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Каментарыі • 80

  • Kittah Cure-chan
    Kittah Cure-chan 10 дзён таму

    oooooo i miss eating those...

  • Karena Lowe
    Karena Lowe 12 дзён таму

    Omg I don't know how I have been watching you guys from the start and I haven't seen this one...🤔🤔

  • Hamburgerhoe !
    Hamburgerhoe ! 24 дні таму

    I miss the old Team Edge

  • jowg24
    jowg24 Месяц таму

    Wait but there's only 8 cups of ramen

  • melissa kwo
    melissa kwo Месяц таму

    Try korean ramen

  • SixRaven Eight
    SixRaven Eight 2 месяцы таму +1

    I've heard some truly terrible chewing sounds, Joey's are nothing, cute even.

  • Bruiser Cruiser
    Bruiser Cruiser 3 месяцы таму

    I’m watching this when I’m really hungry and I LOVE ramen, but I can’t eat anything cause I’m eating out in about an hour. The struggle is real here. 😣

  • J 123
    J 123 3 месяцы таму

    Matthias wom even though he technically lost

  • Cedric Flores
    Cedric Flores 3 месяцы таму

    i can comment but cant comment

  • Ian Btw
    Ian Btw 4 месяцы таму +1

    2019 anyone?

  • An Chau
    An Chau 4 месяцы таму

    Matthias is too COCKY

    • ASAP_ IOS
      ASAP_ IOS 4 месяцы таму +1

      Ikr he said for cheddar cheese it smells like popcorn then said shrimp, like how does popcorn smell like shrimp

  • Kyla Jin
    Kyla Jin 4 месяцы таму +1

    I think Bryan should be able to eat the left overs, as long as it’s after his turn because if it’s before his turn then that’s cheating 😆

  • BluSane
    BluSane 5 месяцаў таму

    6:48 ooooh cheddar cheese

  • Samaah Khan
    Samaah Khan 5 месяцаў таму

    I’m literally eating noodles right now Lol😹

    MIDAJAH SWAGERTY 6 месяцаў таму +1

    This challenge is so cool😁😁😁

  • maria Capriglione
    maria Capriglione 6 месяцаў таму +1

    I can’t stand Matthis he’s anoyying

  • Nightfur y
    Nightfur y 6 месяцаў таму

    *J-Fred chews*
    *me under my breath*
    You sacrilegious boi

  • Alyssa Grigsby
    Alyssa Grigsby 7 месяцаў таму

    Bryan says dude I could’ve slapped you
    And then it cuts to
    Matt saying that’s good practice
    And then Joey says true your going to have a baby soon

  • Becky
    Becky 7 месяцаў таму

    this is DOPE

  • Case Yoder
    Case Yoder 7 месяцаў таму


  • Jfrancisco Ramirez
    Jfrancisco Ramirez 7 месяцаў таму


  • J 123
    J 123 8 месяцаў таму

    I like how Bryan got mad at Matthias for giving away the flavor after J-Fred ate it yet right when Matthias said it Bryan did nothing.

  • Shxr
    Shxr 8 месяцаў таму

    ok somethings wrong with me because i haven't eaten any top ramen ok bye world

  • Jake Latsko
    Jake Latsko 8 месяцаў таму +1

    This challenge made me very very hungry. Did it make anyone else hungry? 🍜

  • El Rojo
    El Rojo 9 месяцаў таму

    That’s not even Top Ramen, It’s Maruchan.

  • Zoe C. Lopez
    Zoe C. Lopez 9 месяцаў таму

    Why is this like a muckbang asmr but better?

  • Jackson Sundermeyer
    Jackson Sundermeyer 9 месяцаў таму

    It’s 11:30 when I’m watching this and I’m craving ramen

  • Ethan Silaparamita
    Ethan Silaparamita 9 месяцаў таму

    i've never eaten top ramen (maruchan) before but my excuse is that i don't live in America

  • Wonder Punk
    Wonder Punk 9 месяцаў таму

    shoulda got cup noodles

  • VYS0
    VYS0 9 месяцаў таму

    I hate matt

  • Ben Pham
    Ben Pham 9 месяцаў таму

    i LOVE RAMEN and imknow why they chose rwmen because its the cheapest

  • Beebo. Harley
    Beebo. Harley 9 месяцаў таму

    It’s 1:31 in the morning and I’m sitting in my bed watching this and craving ramen

  • Lanye West
    Lanye West 9 месяцаў таму +1

    Mukbang before mukbang was a thing

  • Mr Hanhji
    Mr Hanhji 10 месяцаў таму +1


  • Angel Hussain
    Angel Hussain 10 месяцаў таму

    The beginning of the video the goggles were in the a whole of his hat

  • Nicolas Perreault
    Nicolas Perreault 10 месяцаў таму

    35¢ a pack
    3 for a dollar
    Unbelievable prices
    That’s the future of a blue collar worker

  • Rebecca Hooson
    Rebecca Hooson 10 месяцаў таму

    Anyone notice that J-Fred and Matthias look alike??

