giorno theme(il vento d'oro )

  • BullDog
    BullDog 17 годин таму


  • P XXX
    P XXX 18 годин таму

    make a bass that resembles Susan Wojitsky's can...

  • P XXX
    P XXX 18 годин таму

    I will build a guitar out of Demonitization and Suspension notices

  • Olvin Mejia
    Olvin Mejia 19 годин таму

    Que bello alguien que mire videos de este man y hable español😂

  • Federico Surrusca
    Federico Surrusca 19 годин таму

    Epic! Grande!!!

  • Venessy
    Venessy 19 годин таму

    will u marry me

  • twism86
    twism86 20 годин таму

    Stop making stupid faces

  • Sander de Salamander
    Sander de Salamander 20 годин таму

    you say base but is is bass.........

  • Fruit Samurai
    Fruit Samurai 21 годину таму

    Very Impressive. But where's the pick?

  • Syeda Ali
    Syeda Ali 21 годину таму

    Driving on your Toyota auris

  • Cezar Alves Lopes
    Cezar Alves Lopes 21 годину таму

    This is just AMAZING!!!