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Каментарыі • 80

  • Jatie Vlogs
    Jatie Vlogs  4 дні таму +12312

    Love y’all. Thanks for being the strongest fam on BY-clips. Your support yesterday was insane! Never expected to get so much love from you guys. Stay savage Jatie fam and welcome to prank wars🔥❤️

    • Bikewreck Boss
      Bikewreck Boss 2 дні таму

      Jatie Vlogs you guys are so toxic

    • ThatKid WavyTMoney
      ThatKid WavyTMoney 4 дні таму +2

      I also knew it was a prank because I know Josh isn't a type that fights a lot with you

    • Alena Atchley
      Alena Atchley 4 дні таму

      Your assholes for this at first when they first released the first breakup video I thought it was a prank well then I watched it I'm like oh sad they actually did break up do you do the stalker and moving in they're just too stressed out need a break And since I saw a double bugs this video and then when I clicked on this one I meet like clicked on it right when I got the notification though but I clicked on it and saw that his brother did a video reacting to it too and I'm like oh no and then I saw and they freaking pranked us their butts

    • Evie Harrington
      Evie Harrington 4 дні таму

      I saw your stories Katie and figured it out!😂😂

    • Soccer Star05
      Soccer Star05 4 дні таму

      Jatie Vlogs we love you guys and you two are the best couple ever

  • Chloe Thielen
    Chloe Thielen 2 години таму

    Why is everyone so mad, have fun in life sometimes. Jesus Christ people gotta take a joke sometimes fr

  • Dragonslayer06 Fuller
    Dragonslayer06 Fuller 2 години таму

    That is messed up

  • Saul Molina
    Saul Molina 2 години таму

    Fuc. K thus channel there a bunch if brainless fuckers wanting to make a quick buck of a " prank"

  • Simply Ridiculous
    Simply Ridiculous 2 години таму

    Again. A great example of what's wrong with the future generations. Between the video and the comments, you give me what I need to teach my children social definitions of pathetic.

  • Amil McIntosh
    Amil McIntosh 2 години таму +1

    Fuck you guys. Faking it for a couple views. I'm unsubscribing 🖕

  • lexi finnell
    lexi finnell 2 години таму

    I cried during the last video :( if y’all do break up love isn’t real!

  • Crazed Mayhem
    Crazed Mayhem 2 години таму +1

    I subbed before 2M BOYS!!!

  • gacha lover
    gacha lover 2 години таму

    I almost unsubscribed and like i said you guys are engaged. I was so mad of yesterdays video and like i saw this and i said to myself "Omg, They have to admit its a prank". I didnt enjoy it like if you did the same thing.

  • Cheyenne Eckart
    Cheyenne Eckart 2 години таму

    Wait if we are part of the prank wars why don’t we prank you all unsubscribe then subscribe again the next day

  • David Lee
    David Lee 2 години таму

    Wtf?! 🤣

  • Ajainin Coe-Johnson
    Ajainin Coe-Johnson 2 години таму

    Wow I cried and it was just a prank messed up

  • Kayla Salinas
    Kayla Salinas 2 години таму

    I knew this was a prank because in the last video they kept huggin and calling each other babe

  • Cassey English
    Cassey English 2 години таму

    This is my mom account but I was so sad

  • Hannah Mcneely
    Hannah Mcneely 3 години таму

    Omg you had me crying but I love you both so much❤️

  • Ricardo Cerna
    Ricardo Cerna 3 години таму

    fuck y’all

  • Maya Felt
    Maya Felt 3 години таму

    Not surprised the hole channels a PRANK...

  • Ash Gnarly
    Ash Gnarly 3 години таму

    Omg I actually started crying because I have been watching the videos from the beginning but I’m so happy that you are still together it’s a big relief

  • Claire Collins
    Claire Collins 3 години таму

    I was actually sad and the video messed my emotions because I have watched your videos since day 1! and please don't say I'm a hater, I'm just saying its messed up to do things like that!!

  • Elyssa Gonzalez
    Elyssa Gonzalez 4 години таму

    wow guys i gotta say you got me.

