I Kissed My Crush at a Party

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  • Апублікавана 4 Крс 2017
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    In sixth grade the most popular girl in school, famous for her amazing, over-the-top parties with great food and dancing and Mariachi bands, invited the whole class to her house for an end-of-the-year total blowout!
    Now, Rio really liked this one boy in her class - Umberto - and she had a crush on him for a long, long time. It turns out, he liked her too - everybody knew it. People at school were all talking about it, even asking them "when are you going to kiss?!?" Yes, this is one of those first kiss stories.
    Rio had never kissed anybody before. She'd only had a few crushes and had held hands with a boy maybe once or twice. 'Berto was in the same boat - never been kissed. And it just sort of seemed like it was implied and understood - they were going to kiss at the upcoming party! Now they weren't boyfriend and girlfriend, a couple...yet!
    She gets to the party, and everyone is there, everyone knows each other and parents are there too, and right away Rio was nervous - sweaty, blushing, giggling with her friends - butterflies in her stomach.
    There was really nothing else to talk about other than THE KISS and so Rio sat inside a circle of friends, students and best friend while they asked her when she was going to do it. And there was Berto and his friends, and they were all making fun of him and making kissy faces and sounds.
    Later Rio and her friend are dancing and another girl runs over and pulls them aside - "Berto wants to see you," she says in a weird, sly, voice. She brings Rio downstairs and there is Berto and his friends, laughing and pushing each other and acting like boys.
    Suddenly, Rio and Berto are surrounded, and all their friends have their cellphones out ready to take movies and pictures, and the couple is just there awkwardly looking at each other and turning red, looking away from each other, sweating, whistling - AWKWARD - and then, their crowd of friends starts chanting: KISS - KISS - KISS - KISS!
    Berto was very shy and just sort of cowered there, blushing red and sweating. Rio thought, "is he going to kiss me?" But she got real brave real fast - no chicken, that's for sure - so, she grabs him by the shirt and just presses her lips up against his.
    First kiss, and she had never experienced anything like this before! It was nice, better than nice, and it lasted - six seconds! It was a party kiss. All their friends were cheering - Woooooooo - and snapping photos and videos! They wanted another - AGAIN, AGAIN they shouted. Berto was like, "oh no, that's okay" but Rio spun him around and kissed him again, and then again. Were they making out? Maybe not but it might have been the best kiss ever. It was a hot kiss not a hot mess!
    And that was it - even though their friends wanted to see more, she was done - enough for a first kiss and ran upstairs to take a breather!
    Everyone's got a date, dance, party, prom, or first kiss story...we want to hear yours! stories like this are once in a lifetime.
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