Everyone should watch this farmer's video. - Incredible Modern Livestock. Make This Go Viral!!

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  • Апублікавана 24 Жнв 2019
  • Everyone should watch this farmer's video. - Incredible Modern Livestock. Make This Go Viral!!
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    • Athi Abu bakkar
      Athi Abu bakkar 7 годин таму

      CD FAN

    • Зинаида Сафронова
      Зинаида Сафронова 21 годину таму

      А на русском???

      JAGG KOUT 9 дзён таму

      what sad,,iS MY UNCLE DALE had 40 milking cows for 38 years,and now there gone ,,where to be turned into pet food. Because they cant feed them. Sad just sad all the work they did to give us fresh milk and we kill them after they retire,,sick humans.

    • Roxana Cespedes Ramos
      Roxana Cespedes Ramos Месяц таму

      Christine Bitterlich xfa CV bb

    • Christine Bitterlich
      Christine Bitterlich Месяц таму


  • Susan Kamara
    Susan Kamara 2 години таму

    well done guys .you doing a great job !

  • Jen Sowers
    Jen Sowers 12 годин таму

    What the heck am I even watching this is incredible!!!

  • Funky Diva
    Funky Diva 20 годин таму

    Boycott Factory farms!!!!!

  • Carlo Carlini
    Carlo Carlini Дзень таму


  • Anna Popova
    Anna Popova Дзень таму


    JIMANDMEL4LI FE. Дзень таму

    What a great place.

  • Viviana Lopez-Merino
    Viviana Lopez-Merino Дзень таму

    God bless everyone who work on this farms!! Beautiful video❤

  • Maria mercedes Leon
    Maria mercedes Leon Дзень таму +1

    Es malo poner herraduras a los caballo
    Le lastiman la patita por lo tornillos

  • Dianne Palmer
    Dianne Palmer Дзень таму

    all animals should be treated this way

  • Elisabeth Litto
    Elisabeth Litto Дзень таму

    Machines for everything, they shouldn't call themselves farmers, as they are machine operators. The cows don't belong there in such a heavy duty controlled steel / electric operated place. All for the money! No love in the animals life! Thumbs down!

  • Toosiya Brandt
    Toosiya Brandt Дзень таму

    Less employees? Automated everything! Such an artificial environment! And because of THAT, these cows have to have individual MANICURES!!! Lat them roam around outside and wear down their hooves naturally! Shalom to us only in Christ Yeshua.

  • Angel Naula
    Angel Naula Дзень таму

    My strong support in the future for farmers, they bring the best milk in town! Thanks so much for the video.

  • marianne froholdt
    marianne froholdt Дзень таму

    Poor cows Who have been bread with those unatural body.let them be natural,and stop this breeding when they becom like a man using steroid.

  • marianne froholdt
    marianne froholdt Дзень таму +2

    I dont like when they take the babies away from There mothers.

  • Юля Пугачёва
    Юля Пугачёва Дзень таму


  • сергей грек
    сергей грек Дзень таму

    Как это цинично. Ухаживают перед бойней

  • Sitara Singh
    Sitara Singh Дзень таму

    I like the way of feeding

  • Sitara Singh
    Sitara Singh Дзень таму

    V good😍👍👍👍🤗

  • принцесса маша
    принцесса маша 2 дні таму


  • принцесса маша
    принцесса маша 2 дні таму


  • Sophia Nowak
    Sophia Nowak 2 дні таму


  • Ruth Lewis
    Ruth Lewis 2 дні таму

    That's a lot of work, but its fascinating just to watch

  • Ruth Lewis
    Ruth Lewis 2 дні таму

    I would love to learn from these people ,an then get a job there.

  • SD 90Mac
    SD 90Mac 2 дні таму

    Wow, these are many beautiful creatures God has given us, and are being very well taken care of by one of the world greatest care givers👍🤠🐴Thank you very much for sharing this👍👍👍

  • Luchi Niguss
    Luchi Niguss 2 дні таму

    Amazing!!! Thank you for sharing!!

  • Abby Babby
    Abby Babby 2 дні таму

    Love the video. Never saw a Cow Spa before and I really the Cow buffer

  • Rose Smith
    Rose Smith 2 дні таму +1

    This is sad life of animals
    Animals dont nead all this unnecessary care they nead freedom
    No one live the way it spouse to be
    Very 😥

  • Rose Smith
    Rose Smith 2 дні таму


  • Mari Schwab
    Mari Schwab 2 дні таму

    U know that’s wonderful that they are finally looking at the animal as a feeling, understanding entity, but in the end the calf’s are still taken away from their mothers, which I don’t understand. Milk is an on demand food meaning the more that’s used the more will be produced so my question is why don’t they let the calves stay with the mothers??

  • Marlene Greco
    Marlene Greco 2 дні таму

    I think this is horrible... Do you like how she pulls the babies tail..Can not even bond with the mother and you think this is great..I think it is and assembly line of torture. Not how we treated our cows with love.. What a crazy world we live in.. The milk won't really be that tasty for the way they are being treated. My opinion.

