Kate Middleton and Prince William end Pakistan tour with a dog walk

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  • Апублікавана 18 Кст 2019
  • The Duke and Duchess visited Pakistan's Army Canine Centre where they joined dog handlers in walking and training sessions for the centre's four legged residents
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  • Jay Max
    Jay Max 11 дзён таму

    Beautiful royal family

  • Sadia Sadaf
    Sadia Sadaf 21 дзень таму

    Love you couple

  • kyle ptrick
    kyle ptrick 21 дзень таму +2

    lovely this couple, both have something that you can never describe in one word they so amazing, hardworking, brilliant and talented,.. our most faorite royal couple..they well mannered, respectful and responsible..

  • Mehmood Raja
    Mehmood Raja 21 дзень таму

    Lovely , great respect for both , they are so kind ❤️👍

  • abc
    abc 22 дні таму +2

    Love pakistans new pm cant say the same about India

    • Ali Alamdar
      Ali Alamdar 20 дзён таму

      abc fuck imran Khan he’s ruining the country. Worst governance in the history of Pakistan I gotta say

  • Thisis My World
    Thisis My World 22 дні таму +6

    What was the conversation between Kate and William during dinner......"We couldn't get beef in India" ...... But here we can....

  • sherzad saeed
    sherzad saeed 22 дні таму +1

    Good morning from kurdstan,,Greetings to all of you,,
    I want to tell you I am one as a Kurdish people We are the main alliance with America in the war against terrorism at this time US President Donald Trump like the shop sells the Kurdish people to the largest terrorist state with Isis terrorist groups,
    Attacks and fights in the mass murder of the Kurdish people? !!!
    Where is human rights? !!!
    Where is friendship? !!
    In the land located in the Middle East only the Kurdish people with the coalition defeats terrorism Why Trump does not say anything? !!!
    Unfortunately, Trump, morality, loyalty, friendship, alliance, human rights, sell with money means only he sees everything money !!!

  • Surgical Services
    Surgical Services 22 дні таму +3

    0:05 soldier was not looking to Queen.. He was Shay. Proud to be a Pakistani

    • Ali Alamdar
      Ali Alamdar 20 дзён таму +1

      Surgical Services dude at least don’t be an embarrassment to us. Learn your ABCs

  • LOWE sonia
    LOWE sonia 22 дні таму

    Only puppies . Bangalorean . You don't know much about dogs you should refrain from making stupid comments.

  • Stuart Broad
    Stuart Broad 23 дні таму +12

    Love the royal family from Pakistan ❤
    Ignore the Indian thumbs down!

    • The Lonesome Wanderer
      The Lonesome Wanderer 14 дзён таму

      yes we love William and Katherine here in England too, very nice people they do our royal family proud.

  • Jacki Silva
    Jacki Silva 23 дні таму +1

    Lovers 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Bladimir Rojas
    Bladimir Rojas 23 дні таму

    They should be more outspoken and advocates for human rights. It comes to Pakistan and the fucking Sharia law wronfully accusing christians minorities of blasphemy. It's sickening. IF there's a hell in this world this is Pakistan.

  • Cynthia Denniston
    Cynthia Denniston 24 дні таму +9

    My favourite royal couple. 😊❤

  • unwrapping by mimi koteng
    unwrapping by mimi koteng 24 дні таму +2


  • Lupita Ramirez
    Lupita Ramirez 24 дні таму +3

    She is so beautiful 🤗

  • Bangalorean
    Bangalorean 24 дні таму +6

    0:53 dog is pretty smart but isn't trained well. Probably chosen the one that posed a least security risk.

    • Muhammad Saqib Awan
      Muhammad Saqib Awan 23 дні таму

      Now you will tell us... You will tell to your father?? First of all trained your Dog President Trump 😠
      I think there is no difference between Dog and Trump both are barking 😠😠😠😠😠

    • Soboktageen Sohail
      Soboktageen Sohail 24 дні таму +5

      These are still being trained. They are only 3 months old. What do you expect?

  • papa pie
    papa pie 24 дні таму +5

    William is a snake🐍. He asked the Royal Reporters on his plane yesterday after some turbulence, "are you okay?". Yet he did not extend that same concern to his own brother and his wife. When Meghan told the reporter, "thanks for asking if I'm okay because not many have asked if I'm okay." She was referring to certain members in the Royal Family. Kensington Palace is complicit and has sanctioned the British press to go after Meghan especially. She was getting too much global press and some in the RF did not like it. Kensington Palace staff have been telling the British media some of rhe "secret nicknames" that they have bullied Meghan with behind her back at Kensington Palace. Many Royal Reporters have now reported on this and the buck stops with William at Kensington Palace. He and KP have collaborated with the British press and the attacks are being sanctioned. William is supposed to be an advocate for anti bullying and mental health. He needs to release a statement.

    • Dawn
      Dawn 22 дні таму +2

      And what about the torment Harry and his wife have put the family through from the beginning? William saw her for what she was, just watch him during the wedding..he stood up there for his brother but his face said it all

      ALMA JANE ATILANO 24 дні таму +5

      papa pie you are ignorant like that henry he both of you believed that sham of a woman making mockery of the monarchy.

    • StolenW
      StolenW 24 дні таму +5

      papa pie: you have proof? Nope, you do not. 😉 Come back when you do, then maybe people will even start reading your posts.

    • Lupita Ramirez
      Lupita Ramirez 24 дні таму +8

      William is a true Prince who has been able to respect his family, he does not pay attention to bad or good comments🙀🤗 he has lived with them all his life, people have spoken badly and well about royalty👸normal thing for being who they are, always with the photographers behind them😜 instead Harry is sadly lending himself to Meghan's drama victimizing what others think ... it is obvious that she sits down to read the comments of the press, which others do not ... I am surprised because she is an actress and must be used to bad and good comments.

  • Binky Ferrari
    Binky Ferrari 24 дні таму +3

    What tour?

    MILLER 24 дні таму +1

    who cares? this is tripe reporting.

  • California Guy
    California Guy 24 дні таму +9

    Kate ......She is just lovely. Pity about the other one, said as an American.

    • California Guy
      California Guy 24 дні таму

      @You Tube she is just a fake moron like yourself. Go cry to mommy.

    • Sam Chiu
      Sam Chiu 24 дні таму +1

      You Tube
      such a negative response...... I think he was referring to you. LOL

    • You Tube
      You Tube 24 дні таму +3


  • K-Bean Mixes
    K-Bean Mixes 24 дні таму +4

    Darn it. They came to my country but didn't even get a chance to see them in person. Sed lyfe