    • Rebecca Hooson
      Rebecca Hooson 10 месяцаў таму

      @Cassidy Gaut OHHHHH

    • Cassidy Gaut
      Cassidy Gaut 10 месяцаў таму

      Rebecca Hooson there brothers

  • Gretchen Brown
    Gretchen Brown 10 месяцаў таму

    There’s eight

    PRO _GAMER 10 месяцаў таму

    I'm hungry so so so so hungry I feel I want to eat all on the table

  • SirGamer23 Flores
    SirGamer23 Flores 11 месяцаў таму

    2019 anyone ?

  • paper mario9000marioparty9
    paper mario9000marioparty9 11 месяцаў таму

    Bryan takes 1st place then j-fred takes 2nd place then mathias takes 3rd place

  • Logan Mordaunt
    Logan Mordaunt 11 месяцаў таму

    there is 8 flavors

  • David Breeding
    David Breeding 11 месяцаў таму

    There's 8 not 9 or 10

  • jetnut89
    jetnut89 Год таму

    With those goggles J-fred looks like 1955 Doc Brown from Back to the Future

  • rose27k
    rose27k Год таму

    Matt didn’t spin the wheel. I guess he was right that they were to busy eating lunch to notice that Matt didn’t spin.

  • yveltal lover
    yveltal lover Год таму

    Oddly enough I'm eating the chicken ramen 😂

  • Arianna Calderon
    Arianna Calderon Год таму

    I want ramen now but it’s 2 in the morning ☹️

  • Alexander Willow
    Alexander Willow Год таму

    Now I would so participate in a Ramen Challenge. I LOVE RAMEN!!

  • isaiah toasted
    isaiah toasted Год таму

    Kinda satisfying seeing to brian eat

  • Ethan Silaparamita
    Ethan Silaparamita Год таму

    Bryan eats a lot but he doesn't get fat... logic

  • AlexandraM 22608
    AlexandraM 22608 Год таму

    Your both wrong there's only 8 top ramen in this video

  • Dark Knight 360
    Dark Knight 360 Год таму

    I am launching this challenge while eating 🍜

  • Musikitty
    Musikitty Год таму +1

    Joey and Bryan are both wrong, not ten, not 9; It's 8 cups.

  • huge rock
    huge rock Год таму


  • Toxic Liquid
    Toxic Liquid Год таму

    Thats not top ramen that’s maruchan

  • chris excavator
    chris excavator Год таму

    i think bryan likes this RAMEN

  • Brianna Howlett
    Brianna Howlett Год таму

    Am I the only one that keeps counting the ramen and it’s 8 NOT 9 OR 10

  • Yung Saucey
    Yung Saucey Год таму

    Cheddar Cheese Maruchan?!?

  • Violet Hall
    Violet Hall Год таму

    Me @ 8 pm: I'll watch one team edge video before bed
    Me @ 3am the next day: more!😴( half asleep)

  • Tea Party
    Tea Party Год таму

    "I don't want it." -Matthias 2016
    its been 2 years and I still can't stop watching this video! every time I see it, I crave Ramen XDD

  • Wilson Marquez
    Wilson Marquez Год таму

    Actually it was 8

  • Asian Invasion
    Asian Invasion Год таму +1

    2018 anybody?

  • GummyFy
    GummyFy Год таму

    I miss this setup.

  • RagingGamer
    RagingGamer Год таму

    Maruchan is basically top ramen idk why people are getting triggered over this 😂😂

  • ageliki agrinio
    ageliki agrinio Год таму


  • Zoey Marion
    Zoey Marion Год таму

    1:17 me when I am doing my homework
    0:33 me when I am eating my veggies
    4:02 when I am mad at my sister

  • celery
    celery Год таму

    I don’t know whats wrong with me but I eat my noodles dried (I cook them and I dry them then put favor on them).... I need help

  • tomuchdippy onyachipykyk
    tomuchdippy onyachipykyk Год таму


  • MakotoAce
    MakotoAce Год таму

    4:51 me at school

  • Christopher Zamora
    Christopher Zamora Год таму

    Joey is the most disgusting person to eat eating with hes mouth open eww

  • Alexia Davis
    Alexia Davis Год таму

    I am behind but what do you use the edge points for?

  • adi ahmed
    adi ahmed Год таму

    is Bryan win you not win matt

  • Sukhman's Tube
    Sukhman's Tube Год таму +1

    It's actually 8

  • BlinePanda
    BlinePanda Год таму

    I can smell the ramen probs cuz I’m eating ramen XP

  • RiZeDeadShXt
    RiZeDeadShXt Год таму

    Matthias is so winy, I LOVE IT

  • Addy
    Addy Год таму

    There was actually 8 Ramon soup

  • Seth Cobourne
    Seth Cobourne Год таму

    In Canada it is called mr.noodles

  • Victoria hi
    Victoria hi Год таму

    There's only 8 none of you got it right

  • JJayden Gacha
    JJayden Gacha Год таму

    -eat ramen-
    -eat ramen-
    -eat ramen-
    Eat ramen

  • ThatGuyGlenn
    ThatGuyGlenn Год таму

    Lol I’m eating bowl noodles right now