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Are you winning this? 😳💰

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  • Апублікавана 31 Жнв 2022
  • Are you winning this? 😳💰 |
    (via @MattDoesFitness )

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  • HClbn
    HClbn  +166

    For $2,000: Lift the man who lifted the dumbbell while he’s holding the dumbbell

  • Aoteruz
    Aoteruz 9 годин таму +895

    "Aaand CUT!"

  • Levi Flowers
    Levi Flowers 14 годин таму +131

    “He needs to regenerate.” Lol

  • Elcapsoneek
    Elcapsoneek 14 дзён таму +25

    He's the level 1000 mafia boss from all those mobile ads.

  • deranged American
    deranged American 2 години таму +46

    Man it's crazy that his friend so happened to be in the crowd and win it definitely not scripted 🙂

  • World of Drama
    World of Drama 9 годин таму +318

    POV : The guy who got $1000 turned out to be one of his pals who was part of the content.😋

  • Sello1 official
    Sello1 official 14 дзён таму +7

    He didn't go and say

  • Kasun Chathuranga
    Kasun Chathuranga 16 годин таму +173

    He trained 30 years for this exact moment.. fate brought him 😅

  • Cince Vuh
    Cince Vuh 21 дзень таму +7

    Bro forgot to struggle 💀

  • Return to Dreamcastle
    Return to Dreamcastle 12 годин таму +151

    Wasn't it lucky that mat's friend from the gym just happened to be standing in the crowd?

  • John Pierre Lauz
    John Pierre Lauz 4 години таму +18

    "Ronnie Coleman: LIGHWEIGHT BABYYYY!!!"

  • Memegumin
    Memegumin 14 дзён таму +9

    That guy standing there like a main character of course he's gonna do it

  • Oxiden Swiss
    Oxiden Swiss 12 годин таму +192

    „I never met this man before, I don‘t know him.“

  • arcV
    arcV 9 годин таму +3

    Homie lifted 20 grocery bags with one arm as a child

  • ThisManIsntBlack
    ThisManIsntBlack 14 дзён таму +6

    Dude was waiting for this day like, “finally, my time to shine”

  • 💖Mitsuri_kanroji💖
    💖Mitsuri_kanroji💖 2 години таму +4

    My toxic trait is thinking I could do this and win the money

  • EdD
    EdD 4 години таму

    The guy in the suit really stood out when he was in the background. Glad he pulled it off.

  • Jack The Ripper
    Jack The Ripper 14 дзён таму +4

    I half expected the back of his suit to explode out because of all the badass energy

  • Matthew Alabi
    Matthew Alabi 9 годин таму

    Bro walked up and all u heard was " was standing here, I realize he was just like me trying to make history”

  • Neckashi 69
    Neckashi 69 21 дзень таму +15

    Everybody gangsta until gigachad pulls up