  • Abigail Imerson
    Abigail Imerson 4 години таму

    Fuck youuuu guyssss 😂😂😂

  • Rylee Guedry
    Rylee Guedry 4 години таму

    Sam and Jess did this prank too

  • Mia_ Cheers
    Mia_ Cheers 4 години таму

    YOU HAD ME CRYINGGGG💔😂😭 I really thought you Were breaking up😭😭😭😭

  • Maggie Comly
    Maggie Comly 4 години таму

    Okay but the last video I knew it. I was waiting for the moment when y’all were like “haha jk it’s a prank”

  • bella miller
    bella miller 4 години таму

    ok i knew it

  • Huck p
    Huck p 5 годин таму

    Josh has my fav band on his shirt

  • Rahnelia Whitfield
    Rahnelia Whitfield 5 годин таму

    I feel dum😑😑😑😑😑

  • Sophia Flores
    Sophia Flores 5 годин таму

    That's so stupid that they made a whole vidio about them breaking up now their lovey dovey

  • •Kanita• •Sulejmani•
    •Kanita• •Sulejmani• 5 годин таму +1

    Omg!when a see the video we broke up...we’r not living together anymore!i really cry and my body is shaking when a see a coment all say it’s not a prank that time a rreally say what and a star cry so much🥺😭but im a big fan of you ❤️🥰❤️🥰☺️👉👈

  • Hypertrium
    Hypertrium 5 годин таму

    The acting was so bad , Josh laugh a lot on the breaking up video

  • Kelsie Boiles
    Kelsie Boiles 6 годин таму

    Omg y’all omg I was so sad then I came back to your channel and I was like wait so there back together video and now I am shook

  • Kennedy Crazy
    Kennedy Crazy 6 годин таму

    I legit commented on that vid and said imagine they are doing what adi and emily did to us

  • momopiyo
    momopiyo 6 годин таму

    ye i knew that josh keeps on calling katie babe on the last video

  • Alease Matthews
    Alease Matthews 6 годин таму

    Bruh..😵🤣😅 .. I'm happy but messed up on so many levels. But that was a great prank though got to give you props. So happy you guys are good. ❤❤❤

  • Aluna Shailer
    Aluna Shailer 6 годин таму

    You didn't get me idiots -_-

  • savypuperoiny
    savypuperoiny 6 годин таму +1

    Oh my I'm soooo happy I feel for the last video and I started crying after wards lol but you guys are amazing and I look up to y'all so I'm so, so, happy this was a prank love you guys ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Lyla Castillo-Poveda
    Lyla Castillo-Poveda 6 годин таму

    It’s so cute what Katie said we love each other
    we’re moving in with each other

  • Dolores Misko
    Dolores Misko 6 годин таму

    no one even fell for it

  • Reina Jaber
    Reina Jaber 6 годин таму

    just unsubscribed.

  • Brody OHara
    Brody OHara 6 годин таму

    You guys were just trying to get views

  • Angelica B
    Angelica B 6 годин таму

    I unsubscribe to you NOT COOL

  • Andrea Sibley
    Andrea Sibley 6 годин таму

    I hate y’all right now!!! How dare u!!! I can’t believe u would do that’s!!!

  • Jonny510
    Jonny510 6 годин таму +1

    again, yo this is fucking trash

  • Khaey Lacs
    Khaey Lacs 6 годин таму

    You guys didn't prank meee 😝😝😝😝

  • Grace Moore
    Grace Moore 6 годин таму

    I got my phone taken away when u posted the not moving in together video so I actually saw this first

  • Linda Reyes
    Linda Reyes 7 годин таму

    It’s a joke guys

  • Linda Reyes
    Linda Reyes 7 годин таму

    I know It was a joke 😂

  • Olivia Lynch
    Olivia Lynch 7 годин таму

    That is not funny😑 i was so scared that is was real😑 but I am happy it was a prank❤️ and your guy’s acting was so good

  • Kinzie Fairman
    Kinzie Fairman 7 годин таму

    Oh My God i have never actually been this happy before lmao idk why i was like nooooooooooo they're my favorite couple theyre adorable whyyy lmao i was just like thank god happy for u guys

  • Lacey Dietz
    Lacey Dietz 7 годин таму

    Did anyone actually believe that video?

