YouTubers React To 10 Viral Videos From 10 Years Ago (Try Not To Feel Old Challenge)

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  • Апублікавана 28 Тра 2019
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    BY-clipsrs React To Try Not To Feel Old Challenge, featuring 10 Viral
    Videos From 10 Years Ago. Watch to see their reactions.
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    Reactors Featured:
    Anthony Padilla
    Trisha Paytas
    Carly and Erin
    Stevie Wynne Levine
    Brandon Rogers
    Jessica Vill
    Joey Graceffa
    Nikita Dragun
    Faze Rug
    Teala Dunn
    Timothy DeLaGhetto
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    BY-clipsrs React To 10 Viral Videos From 10 Years Ago (Try Not To Feel Old Challenge)
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  • FBE
    FBE  7 месяцаў таму +495

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    • bcgrote
      bcgrote 7 месяцаў таму

      I don't know about you CHILDREN, but the first viral video I saw was in 2006 - "Shoes"

    • Jonathan Feid
      Jonathan Feid 7 месяцаў таму +1

      FBE Tricia paytas is a clown

    • Truculent Tv
      Truculent Tv 7 месяцаў таму

      Commenting before it gets full

    • Meghan Cavanagh
      Meghan Cavanagh 7 месяцаў таму

      So I'm 17 but I still remember some of them!!! I definitely remember the dog running in it's sleep, the dancing wedding one, and the Kanye one. 😂

    • Visvesh Narayan
      Visvesh Narayan 7 месяцаў таму

      How is Careless Whisper not included?

  • Kiosfriend
    Kiosfriend 6 месяцаў таму +4

    11:33 Bwwaahahahahhha!!! Are you kidding? Please tell me you're kidding! BY-clips's been shunning their most subscribed channel, basically because he actually shows his real personality. Felix is one of the most real people on this platform, and the platform shuns him for it.

  • Ganesh Barniyar
    Ganesh Barniyar 6 месяцаў таму +2

    Faze rug :Is that t-pain Me:Is that faze rug?

  • bimby iz here
    bimby iz here 6 месяцаў таму +2

    So sad for Anthony to see smosh back then when it was an independent and fun channel

  • Matthew Weston
    Matthew Weston 7 месяцаў таму +6

    Thanks for making me feel prehistoric, I've watched BY-clips since 2005, kind of sad to see what's happened to it.

  • TheGaming Boi
    TheGaming Boi 7 месяцаў таму +1

    Anyone else here by accident looking fo Charlie?

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez 7 месяцаў таму +5

    Rug rats

  • piece of shit
    piece of shit 7 месяцаў таму +1

    I know all of the videos so far
    Idk how cuz I'm in middle school

  • piece of shit
    piece of shit 7 месяцаў таму +1

    I'm so much younger than them but I know pretty all of lonely island's songs also the movie they made was so fucking funny

  • Inge Van Der Ross
    Inge Van Der Ross 7 месяцаў таму +1

    You know you old, when you only have ever seen the Susan Boyle video and Kanye / Taylor Swift video.. and that's because you watched the shows on TV. I have never seen any of the other videos on here..

  • 46 62 65 68 75 42 78 75 68
    46 62 65 68 75 42 78 75 68 7 месяцаў таму +5

    Anthony: "This hideous cardboard, it was so bad"
    Me: It looked cool to me bro :c

  • ImSoLament
    ImSoLament 7 месяцаў таму +9

    I remember getting psyched about Smosh accepting my friend request on here 😂

    HOUSTON_GOON HOAGIE 7 месяцаў таму +4

    I remember seeing Timothy in all the cholo adventures episodes

  • allisrevealed233
    allisrevealed233 7 месяцаў таму +7

    Awful cast

    • Kalvus
      Kalvus 7 месяцаў таму +1

      Eyyyy Anthony was pretty good

  • Epicest
    Epicest 7 месяцаў таму +10

    Good idea, terrible cast

    • Kalvus
      Kalvus 7 месяцаў таму +1

      Epicest eyyy Anthony was pretty cool

  • Herro Lol
    Herro Lol 7 месяцаў таму +4

    I’m about to turn 18 and I started watching BY-clips when I was 8, smosh was everything to me and how they changed along with others scares. Other 10 years how something could change so much, but I love this site so damn much❤️

  • Malandra Jane
    Malandra Jane 7 месяцаў таму +4

    I'm only 21 and you've made me feel so old.