  • Elizabeth Brower
    Elizabeth Brower 2 дні таму

    I worked on a small family dairy farm with none of that. Automated stuff and those cows were closer to us because they knew us and we did everything by hand except the milking machines.

  • beshtar
    beshtar 2 дні таму

    greed is here the main drive, having machines to nurture young cows is not a loving way , this is all about money not about heart, i do not support this in anyway, do not get me wrong i know your doing your best for your animals but its all about money and the marge you can get money from milk is very slim due to the supermarkets that lower the price sooooo much so they can have all the profits and your farmers nothing , i am personally ashamed what supermarkets do to farmers and helping to kill the planet( plastifying our foods) , as i said greed is the main drive and greed is very very destructive.May Love be our guide not greed

  • Harriett Randall
    Harriett Randall 2 дні таму

    This was great!

  • Clifford Maboi
    Clifford Maboi 2 дні таму

    Very nice keep up

    VICTORIA SANCHEZ 2 дні таму

    Señores la verdad es que ablarse de estados unidos es ablarse de Dios por todos los buenos que tiene es inigualable E inconparable

  • creepycharly
    creepycharly 2 дні таму +2

    The background music should have been Floyds “welcome to the machine”.

  • Фируза Гайзова
    Фируза Гайзова 2 дні таму

    Просто без слов красата 👍👍👍 мая мечта тоже открит ферма дай аллах 🙏🙏 вот технологии 👍👍

  • Denise Lancaster
    Denise Lancaster 2 дні таму

    That vice thing visut to the manicurist at the end scared me. It looked terrifying for the cow, but when it casually walked off it didn't seem upset. Great video.

  • Miriam Ramirez
    Miriam Ramirez 2 дні таму

    maravilloso , Ojalá todas las lecheras fueran así 👏👏👏

  • rubybluedmc
    rubybluedmc 3 дні таму

    People think cows were put here to make milk. Nope, they only produce milk when pregnant. Cows, like other creatures should be free to roam, mate, have calves - all on their own. I understand some of these methods are more humane than the US and other places, but there were still some scenes that were upsetting in here. Bottom-line, the way we force animals to do what we want and need them to do is inhumane.

  • владимир зайцев
    владимир зайцев 3 дні таму

    коровий "педикюр"- обалдеть...

  • Gemma Ventura
    Gemma Ventura 3 дні таму

    Spero che poi non li ammazzano x vendere la loro carne😢

  • Ира Горбачева
    Ира Горбачева 3 дні таму

    Что-то очень худые

  • Dakota Murfitt
    Dakota Murfitt 3 дні таму

    This calf’s are so UNDER FEED they should be getting 3 litres a day per cow and that not 3 litres also why have a dog in the room when a cow is giving birth also you shouldn’t hold he horses hoof with rope

  • Linda Fowler
    Linda Fowler 3 дні таму

    Club Med for cows!

  • marie dotrice
    marie dotrice 3 дні таму

    We must OUTLAW halal slaughtering in this country which is illegal It was such a pleasure watching these animals and the people involved with them. .Just great ..The respect showed on both sides ..Well done you guys

  • marie dotrice
    marie dotrice 3 дні таму

    How amazingly orderly the cattle are...more so than most humans.

  • mila mezina
    mila mezina 3 дні таму

    Вот это фермер - Молодец.

  • Cristina Murillo
    Cristina Murillo 3 дні таму

    Beautiful thank you 🙏 for the video

  • Monica Islas
    Monica Islas 3 дні таму

    Farming with heart 😊

  • Micheline Genier
    Micheline Genier 3 дні таму

    Anyone thinking this is good should trade places with these animals and see how it feels to live this way.

  • l.a. young
    l.a. young 3 дні таму

    Dairy farming is coming down to these Super Dairy Farms. Many people can't afford to keep up with the demands of and cost of farming. So now we have corporate farming..This is an exceptional kind animal friendly video. Unfortunately it's not always the case. Not all cow see pastures. But as these corporate dairy Farmer grow giving others the opportunities and better pay then the typical $3.75 an hour not that long ago... Keeping awareness too these animals is a key to them receiving kindness. Bet the milk tastes better from happy cows... Not to mention there are other healthy alternatives to milk........

  • Patricia Vrtis
    Patricia Vrtis 3 дні таму

    Awsome ya'll.

  • Borbála Bodor
    Borbála Bodor 3 дні таму

    Nagyon szuper .

  • Arbed J
    Arbed J 3 дні таму

    Thank you....Enjoyed .

  • Светлана Аюпова
    Светлана Аюпова 3 дні таму

    Я хочу там работать!!!!!!!!!

  • Светлана Аюпова
    Светлана Аюпова 3 дні таму

    Нашей стране и во сне такое не приснится,а у нас люди так не живут

  • Sugar Free
    Sugar Free 3 дні таму

    I didn't understand the thumbnail, but This is obviously a multimillion-dollar operation. So clean and Humane. The animals look almost like they go ahhh praise the Lord.

  • Dana Freyer-Macola
    Dana Freyer-Macola 4 дні таму

    Ach, przyjemnie popatrzeć!!!