Working with a Pettibone crane

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  • conundrum conundrum
    conundrum conundrum 17 годин таму

    So, can you just replace 2 6volt batteries with one 12 volt? Also, as much as that thing sits put a good battery disconnect on it. Does it need a new starter too?

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata  12 годин таму

      The two 6 volt battery's are hooked in series, so its a 12 volt system. Yes, it can use a 12v battery as long as it has enough amps.

  • motor head1
    motor head1 3 дні таму

    Funny bone.
    We had a 65 ton rt leak alot. Flipped it.

    • motor head1
      motor head1 3 дні таму

      @Andrew Camarata check rotek bearing bolts and races. They crack and house comes off carrier.
      Sad.. hope it is ok.
      Keep up excellent work shows..

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata  3 дні таму +1

      This one just got flipped, happened in transport though.

  • Patrick Legare
    Patrick Legare 8 дзён таму +1

    I love your videos man 👨 every since I started watching you I did things the camarata way(is the better way)

  • Samuel Henton
    Samuel Henton 8 дзён таму

    How did you make your workbench?

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata  8 дзён таму +2

      That is 4" steel angle iron, with a poured concrete top. They are very heavy, it takes a forklift to move them.

  • Ken Breuer
    Ken Breuer 13 дзён таму

    I was really hoping this was a video of starting construction on the castle upgrades. I'm really looking forward to seeing progress updates on this. You are a very creative and talented young man! Keep up the great work!

  • FACELESSpsycho Gaming
    FACELESSpsycho Gaming 18 дзён таму

    Dude it's crazy how big your Chanel is now I have been watching you since like 1200 or maybe even less subs not on this account but from my personal one. Really awesome man keep grinding brother.

  • juho-pekka strang
    juho-pekka strang 20 дзён таму

    Did you ever smoking?

  • Brandon Garbacz
    Brandon Garbacz 22 дні таму

    Why not use a big 12v loader battery?

    • Brandon Garbacz
      Brandon Garbacz 22 дні таму

      @Andrew Camarata fair enough I wounder why they did 6 volts to make 12 it's interesting to me lol that's for the reply buddy

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata  22 дні таму +2

      I installed the battery's that it was suppose to have.

  • John Hall
    John Hall 22 дні таму

    Where's the video at

  • bvincesf
    bvincesf 23 дні таму

    Why't this piece of wood here? Aghhh, that was to hold it in gear. This is awesome.

  • Garrett Nolan
    Garrett Nolan 24 дні таму

    Do you have your own rigging for the crane?
    P.S. I love your videos by far my favorite on the whole site!!!

  • Tom Tremayne
    Tom Tremayne 25 дзён таму +1

    If I was American I'd be contacting Andrew about buying land in his area to build my own house using methods similar to him & his buddies....a whole community of 'Camaratians' could spring up & the powers that be wouldn't be able to do a damn thing about it! Unfortunately I'm stuck in London, living in a shoe box where building a book shelf is heavy industry!

  • trey chiri
    trey chiri 25 дзён таму

    Is that your property in the background at around 2:48 Im guessing? Love how you can see the castle hahaha

  • Jakey from the Cauntry
    Jakey from the Cauntry 25 дзён таму

    9:20 sometimes all you need is a bigger hammer.

  • 2A Colorado
    2A Colorado 26 дзён таму

    Ive watched this channel awhile its pretty awesome won a sub from me please return the favor mr camarata and anyone else who subs my channel ill return the favor as soon as i can i want my channel to be something like this

  • 916senna
    916senna 26 дзён таму

    Id check that fork tyne before you lift anything. You cut straight across it.

  • Sonnicman
    Sonnicman 26 дзён таму

    I don't know what it is, but I just love watching that crane.

  • Contstructionkid 472
    Contstructionkid 472 27 дзён таму

    Where do you find all of this equipment?

  • mr bill
    mr bill 27 дзён таму

    Can I borrow some tools?