  • Michael Bryan
    Michael Bryan 7 месяцаў таму +4

    i know none of these BY-clipsrs, or videos. yet i spend hours on BY-clips nightly

  • Kit Kat Kitty
    Kit Kat Kitty 7 месяцаў таму +4

    10 years ago I was starting preschool

    • Doot Doot
      Doot Doot 7 месяцаў таму +1

      I was like 2 or 3.

    • Simply Sky
      Simply Sky 7 месяцаў таму

      Kit Kat Kitty I was 2

  • nostalgic mujer
    nostalgic mujer 7 месяцаў таму +3

    yep, 10 years later and I’m still freaked out by that baby advert

  • Johan Öhgren
    Johan Öhgren 7 месяцаў таму +1

    2:36 and still people say dogs doesn't dream..

  • Nightcore Alex
    Nightcore Alex 7 месяцаў таму +3

    “How did I miss this”
    Let’s me tell you how I missed this

    I was 1 years old haha

  • mariethesizzler 9492
    mariethesizzler 9492 7 месяцаў таму

    Omg jbunzie! 😍

  • Mia Ridley
    Mia Ridley 7 месяцаў таму +4

    Wow totally forgot that BY-clips looked like Myspace 😲 I feel old man 😅

  • Seltsamer Kerl
    Seltsamer Kerl 7 месяцаў таму +11

    10 years ago Nikita was a boy.

  • Esmeralda Jimenez
    Esmeralda Jimenez 7 месяцаў таму +2

    10 years ago I was born. OwO

  • Karena Forbush
    Karena Forbush 7 месяцаў таму +6

    Man I miss these days. Life was simpler 😭

    • Karena Forbush
      Karena Forbush 7 месяцаў таму

      allisrevealed233 so true!!

    • allisrevealed233
      allisrevealed233 7 месяцаў таму

      thats what teens today will say about today in 10 years time 😂

  • Ayesha
    Ayesha 7 месяцаў таму +7

    I'm so dumb. I kept thinking 'why don't I remember any of these???" Then I remembered that when these all came out, I was computer-less 9-10 year-old.

  • Mohammed Aradi
    Mohammed Aradi 7 месяцаў таму +2

    Omgg, i just remember my marriage turning10 year's old in july 2019, what i should give as gift?

    • Merigold
      Merigold 7 месяцаў таму +1

      Maybe a recreation of your wedding cake or you reissue your honeymoon or…

  • Luham Rageh
    Luham Rageh 7 месяцаў таму +4

    I'm old

  • Keira B
    Keira B 7 месяцаў таму +6

    omg two of my favorite youtube’s. Faze Rug and Joey Graceffa in one video.

  • Prutswerk
    Prutswerk 7 месяцаў таму +5

    0:30 Really? 14 years years ago? BY-clips career? Really?

    • Po Taters
      Po Taters 7 месяцаў таму

      @Doot Doot It started in 2005, 14 years ago

    • Doot Doot
      Doot Doot 7 месяцаў таму

      @Po Taters But... BY-clips wasn't out for 14 years, yet, right?

    • Po Taters
      Po Taters 7 месяцаў таму +3

      yep, Smosh (Anthony + Ian) was one of the first viral channels on BY-clips

  • one broken light bulb
    one broken light bulb 7 месяцаў таму +2

    what's the david video????? who is that kid??????