  • Ambyrlie-Jane Johnson
    Ambyrlie-Jane Johnson 7 годин таму

    You guys scared me!! I was genuinely ready to cry and worried for you guys!!!!

  • Isabel Vargas
    Isabel Vargas 7 годин таму

    I am mad 😡but I forgive you guys😁

  • Akahito Shierru
    Akahito Shierru 7 годин таму


  • Peace and Love
    Peace and Love 8 годин таму

    Y’all got our heart pumping. Don’t do this to us. I knew this wasn’t for real anyways.

  • Konnor Asbury
    Konnor Asbury 8 годин таму

    We should prank them and unsubscribe and leave them with 10 subs

  • Abigail Smith
    Abigail Smith 8 годин таму

    I’m not even mad that it was a prank

  • Charlotte Burge
    Charlotte Burge 8 годин таму

    Katie’s acting was actually so good but Josh’s wasn’t that realistic lol

  • Jhamari Mercado
    Jhamari Mercado 8 годин таму

    i cryed so hard.

  • Stephanie Bull
    Stephanie Bull 8 годин таму +1

    Katie you shouldn’t of worn the engagement ring.

  • Becca Johnson
    Becca Johnson 8 годин таму

    I HATE YOU GUYS . . . .

    but still love you though

  • Lisa Parsons
    Lisa Parsons 8 годин таму

    I know it because I know Josh would probably cry

  • Jane Nguyen
    Jane Nguyen 8 годин таму

    I knew it ! I knew ittttt! Love you booooooooth

  • Toonskid
    Toonskid 8 годин таму +1

    Yeah i didn't got fooled, most of your videos are STAGED pranK so yeah it was obvious. Plus that acting was not the best at convincing me

  • Marisol Arellano
    Marisol Arellano 8 годин таму

    Don't hate on the jatie fam they honestly got all of us basically and u have to admit it ,it was funny they are the best pranksters #josh also #katie best BY-clipsrs but nice try y'all didn't get me

  • Meka Schoenknecht
    Meka Schoenknecht 9 годин таму

    I knew this was a prank😂 nice one have but I thought this was serious and its not, the 1st video I felt that. And thought I wasn't lonely but I was☹

  • Katherine De La Cruz
    Katherine De La Cruz 9 годин таму

    I was really not expecting that... I should’ve of expected that. All of a sudden it was sad and then... 🤦‍♀️😭

  • Hailey Tremblay
    Hailey Tremblay 9 годин таму

    Pranks like this aren't funny orrrrrr

  • Danni B
    Danni B 9 годин таму

    You are so mean

  • Tof Liz
    Tof Liz 9 годин таму

    Omg I was literally crying yesterday I frickin’ hate u but I love u at the same time gosh I’m happy that it’s a prank...

  • Sienna Bell
    Sienna Bell 10 годин таму

    ‘That’s super messed up, we wouldn’t prank you like that’ yet they were prank Us. Yes it was message up for click-bait. Not cool

  • Chardee Mcdennis
    Chardee Mcdennis 10 годин таму

    It’s amazing you fucking BY-clipsrs always make the same mistakes. Keep entertaining the kids.

  • Tori O Donnell
    Tori O Donnell 10 годин таму


  • Mia Best
    Mia Best 10 годин таму

    That’s f’d up I cried over that

  • make up master
    make up master 10 годин таму

    Should have took off the ring

  • seeriu ciihy
    seeriu ciihy 10 годин таму

    I was in the trending section and I'm still looking around and noticing that nobody asked

  • Crazycat Games
    Crazycat Games 10 годин таму

    I cried y’all are so mean I am still crying

    • seeriu ciihy
      seeriu ciihy 10 годин таму

      Omg i thought it was real.....and making a second video...c'mon jatie fam.

  • Aubree May
    Aubree May 10 годин таму +1

    I was about to say

  • Saiman Negassi
    Saiman Negassi 10 годин таму

    you got as

  • Sara Alpha
    Sara Alpha 10 годин таму

    Oooooo so this was a prank but was the prank about

  • Sara Alpha
    Sara Alpha 10 годин таму

    Wtf is going on I'm the slowest reader ever