  • balconio1172
    balconio1172 27 дзён таму

    @Andrew Camarata can you do a video on how to find a reputable excavator locally? Like what to look for, what questions to ask and so forth?

  • Jay Holman
    Jay Holman 28 дзён таму

    Commercials, What happened?

  • August Hunicke
    August Hunicke 28 дзён таму

    Smooth drone pans 😎

  • pboperations
    pboperations 29 дзён таму

    Yes Camarata! Great vid. Please consider Instagram as well.

  • Matt Scott
    Matt Scott 29 дзён таму

    Holy shit that company made more than horrible rail machines . They make the worse rail machines ever a d now been bought up by swing bastards

  • Edmister Enterprises LLC
    Edmister Enterprises LLC 29 дзён таму

    I thought Jason Genova was narrating this 🤣

  • Guillermo Rodrigues do Tanque
    Guillermo Rodrigues do Tanque 29 дзён таму

    COuld you add link maybe to the BY-clips video for the next job?

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata  29 дзён таму +1

      Yeah, Ill put all the videos on the building project in a playlist.

  • Phillip Mattila
    Phillip Mattila 29 дзён таму

    Im.lookimg forward to what you "castle" is gonna look like when its finnished I just love all the videos u post from the wave runners to culverts to. Plowing and ECT.. Keep it up

  • John Smith
    John Smith 29 дзён таму

    The Crane Job is not online yet? Have you done the job, would like to see that one. Thanks Andrew.

  • Dave Rohner
    Dave Rohner 29 дзён таму


  • Ron Hart
    Ron Hart 29 дзён таму

    She's a old but GOLDY !! Andrew you have definitely gotten yourself an arsenal of equipment 👍 I thought i was tire and battery poor 🥴You have it way worse 😂

  • Causus
    Causus 29 дзён таму

    Nice Video! Where do you get the music from, like the one 5min in? The style reminds me abit of some tunes from Italian band Goblin (used in alot of old horror movies).

  • Cameron Frye
    Cameron Frye 29 дзён таму

    I love my chocolate lab and Malinois .
    I take them everywhere with me too.
    That plasma cuts so much cleaner than my acetylene torch.

  • Billy Fa'ase'e
    Billy Fa'ase'e Месяц таму

    Hey bro when you do the fast forwarding how bout a bit of elevator music😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣 just saying👍🏽

  • Woody Woodlstein
    Woody Woodlstein Месяц таму

    you find the most useful shit at the cheapest possible price. thats the key to success. !

  • Teri and TL Stanbro
    Teri and TL Stanbro Месяц таму

    What the name and model of your plasma

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata  Месяц таму +1

      Teri and TL Stanbro victor cut master 52. 60 amp

  • maffimuk
    maffimuk Месяц таму

    Andrew - A little off topic here, but check out this bucket for winter plowing. I’m thinking of getting one if I can figure out where to buy it. I like the open top so I can somewhat see what’s going on and I like the wings. The wings seem to be more beneficial than the oversized wings I normally see. You plow about as much as I do, which is not so much that we need the big expensive buckets. This seems ideal. Interested to hear your thoughts on it.відэа.html

  • Eli Young
    Eli Young Месяц таму

    Love the Vidoes only been watching for about a week but I have watched all of them. Coming from Sparts. TN. Keep on the videos👍👍

  • jjsjeffjjsjeff
    jjsjeffjjsjeff Месяц таму

    Holdup..if there is 2 6V batteries in series why not just put in two 12V batteries in parallel?

  • shawn coulter
    shawn coulter Месяц таму

    Is this first video with ads in middle?

    • shawn coulter
      shawn coulter Месяц таму +2

      @Andrew Camarata No issues at all. Keep doing what you are doing. I just wondered if you updated something since you said you were taking off to work on roof.

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata  Месяц таму +2

      Maybe, is it that annoying. Lots of people said they never saw any adds. Lots of my videos are long.