  • Red_Vibe
    Red_Vibe 7 месяцаў таму +2

    I remember when all of these videos came out and I feel lowkey old but I'm only 17 tho

  • eminemlova12
    eminemlova12 7 месяцаў таму +1

    Teala just go

  • Cali Troyer
    Cali Troyer 7 месяцаў таму +5

    Why is teala Dunn even there lmao

  • Amelia Lawrence
    Amelia Lawrence 7 месяцаў таму +2

    So I’m a wedding DJ with my dad and so many people are using that Chris Brown song in their weddings now. Especially the generation of people who were like 10-15 when that video went viral.

  • lumpy patato
    lumpy patato 7 месяцаў таму

    David goes to my school

  • Anthony Gutierrez
    Anthony Gutierrez 7 месяцаў таму +1

    10 years ago I was 10 yrs old😢😭

  • Laura Cloud
    Laura Cloud 7 месяцаў таму +4

    How are these videos 10 years old lol

  • Tim Larsson
    Tim Larsson 7 месяцаў таму +5

    Hmmm... For me, these videos didn't make me feel old. On all of them, I thought "Oh, I thought this was older than 2009" :P

    • Tim Larsson
      Tim Larsson 7 месяцаў таму

      @Johan Öhgren Haha :D At least I don't feel old ;)

    • Johan Öhgren
      Johan Öhgren 7 месяцаў таму +1

      You're so old you broke the challenge..

  • abby andersen
    abby andersen 7 месяцаў таму +11

    why yall gotta put nikita dragun in this

    • Haruhi UwU
      Haruhi UwU 7 месяцаў таму +1

      abby andersen cuz she’s baddie hunny bunny ✌️🤠

  • Mariah Lamb
    Mariah Lamb 7 месяцаў таму +6

    lol Anthony is basically the historian of the group

  • Sascha Mercury
    Sascha Mercury 7 месяцаў таму +4

    10 years ago, I had been watching Shane Dawson for 2 years. That’s wild.

  • Trisha Douin
    Trisha Douin 7 месяцаў таму +3

    10 years ago I was watching Chris Crocker!

  • Wolf Edits
    Wolf Edits 7 месяцаў таму

    When you click the vid cause faze rug and faze rug is barley in it

  • Calixtoss
    Calixtoss 7 месяцаў таму +8

    what about the duck song?!?

  • Lady Aphelion
    Lady Aphelion 7 месяцаў таму +1

    I was 29 in 2009, yikes x.x

  • MidNightMoon
    MidNightMoon 7 месяцаў таму +5

    Seeing old BY-clips is crazy. That blew my mind more than the videos lol

  • bastard foster
    bastard foster 7 месяцаў таму +7

    Trisha’s wearing Jason’s merch..... uh....

  • Sana Shakir
    Sana Shakir 7 месяцаў таму +3


  • kma1215
    kma1215 7 месяцаў таму +19

    please dont bring nikita back..shes tries really hard and it doesnt feel genuine react

    • Sisi Nikkole
      Sisi Nikkole 7 месяцаў таму +1

      kma1215 that's how she acts practically all the time. how is she "trying hard"

  • Leslie Aurora
    Leslie Aurora 7 месяцаў таму +6

    I see erin and i click

  • H.A.S.
    H.A.S. 7 месяцаў таму +3

    3:29 why don't you try Sears

  • Kale Godmaire
    Kale Godmaire 7 месяцаў таму +1

    Ten years goes by so fast! Omg I don't feel old I just can't believe these days have gone by so quickly it feels like just yesterday they came out lmao

  • h
    h 7 месяцаў таму +1

    10 years??? fr????

  • Caela Bean
    Caela Bean 7 месяцаў таму +1

    I was 15 back then lmao dear god.

  • Emily
    Emily 7 месяцаў таму +7

    Trish in Jason’s merch ......

  • itz iman
    itz iman 7 месяцаў таму +6

    “So 2009, I was already 4...”
    *wait I was 4 back then*
    “...years into my youtube career”

  • TheFirstNobody
    TheFirstNobody 7 месяцаў таму +9

    "I'm going to need another round of botox after this" Alright you fucking bimbo.