  • Dave Nelson
    Dave Nelson Месяц таму

    Do you know why there is two 6 v batteries instead of one 12 v ? I may know !!!

  • George Wehrheim
    George Wehrheim Месяц таму

    What program do you edit your videos with ?

  • Larry Keenan
    Larry Keenan Месяц таму

    I was working on a project at a local papermill (retired IBEW electrician) that had several cranes onsite. One was a Pettibone, looked to be a little larger than the one in the video. The site was off limits to regular traffic, but a phone company employee kept parking his work van in the worksite area. Having been warned to keep out, he kept coming back and parked at the side of the Pettibone close to the rear wheel. The Pettibone operator came back from lunch, started up the machine, and proceeded to put out the outriggers. The outrigger on his right rear side went down thru the side of the van and pinned it to the ground. You should have seen the phone company guy when he came back. The van was totally destroyed, the Pettibone only got a few scratches.

  • Daniel Tripoli
    Daniel Tripoli Месяц таму +1

    He sounds like an off-brand maxmoefoe

  • Richard Wells
    Richard Wells Месяц таму

    I cant believe you are using rigging that is tied together with a knot. WOW!

  • Jasper Edwards
    Jasper Edwards Месяц таму

    there wont be no more trees left if people keep going off grid

    • Jasper Edwards
      Jasper Edwards 29 дзён таму

      @Andrew Camarata of grid will come to a end then it will be boring because you cant limit the people all these die hard yuppies want to be off grid im quit happy to be on grid

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata  Месяц таму

      Jasper Edwards sure there will. Trees grow fast. Need to limit the amount of people

  • Ram-n_dodge
    Ram-n_dodge Месяц таму

    the music takes me back to the 80's and it's great!

  • keith dunham
    keith dunham Месяц таму

    bstteries were hooked up wrong

  • Kyle Greer
    Kyle Greer Месяц таму

    Sitting ub
    Sitting under your sign

  • Brian Navalinsky
    Brian Navalinsky Месяц таму

    Hey Andrew! Happy Birthday! Can't remember where I saw that date but I noticed it was the same as an old girlfriend's. My reaction was, "They couldn't possibly be the same sign."
    You bring a lot of real happiness to a lot of people and I want to celebrate that. Have a great day.

  • Schmidty's Quads
    Schmidty's Quads Месяц таму +1

    Great Video!

  • MrTech800
    MrTech800 Месяц таму

    Hi who is
    Jesse Muller and why does he copy you or you copy him? however very interesting videos from both of you, Thanks

    • David Null
      David Null 28 дзён таму

      Andrew started years before Jesse. Andrew's technique and style have been around years before Jesse.

  • actorzone
    actorzone Месяц таму

    There was a Pettibone log skidder for sale in Australia, never seen one before, they used loader axles, Detroit engine, truck gearbox, winch on rear and blade on front, it was all cobbled together in thick plate, welds were rough, it was a goer asking $5000au, this crane is a lot different and well made.

  • Smellzke 209
    Smellzke 209 Месяц таму

    I would love to get out of California

    • Googleguy
      Googleguy Месяц таму

      Yea, it’s horrible; it’s going to be 75 degrees today.

  • Danehavenlane
    Danehavenlane Месяц таму

    Your buddy should have bought the batteries for the use.

  • Frank B
    Frank B Месяц таму

    Wow you are trending Andrew, congratulations!

  • spoonikle
    spoonikle Месяц таму

    The Algorithm is doing cool stuff again.

  • ger traba
    ger traba Месяц таму

    the CRANE the CRANE>>>>>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!!! serious tuff this rig lifts and should be an asset to his this his rig?????

  • DCon
    DCon Месяц таму

    I used a very similar Grove crane to hang engines and propellers on C-130 aircraft. Really enjoyed that crane and it's capabilities.

  • dennis smith
    dennis smith Месяц таму

    Is that last stage stuck in the extended position ?

  • Heather 9S7
    Heather 9S7 Месяц таму